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Interested in having a private one-on-one, couples/family, group or company session with Christian?

 Working via word of mouth as a gifted intuitive and master life coach (since his well publicized 1995 near-death experience, as detailed on Near-Death.com) Christian Andreason has skillfully worked with a multitude who span all walks of life. 

For over 21 years Christian has helped thousands from all over the world achieve a greater sense of clarity, understanding and command over issues pertaining to body, mind, soul and spirit.

Christian is a very gifted vibrational intuitive-meaning he is able to perceive and often accurately pinpoint the various energies people produce and hold around themselves. Because of this gift he is frequently capable of explaining complicated psychological issues that otherwise leave most feeling largely shut down, stuck and confused.

Because of his near-death experience, Christian often assists individuals who have had spiritual awakening / near-death / out-of-body type experiences as they seek to understand, develop, master and manage their own spiritual / sensitivity type gifts.  Yet because of the short amount of time he has available, he can only assist those who take their own inner awareness very seriously therefore Christian is not able, nor interested, in working with those who are still looking for 'proof' that spiritual things exist. One need not belong to a specific religion, creed or belief system to work with Christian.  However, every person must have an intrinsic understanding that possessing a Loving, Generous and Kind Heart is the greatest asset any Soul can ever have.

While many whom Christian assists are in the private sector, he frequently collaborates with a wide range of people who are in public view or involved in pubic service, such as those involved with Politics, Ministry, Education, Military, Athletics, Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Psychology & Psychiatry and Fortune 500 companies.  Christian's goal in working with such people is to help them enhance their own cultural influence, talents and perception abilities, while also potentially sharing ways for them to enhance, protect and manage their own personal & spiritually-based energy-while also bringing significant abundance to their everyday world. 

Christian frequently speaks and lectures publicly to large organizations and groups.  He also officiates in a guidance capacity for the opening of new and established businesses and organizations-helping them to achieve a greater sense of clarity-so that all members involved might make a more significant impact toward the overall culture and community they are seeking to contribute their services to.  To inquire please e-mail: AngelsAngel444@aol.com

Sessions with Christian Andreason (for individuals) are currently $150 per hour and $250 per hour for couples requiring relationship guidance or family counseling.  NOTE: When booking time with Christian please expect to have a minimum of a two hour session.  Most sessions are held Tuesday thru Friday (usually) at 11am or 1 pm central by appointment only in his home in Houston, Texas or via phone, and when available, Skype. Christian also frequently works in Los Angeles, especially during the summer months and New York City during the Christmas season, so you can inquire about meeting him there if you desire. 

Weekend block appointments (where Christian spends an entire day or weekend with an individual or family at his hourly rate, plus accommodation) may be inquired about on a case by case basis.

Christian is an ordained minister, but please be advised that he only officiates for the weddings, baptisms, christenings and funerals of those individuals already well established with him.

For all International callers we are fully prepared to work with your schedule.

For those wanting to fly in to work with Christian our International airport in Houston is Bush IAH. Those within the U.S. can also use Hobby airport.  For L.A. the international airport is LAX.

For more info and a link to prepay for your phone session, please message us here or e-mail AngelsAngel444@aol.com and specify whether you would like a phone or in-person session. Also give us an idea of a your dates of availability over the next few weeks to month so that we might try to secure a session time for you as soon as possible.

Christian also has a new life coaching page on Facebook and one-on-one session inquiries may be made from there: Self Empowerment Life Coach Christian Andreason

Thank you!
Leigh Marshall


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If you would like to be put on the waiting list and be notified of when a book or product of Christian's comes out, please e-mail: Lightworker4God@aol.com