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About Christian's Music from his listeners:

  • "Never before has one person's music moved, touched
    or inspired me more than his. I listen over and over again. His lyrics pass
    directly into my soul.  You are immediately transported to conversations
    you've wanted to have with loved ones, awakened to new possibilities
    of forgiveness, and are left with a restored hope for us as individuals,
    families, and communities. I can not say enough about Christian's music ..."
    Ted Trent -- OOTC TV
  • Slick Blue-Eyed Soul! -- The Advocate
  • Rousing and Emotive ... Solid Pop Sheen! -- Houston Chronicle
  • "A few years ago, my sons were having an awful fight in the car on the way home
    from school.  I put Christian's CD, "All the Time" in the player and after only a few
    moments, both boys became completely silent and continued the journey home
    in a quiet, contemplative state.  It was so powerful that I felt no words
    were needed.  We had all been witness to a miraculous transformation that
    occurred because of the power of a song.  I know what Christian sings and says is true!"  Sharon Rose -- Mother who also strives to be a good citizen to the world!


About Christian's authored writings:

  • "Christian's near-death experience is awesome!  One of the best I've ever read.  He even filled some "pieces" I had of my own NDE cosmology puzzle. We haven't heard the last from this guy, that's for sure."   Kevin Williams --


  • "I cannot explain the peace I feel whenever I read Christian's writing.  I find myself going to his site several times a day just to get a pick me up.  I skim through all the various spiritual questions asked of him and then read his simple responses.  There is a kind of warmth I will feel and then an inner knowing that tells me that everything is going to be alright.   Christian's words remind me that even though this is a very crazy world, there is still a reason I am here and there is hope waiting around the corner!  I love you Christian Andréason and I thank God that you exist!"    Barbara Stevens -- Professional Secretary


  • Christian, I want to thank you with all my heart for sharing your near-death experience on your site!  I know with out a doubt ... it saved my life and helped me to restore my faith in God!  Whether you know it or not, you have probably done this very same thing for many others.  I cannot wait for the book!  Again ... God Bless You!   Jay Davidson -- Grocery store manager and gay man with a renewed sense for living


About Christian in Ministry and Concert:

  • "Whenever spiritual uplifting and prayer has been needed ... I have seen Christian move quickly to answer the call.  His wonderful music and words inspire tremendous hope for those who listen.  If there is one thing I know about Christian above all other things, it  is that this man LOVES GOD with all his heart!  I love his delightful Spirit!"
  • Betty J. Eadie --  Inspirational Author of the # 1 N.Y. Best Selling "Embraced By the Light." 


  • "One of the most awesome performers I've ever heard in any genre of music."  Recording Artist and Workshop Leader, Chrystine Julian


About Christian's Speaking in Church:                                                                                                                                                   

  • " God is about to deliver to you some spiritual mail and the postman is coming as Christian Andréason!  You will not want to miss one prophetic word from this amazing man of God!"
    Pastor Yusif Weston -- AASAC Church (Columbus, Ohio)


About Christian's One-on-One Ministry:

  • "He's the real deal!"   Houston's KPRC/NBC


  • "I had no idea that when I came to visit Christian, my spiritual life (after our one-on-one session) would become so real and powerful to me!  Thank you Christian for helping me to "SEE" better than I have ever done before!"   Jessica Hershey -- High School Principal


  • "Now having seen Christian one-on-one, I understand what I have been hearing so many talk about for over a year now.  It has been a week after our session together and I feel lighter and much brighter than I could have ever imagined possible.  And there is this unshakable feeling of absolute joy that has been following me around that I cannot for the life of me ever remember having before my session with Christian.  Thank you Christian, and God Bless You for what you do!  There are no words for it other than I know you love God and the rest of us!"  Carolyn Watson -- Engineer


About Christian's Spirituality Classes:

  • "I have been studying spirituality for years and have had the honor to listen to some of the most amazing teachers imaginable.  But I believe that for the time and effort Christian spends in explaining things to you, added with his seemingly never ending wisdom, this man is by far the very best teacher I have ever had.  He has taken my consciousness to places I never dreamed were possible!  If you have a chance to come hear Christian speak, teach or sing, (and he usually does a bit of everything at once) my advice to you is; GO NOW ... grab a chair while you still can ... cause if you don't, someone else is gonna get it!  Trust me!  I know from experience!"    Louise Chapmann -- Company CEO and Student of Life 

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