Walking in the Garden of God, Part 2
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How can I learn more about the ways of Love?

Jesus Christ came to the planet to be a wayshower for all people and all religions. He lived his life with great passion and dedication to this word LOVE, so that each of us might have a role model to compare ourselves to. This is why he said, I AM the truth, I AM the way, and I AM the life, no man can come to God but through me. If you replace I AM and ME with LOVE IS ... you get ... LOVE IS THE TRUTH, LOVE IS THE WAY, AND LOVE IS THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES UNTO GOD UNLESS THEY KNOW HOW TO LOVE. Christ had become LOVE WALKING AND TALKING ON THE PLANET. One cannot understand God until one understands and WALKS AND TALKS in the ways of LOVE. If you walk in Love, you will always understand God.

How does one know whether or not he or she is walking in the ways of LOVE?

1. They are not easily offended (if at all) and they are always willing to forgive trespass! (This is a biggie!)
They are generous people who give wholeheartedly.
They have a positive non-oppressive relationship with God that is continually growing.
They do all they can to be of service to others and bring beauty to the planet.

What goes on in the "Divine Realm?"

Lots of things! Individuals are laughing, relaxing and enjoying one another's company. Some are off working together in pairs (or larger), so that they might bring a new concept or idea, or accomplish a Divinely intended goal for the planet. Some are off to themselves reflecting in far away, peaceful places and learning how to work with and trust the power they hold within them. Others form close-knit groups and enjoy learning together as they are taught by various Loving, advanced teachers and guides of Spirit. The Realm is a real happening place I can tell you that! I always laugh when I think of society's image of Heaven as little cherubs sitting around playing harps on clouds. Ahhhh ... it's a whole lot more intense than that!

Who can see Heaven or the Divine Realm?

Anyone can see it.

Even in the body?

Yep. Even in the body. You will be amazed to find out that some of the things you "thought you saw" (but thought your mind was playing tricks on you) were actually things Heaven was helping you see on Earth. Again, the higher up you go in your capacity to hold Love and Light in your Soul, the greater the chance your Spirit will reside long enough in your body to help your consciousness become open enough to help you see and understand the Realm.

How can I learn how to see it?

Every time you choose to participate in a LOVING THOUGHT, you are manifesting the feeling of HEAVEN ON EARTH. The reason most are so unsure about the place from which we all came is because we have not yet learned to LOVE ourselves or one another enough. Once we learn how to LOVE enough and keep this LOVE perpetual, we will build up a tremendous inner Light and this Light will be used to help us see glimpses into Heaven. Not only will you be able to see or sense Spiritual things, you will also understand how to work through issues that trouble you in your life.

For many, seeing or sensing Spiritually can happen quite suddenly. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. ALLOW the Peace, Presence and Joy of Almighty God to wash over you like a warm, gentle, flowing stream of water. Concentrate on this feeling for as long as you are able. Just imagine to your best ability what the word "JOY" might mean to you. If you feel doubt or have "jumbled" emotions about this word, it could mean that you are holding guilt, shame or unforgiveness in your Soul. These things have no place in the realm of God! Let them go now. Think only what it means to LOVE and be LOVED. Be patient.

What will I see when I seek to see Heaven?

Some report to having seen their silver cord, some see white flashes of Light, some see tunnels of dark blue or Violet with a lovely blue pastel color toward the end. Some of you may even see moving figures, buildings, colorful flower gardens or even great celestial cities. Others report having amazing consciousness expanding thoughts come to them which help them to understand their lives, the world and the ultimate plan of God better.

Do we have a home in Heaven?

As a matter of fact, (as I said before) I saw that we do (should we want one) and this home can be as wonderful as we wish it to be! It can be a quaint cottage or it can even be a huge mansion. Real estate is not an issue in Heaven! If you can think it, it can be done. What many of us fail to realize is that each of us DOES have the ability to manifest any visualization into material form. In Heaven, because all things are made from the essence of pure LIGHT, this process is done much easier. In Heaven, we have the ability to sculpt density into the Light (using concentration) and this is how we create form throughout the Realm. We do this by lightly focusing (or pressing) with our intention. You would be amazed at how much you could accomplish here on Earth once you master the art of concentration.

What did your house look like in Heaven?

I saw that I had a house made entirely of rubies. These precious stones were affixed to the walls in the hundreds of thousands to millions. I saw that I have a very pleasant home in the Realm. It actually has a flowing stream that moves through the house and into a lovely, lush, floral garden in the back. I saw that the furniture was very similar to what we have here on earth, only more round and simplistic and with much more cushion. Surprisingly, texture is something that can very much be felt in Heaven. In fact, all of our 5 senses are very much the same as on Earth, only in Heaven, they are far more developed. We have the ability to smell, see, hear, touch and get ready .... YES!!! EVEN TASTE!!!! Oh, yes children! THERE IS A GOD!

How is it that you were shown these things?

I am not quite sure of what ALL the reasons might be; I do know I was destined to be some kind of teacher on this planet and I think that is obvious ... but one thing is sure ... I am so glad my NDE happened cause God knows I really, really needed it! All I can say is ... I have been very blessed and very assisted to get to this level of understanding. I have worked very hard to be a Loving person all my life and I have endured my fair share of heartache. Much of my childhood was filled with abuse, neglect and harsh experiences and at times my adulthood has been far from being a piece of cake too. But I do not lament over this, because I know that these difficulties caused me to grow in Spiritual strength.  Yet, there is another thing I think about that might have caused the NDE ... perhaps I got too lost inside my shattered perceptions (during moments of pain) and started going in the opposite direction of what God's true plan for my life was?

One thing I know about God, is He always comes to get us if we get too lost in our lives. My experience put me back on the path and I work daily to stay on it, but even still, I still fall off from time to time. Now having said all this, it is important to know that every single person can know and see all I have. They just have to get themselves to a place of Love so they can.

So you are saying that I can I hear from God? If so, how?

Yes! I am saying that ANYONE can hear from God! One does not need to be Moses or Jesus or Buddha to hear from their Creator. To hear from God, all one has to do is THINK as the CREATOR thinks. Well, I happen to know that God thinks only ONE central thought, so this should be easy for you! GOD THINKS ABOUT NOTHING BUT LOVE -- ALL THE TIME!

If you are living your life according to the ways of LOVE. (Which are the constructive ways that you know deep down in your Spirit that are right for you), then you can confidently know that you have the ability to hear from God.  If you are actively seeking to spend time in the presence of God ... then you can bet Spirit is going to provide opportunities for you to do that!  You will always know when the presence of God is with you ... you will feel like a grateful and excited little child again.

Actually all of us hear from God everyday, only we are not aware of it. Because we can get so caught up with the illusions and ego distractions of this world, we can lose focus easily. It is like being immersed in an action-packed movie or book while someone is speaking, only you find yourself looking up and saying, "huh?" once you realize they have been speaking to you for some time.

How do I know if I am hearing from God?

Anything that is not of LOVE is not of God! PERIOD! If thoughts of judgment, condemnation, bitterness, unforgiveness, ego centered anger or hate based retaliation come into your mind and dominate it, please know, this is not God. This is your ego speaking, which is ruled by fear. God fears nothing, therefore; God can speak no thing that is reminiscent of fear. God only speaks using a language of Love.

What is ego?

Ego is that thing that helps us learn what LOVE is by showing us what it is not. All things on earth must come to a place of balance. All things must have a parallel. This is how we are each caused to grow Spiritually. Just as a face (due to gravity) may wrinkle with time, so does a Soul become weighed down with Ego. Ego is always LOVE'S opposite. Love raises vibration and ego lowers it. Ego is a mental essence that each of us is made to endure for as long as we walk the planet. Ego is that thing that tells us in our mind, "No you can't do that ... because you're not talented, thin, good-looking, wealthy, intelligent, young, strong, interesting or intuitive ENOUGH!" This is the voice of the Liar. The Liar is the voice of Ego. Let me put it this way: wherever there is separation, condemnation, self-doubt, lack-mentality, bitterness, hostility or segregation ... you can best be sure ego is not far behind.

Why does ego do this?

Ego wants to keep you earthbound and Heavenless for as long as it can. It is an essence that has been sent here to learn just as you have. However, it has a duty to challenge each of us and cause us to learn as it learns for itself. There is nothing to fear about the ego. It is just a fragile, spoiled child that screams and rants until it gets what it wants. And like any child, if you ignore it during its temper flare long enough, sooner or later it will get the message that those kinds of methods are not productive and will not yield positive results.

What about the devil?

If you understand the ego, you will understand the concept of the devil. Satanic frequency is the LOW-RANGE frequency that surrounds us in our collective thinking. It is the opposite of the HIGH, INCOMPREHENSIBLE LOVING frequency of God. Please hear me out on something...be careful of the music you listen to, the movies or TV you watch, the gossip or negative speaking you participate in. All these things LOWER the Soul's vibration. Lower vibration brings depression, disillusionment, disease and despair. The lower our Soul's vibration falls, the more these dark things come upon us. Once you fall into LOWER vibration, immediately seek to amend it with LOVING, HIGHER VIBRATIONAL THOUGHT. It is like anything else, the more you put into something, that is what the end result will be.

What about hell?

There is a place called "The Death Shadowed Valley," where some Souls may choose to go to if they feel too afraid, guilty or shameful to approach Heaven or God.  This is an in-between place or dimension that separates Souls from this world and the next. ...And as I have discussed before ... being caught in this type of situation is a very difficult process to endure and can cause problems for both the living and the dead.  However each of us has the ability to call out to God or to Christ ... and immediately ... we will be taken home to Heaven.  Or we (the living) can pray and call out to God to send His Angels to come and take others home.  It is important for us to understand that we each send ourselves to the places our Soul believes it most belongs. We do that now here on planet Earth. Those stuck in addiction, lust, bitterness and hate -- these are the ones truly in hell. But the moment we choose Love, we can get ourselves out. God never sends us anywhere we do not wish to stay. We have totally misunderstood the concept of hell on this planet.

What about a place of burning fire?

I do know of a place in the deep regions of the Realm where I saw great caverns of electrical blue fire. However, I understood that this place was for the purpose of Loving purification. God would never send His precious creatures to a place to be burned or harmed. It is completely contrary to our Creator's nature.

Life is full of hellish experiences and God would prefer we keep ourselves from as many of these things as possible, so that we do not overly darken our Souls ... which in time will only keep us from remembering who we really are.

What are some things I should watch out for?

Never allow hatred to exist within you! Do all you can to remove it from your life. Hatred is the greatest toxin known to humankind. Never allow yourself to remain angry. Anger brings disease and challenging energy. Do all you can to avoid excess. Excessive food, drink, lust, intoxicants, ambitious planning, competition, and (of course) grief, bitterness, resentment and judgment. The gray energies can easily fool us into becoming unbalanced if we over indulge in any one person, place, thought or thing. Be sure to get plenty of fresh air, exercise, rest and watch what poisons (unnatural substances) you put into your body. Drink plenty of water. Your Spirit wants to help you wash toxins out of your body. Water was made for this purpose. Your body is the temple for the Spirit. The ego will do all it can to have you disrespect yourself so that you might ultimately lose your sense of importance and Divine worth. Beware of the ego at all times and look for it in all situations and people. Once you spot ego, ask God to help you assume Spiritual control. Never be ashamed to ask for God's help. He is right there waiting to show you the way out of your dilemma. Seek to be respectful to all living creatures. Be generous whenever you can. Remember that Mother Earth has been a gracious host, let us do all we can to keep her a wonderful place for our children to live.

What would be the most important thing you could say now?

Please never forget ... You are so Loved! Never is there a time where you are unseen or forgotten! To know Love ... you must practice Loving! Remember, your challenges in life are here as gifts ... once you succeed in getting past them, you will be rewarded by being filled with Loving and healing Light. There is no greater feeling than this. When in doubt, remember -- Love is always the answer!

God Bless you my precious Brothers and Sisters! Please know I am sending out Love and good energy to whomever will receive it!

Be Loving to one another and Love will be good to you.


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