A letter from: Anonymous

How do I shield myself from a dark attack?  If someone I was sharing rooms with had some negative angels how do I shield myself from such?  How do I shield from any negative visions or negative spirit messages?  If I should go to switch room or not share room with someone with at least 1 negative energy?  Which college should I be going to which will be more positive and joyful where I can celebrate more. 

Should I get my own hotel room when I fly on an airplane to a hotel at Hong Kong or share a room with someone that has at least 1 negative energy?

Response from Christian

It all comes down to this:
How confident do you feel with you and your ability to be a Bright Light in this world?  If you do not choose to burn bright, you will only produce a faint illumination and reflection.   A star cannot be seen from the blackness of space unless it chooses to shine.  You must choose to shine and burn bright if you want to see yourself in a world filled with darkness. 
How loving and Compassionate of a person are you really?  You cannot expect to see your own life and destiny clearly if you do not maintain the ability to refrain from condemnation and excessive judgment of others.  It is only with a clear and loving Heart that we can expect to truly see the world around us, until then we will only use the eyes in our head and see little.

Are you actively DOING what you know God put you here to do with your life or are you running from your dreams and your destiny?  It is hard to maintain long-term Self-esteem if we do this.

How often do you allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself or to stay angry at others for those issues your Heart tells you you should be taking responsibility for yourself?  Refraining from taking responsibility only delays us from getting to the answer(s) we claim we want to know.
And if you easily give into fear ... maybe it is time you started praying about it and asking God why it exists at all?  The things that frighten or frustrate us are not really the enemy.    The real enemy is the power we give them to hold us captive. 

You are here to be Courageous; take dominion over your fears and conquer them!  Ask Heaven to show you how to have power over all the issues you know that have a tendency to bring you low ... and be patient with the answers once they come.  It takes a long time for us to learn how to have connection with both ourselves and Heaven.  Have Faith! 

In short: 
Never forget...
Walking consistently in Christ centered Love, Wisdom and Virtue is what gives us our inner strength in this world!  It literally calls the Light and the station of The Christ toward us...  In time, when we have been true to this call ... the end result is always Joy!
Belief in the existence of Christ is only the beginning.
Allowing the flow of Christ is what is most important!
But there can be no flow without us allowing our own behavior to exhibit constant Loving action.  Until then we will only know many ups and downs.  Sound familiar?  Ready for a change?  Then go for it!  No time like the present...

When you fear those thing that are dark remember:

When our inner Love Walk is strong and consistent .... this is what shields us from darkness.  Period!   Lower energies will not want to have much to do with you as long as you don't look and feel like you might belong in their club!
If you do not feel confident in your ability to shield yourself from dark presence ... seek to humble yourself and pray to God more, do good and wonderful things for others as often as you can.  (And don't forget to be good to yourself at the same time!)  Be a more generous and forgiving person.  Really and truly work on letting go of the wrongs done against you and pray for those who are temporarily lost to the ways of Love.   
The Bottom Line:
You want to know true power in this world?
Even to those people who do not seem to deserve it.  I know this seems VERY hard to do ... but if you want to know what it feels like to have your Heart truly free and happy, this is what you must do.  All the great spiritual teachers and masters have been asking us to adhere to the ways of Love and until we do, we will never know what they know.

And that is:

Love is what brings Light into the world! 
When we fail to Love ... we fail to Shine.
When we fail to Shine ... we become vulnerable.
So my brother ... RISE ... LOVE and SHINE!
Doing this will not only shield you from those things you do not want to have any part of ... it will (at the very least) help you to endure any kind of an attack ... while it lasts.

And as you seek to be powerful, at the same time, (whenever possible) only choose to go to those places and people who you feel radiate Love and Light. Not only will they help give you the rocket fuel you need to keep being the best person you can be, they will remind you why it is so important to remain in the Light. 

When you are not able to find inspiration in others' ... find inspiration in God ... and seek to be The Light in this world that you wish you could find in others.  If you are successful at doing this, soon you will stop focusing on how little Light others' are providing you.
And remember... you will not always be able to avoid those people you feel bring you down in life.  After all, it is in God's will that we seek to Love and bring service to all kinds of people as best we can.  How else are they supposed to be brought into the Light and made to feel God's Love?  Our greatest missions in life will always be troubled family members and failing friends.  When (or if) we walk away, it is always important to do it right and know that the situation is only temporary in God's eyes.  In the end, (in God's plan) Love always wins!  

This is a hard world to live in; people fall out of the Light and into the darkness all the time, so it is important for Heaven to have ambassadors.  However, you must always be willing to listen to your own Spirit and be discerning!  When your Spirit tells you it is time to step away ... do so immediately or as soon as you can!  If you allow yourself to exist around unloving energies for too long ... this is what gets us into trouble.

Until then choose to see your Self as BLESSED and full of LOVE, LAUGHTER AND LIGHT!  If you do this consistently ... no matter where you go in life, you will bring the Light and Love of God with you and everything will work out fine!

God is with you ... and so is Love.
They never leave.
It is only us who leaves them.



A letter from Allen C
Hi Christian,

I've been a fan for 6 or 7 years I'd say.  Discovered your music first
on www.mp3.com if memory serves.  Unfortunately, when I decided I wanted
to buy a CD or two, I couldn't find a way to purchase them.  I see a few
available thru your Listening Store, but not the ones I was hoping for,
specifically, The Storybook as that was the song that hooked me as well
as Everybody Else.  Is there a way to purchase any of those older CDs or
even download certain songs, a la iTunes or something?  Here's hoping. 
I've been wanting to share some of your music with my wife.

Thanks for your time!
Allen C
Technical Director
Disney Feature Animation

Response from Christian

Hi Allen,

While we have much of my music up at most of the major music sites for download ... there are still a few of my older song and music programs that we are about to re-master and re-release.  Of course, "Everybody Else" is available on my CD, "Remember Me" which is available for download. 

I would say keep your eyes on the listening store or calendar portion of my site for announcements about new or upcoming stuff.

Until then ...

Thanks for your support and say "hello" to your wife for me!  : )



A letter from Adrian
Hi Christian,

I'm going to be honest Christian...this is how I ran into your story:  I'm a 29 yr. old "re-born" devoted Catholic Christian, married, university graduate, working in family oil-field business, and am striving for a life of purity and holiness, to reach those spiritual realms and vibrations you so much talk about.  I was reflecting on the daily scriptures and Gospel, as I do every morning, and I send them out to friends and family via emails every morning, and I always tag a little personal testimony in the end which I call "my 2 cents".  I will late send you yesterday's email, read what you want, but the end "My2Cents" is what I most want you to see. Now let me tell you how you came into the picture:  I sometimes attach a picture in the end that kind of ties in with the email and this time I did a search in Google images for Jesus and light, and I clicked on one picture but then I saw the one with Jesus with a cross on His robe that led to your site.  I jumped over it, looked for others, but for some reason I came back to that one and clicked on it.  It led me to read your NDE story and honestly I couldn't stop reading it because line after line I was feeling those intense vibes that elevated me and made my heart palpitate emphatically.  Those little signs you spoke of had just happened, I connected with you by chance, or destiny because I wrote and I wrote of what you write.  Check this out;  I spoke in my2cents of the "light" we so much speak about. I spoke of those that have life and death experiences!   I also recalled Jesus' words "I am the way, the truth, and the life", and I spoke of how very true it is to say "God Is Love".  I have had a personal encounter, upon which God said to me after deep prayer and singing and in tears I heard "I ONLY ASK THAT YOU LOVE ME", only He didn't actually say something, I was spoken to, or just felt the message from heaven.  Then I read your NDE and that's the message I kept getting over and over.  Awesome.  I just wanted to share this to encourage you to go on and conquer the world with this message and drag as many souls as possible to Heaven.  I was worried about you encouraging homosexuality and so I wrote to you.  But after receiving your response and felt the vibes once AGAIN through your words, I know you have truly been blessed and will pray for you and your ministry.  Christian is an awesome name and one to be lived up to!  God loves you so very much that He gave you this opportunity to be with us on earth to spread the Good News!   Pray On!  Once again, I would love to hear a response!  Much Love, because God IS LOVE!!!!!!!!! YES


Response from Christian

Thank you Adrian.  I am so glad to see you following the path Spirit is leading you on.  What a wonderful and exciting journey you must be having!  Not only am I happy for you, I am happy about the leadership you will be able to provide other people.  Especially when they are in need. You obviously are tuned-in and listening.   I am grateful for people like you who are in the world... You keep spreading the Light and bringing hope to those who are most in need.  And during this day and age that is so very important!

I am also glad that you are choosing to be at peace with the paths others' are on that have little to do with your own.  Gay or not... everyone comes here with a definate purpose and unique design ... and every single one of us are Loved and held in God's eternal hand.  Nothing can ever change that.  My letter back to you was only meant to remind you of what I believe you already knew.

I am so glad you found me.  I know we will have great conversations in Heaven.  : )

Love, Laugher and Light,



A letter from Becky T
Dear Christian,
I want to thank your for sharing your experience and the knowledge you came back with.  I have always had a hard time following religions as something just didn't sit well with me.  They always seemed off.  What you have shared is like a ray of sunshine which has lifted a weight of my shoulders. 
I am so thankful that Gods love is so large it can touch people like you so you can touch people like me.  You are a true inspiration and every time I read your words I am uplifted to a better place.
Thank you for your wisdom.

Response from Christian

Thank you for listening Becky...  Thank you for giving my life TRUE purpose.

PS: I love this font you used.  So much that I am leaving it on the post.





A letter from Valerie
Dear Christian,

I just wanted to let you know that I saw your story on U-Tube and 
it inspired me to seek God again.  I came from a conservative 
background where I was rejected by the fold because I divorced my 
husband (who later I found out was cheating on me).  Nevertheless, he 
was a powerful man and I was utterly rejected.  To this day I am 
shunned when these church people see me.  So, I have felt very alone 
in my spiritual journey.  I never really fit into the conservative 
churches because I felt more "mystical" and creative than what was 
offered there.  I also had a sort of wild personality and was often 
told so.  I think now some try to contact me but it is mostly out of 
curiosity.  I am definitely not one of them.  Because of this, I have 
never doubted God, but I do feel isolated in my faith and sometimes 
fear hell.  I think what worries me most is that I will not fulfill my 
dream of being an artist.  I am in school full time for something that 
will "pay the bills" and it is not my passion in life, but I have to 
survive.  Thus, the artistic struggle.  Please pray that I find my way 
in life.  Thank you for your inspirational story!

  Maine, USA

Response from Christian

Hello Valerie,

Thank you for your e-mail.  I want you to know you are not alone.  There are many good and innocent people who are put in your same position all the time.  I believe these events come to test us.  They come to show us who we are in our own faith and determination to hold to what we know and believe within ourselves to be true.

Or the challenges come to show us what could be "more true" than an old reality or idea we may be holding on to ... like a child holding onto a teddy bear or blanket for security.

You are obviously more together than you think you are.  It is just you are working on overcoming that same obstacle that all of us have to face to one degree or another; that we accept ourselves as we truly are and reject the SMALL boxes that others would seek to put us in for their own vain purpose.

As far as your fear of whether or not you are an artist.  You are what you believe you are. 

I happen to see myself as many things.  I am a singer, a songwriter, a writer, a life coach, a minister, a real estate agent...  I think there is art to all these things.  Or at least an "artful" way of doing them.  Take real estate for example.  I have had quite a few instances where a deal was about to fall through, so I used the "art of negotiation" to make the transaction work out better.  Because I am a writer, I know how to use words to better communicate ideas.  Because I am a singer, I know how to express myself in ways that communicate emotional need.  Who would have thought I could bring all these artful traits into something considered so worldly?  Right?

Sometimes one of my many pursuits pays the bills more than others.  But one thing is for sure ... everything I am (that I seek to do with excellence) makes me more well-rounded and wiser than I was the day before.  So ... that being said ...  I am also being made into a MUCH better artist.

If you think of it...  God (who is the ultimate artist) has His hands in all things and I would say He is pretty well-rounded.  LOL!

You said you tend to believe in your more "mystical" side.  Well, what can illustrate and reveal what is mystical more than our own portrayal or demonstration of art? 


Never EVER use money or worldly success as a confirmation of your own validity!  It will fail you every time.  There are more so-called "famous people" out there (who were once wealthy and looked up to for the art they produced and brought to the world) that now feel so sad and useless.  Now they have little wealth left and the world either makes fun of them (as their art seems outdated) or they have been forgotten.  I am always amazed when I am in the presence of such a person who allows the short sighted vision and so-called "current reality" of someone else to override the truth of their past.  It is as if they believe their life was a failure and their "success" never even happened at all.  This of course is not true.

The art was a gift ... as was the ability to do it.

I guess what I am saying is... Enjoy what happiness you are able to provide yourself (when you do your art) and for others when they choose to appreciate your contribution.

Yet, always understand that art, like life ... is a process.  Art and expression was intended by God to constantly evolve.  And the sweetness of art is deepened by the fullness of life we allow our self to experience. 

Fame can be incredibly fickle.  It comes and goes, like a revolving door that constantly opens and closes.  Pulling people in and pushing people out.  It will always be this way.  And for those who seek fame in order to give themselves purpose or definition in life (even if they arrive at some station of fame) these Souls have a rather rude awakening coming for them. 

If we choose to keep doing our art in later years, our newly learned wisdom in some way usually shines through.  And new admirers come forth and become touched, just as old admirers grow with you.  This is why I think it is so important to never give up, regardless of what the outcome looks like.   So choose to see yourself as a true artist and do your art whenever you can.  You never know when you are going to touch someone or how it is even going to happen.  I am constantly amazed at how people have found me and my art!  Are millions or hundreds of thousands listening to my music or reading my writing right now?  No.  But up to a dozen are ... and maybe even more.  There has to come a time when you have let go and let God.

Just trust that the Universal Divine will put on your path those who need to be exposed to you the most.   If you want peace, throw out the whole idea of of the "fame game" thing and let your destiny take you to the places God meant for you to go.  Not only will you enjoy the ride more, your expectations will be coming from your Heart and not a troubled, sad ego.

I leave you with the chorus from my song, "Destiny Calling." 

Destiny will call tonight.  In a still small voice of Light.  And you will know for you what's right.  Use faith to find your life.  And when things are going wrong, and you think that just not that strong ... Believe ... Just Believe!

Big Hugs!



A letter from Shadow
Dear Christian:

I just have a question about illnesses for you... Let's say if some one had cancer or a virus is it proper to LOVE that virus or cancer?

Response from Christian:

When a person is ill...
It is VITALLY important to see what that entity (the illness) represents in you ... if you are to truly cause the invader (the illness) to exit your energy field and prevent its return.
Ask yourself honestly:
Did you do something to open yourself up to it?
Did you allow it to come upon you willingly? 
(If so, why?  And are you willing to amend that behavior if you know?)
Did you over extend yourself, push past your own physical, mental or emotional capacity ... and now realize you have been compromised? 
Are you willing to take responsibility if this is true.
Are you willing to release all guilt and shame for your part in allowing the illness to come upon you?
Are you willing to take hold of your own personal level of fear?
Are you willing to release all anger and bitterness you might hold toward someone who may have helped
assist the invader into your physical body and/or energy field?
Are you willing to learn the lesson you are being asked to endure and then LOVE yourself enough to
help reverse the process?
Are you willing to speak, think and believe wellness into your LIFE and the lives of others?
Are you willing to open yourself up to extreme faith in God, Heaven, Angels of
Earth and Beyond to help you with your recovery?
Are you willing to accept responsibility for yourself, and also receive help from others ... as everyone goes to task in doing whatever is necessary to heal you and bring about 100% wellness?
Are you willing to accept God's ultimate will for your life, as you seek to create your own?
Each of these questions, once answered can help a Soul to release energetic matter that holds the illness in place ... once they answer honestly and with sincerity.
You do not have to adore anything you do not wish to be attached to.
However, you must have compassion for its (the illness') wish to exist as a biological form.
Otherwise, you will never open yourself to receive a spirit of understanding
which is the only thing on this Earth that can really explain to you
why what is happening ... is happening.
Blessings of Love, Laughter and Light!



A letter from
Dear Christian:

Don't worry I'm just here to ask a honest question. I notice you views are little less traditional.  Do you though believe that Jesus is God? Not some Ascended Master or Great teacher as new agers put it.

Father = Jesus = Holy Ghost  All three One Holy God
In other word JESUS is God in flesh.

Response from Christian:

Hello, John...
I believe that we are ALL of God.
I believe this because I saw and was shown
during my NDE that we each carry our creator's Light within.
I believe that Jesus came to demonstrate that.
This might be why he called himself, The Son of Man.
I believe that Jesus was sent from a place in Heaven that few of us get to visit.
I believe that because he chose to obey God and come here ... he is able to
travel to an even further place.
He did not have to come.
Just as he did not have to take the cross.
But he did.
He knew he had to.
I believe Jesus agreed to come here, as God predestined him to show
humankind how to become more aware (of us being connected) by reminding us that
every act of Love creates a field of energy which expands our consciousness - bringing
us even closer to God.
I suspect that Jesus may have had the greatest fullness of Light ever to
grace this planet.  Perhaps that is why so many intuitively feel led to associate him with God.
Because he carried so much of our Creator's Light within him.
Perhaps he really was ... THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  : )
I believe that Jesus came to give a tremendous message simply by
the way he lived and died.  He set THE example of how to live on Earth
and not be blinded by the rocks and arrows that come to us all.
Some hit and some hurt ... but with Love we always heal from them.
He showed us grace prevails ... as does humility and virtue.
I believe that true salvation is believing in the success of Jesus' mission.
That success being that his message was received ... in me and
that you (and others) get to benefit.
The teaching I hear is clear:
Do I Love ... or don't I?
Will I Love ... or won't I?
When I Love ... I am saved and see.
When I don't Love I risk being lost ... to myself and to everyone else.
I do very much believe that Jesus was a Divine Being.
I think he came on behalf of a Presence and a Name we cannot even begin to comprehend in this life.
We can call that Being God if we wish.
I call Him everything that is Love, Light and Beautiful Sound.
I wish I could come up with a better name.
Do I see Jesus as this actual Being?
Well ... I see Jesus as Jesus - who is DEEPLY AND CLOSELY CONNECTED to this Being.
So much so, he helps us to connect ... if we need and allow him to.
As far as my actual relationship with Jesus...
I cannot explain the Love I feel for him.
It goes beyond all religious notion.
I cannot believe I have the capacity to admire a man I have never seen with human eyes, so much!
I adore his Spirit and cannot tell you why.
I just do.
I have had quite a few spiritual experiences where he is concerned ... but even there ... in my Heart I know that is not the reason for my Love.
While I know that I am not in any way, shape or form the definition of a traditional Christian ...
I do know that I see Jesus as a member of my own family. 
In every room of my house, I have his picture where I can clearly see it. 
Beside other loved ones I adore and feel loved by in return.
I find myself so often contemplating in the most unlikely places, how grateful I am for his life.
And I find that I am still learning about him and becoming more and more mystified about all
the things he came here to do. 
What he came here to say.
What he is still saying...
And I find it a miracle that people are still listening!
Despite the state of our cruel predatory world.
Even beyond the face of many religions that so arrogantly
claim to be his full representative.
Religions that have hurt so many and ruined lives -- by encouraging hatred and division among God's people.
By fostering a false ideal that embraces thoughts of supremacy.  
The idea that one child of God is actually greater than other child of God simply for what he or she thinks and believes ... even all the while ... they secretly question in times of trouble ... and remain confused and lie about it - thinking that no one knows what they are doing.
What I find amazing ... is beyond all that ... Jesus lives still in the minds and Hearts of so many ... some who don't even have a clue what Christianity is!   
Yet they reflect his very nature by embracing humanity with unconditional arms. 
I am blessed.  I have been set free.
I have been completely liberated from any preconceived notion taught or pushed by religious sources. 
This is a true miracle indeed, considering how convincing the system is. 
Now, I simply allow myself my own understandings.
I allow God and Heaven to lead me daily in the direction I sense I need to go.
Sometimes the first few steps do not make sense ... but the sight of the destination always does.
My life's journey has brought me to a place I never thought could be possible for a human being. 
Not one in his young 30's anyway.
OK ... I hope this answers your question John.
And I also hope you feel the Spirit I have in reaching BACK to you in this way.
I hope your Life is going well, and that you feel Love all around you a great deal of the time.
Always Brother!




A letter from Kerri
Dear Christian:
I am a Catholic, but the older I get, the more I wonder about what the True Church really is.  Should I invest in the doctrines of Catholicism as truth, or should I instead just follow the Bible more?  The older I get, the more I feel I should find the truth within and not in dogma.  I am confused about this because of all I've been taught as a Catholic.  If I don't follow the Catholic rules, will I still go to heaven?  Please help me know the answer to this.  Thank you, Christian.  God Bless.

Response from Christian:

You are precious to our God!! 
And just to prove it ... for you to care so much what God thinks of you ...
shows your true worth!  : )
You are wise to contest the doctrines that man governs over so closely!
It is your Heart that is calling out to you ... LOOK FURTHER!
I am glad to see you are listening ... and learning how to trust yourself!
When a baby starts to walk, it often falls ... but does that mean it should become afraid of falling and therefore stop moving forward?
No ... it keeps going ... till it learns how to run!  : )
But how does it know to do this?
Instinct!  (Which God placed within each of His Children!)
God allows religion as a method for Man to learn how to self-govern himself.
Without it, **at the primary level** ... humankind would be rather lost.
However, as we are truly infinite in Spirit, no one practice or thought-form can hold us for long or give us all that we need.  So we have to give ourselves permission to move on.
Funny how so many people allow fear to govern over them, more than their own God given instincts.
Anyone with any amount of maturity can see that we all need a certain amount of rules to keep us from falling into complete chaos!
Yet, in God's eyes, those rules are there to help us enjoy life!
Not to take away the fun of it.
(And I will tell you a secret ... God put it into our nature to test EVERYTHING!)  How else can we derive wisdom?  Wisdom does not come from us having been 'told' something ... TRUE wisdom comes from having actually experienced a thing ourselves!
This is how identity and character is established.
But if you are a person who only does what others tell you to do ... where is the authenticity in that?  Instead, you become a lifeless clone.
Think of eating one thing day after day after day after day ... and eating nothing else.
Now, if you like it like that ... and it is working for you ... then fine. 
But in a world where there is so much amazing variety and wonderful selection ... by the end of your life, hopefully you will have had a taste of just about everything that looked appealing to you.  Of course, after you have a taste of something that looked good, but did not necessarily taste good ... then you naturally move on to something else.  Right?  Well, ... that is life.  Some people Love tomatoes... Some people can't stand them.  So does that mean no one should eat tomatoes?  I used to get grossed out when I saw other people eat sushi.  One day a good friend MADE me try some.  Now I can't stop eating it!  Granted, I don't like all sushi ... but for instance, salmon sushi ... I could eat at least once a week!
(Thank God for my friend!) 
God put it into our nature to move on (and He also puts others into our lives to help us move on) ... till we find something we really like and harmonize with. 
And God built us to stay with that thing till we have need for something more...
Never fear the urge to move on.
God will always let you know when it is time to stop!  ; )
We are all at different levels ... with different beliefs ... and God sees this, understands this
and even intends all of this.
What matters most is that we take care of all the Creator has given to us and that we be thankful for the present moment.  This is how you create true Joy!  No matter your circumstances!
What matters most and is clearly seen by the spiritually wise ... is that we Love others and ourselves equally.  And that we take GOOD care of each other, while we 'seem' so far away from the constant reach of God.  (Of course God is always there ... but in this place called planet Earth ... He is within us, sitting as a spark of Light ... waiting for us to discover His presence.  We must look down and see our own hands as God's vessels ... just waiting to be used.)
This life will be over before you know it, all that matters is what you gave away. 

And when you return to Heaven ... you will once again remember who you really are and you will be so glad to be back.
Many will be waiting for you. 
Happy to receive you.
There will be a good sized celebration!
And from what I feel from your Spirit, Kerri ...
I can bet your party is gonna be a big one! 
Read thru my NDE on my site as often as you can.
It will give you comfort.
Just know ...
You always were and always will be ... GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD!  : )
With Love,


A letter from Mike D.
Dear Christian:
I am writing to tell you about a miracle involving your music. 
I have been in a terrible depression for about a good year now.  I am a gay man who is very much in the closet.  I have felt for a very long time that God would have nothing more to do with me since I have realized there is absolutely nothing I can do to change my orientation.  I have been very angry, thinking that I had to make a choice.  Intimacy or God?  Because my instincts and impulses were so strong, you can probably already guess which factor won.  I have felt like such a failure.  The agony of separation I have experienced being away from God has hurt me terribly.  More than I can express. 

I could tell you a thousand different sad stories I have had to endure (and I am sure you have just about heard them all) but I want to cut to the chase and tell you what happened to me not too many nights ago.

I live in New Jersey and was coming home on the train from New York late one night.  When I sat down, I felt something in the seat.  When I reached around I pulled a Cd out from behind me.  It was your Cd, "The Rhythm of Life."  I must admit [without disrespect] that when I first looked at it I thought to myself that you were just another "Christian" singer, but something told me to take a closer look. 

I saw the song title, "Love Who You Love" and was amazed by what that title might mean so my curiosity got the best of me.  When I got home I put the Cd on.  I could not believe how good it was from beginning to end. I cannot find one single "average" song on the Cd.  I also could not believe just how much your voice and lyrics spoke directly to my heart!  It has been a very long time since a vocalist has done that for me.   

I collapsed on the floor of my apartment in tears when I heard "Oh Mary Mary."  I knew that song was the reason heaven (or some angel) left your Cd on the train for me.  Because all day long [that very day] I was thinking about a previous love relationship that went all wrong, how I am always broke and have little to no money, how my family will have nothing to do with me, how my dream of being a performer on Broadway is just not taking off and how I just can't seem to get ahead in general.  Well, I was thinking something shameful, and even as I write this I can't believe where I was just a matter of a few days ago. Christian, I was going to take my life.  Frankly it just looked pointless.
After having listened to your music nonstop ever since, I have a different point of view now.  It is hard to explain, but I feel better and extremely uplifted.  Like God Himself is right here with me in a way I hadn't realized.  Your Cd is food for the mind and soul and seems to have a consistent message that I totally get: "NO MATTER WHAT...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!"  I forgot to do that.  It is amazing how something so simple can be forgotten.  When I hear your song, "Running Back To You" I feel as if I am running back to my faith and once again to my dreams!  
In a time not too long from now you will find a $20 bill with your name on it.  Please accept the money I am sending to you via the Wonder Boy Records address listed on your website.  I would buy more but this is the best I can do for right now.  My intention is to buy your Cd for myself as if I was buying it directly from the store.  At first I see that the Cd was God's gift to me, to show me that I am not alone, but I want to give a gift to myself now that I am feeling a lot more whole and balanced.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.
Thank you Christian.  Thank you for your music and please thank the amazing team who works with you.  Please thank Joe Hogue, Jason Warner (I greatly enjoyed your duet together) and anyone else who was a part of this marvel.  For me, it was certainly a divine occurrence.  Of this I have no doubt! 

And please know that no matter what happens with you and your music career one life has been greatly touched by your gift of song.

God Bless You.
Mike D.

Response from Christian:


I am touched beyond words!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write me.  Wow!  I never cease to be amazed at how God works! 

You have no idea how much I needed this letter today.  CD sales have been on the slow side lately and I have been somewhat disappointed that out of all my albums,  I have not been able to get this ONE out there more!  It seems that with the current music market being structured the way it is, folks like me get lost in the shuffle.  Yet, it is my belief that this particular album's time has yet to come.  So I am NOT giving up or giving in!!!  I share all this with you just to let you know how meaningful (and well timed) YOUR message was to me!  You are living proof that everything it took to make this album happen is not in vain!  So, thank you for reaching out and being so honest.

And what I find absolutely phenomenal is that YOU are the very kind of person I did this CD for ... (a person struggling to heal from what life has done to them and make their dreams come true) ... and look what happened!  The music found its way to you! Wow! 

And what really stuns me Mike, is that I was just on that same train you are talking about a few weeks ago when I came into New York from New Jersey ... I live in Houston, but traveled to the east coast because I was nominated for an OMA (Out Music Award) for "Love Who You Love."  And that was the song that got your attention.  Amazing!  

Every now and then I get to hear some pretty incredible stories about how people will 'mysteriously' find out about me and my music.  (I have posted a few of these stories on this site.) 

To address what happened with you during, "Oh Mary, Mary" interestingly, I hear from quite a few people about this particular song.  And on a personal note, I know exactly what you felt when you first heard it.  I have never told anyone this publicly, but when I first started to write that song, I actually started crying!  I remember thinking (as I was putting pen to paper) how strange it was that I was emoting this way!  That has never happened to me before or since!  Now, looking back. (and because of a few experiences I have had in my life) I know in my Heart that Christ had revealed himself to me in that moment, in fact, to be dead honest, I truly believe ... HE HELPED ME WRITE THE SONG!!  I remember thinking, "Wow, it has been so long sense I have felt this way!"

You know, these days... we live life largely without us being consistently conscious of the presence of Christ near us.  We get so caught up with our own lives and agendas and ways we think things should be, to the point that we lose track of our true selves and divine purpose.  And the result: We have too many ups and downs and dramas! 

I think that when we manage to 'slow down' and allow ourselves to  feel the presence of Love (or God), it blows us away to think we could have ever forgotten it ... and that we are LOVED that much!

I think that is why Loving ourselves and others consistently is so important!  If we fail to Love, we fail to recognize the many instances where Love has indeed visited us.  Love (I believe) is the essence within the Spirit of Christ.  When we are familiar with Love ... we will better recognize when Spirit is indeed present!

Mike, I want you to know that I know what it means to be broken by life and to feel completely confused.  I know what it is like to feel rejected.  God knows I have been there!  I think most of us have to some degree, but when you yourself are hurting, (and it seems as if there is no hope) well ... that is not such a fun thing to go thru!  But what is vital to remember is that God Loves us no matter what!  He is just waiting for us to TRULY Love ourselves and one another.  It is a hard lesson, but one we much each learn if we are to ever know peace consistently. 

AND I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID ... "that the consistent message in "The Rhythm of Life" is that we each believe in ourselves!" You are absolutely correct!  I cannot think of a greater way to honor God for the lives we have been given than to BELIEVE in our purpose! 

I thank God today that you are now standing strong and learning to value you and your own life again!  "THANK YOU GOD!"  Please don't ever think about taking your life again!!!  Use it up and wear it out!!  ; )  It is my prayer that you maintain your Joy, Strength and Courage!  Go for those dreams Mike ... and maybe I WILL get to see you on Broadway one of these days soon!  Please let me know.  OK?  I want to be there when it does!  : )  And if for some odd reason, Broadway does not end up manifesting on your path, I confidently know that something else that is wonderful ... will!

I will do as you asked and let the folks who worked on the CD with me know your feelings, especially Joe Hogue and Jason Warner.  I do not mind acknowledging that I am grateful for both of these men, as I deeply believe the connection I share with them is sacred.  They are eternal brothers of mine.  And Lord knows they have done their fair share of suffering!  So know this ... a bunch of guys who have each suffered mowed over the mountain that MAN put in front of us ... and with the help of God, we put our lives back together enough to put this kind of album (and others like it) out! 

And Mike, if we can make this happen ... so can you!






A letter from Kerri
Christian, I wrote you a few weeks back and I want to apologize for being rude to you.  I guess as a Catholic, I feel threatened whenever I see something that could challenge my own beliefs.  And here is the kicker....I hadn't even read your story when I e-mailed you that first time!  I just saw something that looked new age to me with a Christian label on it and my defenses went up.  Well, I will be reading your story today and I want you to know that my rudeness to you was because of my own issues.  I am searching for God's love in a way that doesn't include legalism, which I have wrestled with all my life as a Catholic.  I love my Catholic faith, but I am searching for a more unconditional loving God in my faith, rather than one that points the finger at me.  For some reason, ever since I wrote you, something has been telling me to go back to your website and read your story.  So, that is exactly what I am going to do. 
Again, I am sorry for being rude to you.  Thanks for opening your heart and sharing your story with people, especially people like me who probably need to hear it.

Response from Christian:

What a kind e-mail.
Your words exhibit true grace!
Thank you so very much for that.
Thank you so very much for being so humble.
Nothing is more Godly than that.
I want you to know that God let me know years ago that I had something of a difficult ride in front of me.  It seems God has been preparing me for it my whole life.  I have always known that others would not always receive me or accept me.  Mostly because I used to think the very same way that people think today.  I was once blindly religious and somewhat arrogant about what I thought I believed at the time.  I was actually trained to be this way and the church (at large) did me no favors.  It took my NDE and many series of events (which I obviously deeply believe to have been Divine) to let me know that life and God's Love went much deeper than what I had once perceived or had been taught. 
God has given me an opportunity to reach out and share what I have learned to anyone willing to listen ... and communicate to those who are either sitting on the fence (trying to figure out what they believe) or those who resemble "the religious fundamentalist me" I used to be.  I think you represent millions and millions of people right now; Good people trying to do the right thing ... willing to be very protective of the Christian Faith, while also deeply knowing there has to be much more than what they are being told.
I respect your apology and LOVE you for it, yet I need YOU to know that I 100% understand where you are coming from.  I have learned that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher.  But the lessons do not come all at once.  God always knows how to get us where we most need to be in life in order to learn, and the timing in how this all happens is always perfect.  Sometimes it takes a whole lot of time (and being positioned in the right circumstance) for us to learn ... and in God we are always given as much time as we need.  GOD LOVES US THAT MUCH!  We might not always comprehend the lessons in front of us, but more lessons usually follow that explain the ones that came before.  This is life and all lessons are necessary as they are the teachers that stretch us beyond our comfort zones and help us to grow.
Maybe you needed to reject me in order to see you needed a shift right now in your life?  Maybe you needed to have your connection with God and others who believe differently than you tested?  Maybe you needed to feel the anger you felt?  Maybe you needed to get it out of you ... and needed me to help you do it?
God used me to teach and reach out to you.
And God uses you to teach and reach out to me.  This is the way it goes for all of us.

The ride is not always comfortable, but it is what it is ... and IN GOD.

We can all be confident in knowing there is always a reason for everything that happens. 
Why else would God (who Loves us so very much) allow all that is allowed?
Yet when Love emerges, so do miracles.
And for me ... your Love today is truly a miracle!
May our God Bless you tremendously as you find your way to greater truth more and more every day!
And again, thank you for your grace Kerri...
Much Love,



A letter from Ji-Sing
Hi Christian,
I think it is wonderful what has been going on with you in the media!
I still look forward to meeting you sometime this summer when I am in Houston next.  Perhaps I could have a one-on-one session with you or something like that.  And maybe we can meditate together too.
At the moment, I'm in Hong Kong, and I ask for your prayers as I will be facilitating a Mindfulness Retreat for Christians in Hong Kong tomorrow (Sunday, May 29) for about 50 persons.
I think of you from time to time, and feel so inspired by your story. 

In preparation for this retreat, I have been meditating with my in-breath and out-breath throughout the day on the name of Jesus Christ (breathing in on Jesus, and breathing out on Christ).  Yesterday, while on the Hong Kong subway, I felt the Love and Light of Jesus Christ fill my whole being in a gentle peaceful way.  And I began to understand intuitively the beauty of God through the incarnation known as Jesus Christ.  It's amazing that Buddhist meditation helps me touch the energy of Christ.  I guess that's God for ya!  :-)

Love and Light,

Response from Christian

What an awesome man of God you are Ji-Sing!  I Love Your Spirit!

Thank you for mentioning that fantastic breathing meditation!  I hope my readers will consider your instruction.  Meditation is such a vital thing to practice this day and age; too many have no clue as far as what to do to begin. 

Folks ... this is what meditation does:

Meditation helps us to take our mind back from ego.  All those rambling thoughts that run around in your head all day, a'hem, that's ego!  I know ... it may seem that it is impossible to control these kinds of thoughts, but that is again, just ego fooling you.  Daily meditation teaches us that WE DO have the power to set our focus and control our thinking, and once set ... we find there is little that can hold us back in life! 

It was meditation that made Tina Turner breakout from being a duo (with Ike Turner) to a solo majestic megastar.  She overcame tremendous self-doubt and abuse and meditated her person (sometimes using the tone of chanting) to becoming one of the foremost voices and entertainers of our day and age!


A letter from Melanie
My name is Melanie and I too died and came back.  What I saw and what I felt was nothing short of paradise.  I saw the bright white light and so much of me wanted to continue forward.  However, there was another part of me that said I wasn't done on earth yet.  Hence, I came back into my body.  Soon I was scared to go to sleep again as much as I wanted to so I could experience it again. 
I now have a pacemaker and have not become unconscious since.  But everything I saw was breathtaking and I wanted to go.  I guess it wasn't my time.  I know when I die it will be wonderful and I am not afraid.  I knew I was not flesh anymore yet I could feel the air around me.  I could see as I see now and in color and I could hear as I hear now.  I was light as a feather and could go where I wanted to go. 
God has blessed me with a voice that people enjoy however I am now 45 and no one would be interested in me.  Yet I feel such heart when I sing.  I have often though of singing for God in a spiritual way but do not know how to begin.  I have one CD that I did, would you have any suggestions for me?  I thank you for your time and enjoyed your segment on NBC.  I'm happy that God has blessed your spirit.

Response from Christian


Thank you for sharing your story with me ... I pray you are also blessing others with it as well!  I am glad God has sent us BOTH into this world to help people with their hope and faith!  

Please know that you are NEVER too old to sing!  If God gave you a voice ... USE IT SISTER!  Don't wait for someone to invite you to do a number ... (whether it is for 1 person or 1000) JUST SING OUT GIRL!  Ask Heaven to help you find somewhere to use your gift and keep your eyes open for your opportunities.  I promise you, if you really want them ... they will come!  We are never too old to dream.  Don't let "Hollyweird" fool you or anyone into thinking that age is a curse!  I don't care what anyone says ... age is a blessing of wisdom and those who disagree are just stuck in a mindset that is terrified of getting older!  We get too caught up with fame, money and "perfect beauty" in this world.  When in truth it is all about the altitude in your attitude!!!  We have developed this strange idea that fame, $$ and youthful looks automatically makes us important and unless we are these things, there is the question that lingers from our ego ... "Why would anyone want to listen to me?"  OK ... I will tell you why!  You are a child of the living and Loving God!  In you is the Creator's Light that was given to you (and us all) on purpose!  This Light will not go in vain, for it teaches us all something: WE ARE HERE TO LIVE AND LEARN AND SHARE WHAT WE KNOW... We are here to dream and build Heaven's Kingdom!   Please believe there is no dream too old that cannot be eventually dusted off and ultimately shared with others!  We are a world of dreamers and we were meant to share our dreams with each other!  This is what makes our world good and interesting.  If we stop dreaming and sharing ... what will come of our world?  I will tell you ... it becomes stale and boring!  We need some new dreams out there Melanie, why not give us a peak at yours!  ...I'm interested!



A letter from Craymo
Hi Christian,
  I was reading about you on the Outmusic message boards.  I too am an indie artist.  I have a positive world peace/tolerance song, "One Love One World."  I am donating my artist royalties from the CD single to tsunami relief through musicforrelief.org  It's nice to hear about people with positive stories who are trying to help other people, it's very refreshing. Congrats man, DIY makes your own dreams come true, keep on doin it!

Response from Christian

Hi, Craymo!   Thanks for your kindness!  Best wishes for your career and your new single!


A letter from Mitch

Hello Christian,
I saw you on channel 2 the other night and really enjoyed the clip they did
on you. I since have visited your site and have read lots there and I have
to say, wow.... you really confirmed something I felt about the other side
since something out of the norm that had happened to me many years ago in the early 80's,  then also happened again in the late 90's.

Your site is awesome and I believe will help many to understand what life here and there is really about.

Thank you so much for the information on your site that you have passed to
the world.  In this day and age the world desperately needs to know that
God and Jesus are love and that this life is a learning experience we all
journey on to help us grow spiritually for the (real journey) God has for
each of us.

Thanks and may peace be with you always

Response from Christian

Thanks Mitch!  You are right, our world does need to know and understand Love more.  It is not until we actually roll up our sleeves and practice Love that we will ever get the clue we need, as far as what LOVE IS and how to use it further so we actually change our lives and this world! 

Peace to you too, my brother!


A letter from Cathy

Christian, I adore your entire album, "The Rhythm of Life!"  I got an advance copy a few days ago from a friend of mine who is in radio.  I plan on getting several copies for everyone in my family.  I want them all listening to this truly awesome and inspiring music!  But the real reason I am writing is because I wanted to tell you that when I heard your new song, "Oh, Mary Mary" I had something happen to me that I cannot ever remember having happened before.  I am finding it hard to explain the power I feel when I hear that song.  When I first heard it, I burst into tears and could not stop crying!  When I listened again, I felt the same exact thing.  There is this feeling of purging, yet I get a sense of excitement all at the same time.  I don't know if this even makes sense, but can you explain to me why I might be feeling this way?

Response from Christian

Hello Cathy ...

Thank you so much for writing and letting me know what was going on with you!

Yes!  I do think I know what you are going through.  "Oh, Mary Mary" IS a very special song.  I had a rather powerful experience when I wrote and recorded the song; I literally felt the Spirit descend upon me and help me as I brought that record into existence.  You know, I truly believe that all art comes from the Soul and the Spirit.  When our art is centered around Loving sounds and subject matter ... it comes from even higher places of Spirit.  These are the places we all come from and when a feeling of these places is brought back to us, it makes us feel ... good.  This is why I always try to record music that comes from the more higher places in my Soul and Spirit.

But when it comes to "Oh, Mary Mary" something very special happened here.  I believe that I truly had the Spirit of Jesus Christ all around me when I recorded this song ... and I am sure those who seek Christ in their daily lives are very likely to sense and feel His presence when listening.  I have already heard from a large number of people who tell me that when they listen to "Oh, Mary Mary" they will intuit a powerful sensation of having been touched, either physically or emotionally.  This world is a very tough place and I think a whole lot of us feel terribly alone in it sometimes.  But the truth is, we are not alone.  Christ is always with us.  Literally ... HE IS HERE RIGHT NOW BESIDE US!  I think this song helped you tap into this fact and your subconscious caught on in a big big way!  That is awesome!  Anyway, I think this is what might be happening to you.  The Spirit is very real and very powerful.  I think many in this world today are just now waking up to this fact and seeing how true this is!  I am so glad that the song was able to help you get even closer to this reality.  That makes me feel great!

Now, my prayer is that you have many other wonderful experiences with feeling the Love and touch of our friend, Jesus, The Christ.

Big Hug to you!


A letter from Linda

Christian.  Whenever I am in the presence of babies or little children, I notice that they stare at me intently and smile, like they somehow know me.  I wonder, do you think they can see my "light"?

Response from Christian

Yes!  Babies and young children are some of the most clairvoyant Soul's on the planet.  It is not until they absorb the low vibration of this world, that they start losing these gifts of the Spirit.  I have found that typically between the ages of 5 and 9 years of age is when a child's Spiritual attunement begins to fade.  This is why it is paramount to give our children as much Love as possible, as well as providing them a home environment where they can emotionally and Spiritually thrive!  Doing this gives children a chance to adapt to this world, while carrying their Spiritual aptitude and gifts into it.
Love and Light!


A letter from Enrique

You say in your near-death experience writing: When the time comes for us to crossover ... some may decide not to go into the Light and remain earthbound for a time. As you know it, do we learn to do this in the Light?

Response from Christian

First of all, know this ... once the Light of Heaven comes for you (when you pass from your body at death) it is good to go with the Light once you feel a surge of Love all around you.  But for some Souls ... they may not recognize the Love (because they never practiced Love in life) so they may resist Heaven and reject the Light.  So to answer your question .... Yes, some Souls may decide to keep some of their energy here on Earth and continue Earth based living, only they will do this as a wandering spirit that is floating between many different realities.  This is not all that fun and can turn out to be very lonely as it is kinda like living your life in a dream state. 

Let it not be of a surprise to you, but all around us (the living) there are hundreds to even thousands of Souls in this disincarnated spiritualized form right now.  And while we may not see these folks, we can at times hear their thoughts and confuse them with our own. 

This is why it is very important to have a consistent Loving relationship with God and to hold a large amount of self respect for ourselves.  It also does not hurt to do what you know is right for you as much as possible, as this will help you hold your own intentions strong.  If not, you can become open to outside influences (just like in everyday life) and they will lead you where THEY WANT YOU TO GO, as they bully you and seek to get you to stop listening to your own Heart!

God respects our choices in life and will allow us to stay in those places we have convinced ourselves (or our energy) we belong, until we change our mind. 

But keep this in mind.  God never abandons anyone eternally!

When the time is right, God will send His angels of Love and Light to come and get those who are still on Earth or lost in dark places.  The Lord always comes back for His people once God says it is right.  Of this you can be sure!  : )  So remember ... be a Loving person in life so you will know Love when it comes for you and takes you to the next step in the afterlife.

Love ... and Light!


Hi, Christian.
I've been reading some of the things that you have to say and find them very refreshing. I wish that I had a couple of days to just sit and talk with you. Oh, well, maybe someday?
I became a Christian when I was about 17 years old, and what at first was the most wonderful, loving and liberating experience, later turned into a nightmare for me. I believe that what I experienced was real and forever changed my heart, however, upon receiving this wonderful encounter with God, I felt that fundamentalist Christianity was the way to go. Many years later I found myself overcome with depression, guilt, fear and a general feeling of never being able to measure up. To make a long story short, it was only after separating myself from those things that I was able to begin to recover and start the journey anew. I still have so many things that I want to know. That's why I said that it would be wonderful to just sit and talk to you sometime.
Love in Christ,

Response from Christian

Dear David,

I know just how you feel!  For so many years I walked down the path of trying to be a religious fundamentalist Christian.  Not an easy road at all.  So much judgment and so much condemnation!  And not just the kind you feel for yourself, but for others too!  The pain you accumulate overtime from living that kind of a life is just unbelievable, not to mention lonely!  I have often thought there should be a support group for people such as us!  But what I know fundamentalism does try to do is save us from pain.  And while I am thankful for this notion, I know in my heart of hearts ... that nothing can really save us from pain while we are here on this Earth.  In fact, the whole point to living a Spiritual life is not so that we are saved from pain ... but so that we have something that helps us through it!  Yes!  There are Spiritual laws out there that protect us from what I call, "excessive energies."  And, Yes!  There are many traps and snares out there that you have to keep your eye on constantly.  Life is about learning a little something called, balance.  Too much of anything can draw energies and supernatural presences that are attracted to your same vices ... and over time this can AND WILL weigh you down.  And some seem to get a bit more weighed down with certain things than others.  Perhaps this is due to karma.  All one can do is live and learn.  But... LIVE! 

Life cannot be and feel the same for everyone.  We are and were made so different.  Yes there are common ties that bond us together ... thank God ... but ... even still we are all so very different!  You would think that the world would have caught on to all this by now, but .. well ... we just haven't.  

You know, it is easy to fall down in this life.  And what is the use of trying to live your whole life thinking about nothing but NOT falling down.  All this does is create fear.  It is like growing up with the superstition of trying not to step on a crack in the pavement.  Sorry but cracks are everywhere!  However, we cannot live our lives like that.  Falling down in life is not what makes us frail or weak.  It is choosing to not get back up again that makes us vulnerable!  What we need to do is learn from our past and seek to Lovingly improve our future as we also seek to bring God right along side us no matter where we go.  Living an amazing Spiritual life does not just happen over night.  It takes time; we are talking many, many years of ups and downs and life lessons.  And just as any relationship takes time to develop, so does a life of Spirit in seeking to know God and ourselves better.  We must have faith.  And we must not ever allow ourselves to lose hope!  We must believe that Love works ... and as we apply it to our daily lives ... it shows us what is good.

David, from time to time I do phone one-on-ones.  I do not always have the time to do them as much as I would like, but as soon as I have some time, we will have a conversation.  To learn more about my phone one-on-ones, just send an e-mail to CallChristian@AllAboutChristian.com and an auto-response letter will be sent back to you.

I wish you much peace, Love, Beautiful Colorful Light and Laughter!



A letter from Donna
Dear Christian,

I cannot wait till your new album is out!  I have been waiting so long!  You have no idea!

In fact, you really need to know that rarely is there a day that goes by that I have not at least played one of your songs in my house, at the office or in the car.  You and your music have helped to make my life so much brighter!  I don't think I could ever thank you enough for what you do!

Response from Christian

Hi Donna!  My new album "The Rhythm of Life" finished recording Thanksgiving 2004.  Boy, did I have a lot to be thankful for that day!  Right!  It is my first full-length studio album in 5 years.  It was a labor of Love!  Anyway, the album is about to be mastered and will be out on the Internet this summer.  We are currently taking preorders now for numbered and signed CD's.  I will only be doing a 1000 of such CD's, so if you want one numbered and signed ... get your order in soon!  Thank you Donna for making me and my music part of your everyday life.  I am so honored!  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that there are people out there (like you) all over the world listening to me right now!  And what I find so interesting is, I am not even on a major label, yet, I am always receiving indication that I am being heard. I am so blessed! Thank you for being one of the ones to bless me so much!

Love, Christian


A letter from  Perry

Hi Christian,

My name is Perry, I am from the Netherlands. I am a member
of a charismatic fundamentalist church. I am really stuck, I would like a
phone meeting. I once wanted to end my life, because I just didn't
understand it, I feel God judging me. I read your questions/answers page and
I read Bettie Eadie's books. It gives so much hope of another life, we
shouldn't judge each other and say all other people will go to hell, only the
once that take on the cross will go to heaven. This hurts me, I have so many
people who I love and don't believe. But I was raised in a very conservative
church, so I fear hell and the devil, but your story just answered my
questions about this. I just need help with this book I read from Mary K.
Baxter revelation of hell, It confuses me, a Jesus who doesn't want to take
me out when I am in hell??? That's not a loving Jesus, so I don't want a
Jesus like that, he is not like that.
Please help me, I want to be sure of all this, because my church teaches
otherwise. I feel being stuck.
I do believe in Love

with love

Response from Christian

I want to PROMISE you something...
It is THIS WORLD that forgets to LOVE its SELF ...and those within it!
If God is Love, then how can God do anything apart FROM Love?
God cannot!
God sending His children to hell, is like asking a Mother or a Father to
put their child in a tub full of gasoline and then lighting it up with a match ... just because
that child 'displeased' the them!  (?)
Does not make sense, does it?  No, it does not!

If someone was to do that to their child we as a society would send that person to prison for life or put THEM to death.  How can we even think that our Loving Heavenly Father  and Holy Spirit Mother is capable of such an atrocity?

Perry, listen to your HEART OF HEARTS...
It will tell you the truth if you bring yourself to a place of peace.
Living a Life of Love brings peace ... 
When we live a life of Love, we feel and remember God.  It takes time...
But this is what we are here to learn.
But for right now, the world is learning Love by feeling what it is not ... hate, fear, bitterness, anger, judgment and unforgiveness.
Christ came to teach us FORGIVENESS.
It is the only way LOVE can work.
How can God be God if God does not forgive?
Perry ... all of us return to the Loving arms of God one day.
All of us!
I saw this.
I believe this.
OK ...
Currently, I am in Los Angeles, California finishing up my album, but when I return back to Texas ... I will contact you again.
Till then, know that I am here praying for your FAITH to become strong!
Much LOVE to you!!!!!
Your Brother...



A letter from Barbara

I have a spiritual question regarding auras for you.

Yesterday morning when I went into the bathroom to brush my hair, I was facing away from the mirror with my head tilted back toward the sink so that any hair would fall into it rather than onto the floor. When I finished I turned around to face the mirror and saw my face and hair colored a dark, pinkish-red (!) I kept shaking my head and blinking and rubbing my eyes, but it took several moments for it to clear away. I am wondering if I did indeed see some sort of aura color. What would such a color mean?  Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Response from Christian

You obviously experienced an opening in your clairvoyance.  It happens to just about everyone in time ... so good for you!   Sounds like you are really progressing!

The Holy Spirit is obviously helping/allowing you to see your own energy or the

energy field that currently surrounds you.  Remember we are beings who carry an electromagnetic field around with us where ever we go.  And those of us developed enough to see it clairvoyantly ... pick it up and see it ... just as a scientist using a electromagnetically based scanning machine can.
Gosh!  Pink and Red together can mean a lot of things!
It can be because you are full of intention, focus, wanting to be grounded (that comes from Red) or it could just be that you are focusing great care and concern over a particular matter... (that comes from Pink) and doing this on a subliminal level. 

You may be using all the energies based in these color vibration(s) in combination order to concentrate a bit more clearly.  In my experience, red/pink together has a rather thick density to the vibration.  It is very solid feeling ... yet it is still rather soothing or nurturing. 

Seeing an aura (such as this) may also be because a field of protection has been put around you by your Angels.  It is easy in life to run across energies that present an overdose of 'spike like' energies.  Angels will then throw a field over us to help protect us from what is supernaturally held in another dimension, yet close by.  You may want to think a little bit more about what is going on around you in terms to aggression you may be finding yourself exposed to.  If your Angels are throwing a Pink/Red veil over you, it could be coming from a situation such as this.

I have to say that when I hear about your current description and feel the energy of it, I do get a sense that you have loads of protection around you right now, so I would not worry that much. 

Make sure that when you pray, that you are asking for guidance in understanding what it is you see.  Remember, when we ASK ... in time ... we DO RECEIVE!  : )


Also, you may want to ask yourself deeply, what it was you
were thinking and/or sensing as this occurred.
Much Love to you Sweet Angel ....and I hope you are enjoying this 2004 Holiday Season!  Your aura color certainly matches.... you Spiritual fashion guru you!  ; )
Sorry ... couldn't resist!  LOL!!!



A letter from Amanda

Dearest Christian,
My name is Amanda and hopefully you will remember meeting me in Chicago during the 2004 WAVES convention. I came across your email address while purchasing your CD from your website and felt the urge to share what an impact you had on me during the gathering. I had heard many WAVES comment on how wonderful you were long before we arrived in Chicago and after arriving knew many were excitingly awaiting your arrival. I learned shortly after arriving that you were a singer and also had a NDE similar to Betty’s. I was sitting with another WAVE in the lobby when you arrived and you were welcomed by so many embraces and with such love. I have to admit I’m a bit shy about approaching someone that I’ve never met before so I kept my distance but still felt joyful at the display of love that I witnessed between you and others. I actually had the pleasure of meeting with Leigh Anne and didn’t even realize until later that she was your assist. She is such an amazing person and what a beautiful spirit and loving being!! It wasn’t until the speaking event during which you prayed and then sang your song “All the Time” that I got to really experience who you were and what you were all about. I’ve prayed almost my entire life and I’ve attended many different churches in which I’ve prayed and listened to others pray out loud, never in my life have I felt the power of prayer like I did when your heavenly voice filled the room. You made my heart run over with love, with faith and with pride to love Christ. Just when I thought I had just witnessed you at your finest and when I was overwhelmed with the amount of love that penetrated from your spirit, you sang “All the Time”. To be perfectly honest with you I do not listen to much Christian music (Christian meaning religious not your name) but when you opened your mouth and that voice filled the room, I was moved to tears within seconds. I was not sad however but touched by your love for God, by your amazing talents and by the way your voice affected my soul. You lifted me to heights that no other song has lifted me to and I was literally blown away. I was speechless for several minutes and knew that I had to approach you and share this experience with you that I had just had. After the program I rushed to purchase your CD but unfortunately they were all sold out and understandably so. I then decided to thank you for singing and for your amazing display of faith and love through your prayer. I did clam up a bit and shied away from going into great detail but hoped that you knew how genuine I was in thanking you. I never did get the opportunity to talk to you in detail but this would not be the last time that you would touch my heart before I parted Chicago. During our “circle of prayer” on Saturday I sat across from you in the circle and each time you spoke, I again experienced this extreme high that I felt from the evening before. Your love for our heavenly Father is so intense and so powerful that I found myself looking forward to each prayer you offered just to feel that love once again. You have an amazing presence about you and I was just honored to meet you and share these moments with you. I found myself gazing over in your direction from time to time and the sweetest and most genuine smile would come across your face. It wasn’t your typical well that girl is smiling at me so I’ll smile back at her smile, I felt your love beam from your heart to mine and although it made me almost blush it was the most amazing feeling that you could ever imagine getting from a simple smile. I just had to thank you Christian for you touched my heart and spirit in so many ways. I am anxiously awaiting your CD’s arrival and even purchased an extra copy to share with my boss (he is the first person to turn me on to Christian music so I am giving back the gift he has offered me) and until then I play the samples from your website and although short they bring peace and joy to my heart. You are a blessing to be around and may God continue to bless others with your beauty and continue to bless you with the strength and faith that is so prominent inside of you. I wish you all of the happiness and joy in the world and until we meet again, may love and light always guide your way. 

Your sister in Christ~Amanda

 Response from Christian

Hello, Amanda!

Of course I remember you! Who could forget that amazing smile and those wonderful twinkling eyes!  I will never forget your peaceful precious Spirit and while we did not speak much face to face, I did feel your goodness and warmth many times from across the ballroom!  The WAVES convention in Chicago this year was a very wonderful event.  Lots of incredible moments with Spirit ... that was for sure!  It has been a long time since I have been around such dedicated people as a group.  I feel very blessed to have attended and participated in the festivities and was very honored to have been asked to sing and pray.  I feel very Loved right now, as I have been getting so much positive e-mail from my fellow W.A.V.E.S brothers and sisters!  I wanted to have Jamie post this letter from you to my site as a representation of just how wonderful the W.A.V.E.S are!  Amanda, I think you and your Spirit are a perfect example of what it means to be a WAVE!  THANK YOU so much for all your kind words!  It is people like you who make what I do so very enjoyable, and I so appreciate you (and ALL the WAVES) so much for lifting me up and supporting me ... as so many of you do! 

Much Love Angel!

NOTE:  For those interested in the W.A.V.E.S (Warring Angel Volunteers on Earth), who just happen to be some of the nicest people on the planet ... please go to the website of my very dear friend, # 1 Best Selling Author, Betty J. Eadie who is responsible for initiating this organization: http://www.EmbracedByTheLight.com - click on the link that says, WAVES.

A letter from Gloria

I would like to thank you for a delightful and enlightening one-on-one session.  I sincerely feel that your love, compassion, beautiful sprit and humor are sent to us by Holy Spirit. I wanted to let you know that the first thing that brought me to consider setting up a session with you is that your fee was on a love offering basis.  I've seen what others charge and I think to myself, "not for me". You are the first spiritual teacher I have known to do that.  It did my heart good to know that someone is among us that is truly committed to helping others. Now that I have met you and
had the opportunity to sit in your presence ... and feel the Christ light within you ... I know that you are the real thing. 

I've held out a long time for a teacher like you and I thank God that you were sent to me. 

Response from Christian

Thank You Gloria.  I really do Love doing my one-on one sessions and look forward to the time I have set aside to do them.   Now that I have been doing one-on-ones for quite a while, I see that I have been quite blessed by the Love gifts I have received.  I really wish more of those who were in the position of helping people in a Spiritual way would accept Love gifts, rather than just charging a set amount.  Not only would they probably have more people coming to them, they might even make more than they would expect.  When Spirit truly flows from a person who is giving a service, the one receiving the gift will often see money as a tool and not something that needs to be hoarded.  They will let it flow.  In most cases, when I sit with a person my average Love gift can be around $85 to $125 per person.  I give about an hour to two hours of my time typically and I feel that the amount I am given is more than sufficient.  Sometimes I will have someone come to me who is very poor at the time and the money exchange may not be that much, but I am fine with that.  I am just glad I was able and available to help the person, and maybe because of that help they will be able to manifest a life that would afford them to give more next time.  

I know God will bless me when I am deserving of it.  What is interesting is, usually after I have a financially challenged person come to me, I will always have someone come right after who somehow feels led to give me even more than they normally would -- simply because Spirit moved so powerfully between us.  The deal is this: We are here in this life to make a contribution and practice Love with others.  If we are truly Loving and contributing, God's Universal workers and Angels will always make sure we always get what we need to keep on going.   

Gloria, I am so glad I was able to be of help to you.  I too enjoyed our one-on-one session.  You have such a wonderful Heart, great sense of humor and beautiful Spirit!  Thank you for blessing me with your words of confidence.

Blessings to you Angel!

A letter from Robin

Hello! Mr. Andreason:
Thank you, for blessing me at AASAC Community Church during your tour through Columbus, Ohio.  What a powerful evening that was!  I don't know if you remember me.  I sing with the New Hope Community Choir. One of the things you told me to buy was flowers.  Because I'm like a flower.  I was listening to your CD today.  I love it!  You sound so much like Elton John.  I loved all your song's, You Will Always Be My Family and I'll Remember You.  And I will always remember you Christian.  My Brother is like Christ!!  May God Bless you!

esponse from Christian

Thank you so much!
I thank God for your LOVE and for your grace!
I have a knowing that we are all are buds in that garden!
And ... I must say that when I go home, and when Christ and I walk
together again, I will ask that we stroll next to the path of flowers that most resembles your Spirit!  It truly is so very beautiful!  

I remember seeing you as you walked into the church for that evening concert.  You had tons of radiant Light coming from you.  Your Mother was with you too.  What an Angel of Joy she was!  I have thought of the two of you since I returned home to Houston.  Thank you for the life you live.  I know it blesses many!

Your brother in Christ!
Christian Andréason

A letter from Roldo 

I'm a big fan of Yours and would really like to get
your autograph in my collection (by mail).  Do You think it would be
possible? Because I'm living in Finland (Europe), it is impossible for me to try to get a one by any other way unless I come see you perform in U.S.
I do not have a credit card and do not have U.S. money.

Response from Christian

Hi Roldo, Send me a large sized self-addressed stamped envelope.  I will see what I can do for you.  My address is listed in the contact section of my site.  

A letter from Rebecca

Dear Christian,
Your near-death experience writing is so beautiful.  Sometimes in my dreams I get a glimpse of something unknown to my mortal mind... but then I wake up and it is all so fuzzy. Your story reminded that there is a place waiting, with people who do nothing but love.
I was wondering...could you take a couple of minutes to answer some of my questions?  If you don't have time, I completely understand.

       1. Do you get a lot of criticism from Christians?
       2. Have there been any other people that you know of who have had  very similar near death experiences to yours? 
       3. With enough concentration, can one speak with loved ones who have passed away? 
       4. How long usually does it take for a soul to reincarnate?
       5. Do souls have any kind of a say on where they're going?  I ask this because I've read that soul mates and twin flames can choose to come back in the same area of the earth or even the same family.
       6.  In between mortal lives, do souls stay in heaven until they are reborn?
       7.  Do you believe in Karma?

Response from Christian

1.  I might get criticism from anyone who is so set in their belief system that they do not see that where I am coming from is a place of Christ based Love and Light.  Those who do not typically live their lives in a Loving manner themselves, (especially some religious Christian's) may be the first to be critical.  But that is OK.  What people think of me is none of my business.   Everyone has their path and people who are critical usually have very difficult and unhappy lives.  I have learned to pray for such people rather than be discouraged by them.                       

2. Yes, I have known many, but it seems that we each have a different slant to our experience, simply because it is OUR INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE. No two people will ever see the same thing in the same way.  That is the way it was meant to be, however all see God as a great Light who is nothing but total and unconditional Love.

3. Yes you can.  We have Loved ones around us constantly.   Because we tend to be so self-focused while we are in the flesh, we miss seeing or feeling the presence of other Spirits around us.  I tell you that we are surrounded constantly and never alone.

4. A Soul can go wherever it likes, whenever it likes.  There are no stipulations placed on the Soul.  You can incarnate immediately or after what would seem many years.  Time does not matter in the Spirit realm, only here.

5. There are many realms in God's Heaven.  We go where we feel we most belong and fit.  This can include family life.  If we feel we have unfinished business we may incarnate into the same family, so that we can gain the same (or similar) genetic and DNA programming we had before.  Once we are done with a particular life and have learned all we need to, we may move on to differing circumstances in order to better accommodate our Spiritual growth.  The journey never ends.

6. Again ... Heaven is a big place.  We go where we want to.  The only limits placed on us are the limits we place on ourselves.  Part of the reason in coming to this planet is to learn this lesson.

7. What goes around, ALWAYS comes around.  Love ... and you will be Loved.  

A letter from a friend in trouble
Dear Christian,

I need to immigrate out from Tunisia.  I need help.  I am in a very serious situation
I am a man who lives life in fear of death
none under stand my position

I have no liberty and my only personal right is to
wander in despair wondering if I will meet massacre if I announce my identity openly.
it is terrifying
at all times my life is full of fear and fright and still I think
at all times about my own mortality.
what person should be responsible for all that ????

My personal happiness pays a very dear price.  I pray for help but none answer...
Here in Tunisia none can help me
I don't like women and I know I cannot stay
here in Tunisia.  I am forbidden to announce my identity and
forbidden to have love with a man
and there are not a lot of open gay people here in Tunisia.
My life full of fear and stress and sadness and a lot
of solitudes
It is terrifying!

I need big help from very good friend


Response from Christian

My friend,  

Your plea has weighed heavily on my heart. I have known what it is like to not have freedom, however, I have never had to face what you now do, in the same way.  You have my compassion. I have heard from many over the years about what you now face. I sorrow for you and what you are now feeling. I know that the pain you feel must be very, very hard and the feelings of isolation are often intolerable.  This is what many sexually diverse people all over the world are made to feel. On top of that, society tries to convince you that you are a freak of nature. I tell you that you are not.  You are God’s precious child.  Never forget that! I pray that your life and feelings will be made to change by YOU taking action in your own life. To keep your life safe, I would advise you that unless you are in Love within a soul mated relationship to refrain from sexual activity with another of your same sex as it many be very risky.   You know what you have to do.   


You need to work hard and save money so that you might LEAVE! Many have had to do what you must do. Unless you hear God telling you to stay and fight the system, you must leave. I am normally a person who believes in standing up and facing the enemy who would steal from us the right to have our own human experience.  No one but God has the right to judge!  God gave us these lives -- so that we could find for ourselves what is true for us and what is not.  No one has the right to tell us what our truth is!  NO ONE!  But in the case of your country, fighting alone, as you most likely would do, could cost you your life.  Protect yourself and find a more peaceful shore. 

Pray for God to show you the right way for you … and (in time) God will.

I (and others) will pray for you from this end!  Thousands upon thousands of people hit my site every week and I have left your e-mail available above, if someone can help, I am sure they will.

Please let me know how you are doing.

God bless you!

And God bless FREEDOM 

-- To those of us in "free countries" doesn't this letter make you want to get up off your rear and do more for human rights in the world?  It does me!

Christian Andréason

A letter from Merlot

Dear, Christian:
near-death experience has really really helped me. i believe all those things you said about Jesus and god being humble, about angels, about god not wanting to ever hurt us.  i believe that all the different religions out there are just different ways of understanding the many parts and the complexity of god. i dont think any of them are wrong. there is no wrong way to love god. i dont go to church because i feel like they are giving me misguided information.  what you said about what you saw, i realized that is exactly what i have in my mind and in my heart when i think of god and heaven. it is encouraging to hear that someone agrees with my heart and actually knew first hand! i didnt know you were a singer before the experience?  i look forward to hearing your music.  please keep doing what you are doing!  i loved every moment and every word you wrote!

Thank you Christian - you seriously did help me reconnect to something i thought was lost.

Response from Christian

Thank you Merlot ... we all have access to God and to the truth within the Light.  May you ALWAYS find it inside yourself!


A letter from Evette

I just read your near-death experience and I can't believe that I have found someone who beliefs are so much like mine. Everything you have said about God and what heaven looks like is what I have always thought. I too have had experiences with the "other side". I have never had a near-death experience , but I do see people that I know are from heaven. They always give me signs that they are around. If I even said this to anyone they would think I'm crazy. I even thought I was crazy at first, but not anymore.
Thank You for that article you wrote, I'm just so happy to finally read about someone like me.                                            

Thank you again, and God Bless

Response from Christian

We all have 7 primary Chakra(s) within us.  Our 6th Chakra, once it is Holy Spirit filled, gives us the ability to see in the Spirit.  We become what is known as "clairvoyant."  You evidently have an opened "third eye" or 6th Chakra.

Let God show you how to manage yourself with this gift and you will have a wonderful experience!  Never let others dictate to you about your gifts.  It is easy for those who do not have your gift or are uncomfortable to be critical of it.  Relax and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you.  You would not have this gift if you were not ready for it. 


A letter from "a friend"

I found your web page incredibly fascinating and it triggered a few questions that i would love to ask you. First of all, what religion are you? Secondly, what do you think God ''does/thinks of'' or whatever about those people here on earth that do not 'believe in him?" I just also wanted to thank you because until i read your web page i had been starting to doubt the existence of God but now it is renewed and i feel great happiness that i am reassured of His existence. Sincerely,
a friend

Response from Christian

I call myself a Metaphysical Christian.  I believe that we can each do great things through the power of the Christ Light within.  

God has no ego, therefore God is not keeping score as far as who is mindful of Him or not.   God is Love ... Love never watches to see who is watching.


A letter from Jay

Wow!  That's all I can say!  To have received an autographed copy of your CD, with a personal note attached, and then to listen to the CD.... well all I can say is I am a fan for life!  I have read some of your letters from fans regarding their life and how your singing and spirit has affected them. I must confess I have been very moved by this as well.
I feel a love come from you for other people that I never see other singers have.
It is clear that you really do love people and want to see them succeed.
Please let me know whenever you have new CD's out.  I will always make sure to buy what you have cause I want to see you succeed too.  I think you really deserve it.

God Bless You Christian

esponse from Christian

Hi, Jay ... when I got your letter I just felt led to give you a little extra special attention.  I can feel that you have really worked on yourself in this life to be a person who practices Christ-based Love.  I am so thankful that you are in the world, helping it to become a better place.  I too work every day to be a person with similar qualities.  Thank you for your compliments.


A letter from Kirk


I just picked up Christian Andreason's "Remember Me" CD.
There is something magical about that song which in simple beautiful words, expresses something that so many of us have trouble saying.
For me, "Remember Me" does it perfectly.  When I hear that song, I connect into my life and emotions I have felt, but been unable to place.
But there is a much deeper reason as to why I am now sitting down to write this.

I once had a compilation CD that a friend of mine had made me for my birthday years ago.  The disc contained one particular song called, "Remember Me."  I loved that song and would listen to it over and over again, however, I never knew the artists name.
Sadly, while on a trip to New York, and rushing off to the airport, I left the CD in a limo that drove off before I could think to retrieve the music.  I was very upset.  A few weeks later the friend of mine who had made the compilation, died suddenly, and this left me heart broken.  This friend and I had been very close for many years and the thought of not being able to speak to him was tearing me apart. 

Over and over I kept thinking about that "Remember Me" song, wishing that I could hear it.  Wishing I could call up my friend and laugh and talk and then ask him the name of the guy who did the song.  I went to stores but no one had it.
It was getting to the point that it was starting to drive me crazy.

One night, after having not such a good day, I went to bed having consumed way too much vodka.  As I got up in the middle of the night, I thought about how this kind of thing was becoming a habit and that I really needed to have a deeper relationship with God.  My life seemed to be growing in turmoil.  I started feeling myself have fits of uncontrolled anger.  This gnawing feeling kept coming at me like I just wanted to hit something and make it feel as bad as I did.  I got online and did a search.  I typed in, "God, unconditional Love, Christian, gay."  This led me to a number of sites that did little for me.  I was about to give up and sign off when the song "Remember Me" popped into my head again.  Not thinking, I did another search adding the title of the song to my search, "God, unconditional Love, Christian, gay, Remember Me."

One site caught my attention immediately.  It was about a guy who had a near-death experience who was also a singer.  As I read this man's writing, I felt my soul melt into a perfect state of peace.  Every word I read resonated deep inside of me.  After reading about his experience, I anxiously rushed over to a page that held samples of his various songs.  After flipping through a few and finding them exceptional, I heard one that instantly sounded familiar to me.  In only a few seconds I thought, "Oh my god!  It's that song!"  "It's "Remember Me!"  I couldn't believe it!  Right there in the middle of what I thought was one of the most terrible nights of my life, was the answer to my prayers.  Finally, I had found the song that made me feel something I had lost touch with years ago but was afraid to face.  Me.
I did not remember me.  Trouble was, I did not want to think about me.  There is something about Christian's song that when I hear it, I hear God say, "Kirk, remember me.  In remembering me, you will remember you.  Even when I'm far away...."  Somehow I know that God has his eyes on me.  Somehow I feel that I am more guided that I know.

I had to write and tell you of this extraordinary occurrence. 

Thanks to Christian and all he does.
Because of him I do remember now.
I really do.


esponse from Christian

Wow!  What a powerful letter.  I am completely speechless!  All I can say is that God has an awesome plan and always knows the right way to get us ALL where we need to go in life.  Seek, and you shall find ... knock ... and the door will be opened!  Kirk, I am glad that my music has helped you so much.  You evidently must be on the right path for so many Angels to be working to aim you in the right direction.  I am glad I got to be part of that process.  Thank you so very much for honoring me with such a beautiful letter!


A letter from Daye

Hi Christian,
I was amazed at the experience you have shared about your afterlife experience.  I am very interested in developing my own psychic ability.  I have read Sylvia Browne's books and your experiences come very close to what she explains.  I am a true believer in the Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ who died for our many sins.  I would love to learn more about how to get in touch with my spirit.  Can you help me?  I was born with the gift of being able to predict certain things, mainly concerning my family but I was frightened and asked that it be taken away.  I now would love to have that gift back.  Is there a way that I can get it back?  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Response from Christian

Hi Daye, 

There is a saying ... use it or lose it.  What makes us lose things?  Fear.  But in reality ... nothing is really lost.   When your fear no longer has power over you, that which truly belongs to you will return.  Pray and ask for help in this matter.  You will be Lovingly guided and assisted...    

A letter from Rob

I ordered your "All The Time" single a couple of months ago.  I keep checking back to see the latest.  Do you have an email list to keep your fans updated?  I would like very much to be on that list. I've greatly enjoyed your music and I take it with me everywhere I go.  It helps me to think and stay peaceful.  Please tell me that you have something new coming out soon!  Please do not ever stop what you are doing.  Your presence in this world makes me happy and every time I hear your music, I feel alive.

Response from Christian

Every time we get an e-mail at the site we make a record of your address.

When new material is released, a mass e-mail is sent out.  Thank you for your sweet compliments!  Stay peaceful!


A letter from Ronny

A very good friend of me sent me your song "A boy called Sue" and I must say it made a great impression on me and touched my heart deeply. I have decided to play if for my best-friend, as we are kind of in the same situation.  8 years ago I tried to be honest about myself but I could not.  My life is passing me by and I want so much more, but I am so afraid.  Christian please pray for me.

Response from Christian

It has been said, the truth will set you free.  That does not mean it will be easy, but living in the jail of a lie is a living hell.  Know I am praying for you Ronny!  You will do what you need to do and I am sure everything will work out!  God Bless!


A letter from Sere Morton


Christian I wanted you to know we play you here at our Pub in Liverpool constantly.
We have your CD in the juke.
We think you are tops!  Please let us know when you are coming to London.
We would be so happy if you did.  I just found your website from a local paper here that did a story on you and "boy called sue."  So glad you have your own site. 

Response from Christian

I love knowing I am being played in a jukebox in London!  What a cool feeling for this Texas boy!  I will be touring in London one of these days soon.  Check my calendar.  Thanks for tracking me down.


A letter from Butterfly

Hi there,
Can you please recommend some specific books on spirituality?
There are so many and I don't know where to start. LOL!
Do you follow a certain religion or spirituality yourself?
Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
I think you are wonderful!
Blessings and Take Care :-)


Response from Christian

I Love God and all things that point to Loving ways!  

Love is my religion.  That is it. 

A great book to start off with is  ...

"Embraced By The Light" by Betty J. Eadie.  

Another is "Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton.  I find a lot in this book reminds me of what I experienced in my NDE.


A letter from Jenny Clark

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance this
afternoon at the convention.  Your ballads were so soul-reaching, and your
dance-rendition of "Love Will Keep Us Together" was particularly fun,
especially when you sang and danced with others!  I cannot help but notice how happy you are.  You seem to be quite together.
I admire that whenever I see that quality in another person. I never seem to see it very often unfortunately.  But you do have that spark about you.  You speak so openly about issues that others refuse to talk about and do so with such a great attitude.  Where did you learn how to do that?  I like the way you spoke of God's love for everyone and you did it in such a way that made everyone feel so comfortable.  I have never seen another person do that.  I looked around and people were laughing and smiling and then being serious when it was appropriate.  It was like riding a surf board.  You knew how to bring everybody up and then safely down.  Wow!  

Did I just write that?  Please let me know the next time you are in town performing.  I would really hate to know I missed you.

Response from Christian

Oh, that was such a fun afternoon!  I love it when my gigs can be fun like that!  It helps when you have a really great crowd and the crowd was certainly lots of fun!  So how did I learn how to talk openly? -- by remembering all the times I felt as if I couldn't and then seeing that people stomped on me anyway!   Now I say what I feel I must say ... I have lots of Love in my Heart and as long as that is the case ... I know I never need worry about what others think of me.  Besides ... what others think of me is none of my business.


A letter from Joey

First, let me say that your music is absolutely Beautiful !  Although I
am 33 now, it actually brought me back 10 years and I was able to smile,
which I didn't do back then and sometimes have a hard time doing now.  You just have a way of making everything make sense.  I love how you sing about people and I really love your views on God.  Now if I could just go to a church here in PA that taught as you do!  What a happy guy I would be!

Response from Christian

Joey!  I am praying that you find your smile more often!


A letter from Jerry Bruce

Hi Christian:
I just read an article about you and your music in the Times.  I went to your site and read everything on it.  I am so happy I have found you.  Not only is your music great, but you have such an amazing vision of God, the whole world and how to make it all work better.  You say LOVE is the answer.  I tend to agree.  Was anyone listening to  John Lennon?  Christian have you ever thought of covering the song "Imagine?"
You should do it.  I think you are the next John Lennon and by you doing that song it would make people click.
If you come to London, UK please let me know.

Response from Christian

LOL!  It was not long ago that a friend just told me the same thing about me potentially doing John Lennon's song ... "Imagine."  I greatly admire the message behind that song.  However there is a lyric in the song that says "no heaven above us, only sky."  Well, I have been to Heaven and seen it with my own eyes.  Therefore I cannot sing ... "no heaven above us" and feel right about that!  Earth is Earth.  Heaven is Heaven.  There is a difference.


A letter from Jordon

I think what you are doing is wonderful and I pray that Christ will continue
to use you for His glory.  I know lives are being changed by you for the better.  Please never stop doing what you do.  You are a light in a dark, dark world.  Your faith helps so very much.  I helped me during a time when I thought no one could.  Please let me know when your book is out.  I must have it!

Response from Christian

Thank you Jordan.  I Love God.  I Love God's Light.  I Love God's Children and I have learned how to Love myself.  Love does one thing .. it removes the illusions of darkness by creating Light!  Let there be Light!


A letter from Christina

Oh Christian, how I have enjoyed reading about the Loving and enlightening things that are on your website.  I too have experienced many realms of reality, good and bad.  I survived 11 years of satanic ritual abuse and an additional 13 of drug addiction.  I overdosed on New Years 2002.  My reality check lasted one week, 7 days of wanting to die and I went through detoxification.  I feel that it was during that time, that God recreated me from the mangled mess I was to the creature I am working on now!  I've lost 2 children unjustly to the evil government and 1 to addiction.  I am growing very strong in my faith now. I feel my sprit evolving/growing, rising above because I am able to Love and forgive.  My family and children need much prayer.  Please pray for us Christian.  Thank you.

Response from Christian

Christina, I will pray for you and so will people who read this on the site.  Often times the greatest among us are the most challenged.  These are the ones that God uses to help others in a major way later on.  Hang on Hun and God will get you through the Storm!


A letter from Derek

My name is Derek, I would like to be your friend.  I live in Taiwan, born in March 19, 1970.  I download your songs.  I like them very much.  I really want to be your friend.  I think you are a nice person.  Glad you do mp3 music.  That the only way I get to hear good music.  Please write back.  If you do not I will understand.  I would really like to know you.

Response from Christian

You are sweet Derek.  Thank you for your friendship!  Love, Christian


A letter from Rodger

Hello, Christian Andreason;
I just came across your song "Boy called Sue" through a listing in the
Dignity list serve. I downloaded it, listened to it, and I loved it so much!  The music, the lyrics, and the way you sing it are all so great. Congratulations. I look forward to purchasing your Storybook Collection Album when it comes out.  You are a very gifted and handsome young man Christian.  Tell me what motivates you to be so honest as to write a song like "Boy Called Sue?"  Well --  you certainly made my day much brighter.

God Bless,

Response from Christian

Hi, Rodger ... I had to write Boy Called Sue.  There are not enough songs out there like it.  I have seen so much prejudice in my life that it breaks my heart.  There is something about music that is so powerful.  It can help transcend a much needed message and bring enlightenment to others about an issue otherwise not thought about much.  I hope to one day write more of the same kind of songs and I encourage other artists to do the same!


A letter from Bear

Hi Christian,

I'm just discovering your wonderful Music!
I fell in love with "You will always be my family."  And "Everybody Else" is just stunning!  You make some wonderful Music my Friend!  Tell me, what inspires you to write as you do?  How do you know when it is time to sit down a write a song?  I have always wondered about that~!

Response from Christian

Hi, Bear ... well, writing a song is what I call, "A God Thing!"  Somehow you just know when it is time and it comes right out.  Often I find myself becoming inspired by something and I make a mental note that I want to write about it later on.  It can be that night, weeks or even years later.  If the song is meant to be ... it will be.  I once pulled a song out of a drawer that I had not worked on for almost two decades ... and wham ... I worked on it and put it out there ...  Everything has a time and a season.  Especially when it comes to art.




A letter from John

I've just heard a sampling your work on MP3.com and I was totally bowled over!  I have to be honest, I am not crazy about ordering through the mail from the States.

Is there anywhere in Ontario, Canada that carries your CD's? 
From Mp3.com, I followed a link to your main site.  You mentioned a book in your NDE page - Walking in God's Garden.  Where and when can I get that?  I cried as I read about your experience.  It made me feel homesick for heaven.  Are you sure you aren't secretly an angel?

Response from Christian

Hi, John ... I am sorry.  I am only available through the Internet.  This is the way it has to be for now.  Check my calendar for all release dates.

By the way ... I believe all of us at one time or another come into the role of Angel.



A letter from Karen

I believe God allowed me to see you this weekend at the Doreen Virtue event by Divine Order.  There was something about you.  I went home and listened to the CD you blessed me with and I have not stopped listening to it ever since. You are Awesome and Anointed to do what you are doing. Thank you for blessing me. Please know, I plan on purchasing even more of your amazing music.

God Bless You,

Response from Christian

Thank you Karen.




A letter from Andy


Hello.. please forgive my English if it is bad, but that doesn't matter, because only what I can say is that you and your songs are REALLY GREAT... I want more!!!
Oh how I want more!

It's bad that here in Finland I haven't seen you before now.  I heard you on a radio station here.  I loved your voice instantly!  Please tell me when I can expect something new from you.  I promise I will be one of your biggest fans here in Finland!

I have great big love for you

Response from Christian

You are so cute Andy.  You have written me before, right?  I promise I will have new music out soon and I will (or someone at ListeningStore.com) will let you know.  OK?



A letter from Susan 


I just stumbled onto your website via AOL - where a note regarding life after death had been posted. I just want to say that I was so happy to see the way in which you articulated the truths you have discovered. You are fulfilling your mission well.

Best wishes,

Response from Christian

Thank you Susan, I try my best.



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