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There is a 10 foot cross over by a church on Woodway Street, near memorial park in Houston. I like to go pray at this spot every now and then. I decided to have my promotional picture for 1994 taken here. It has ended up becoming one of my all time favorite personal photo's. It captured me at a wonderful time of spiritual growth in my life. (It was snapped by San Antonio photographer, Delores Cisneros)

The day after this photo was taken, I opened for Michael Bolton and Celine Dion.

This picture was used as my first single cover
for my song that hit radio in 1992, "Everybody Else." It was taken at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve 1990 on West Gray Street in Houston, by my dear friend and photographer, Steve Harris. The moment the photo was taken, somehow, I knew that it would be used as my first record cover . . . and it was!

And here is my dear friend and photographer, Steve Harris. I took this photo of him the same night he snapped the one of me used for my cover of "Everybody Else." Steven passed away 3 years after this photo was taken. He became one of the many individuals removed from the planet because of the virus known as AIDS. We spent a lot of time together sitting in cafes, flipping through magazines and talking, or going to record shops and bookstores. We seldom missed a Saturday night to go out dancing. He and I would get lost in any number of activities and never get bored. Steven was my very best friend between 1990 to 1993. I miss him so very much!

One night my best girl friend, Pinque and I were cleaning out my spare room, (I think it was around 2 a.m.) As we were going thru magazines and other junk we got to taking about photo shoots and black and white make-up techniques and I suddenly realized I had some black and white film in the fridge. We dropped what we were doing, Pinque ran home (she only lived 4 doors down) and got her camera and some white vinyl (for a back drop) and we did this photo shoot.   She and I made the most of every moment and with her around, life was always interesting and fun!

Here is the diva, Ms. Erica Lewis who stole the show toward the end of my song, "Everybody Else." She and I toured thru Texas singing the song for almost a year. Our club gigs were always lively and the audience totally ate it up! 

This is how we met:  One day I was in the Galleria in Houston and I heard someone singing in the little mall recording studio 2 floors below called, "Center Stage".  I remember she was singing a Carpenter's tune. I ran down the escalators to see who it was. Erica had a friend standing outside the booth who was acting as her agent. I got her phone number and exactly a year later, I decided to record Everybody Else. I wanted a strong female voice to do a big finish for the song.  I was thinking about who to use, as I was going thru a book shelf.  I moved my bible to one side and from the top Erica's phone number fell out on to the floor. I immediately called her and she came over to my house the next day. Once she stepped thru the door, it was a done deal!  What a lovely lady Ms. Lewis is!  Oh, and what a voice!

Here I am in a photo shoot taken in the last part of the 90's.  I am sitting on some of my photographer Kevin Davis's Samsonite luggage. He came up with the idea for me to carry it as I walked, I got tired so I decided to sit on it, instead.

Here is my SUPER MODEL "partner-in-crime" Jamison.  Pinque got it into her head to help Jamie become famous as a model, so she pulled this shoot together so she could take his photo's around to all the big guys like Ford and LA Models.  Now, looking a Jamie one would thing that they would have grabbed him up!  Right!  Nope.  They all said while Jamie looked great, his look was TOO COMMERCIAL.  Well, we happen to think he is fabulous anyway!

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