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by Leigh Anne Marshall






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Leigh Anne Marshall is inspired to create Angel portraits as a reminder that there is a magnificent angel of Love and Light within each of us.  Because of my near-death experience, I tend to agree with my precious friend. 

Recently, Leigh Anne had her art displayed on the cover of the July 2003 issue of the Texas-based new thought magazine, "Indigo Sun."  The cover image is titled “Betty” and was inspired by my dear friend and best-selling a
uthor, Betty J. Eadie, who has touched the lives of so many people with her book, “Embraced by the Light.” 

I remember the first time I saw the Angel portrait of Betty.  It took my breath away.  In fact, I was so moved by the exquisite piece that I asked Leigh Anne if I could keep it until it was to be given to its rightful owner.  The moment Leigh Anne brought the drawing into my home, I put it up on my office wall, next to the computer where I compose all my music.  Thank goodness I kept the portrait, because it helped inspire me to write what I think to be one of my most important songs to date ... "Ode to the Angel." 

I had a dream one night about regular people turning into Angels right before a plane was to crash into a tall building.  In the dream, the people were scared of a mad man who had taken a plane hostage.  After an hour of threats and cruelty, one man had had it!  He stood up boldly on the plane, shouting out that God had never intended for us to give in to our fear!  Once he said this, I saw all the people on the plane grow huge wings, which ripped through their clothing and exposed diamond like shimmering garments underneath.  I saw all get up, drop their old clothing to the floor and surround their would be hijacker holding hands. 

Even though the plane did crash, no one was really hurt.  In fact, I realized that the plane was nothing more than an illusion, as was the rage the mad man was projecting forward.  After a great explosion of fire, shattering glass and falling debris, I saw all who were on the plane hovering in the air, forming in a circle around the angry man.  Everyone stood unmoving until the mad man came to terms with what it was he had just done. 
As soon as he realized he had caused a travesty, I saw all members of the circle bestow nothing but forgiveness and grace upon him.  And in what seemed to be a very short moment later, I watched as all ascended into Heaven to be with God. 

This dream just happened to occur two nights before 9/11.  I remember waking up having a very ominous feeling after the dream was done.  I felt as if I had been on that plane myself.  Actually, what I thought was perhaps I was to be in a plane accident of some sort.  The next day I told a few of my loved ones what I had dreamt and what I thought it meant.  Of course no one wanted to hear what seemed to be a terrible premonition.  The next night I could not sleep.  I got up and decided to start working on a new song.  As I was putting drum loops together, I glanced over at Leigh Anne's Angel portrait of Betty, and was instantly reminded about the people emerging as Angels in my dream.  A few short hours later, I had composed "Ode's" instrumental track with much of the song’s lyrics intact.  Just as I was finishing up the song, I got an instant message on my computer from my friend Christine and then Leigh Anne, saying that the World-Trade building had been crashed into by a plane.  As I watched the second plane crash into the other building, I realized that this is what my dream had been about.  I knew the time for all of us to realize the Angel within had come.  Leigh Anne agrees totally with me.  We are here to realize the Angel within!  This is why she works tirelessly on her amazing Angel portraits.

Leigh Anne's renderings of Angels never cease to amaze me, for every one she paints, a slightly different style comes forth in her pastel images.  I always look forward to seeing what manifests, always knowing that Divinity has moved through her.

Leigh Anne is here to remind all of us that no matter
who we are, we all have the potential to touch lives and be Angels for
each other.  Practicing Love in everything we do brings that Angel forward.
Now having worked side-by-side with Leigh Anne Marshall since 2000, I have seen nothing less come from her.  For she has been nothing but an Angel to me!

To contact Leigh Anne Marshall for a very high value/inexpensive angel portrait, call 281-300-6712 or email: leighamarshall@aol.com  and she will get back with you promptly.

God Bless!



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