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Here is a picture of yours truly after an awesome jam session with the singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Mr. Neil Sedaka.  This picture was taken at his house in New York.  Neil had Jamie and I fly in from Texas so he could throw a cocktail party for us.                       

Note: This was my first time to meet him!             I will never forget: my song, "Remember Me" was playing the moment I walked thru the door.  It was so surreal!  Everyone had a blast that night!  Neil sat at the piano and played thru his songs for me and then told me what inspired him to write them.   He played his song "Solitaire" (covered by Elvis and The Carpenters), and for weeks I couldn't get the tune out of my head. When I went back to New York, I had just won the GLAMA, and Neil took me out to lunch. While we were at lunch I told him about the song staying with me and I told him that I thought it would make a wonderful duet. He said he had always thought the same and so we shook hands and agreed to record it together.

Here I am with my very dear friend, Betty J. Eadie, who is the author of my all time favorite book,  "Embraced by the Light."   Betty and I became good friends right before she printed some of my writing in one of her books,  "The Ripple Effect. "  Later on, I would do "All the Time" as  the theme for her TV show.   Here we are at her house in Seattle.   She and I were getting ready to go to a special gathering.  Betty had flown me in to do a motivational speaking engagement for her publishing house, "Onjinjinkta."

This is me and E's television star, Emme of "Fashion Emergency" and Houston's own Debra Duncan.  I had just done Debra's former ABC run "Debra Duncan Show" and the theme was "Millennium Make Overs."  I got to play "pop-star and made-over man," (thanks to the help of the fabulous Dr. Styles ... A.KA.  Gayla Bently).   I did the show to help my sweet friend Gayla and also promote my new website which made it's debut on the  day of the broadcast.

Me with Gayla ( "Dr. Styles")  and "Nurse Accessory."  They had come with an ABC TV crew to film me at " Sound Arts" recording  studio "before" my make-over to be done on the "Debra Duncan Show."   I have known Gayla now for years and she is one of my favorite people. She never has anything bad to say about anyone and is the picture of positive thinking!

This is me with old friends, Jenna Drey and  Sue after an afternoon photo shoot.   Of course, being a typical "LEO" Jenna has found a flower and made her self the center of attention. Susan has always been one of my most supportive fans and friends.  Those were such good times.

I will never forget the summer of 1996.  I hung out with these guys, and a fun time was to be had by all.  My dear friend Lucio (on the far left) is gonna kill me for putting this photo up of him, after all he is so very glamorous in person.  We had just finished moving our friend Jorge (to my direct right) into his new town house.  Lucio had been in Houston for the summer studying English at Rice University and was going home to Monterrey, Mexico.  He is a well known and respected architect there.  Of course I can't forget to mention Luis (far right), the REAL star of the bunch!

Here I am with my longtime dearest friend, Pinque who is now known by the name, Kitten K. Sera.   Yes, it is true folks.  My "Pinque" is/ was the first and original PINK.   Did you know that the now famous singer known by that name had to pay Kitten off in order to use it?  (Little known true fact.)

Pinque/Kitten had a huge music following all through Texas before the name change and her trade mark has always been that we wears nothing but the color pink.   Anyway ... this is me and Kitten before one of our weekend excursions.  (Jamie is taking the photo). My friend  Kitten is never at a loss when it comes to putting on a show.  And what a great job she does. There is NO ONE in the world who can put on a everyday visual display like her!  NO ONE!  She is absolutely brilliant and has more talent in her little "pinky" (he! he!) than most people have in their whole body!  I  revere and honor her unique sense of style and when I think PINK . . . I always think about my dear friend . . .

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