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We are vibrational Beings

When you take away the way we look, our clothing and even our skin, underneath it all...we are actually vibrational beings made of energy.  While most of us may have forgotten (because we are currently caught up with playing the role of being human) this 'energy' is our true or authentic form.  It is 'our energy' that is seen by the Spirit World and also by us once we are taken outside of our current physical body at the moment of transition or during the moment we human's call, "physical death".  However, it will be in this moment many of us will once and for all give up any fear of death or doubt of an afterlife, as we will immediately realize and completely remember our total connection to the Spirit World. 

The moment will be magnificent, and as you allow yourself to notice, you will find that you are being surrounded by one exploding epiphany after another!  You will realize the wonder behind all Creation, and you will know, absolutely, that God is certainly real, eternal and atomically thriving; in you and in every single manifested object!  You will understand that all things and events hold an intrinsic purpose and for even one of them to go missing, this would tear a huge gulf into the very fabric of time and space.  To consider this using human intellect may seem meaningless, but from the perspective of Spirit you will see how vital all things in Creation are and how they all fall perfectly in sync to a masterfully, intelligent design.  And then lastly, you will come to realize what an amazing being in Creation YOU ARE!  There is no one like you in all of God's Super Universe and there never will be again.  You are so important to all of Creation that without you, even "God" would cease to exist.  I know...incredible, huh?  Well, it is true, and the most wonderful thing about it is .... God would not have it any other way!  We are LOVED that much!

As you might have noticed, very few people look alike in life, one of the reasons for this is because no one person's Soul energy looks exactly the same either.  This is because each of us experience many different events lifetime after lifetime, apart from one anotherand these moments create a ripple of energy that is captured and held in the Soul forever.  And what the Soul experiences on the inside, it soon seeks to demonstrate and exhibit on the outside as well.  The first demonstration coming from these experiences is an energy called: vibration. 

When you take all the events that have ever happened to us and mix them with the way they have made us feel ... you have a huge amalgamation of many different frequencies.  We call the sum total of this amalgamation vibration and vibration forms what we have come to know and call, personality.  Our personalityis always being affected by the choices we make in life, pro or con.   Taken a step further, the energy will actually also seek to manifest density and sculpt into it creating form. 

In Divine Reality, "Thoughts are things" and every single thought we have produces a frequency that beckons toward it another frequency like its self.  This is why we draw toward us or attract into our lives, people who think similarly to how we think and manifest desires we consistently focus upon.

Another thing we must consider about our own energy, is that [within] we are always in the process of emitting some kind of Colorful Light and Tone... (or) we are the process of manifesting some sort of form of Shadow and Distressed Tone.
When we are loving in life, then our vibration becomes elevated and in so doing, our conscious perceptions of what is good (and the will of Heaven for our lives) become heightened as well.  In this frame of being, our inner colors glow radiantly and the tones we produce are majestic to the ears of angels and all who are closely connected with the Divine.
As our vibrations remain high, we enjoy life and hold a powerful ability to see what is possible for us to achieve at our highest level.  And while our vibration remains up, we create massive amounts of positive and healing energy, thus navigating ourselves toward a life that leads us (and others) toward one successful or fulfilling life-affirming event after another.
Consistently exhibiting good will, affection, generosity, grace, temperance, forgiveness, self-discipline and self-control, appreciation and obedience to what we know to be the will of Spirit...elevates our inner vibration, causing us to remain strong and effective in life.
However, when our behaviors become the opposite of these ways of being, then our vibration gradually plummets and we fall into lower forms of consciousness and inferior ways of thinking.  Our inner Light then becomes patchy with grey like bits of supernatural matter now hovering over the place where there was once Light, and because of this, the pure tones that were once produced by the colorful Light...now sound distressed and dysfunctional. 

When I was a boy, I soon realized that I was born with a gift to be able to perceive and intuit the level of Light and Tones coming from others, and since then I have always had a firm understanding or sense of 'who is who' in this world strictly on this basis.  After I had my NDE, my clairvoyant (or clear seeing in the Spirit) abilities increased and so did my ability to see the auric presentation (or surrounding Light) that others' gave off spiritually.  This event helped me greatly to visually put a representation around concepts which I have felt or perceived for years, but not always understood.  For instance I have always been able to feel a kind of rhythmic pulsing and inner glow coming from people.  Yet not everyone gives off the same rhythm (I now call vibration) or auric glow.  Today, I have clairvoyantly seen some people give off so much Light it looked like they had a literal spotlight behind them and with some, it looked like a hovering, dark, shadowy presence.  I know this Light has a great deal to do with the way people think and live their lives on a daily basis.  Those who live with the most Love vibrate the fastest and glow the brightest.  Those who live in despair or self-destruction, only attract toward themselves, more of the same.  I have lived long enough to see really good people (that you would think would never go wrong) darken, and people once seemingly lost to themselves or the rest of the world, brighten.  So I know the importance of staying in the moment and paying attention to THE NOW!

Believe me when I tell you that seeking to always be fully aware of the moment or THE NOW, and not being caught up with the past or even being too preoccupied with the future is one of the smartest things you can ever do for yourself.  Because the only thing that can help us bring real remedy to the past or bring hope to the future is all based upon who we are choosing to be (as a person) right now!   Why?  Because all of life and our very destiny is relying on the actions we produce today.  Therefore, it is vital to learn how to Self monitor your own personal feelings and behaviors at all timesso you can honestly come to a place of Self-realization.  My advice is that you even pay attention to the person you are in your dreams, because some part of  Soul sees you as that person and to your Soul, that person (in the dream) really does exist.  Therefore, ALWAYS project your own intentions positively, so that life ... in your waking and sleeping hours, you can work all things (with God) for the better.

Yet in this nutty world, which seems to be becoming more self-indulgent and maddened with every new comparative and competitive-based ambition we think up every day, it can be difficult for even a naturally sweet person to stay that way for long!  And to those really good people out there, who are truly Earth Angels, to you guys I say please fight for your own values and goodness!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Say it out loud for you and all the Universe to hear: YOU AND YOUR OWN GOODNESS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!  There is nothing wrong with exploring a detour and going through life-lessons, but do not allow yourself to stray away for long from what you know in your own Heart to be right for you.  And if you have strayed and are starting to feel stuck, pray for Heavenly help, live right and get ready for a comeback to what you know to be your very best Self!

Because, if you do not Self-correct your thinking and behaviors, then over time you will find yourselves forgetting what means the most to you in the Spiritand all too soon, you will suddenly find yourself having landed into a murky swamp of fear-based thinking and despair not knowing exactly how you got there or how to get out.  This is, after all, the story of millions of lives right now.

The deal is: Deep down, our Spirit always knows when we are doing wrong, even if it only seems to be a 'small or insignificant wrong', yet our Soul and ego always holds us accountable. 
There is no escape from us having to face and take responsibility for the things we have done or been a part of in life, because all our deeds form our eternal and logical self-opinion of ourselves.  (Remember, everything we go through in life creates a ripple of vibration that follows us wherever we go!)

If we allow ourselves to 'slip' while walking in the ego, then you better believe ego will also be there to enforce the fall!

When (from ego) we perceive ourselves as people who do wrong, then we will eventually judge ourselves as worthless and unworthy of Loveas we will have seen ourselves as individuals who have strayed from the ways of Love and Light.  And the more we do what our own Spirit sees as maladaptive, then the more we will throw ourselves into a swirling, dark abyss and state of utter oblivion that causes us to sabotage our lives. 
This then opens us up for attack, not just by ego, but from other lower energies (who have fallen far from Divine viewpoint), which are now led toward us ... because of the ailing frequency signal we are now omitting or broadcasting vibrationally.  
In my near-death experience, I clearly saw that it is a spiritual law that we each draw toward ourselves an energy that is likened to ourselves.  Like oil and water in a jar, no matter how much they are shaken together the oil always finds the other oil in the jar ... and so does the water.  


The 4 levels of Consciousness

In our most superior spiritual state, our mind exists in a free form of consciousness that most resembles how we think when we reside in the Spirit World.   I call this state of being, "Super Divine Mind Consciousness."  This state helps us hold the actual Christ mind and see life as Christ would see it.  In other words, this is a mind that exists in the highest place of Love, which always seeks to create miracles for The Higher Self and also for others at the same exact time.  Super Divine Mind is not interested in personal benefit or ambitious indulgences of any kind.  It doesn't feel it has to be.  The reason for this is because this individual deeply knows there is no greater act than the one that seeks to bestow the energy of great generosity, grace, kindness and Love in the world, as sustaining this way of being always creates an energy of abundance for all in the end.  A person who works from Super Divine Mind Consciousness is always Spirit-led, and because of this, they are able to seek and follow a more pure and Divinely inspired path, which perpetually leads to right action when problem solving.  Individuals who are able to sustain this form of consciousness in life are the miracle workers of the world and in the process of them being alive, many, many lives are healed, transformed, restored and greatly blessed because of them.  Wherever they walk, they fill the atmosphere with the energy of hope.  Once recognized, it is easy to see why Super Divine Mind is such a hugely beneficial stream of consciousness, because it lures toward us others who are of a similar vibration and frequency and together we are able to do great things.  Those inspired by Super Divine Mind do tremendous good in both the Earth Realm and (whether they are aware of it or not) for the Higher Astraland as this occurs The Light and Love of God Almighty follows these individuals wherever they go.  If your own personal vibration is high enough, you will actually feel a sensation of holiness or tremendous goodness coming from the person who is able to walk in this station.  You will want to listen to them and follow their advice.  While they are still very human, we tend to think of these people as 'Angels' in life.  Possible real life examples of such Souls could be Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi.  If you are a person who has managed to find Super Divine Mind Consciousness in your lifetime, you are truly blessed!  You will be granted with a tremendous wealth of wisdom, self-confidence and faith in both God and people.  You will have doors of opportunity open for you that would seem impossible or beyond the reach of others.  The perception you will have of your own life and journey here will not be judged using a worldly perception, but of one that is Divine ... and you will find yourself attaining a level of Self-mastery and Vision that yields a kind of happiness that is not of this world.

The state of consciousness that falls directly below Super Divine Mind is what I refer to as, "Higher Consciousness."  This is a powerful mindset where a Soul has become comfortable with seeing themselves as a unique individualwho no longer has a need to "follow the crowd" or a consensus viewpoint in any way, shape or formunless the idea being presented is truly appealing to them.  A person who sustains Higher Consciousness seeks to enlighten themselves constantly, seeking to surround themselves with those things or people who might help them find their better Self.  These are people who do not mind spending large amounts of time alone, vested in some sort of self-development project or simply sitting quietly, as they consider their own thoughts.  These people usually become great artists, and many go on to become the architects to the life we seeing going on around us.  These people bring to us our music, movies, buildings, science, gardens, great food, clothing, human ambassadorship, amazing inventions and great works of art.  Great minds who might be examples of those wlo have sustained Higher Consciousness, could be Martin Luther King, Mozart or Albert Einstein.  Yet, one does not need to be famous, or a great leader or a brilliant mind to hold this state consciousness.  All one needs to do is see themselves as a perfect demonstration of Godwho yearns to discover all that is best about themselves and what might make them even better. 

** The one pitfall of those who reach the level of Higher Consciousness (especially in the beginning stages) is the potential of becoming arrogant (feeling superior to others) or becoming stubbornand even when this happens, it is not too long before this individual falls right out of Higher Consciousness and soon finds themselves making a journey to the same lower levels of Self-awareness that they may have already visited or explored before.  If one is not walking in Super Divine Mind Consciousness, he or she is traveling in the lower three modes of humanness, which are each stair steps, helping us to reach to higher ways of thinking that are more Divine and less animal in nature.

Below Higher Consciousness is the group mindset, "Common Consciousness."  It is from this state of mind that we get and maintain all of our known traditions and social ways of thinking about ourselves and one another.  It is from here that we derive the viewpoints our world calls: religion, education, social order (right and wrong) and fashion.  All of these are strongly enforced by so-called authorities, who dictate order; and "the ideas" are only changed until such time as "the group" becomes comfortable with the authorities' shift in perspective.   This is not to say that some traditional ways of doing things are not the best ways, however; it is with a Common Conscious mind that we rarely think of new or even better ways of making life more rich for all.  A Soul who is steeped with Common Consciousness finds is difficult to see themselves as an individual, therefore they are constantly adopting the trends and ideas of others and making them their own.  If it is unpopular to wear red, then you will see to it that the color red is never seen in your personal fashion.  It is Common Consciousness that dictates that those who are ample with weight are worthless, so you are to see yourself as such and hate yourself for being fat.  If it is unpopular to be low on funds, you will learn to resent yourself in this state as well.  And where does all this resentment lead?  It points us toward a constant search for answers, and in common conscious society, those answers are to be found in the latest book or TV show that is being promoted.  Funny how that works, huh?  It is because of this that media conditions the Common Conscious person to feel as if they are dying if they are not connected to the TV, radio or latest trend.  If you are wondering whether or not you might be a person who is stuck in Common Consciousness, one sure sign to know for sure is you will feel pained when made to think outside of the box that has been already provided for you by those in media or from those in your environment.  Or, perhaps you live in fear of being abandoned by "the group" and left on your own.  If this is you, break away from Common Consciousness by giving yourself permission to see what is good about you AS AN INDIVIDUAL right now, apart from everyone else or any material excess you might use to add 'fluff' to your own Self-image.  And please know that it is not that a person cannot have a great body or use awesome items or accessories to help them enjoy their lives, my question to you is based on whether or not you can still see yourself as worthy without these things?  Can you stand totally naked as you are in a mirror for ten minutes and still Love your Self when you walk away?  If not, then you may be a person who is still too motivated by a Common Conscious mindset and not even know it!   An example of a person stuck in common consciousness might be a teenager who is trying to figure out who they are, by following or imitating others who do destructive things to personal property, themselves or even other people.  However, it is remarkable how often many people in society never learn to grow past this adolescent right of passage and into more mature ways of beingeven when technically they are far into their 'adult' years...

In our lowest state, our mind exists in "Animal Consciousness."  This is a level where we exist in our most raw and seemingly Spiritless state.  When we operate ourselves from Animal Consciousness we become strictly governed by our reactions to our environment, the emotions they make us feeland also the chemical impulses they create.  When we are upset and not aware of our own Spirit, we easily fall into states that encourage greed, sloth, sexual lust, rage, dishonesty, unbridled ambition and ingratitudeall these exhibit the inferior traits of our animal nature.  A person (in an out-of-power animal state) is the one we see as the savage, the criminal or the addict, as their largest preoccupation seems to be based around Self-indulgence.  This is usually a person who is not only becoming lost to society, but lost to themselves.  The more they seek to gratify their own fleshly appetites, the further they slip into an endless need to experience all things in a sensual way.  Their intuitional Soul becomes trained and twisted to only focus on the thing ego tells them to chase and they become so caught up with deriving "that thing" (ego has convinced them will grant instant gratification and comfort) that they fail to see that this might be the very thing that also leads to their destruction!  Bottom line:  Animal Consciousness is the seat of all forms of addiction and unbridled ambition.   If you want a happy life, stay away from those things that promote addiction and make you sick inside for having done them.  This feeling is your own inner Spirit crying out to you saying, "Please don't do this...  This is not your highest path!"   If you feel stuck in an addiction and can't seem to break free,  then confess with your own mouth (to your Heart) that you have gone past the point you know you should.  And then ... go for help!   Go first to God.  Tell God everything.  Empty out the trash can in your Soul and let your Almighty Parent clean it out for you.  Ask for guidance as far as what you should do and if you hear silence ... then ask yourself even deeper questions.  Ask yourself  why you feel you cannot be happy without your addiction.  Sit down, give yourself time and write down what comes to you.  And if your inner guidance tells you that you need the capable assistance of another ... then go get the help you need from someone who is actually able to provide it.  There is no shame in needing or asking help, as all of us at one time or another have been in addiction before.  This is all a part of life.  We are all here after all, not just for ourselves .... but for each other.

The truth is, until we make peace with and balance out the animal side of our consciousness and nature, we will never be able to ascend and remain in the higher levels of consciousness.

The Vibrational Band (Brain) Waves of Consciousness

Beta waves connect us to the animal and primal or more instinctual part of our consciousness.

Alpha waves connect us to our 2nd nature and the more collective or "common conscious" which helps us to build on perceptions of ourselves and one another.

Theta waves connect us to and helps us to build on our more individualized thoughts and feelings.  This state of consciousness is the doorway to helping us begin to discover our Highest Self.

Delta waves connect us to our most authentic Divine and intuitive nature, thus connecting us to the Realm of Spirit and our Highest Self.

Beta waves hold a thicker, lower frequency that grounds you to what you perceive as “the current reality” going on around you.  Yet, as Alpha, Theta and Delta waves become increasingly higher in vibration, they allow you to slip into a stream of consciousness that evokes connection to the subconscious and supernatural. 

This is an understanding that the great teachers’ and spiritual masters’ of our world have intuitively known and taught for years−−that all forms of meditation, whether through conscious breathing, chanting, exercise, yoga or simply focusing your concentration on letting go of your mental ego-based, chatter…all of this can help to clear the shelf of the mind, thus allowing a person to see over to what is on the other side.  Many runners often report having amazing revelations come to them during their exercise session.  The rhythm of their pace puts them in an Alpha state, and as feel good endorphins fill their body…a huge amount of Self awareness can flood to them.  This is one of the reasons so many become addicted to running.


We truly DO become what we think about!

If inferior thinking and behavior is perpetuated over time, the Love we once held within starts to leak from us and so too does the Light we were using to lead us to a more happy life.  Again, we lure toward us what we are ourselves, and in this state of mind we attract both living people and supernatural beings from both the Earth Realm and the lower astral plain of existence who are individuals devoid of Love and Light.  Soon, a sad supernatural event unfolds around us ... that usually leads us toward a life filled with addiction, low energy, numbness and feeling hugely unfulfilled.  This then leads to dis-ease (of both the mind and body) and us performing even more wrong action, which only adds complication rather than bringing the relief and feeling of peace we really crave and wish to have.   The truth is, those who live in a perpetual state of animal consciousness have abysmal lives filled with fear, anger and dread and there is really no where left for them to go, but down.
It is incredibly easy to become influenced by the energies we surround ourselves with, both light filled and challenging.  And every day (several times a day) we must make a conscious choice as to how we will aim our intentions, so that our behaviors attract toward us influences which help to keep us strong--instead of constantly adding even more challenge to our lives and bringing us down.
The more darkened, lower vibrational influences we allow to surround us (when we are in a lower vibrational state) the more we tend to become hugely naive and ignorant as to the long-term cause and effect of our own actions.  We cease to see ourselves properly and we misjudge our own ability to be self-respecting or properly self-nurturing in a balanced way, so we turn to Self hatred as a means to punish ourselves for not being exactly what or how our ego has convinced us we must be. 
Whether it be anger, food, materialism, ambition, drugs or searching endlessly for sexual gratification....

Addiction is a form of Self hatredand returning to a Life of Love is the only way out!

When existing in a lower vibrational state: Seeing down the road and visualizing a better future becomes near impossible, as ego will have made us fixated on only trying to bring "addictive, quick fix" remedies in order to relive the pain we believe we feel "right now!  Instead of us (taking a deep breath and) enforcing self-restraint and enough Self parenting, which gets us to higher states of consciousness ... and helps us to do what we know in our Heart is the right thing to do.
When we are existing in Self Hatred, ego causes us to become uncomfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. 
However, the absolute truth is: It is ONLY through the process of us being willing to face what is uncomfortable that the greatest growth and happiness can be found.
Ego causes us to forget that ALL our thoughts manifest our destiny.  And by luring us to only think and behave in a chaotic way, we create even more chaos in our lives than is already existing. 
It is vital for us to become aware of the influences we have around us.
Whether our influences are societal, media-based, relationship-based or even supernatural ... we must remain aware that part of being human is us being easily influenced by the energy we take in daily. 
Some of this energy is good and some of it can be absolute poison.  Part of 'growing up' is being able to tell the difference.
As all thought flows on a stream of frequency, the low vibrations we pick up on from those around us may cause us to subconsciously adopt maladaptive thoughts and attitudes, which cause us to do deeds that bring further darkness to our lives. 
If too much darkness is created over time (and every Soul has a different tolerance level) our inner Light will become diminished, as it will have become covered with shadowy energy that is now manipulating the way we think without us even being aware of it.  Because of this gray-like energy, we will find it very difficult to hear from our reach our own authentic voice of Spirit.  This is how all persons become lost in life. 
The Bible says, "As a man thinks in his Heart ... so is he."
This is true, as we hold our core energy and authentic identity (our Spirit from every life we live) in our Heart center.  (And by the way ... when we depart from this lifetimethis will be the authentic part of us (that I was speaking about earlier) that moves up and out, evacuating the physical body.)
This energy emits the tones that create the 'songs' of our lives that draw others and certain experiences near.  When the tone is good and pure then so are the experiences, but if the tones are disturbed and challenging then life lessons and difficulty must come.  This is not to say that challenge will not ever come to good people, however, good people will experience challenge less frequently and will always be able to overcome it.  This is why it is important that we always seek to do good in our lives ... all the time. 
So that a way of life and kind of vibration is created within us that not only helps to protect us from harm, but also brings to us good fortune as well.
As we think of ourselves and others, we create energy that forms attitudes and disposition.  If we are unclear or not paying close enough attention to these thoughts, we become sloppy or inconsistent in how we demonstrate our lives and we fumblecausing our vibration to become snagged within a lower level of consciousness.
It is for this reason that we must always cherish and respect the vibration of Love (which is the true Spirit of God) in our lives. 
We must show Love to ourselves and others as much as possible every single day--as long as we are alive.
If we fail ... we fall prey to lower influences and open ourselves to be dominated by energies that oppose and challenge our Spirit.
With Love present, we will never lose touch with our own Light ... and when challenge arrives, we will easily recognize it for what it is and overcome.  The reason for this is because our devotion to the ways of Love will have helped us to always feel and hear from Spirit within, as to what our true destiny is ... and we will always be Divinely helped (by those surrounding us) to reach it.
I send this out in Love...


 **Thank you for helping to support my outreach!**




Hello Everybody ...and Welcome to my On-line Book! 

This explanation is actually a manuscript I have been working on for the past few years entitled,

"Remembering Heaven."

While it is certainly a work-in-progress, I see no reason to wait in order to share this information. I know there is a huge hunger out there in our world for spiritual understandingso I have opted to pre-publish much of my writing here on this site until the actual paperbound book can be made available. Please be advised that constant revisions and additions are being made on a consistent basis; and prior to the final manuscript being completed and published, in respect to the future publisher we will be forced to take this particular page down.  From that point forward everyone will be redirected to www.near-death.com to read a synopsis of the book.


        Walking in the Garden of a Loving God
        A small portion of Christian Andréason's near-death experience is now presented on:   www.near-death.com

Once in a great while I stumble across someone's NDE testimony that I find to be uniquely outstanding and awesome. Christian Andréason (pronounced On-dray-son) and his NDE testimony is the latest one! For reasons that you will discover for yourself, I consider his experience as the most inspirational I've ever read. His testimony is filled with new insights - new "pieces" to fit into my own NDE cosmology puzzle.

It was on June 2nd of 1995, that Christian Andréason had his near-death experience. Because of an unanticipated drug interaction and overdose, Christian's blood pressure was caused to plummet while undergoing routine dental surgery. Once out of his body, Christian took an extensive tour of what he calls, "The Divine Realm" and he saw himself go before a great light he deeply believes to have been God. The experience not only changed the entire course of Christian's life, but also the direction of his music career. He immediately became more focused on all things spiritual; serving friends, loved ones and even those some might consider strangers in anyway possible.

Best known for being an award-winning - critically acclaimed, independent recording artist, Christian Andréason is a singer, songwriter and producer of inspirational music for his independent record label, Wonderboy Records. Since 1987 he has professionally recorded hundreds of songs and produced a total of 9 albums. Praised by celebrities, major press and even former United States Presidents, Christian's music and messages of love have so far reached millions of ears and eyes Internationally via Internet, television, stage, print and radio.

Betty Eadie and Christian

Interestingly enough, Christian is the writer/singer of the theme song entitled, "All The Time" used by fellow NDEer and long-time # 1 N.Y. Times Best Selling Author, Betty J. Eadie for her 2002 award winning television program, "Embraced by the Light" ... which featured Betty's famous book of the same name. Betty J. Eadie was the first to discover and publish some of Christian's NDE writing in several pages of the 1999 inspirational book, "The Ripple Effect." The two are great friends, as Betty has been a great source of inspiration to Christian for many years.

Besides writing about spirituality and recording future music, Christian now devotes several days every week toward a thriving spiritual therapy/one-on-one ministry practice based in Houston, Texas. Using his God given intuitive gifts and clairvoyant abilities he has since helped a multitude - including many well known in entertainment media, politics, ministry and in the new-thought movement.

Kevin Williams - 2004

Chapter 1

What happened?

On June 2nd, 1995 I had what is commonly called, "a near-death/out-of-body experience." This event occurred because of a reaction to a mixture of medications I had taken before having dental surgery performed.

Two weeks prior to the dental surgery, I injured myself while lifting a big screen TV up a long flight of stairs in the rain. Once at the top, I slipped and lost my footing. While I did manage to catch the TV, I pulled out several muscles in my lower back and was in terrible pain.  My injury was so bad, I could not even stand once I got the TV into my apartment.  I literally could do nothing but crawl to my bedroom and into the bed.  A doctor was called, but because the medications he put me on were not powerful enough to ease my suffering, I remained bedridden for about two weeks.  This then launched me into a two week fast where I lost a tremendous amount of weight.   Getting up and down to go to the bathroom was simply too excruciating, so I made a conscious decision not to eat and to drink as little as possible. 

Later, a dear friend found out what I had been going through and came over to give me a much stronger painkiller he had discovered and brought back with him from a recent trip to Columbia.  The pills he gave me worked so well I called them "my magic pills" because in only a short amount of time after taking them ... I was able to get up and move around with little to almost no pain. 

After having been bedridden for so long, as soon as I could actually stand up, I immediately found myself in my kitchen eating some walnuts I had found in a jar, only to realize my back tooth really hurt once I bit down!  I called my dentist to make an appointment and he reminded me that he had already told me I needed to have a root canal done, but I had procrastinated dealing with it. 

On the day of my dental surgery, now having had plenty of time to imagine the discomfort I was about to endure in the dental chair (and completely weary of the thought of me having to endure any additional pain) I purposefully took a rather large dose of pain killers before the appointment, thinking that this would save me from feeling anything too severe during or after the procedure.  (I know, not the most intelligent thing to do.  But it did not stop there!)  Because I was particularly nervous that day, I had also taken an anti-anxiety pill and having a lapse in my memory (forgetting that I had already taken the medication) I actually took another pill or two as I was rushing out the door! 


The dentist's office, into the chair and then the beyond...

It was not until I drove into the dentist's office parking lot and stepped out of my car that I started to realize I was feeling woozy. Yet, because I had forgotten I had taken the extra pills, it never occurred to me that I might be in any danger.  Actually, I felt pretty good.  Yet because of not having eaten for several weeks, I had lost a large amount of weight.  Plus I was dehydrated.  So I thought that maybe I just needed to eat something, which I had been refraining from because it hurt for me to chew.

Then... the inevitable happened:

Not long after I sat down in the dental chair the pain killers and anti anxiety medication ended up conflicting with the anesthesia that was being given to me in the dentist’s officeand because of my extreme weight loss [and dehydration] the result was that my blood pressure fell too low and I was literally knocked unconscious and right out of my body!

As if I was moving in slow motion, I felt myself lift up out of my chest and head areaand almost immediately found myself surrounded by the most dazzling, brilliant white Light! 

This Light was whiter than any Light I had ever seen and it seemed to be growing brighter and brighter in its intensity by the second. 

I looked down at myself and realized that I too was made of Light. At first my Lightbody looked dense to me, but as I allowed myself to look closer, I saw that I was comprised of billions and billions of colorful light filled atomic cells.  As the Light around me came forward the atom cells in me started to dance and vibrate as if they were being made to magnetically respond to the ever glowing illumination that was increasing and filling the room by the second.  Needless to say, the happiness I felt as this happened was indescribable! 

Next, I started to realize that I was becoming surrounded and observed by many beings and fellow Souls, who in reality (I somehow understood) had been standing near me during my entire lifetime!  Every single one of these individuals was someone I knew very well, but did not recognize as having been a part of my life during this incarnation.  Yet, the closeness and familiarity I felt for these beloved Souls surpassed any devotion for anyone I have ever learned to Love here on this planet.  As I felt the energy and Love coming from them, I somehow knew that we were all family.  I was also able to intuit that our mutual growth depended on the gradual maturity and growth of us alland that for every success one of us experienced, there was a joyous celebration felt by the entire group! 

Memories of previous, past-life experiences with these beings started top fill my consciousness, and as this happened I was filled with absolute wonder at how truly eternal we all are!  I saw how life never ends...  Once a single lifetime is over, that particular existence (and all the dreams, issues and desires that come with it) bridges over and becomes an extension to yet another lifetime that is to be.   The friends, family, co-hearts we have had before, we will experience in some, shape or formagain, somewhere else, just as we have each experienced them before.  I remembered the process is endless, wonderful and truly eternal.

An inner need to explore and understand my own eternal truth progressively grew stronger.

A bright, pulsing inner Light within me, (much brighter than all my atomic Soul cells) begin to expand and contract, and suddenly stretched outward toward a distance I can only think to call infinity.  Like an exploding star, I realized that my intellect and consciousness were traveling in multiple directions, realities and dimensions all at once.  This event (for lack of a better word or expression) was completely mind blowing!  And because of this, I often find it difficult to relay my NDE along the lines of a chronological story, because in truth, everything I experienced from this point forward, up until the end, happened to me all at once.


Moving further into the Light

As I moved further into the Light, all time stoppedand a mere two minutes of Earth time turned into what seemed to be days, weeks and even months.  A huge scope of understanding was now engulfing my total comprehension by the nanosecond.  

Using a ego-driven, logical mind ... this concept might seem intense and/or complex.  Yet, the more I felt myself enter into this part of the Realm of Heaven, the process became quite simple and effortless to understand.

As I sensed the energy of all those who were around me, I was helped to remember that every child of God is considered very precious, is always seen and never forgotten.  There is nothing any of us could possibly do to keep us from being eternally Loved by Godforever.  

I undeniably understood that each and everyone of us exists for a very definite purpose, holds a particular kind of unique energywhich usually manifests as a kind of talent that is meant to be used and shared with others.  It became very clear to me:  We are not just given the gift of physical life so that we can obtain a singular, Self-focused experience, but so that we might also use, share and bequeath our own uniqueness, talents and life to help others "experience life" for themselves.

Every time we make someone laugh, sing, cry, danceenrage them with anger, become embarrassed, fearful or inspired, our unique approach helped in aiding them with their own perspective, and thus ... the 'experience of life' was experienced by all.

Some things we would gladly do again, and some things we will dread for having done them at all.  It is our experience in being all-together and seeing the after effect of our decisions and behaviors that makes this even more clear to usand wisdom is born.  This is why others' opinion of us and whom we are seen to be (no matter how much we may dislike it) is so important to us, because it is part of the process we use to define who and what we are and who we will choose to be tomorrow.  When it comes down to it ... we are all in this together and will be forever.  We need each other, in good times and bad.  However, before we can see this is absolutely true, and before we can truly come to see and understand one another (as we should always seek to try to) first, we must come to honestly understand and accept ourselves.  As we learn how to do this, our talents and gifts are more easily shared, appreciated and readily accepted by those who can relate.  Trying to push ourselves upon those who cannot relate is like asking them to explain or depict a location they have never taken a trip to!  Therefore they have no understanding. 

The goal is not to get others to like or accept you unconditionally, but for you to show others you unconditionally love and respect yourself.   And the highest form of Love and Self respect is the ability to distribute it, without ceremony for our efforts ... to others.  As this is eventually seen and authentically felt by other Souls ... the acceptance we all seek arrives.

It is our need for ego-based power that corrupts us.  When we exchange the need for power with the humble need to distribute unconditional Love and service, the inner Might we crave ultimately experience is infiniteas it ripples out, for all time ... without end.  No good deed ever goes wasted.  Nor, in God ... is it ever forgotten!

As I stood in the Light, memories from former incarnations flooded my intellect and as this happened, it struck me how all the moments (even those that might have seemed insignificant before) all turned out to be huge stepping stones when seen from a eternal perspective.  I saw how even the most mundane or boring task had the ability to lead me to an even greater awareness about myselfand I understood that we create much difficulty for ourselves and others' when we try to ambitiously push or force ourselves into circumstances before our Soul feels truly ready for them. 

As I continued this process of backtracking and reviewing the spiritual reflection of Heaven against all the mortal lives my Soul had chosen to reside within, I was able to review many moments taken from my current life and compare them against moments from former incarnations.  It was during this process that I saw many behavior patterns and habits (some good and some challenging) that had been following me around lifetime after lifetime. 

I clearly saw the origin behind every addiction or flaw I had and how I had acquired each (whether socially, genetically or energetically).  I remembered that with every incarnation I lived in, I was being given the opportunity to ascend my own spiritual intellect and individualized thinking (in how I made decisions for myself) so that I could rise above the ill behaviors I was manifesting in my Soulthat did not serve the purpose of my Higher Self or the greater good of God.

I saw that multiple incarnations (where we experience many different kinds of lives; some poor, some wealthy, some with beauty, some with disfigurement or disease, some with fame, some with misfortune or a mixture of everything) are all necessary; as these help us examine the unlimited amount of vantage points into the remarkable, endurable, unchangeable and complex natures of our own Soul. To glimpse this (even once) in a single lifetime is truly a great blessingas this is how we begin to truly recognize and define our own potential and behold our own wonder.  All else is of the ego.

From Heaven I saw that it is our destiny, as human beings to seek out and have as many mystical experiences as possible, so that we might realize our true Divine nature, while we are still 'alive' in a flesh suit.   Not only are these experiences necessary, they unlock the God-truth stored within each of us and roll out pieces of our Divine blueprint, as to who we 'really' are. 

Once you have become a person who has experienced and embraced your own Divinity, only the vast open sky is the limit as far as all the things you will be able to achieve and accomplish in a single lifetime.

You will find that the older, more experienced and advanced your own Soul becomes, the more repetitive revelation type experiences will increase.  As your Soul matures and learns how to balance all areas of your life, you will crave mystical experiences more than you seek creature comforts.  You will feel as if something is missing if you are without a revelatory experience for too long.  And if you are, then this simply means you are in need of balancing or amending something in your life that might be blocking you.    (Welcome to the game of life!)

Many lifetimes are necessary so that we might improve our Soul's mental and emotional ability to create what we think of as identity  all so that we might come to know and stabilize our own intentionsand realize how powerful they are! 

Once we realize how powerful our intentions areand understand that they do indeed manifest our destiny, we will find ourselves more and more able to access and incorporate any dream, wish or concept we desire, as we continue to explore and evaluate ourselves in this or later lifetimes.  (In other words, as we face how important our own thoughts are, the negative issues or hang-ups that might have blocked us before, won't hold the same power as we will have figured out how to remove the emotional and energetic attachments they once imposed.)

As each of us possesses the Spark of God within, or what Jesus spoke of as, "The Kingdom that is within" we will all one day learn that we have access to unlimited amounts of  power that exists on a enormous, nuclear scale. This power begins as a seed or thought planted in the mind.  If the thought is reinforced with additional thoughts of like kind, it will materialize and bloom.  Our Spirit (or Higher Self) already knows this, it is just waiting for us to become conscious of this truth and see that we have the power to govern our lives, by self governing our minds.  Until then, the Universe will deliver life lessons that MUST COME come to help us awaken our own consciousness, which overtime bridges us over into Divine truth.

So while we may not be able to rectify or bring into balance every issue (we would like) in a single lifetimeas our Soul's intellect grows, our ability to predestine ourselves into better circumstances will improve and we will enable our Soul to energetically seek out, materialize and manifest future lives that will help us achieve what our intention believes it most needsso that we might continue our growth.

It was in this moment that I became more fully aware of the fact that God (our Creator) wants us to experience everything that we wish to experience.  Nothing is denied us, only that which we inherently deny ourselves.  And while certain experiences do not always lead to pleasant outcomes, they do lead to a certain amount of enlightenment.  Especially as one returns his or her thinking to The Light and focusing on God's wish for us to learn a more loving way to live our lives. 


Feeling The Wonder of Creation and Absolute Love in The Light With My Guides

Traveling at a velocity faster than the speed of light, with one super sonic boom right after another, I witnessed an uncountable amount of wonderful places that were not of this world. As this part of my journey moved forward, ultimately many spiritual truths were lovingly and generously revealed to me with mind-bending answers.  

It is from this particular occurrence that I now am able to help others' understand and/or connect to the more eternal parts of the other side when I meet with them one-on-one.  Since my NDE I have been blessed with the ability to clairvoyantly see and greatly perceive where most Souls have incarnated within the Creator's Super Universe and help them understand some of the more mysterious or hidden sides of themselves.  And while I tend to see many familiar looking incarnations flash across an individuals face, I am still quite taken by surprise by a phenomenal range of new or unique images I am not accustomed to seeing ... that will yet once again remind me at just how vast and incredible all of God's Creation is! 

In my NDE, I saw there are literally trillions of worlds out there with organized life on them only these locations are either very far away from Earth or held in different dimensions that can only be traversed by the Spirit.  And I find that even if I have not actually been to a particular zone of Creation, my Spirit will still feel a powerful familiarity and knowing.

As the amazing moment of standing with my guides and enlightenment was occurring, I recall recognizing suddenlythat I was being guided by a Spirit who appeared in the form of the most beautiful woman anyone could possibly imagine.  She spoke to me using the softest, most sincere voice I had ever heard and ultimately she became my most trusted guide, as she was so lovely and incredibly gentle. 

Following us were three other guides who all appeared as men, one of whom I recognized as being my elder guide.  This particular guide would show up during my experience (only as he was needed) to approve or not approve the places and spaces of time I entered into or was being shown. 

All my guides were robed with what seemed to be a beautiful glistening white, diamond-like material. I could also distinguish that they had Light coming from underneath their garments. I knew that this Light was their true bodies. The moment they came into my awareness, I remembered these beings as having been some of my closest friends that have been with me for all-eternity. They were very kind to me and very caring about my feelings. There are no secrets in Heaven, so information that might have been considered embarrassing (that was revealed to me during my life-review) was treated with tremendous sensitivity. And even in moments when I might have cried knowing that someone knew my deepest darkest secrets, wonderful warm laughter was often exchanged between us instead! 

No matter any unpleasantness they may have known about me, I knew absolutely that I was unconditionally Loved and that there was nothing I could ever do to change this.  It was revealed to me that my guides had made many communications to me during my lifetime, prior to my NDE, particularly during difficult times in my childhood and adolescence, only I was not consciously aware of them or their presence at the time.  Sometimes a thought would come into my head that was to lead me in more of an appropriate direction.  I understood that many times these "thoughts" were actually coming from my guides.  I was amazed by the fact that even during the times I had felt absolutely isolated or alone, I never was!  They (like angels) had been right beside me the entire time! 

Dealing with my own Humanity

While I was in consciously the midst of my guides, I felt a tremendous amount of safety and comfort, so I began to review some of my biggest fears and perceptions of failure in life, and this brought me to consider the religious understandings and rules I had come to learn as gospel-truth during this lifetime.  Immediately, I felt the power of The Holy Spirit fill my intellect.  As this happened, I realized that while many of our World's religious ideas had been divinely inspired during their origin (to help us see ourselves and the nature of our Spirit more clearly) their basis had been largely misconstrued over time due to humankind's need to rule over, socially dictate and micromanage the behaviors of their fellow brothers' and sisters'.  (I will cover more about this later.)

I began to think of all the sins I had committed during my life and felt so terrible and guilty about.  Immediately I understood that many of these moments (where I strayed from the ways of Love and Light) were actually times where I had chosen to initiate future growth for my own Soul.  I saw that none of my 'sinful' actions were of any shock or surprise to God or anyone else in Heaven.  They knew what I was doing and exactly why I was doing it.  There was no judgment whatsoever!  I saw that by choosing to sin I had made a rather brave (or gutsy) detour from the "likely" and predictableand instead rooted myself upon a path that would help me to investigate the very yearnings (I was most likely running from) and deep dark questions still left largely unanswered in my own Soul.  Not that these paths would be easy ones mind you, however they would (and did) lead me toward circumstances and individuals who would play out the role of some of my greatest teachers in life. 

Essentially, from the view point of Heaven, I saw there are two view points to this word, "sin."

There is the view point from The Other Side and the view point held from the World.

From the view point of the Other Side, I saw that the act of "sinning" was seen as simply the departure of one path for another, and that the only true penalty (felt by the Spirit) would be that we would be made to endure the repercussions and energies we had quested to learn of, absorb or make others' experience.  I would also like to mention that I clearly saw that once we were done with an exploration and had said so directly to God with a pure Heart, (whether in this lifetime or the next) God would faithfully once again set us back upon a path that resembled our true purpose.

From the viewpoint of the World, our human mind sees "sin" as a departure away from our Spirit's authentic purpose, which is to be perfect, pure and whole.  If we see ourselves doing something that apposes the will of our Spirit, our Soul becomes grieved and is made to feel bad about its self.  This action causes us to become fragmented inside.  Meaning: our inner Light becomes subdivided and our Heart feels confused.  As the ego begins to take note of what is occurring, it uses the situation to take full advantage of the person and make them feel worthless.  And as the individual turns their "sin" into a habit or addiction, ego then seeks to have them believe that they are now too far away from their own Spirit, therefore it is not possible for them to maintain control over themselves, their lives or their destiny. This (of course) is a lie and comes from that which is Love's opposite ... evil.

Interestingly enough, from Heaven I saw that the only' true sin' one can commit is to lose faith in God.  Yet the reason for this is not for what most might think...

To lose faith in God causes a Soul to lose faith in themselves.  It is the inner Spark within us that gives us eternal and physical life.  To deny God is to deny the inner Spark, and to deny the inner Spark is to reject our life's true purpose and the inner power that gives us everything we are and aspire to be.

When we fail to have faith in ourselves, we cannot perpetuate the higher vibration of Self Love, Inner Love is the core power which helps us create and maintain everything we enjoy about ourselves.  Without Self Love we descend our consciousness to a lower vibration, and in so doing, we open ourselves up to lower energiesand destructive thoughts and habits soon follow that pull us away from our ability to tune into God, The Higher Heavens and our Spirit. 

If our Soul does not feel connected to Love or its own Spirit, the human energy and flesh surrounding the Soul (and mind) will begin to become depressed, as very little life-giving Light (from our inner Spark) will have been created.  In time, if the behavior of faithlessness is not remedied, the Soul will desire to leave the human vessel (and the mind it is attached to) and the human organism (aided by ego) will seek to find a way to die. 

Either a want for suicide will emerge, dis-ease or addiction (that will bring eventual destruction) will come about. And the human mind will accomplish its darkened intention.

Chapter 2 - Questions and Answers,

"The Essence of God"

What is God made of?

God is an essence of absolute Love, Light and beautiful Sound. What I understood (in Christian practice) to be the WORD of God, is actually the SOUND or MUSIC of God.

God is a great LIGHT-filled Being who sings all tones simultaneously and uses this method to bring all things into existence. In so doing, God has caused each Creation to resonate with one another in perfect harmonyonce that Creation has aligned itself with the ways of Love. God uses SOUND to create all things and give them life. The Creator then extends Light, which helps the new Creation take form.

All of us hold Light and Tones within.  I call these our Power Centers, while those who are spiritual seekers of other traditions might know and call these centers, "The Chakra".  

How long is the Light of God with us? Is there anything we can do to make it go away?

Once God extends The Light, that Light will remain with that Creation for all eternity. There is nothing that can remove it. Each and every one of us is surrounded by a great beacon of Light. This is our eternal cord that connects us to our Creator. When most speak of seeing a tunnel (in NDE experiences) what they are referring to is a cord that connects us to God and the Light of Heaven shining through it from up above.

So you are saying that I can hear from God?  If so, how?

Yes! I am saying that ANYONE can hear from God! One does not need to be Buddha, Moses or even Jesus to hear from their Creator. To hear from God, all one has to do is THINK as the CREATOR thinks.  And I happen to know that God thinks only ONE central thought, so this should be easy for you!  GOD THINKS ABOUT NOTHING BUT LOVE -- ALL THE TIME!

If you are living your life according to the ways of LOVE. (Which are the constructive ways that you know deep down in your Spirit that are right for you), then you can confidently know that you have the ability to hear from God. If you are actively seeking to spend time in the presence of Godthen you can bet Spirit is going to provide opportunities for you to do that! You will always know when the presence of God is with youyou will feel like a grateful and excited little child again.

Actually all of us hear from God every day, only we are probably not aware of it. Because we can get so caught up with the illusions and ego distractions of this world, we lose focus easily. It is like being immersed in an action-packed movie or book while someone is speaking, only you find yourself looking up and saying, "huh?" once you realize they have been speaking to you for some time.  As I mentioned earlier in this writing, we see God with our Heart.  Well, the same is true when in comes to hearing ... it takes the Heart to hear from our Maker.  But if our Heart center is cluttered with confusion, negativity, anger or lust-filled ambition maintaining our connection to God will be difficult.  Yet, if we work to keep our Heart clear and clean dailyhearing from God can become a very definite reality.

How do I know if I am hearing from God?

Anything that is not of LOVE is not of God! PERIOD! If thoughts of severe judgment, condemnation, bitterness, unforgiveness, ego centered anger or hate-based retaliation come into your mind and dominate it, please know, this is not God. This is your ego speaking, which is ruled by fear. God fears nothing, therefore; God can speak no thing that is reminiscent of fear. God only speaks using a language of Love.

Once you had your NDE, did you see God (the Creator) immediately?

While I believe I did ultimately experience a portion of the Creator's essence, at first, no, I did not 'see' anything that resembled God (to my own Heart), at least not immediately.  Even as I experienced moments of absolute visual bliss in Heaven that I will never forget, I always somehow knew that when it came to actually seeing and experiencing God FULLY that this would not happen until I left human life for good.  Until then, I knew that God would remain largely veiled from me until I had grown my own inner Light to the point that I would be able to endure standing in the presence and entirely of The Creator's Light.  However, it is important for me to tell you that the moment I entered the Realm, I certainly did FEEL the presence of our Creator absolutely everywhere!  Because (in essence) God is comprised of ALL things, when you go home to Heaven you will constantly have a sense that you are 'seeing' God, especially as you experience the more sublime aspects and visuals within the Realm.  But it is important to remember:

We do not see God with our eyes, but rather ... our Heart!


What did God share with you about you and your life?

I remember The Light conveying to me that I would know times of great jubilation and that there would also be times that I would know sorrow as I pursued my ordained purpose. But I was told that I would be blessed for every time I succeeded in the name of Love. I was told that every experience was extremely necessary according to a greater plan that would unfold plans and plans never-ending. I was told not to ever worry about my competency, capacity or ability, for it was promised to me that the Light would never leave me to endure anything I was not created to handle. I was told that there would be times I would doubt myself and my mission, but in the end, I would learn great wisdom and eventually see myself as victorious.

I was shown an innumerable amount of scenes, all containing possible realities I would eventually experience. I was shown many Universes and worlds that had organizational life on them. I saw that everyone in every Universe is simultaneously working together to fulfill God's great Divine plan. I understood that God sees and knows absolutely everything that happens everywhere. I saw that while God does a great deal of planning, our Creator never interferes with our volition, nor does God ever seek to alter the way we feel about things. God knows there is no need to interfere because He knows that the Universal Divines' law of cause and effect is always perfect. This method will always bring justice and teaching wherever it is needed most.

I was amazed to see how each of us is connected eternally, that we have always existed, and that we will never die.

I saw that we were indeed made in the image of God, which is an essence taken from the Creator's own LIGHT. It is because of this Light that we can never die. Every single child of God carries this Light within their Soul, and we call this Light, Spirit.

As we learn how to LOVE, we build up additional layers of supernatural Light on top of Spirit we hold within. It is from this Light and our effort to expand it that we create our future realities.

What is our ultimate destiny?

 A day will come when our Light will have become so large that we will eventually choose to merge and go back to the Creator and be as ONEjust as we were in the beginning.

Once we are all ONE again, there will be a great celebration. And after a certain amount of time has passed, yet again, there will be another great explosion, only this time it will be much bigger and the process of Creation will be far more advanced.

I felt tremendous Joy and honor in having been shown these things and with great confidence, I promised God (The Light) that I would do my very best. And in return, I was told my best would certainly be enough!

Why is it so important to understand Love and use it in everyday life?

The reason why we must learn Love on Earth can be given a scientific explanation:

God is Love and exists as the highest absolute vibration you can think of. The act of Christ-like Love elevates our own inner vibration and as this occurs our understanding of God increases.  As we learn how to Love and practice Christ-like Love with one another, the inner vibration within the Soul creates magnificent rays of supernatural inner Light. These rays then extend further into Heaven, helping us to reach and enter into various dimensions that lead the way to the Higher Heavens.

Isn't the highest Heaven a place we go to if we are good in life?

Contrary to what many of us were taught by our various religions, "Heaven" is not necessarily a reward for good behavior, it is simply a "higher plane of existence" that awaits those who ready themselves to enter.

The only way to enter through the door ... is to believe in, live and hold the key of Love.

How can I learn more about the ways of Love?

Jesus Christ came to the planet to be a way-shower for all people and all religions. He lived his life with great passion and dedication to this word LOVE, so that each of us might have a role model to compare ourselves to. This is why he said, I AM the truth, I AM the way, and I AM the life, no man can come to God but through me. If you replace I AM and ME with LOVE IS ... you get ...





Christ had become LOVE WALKING AND TALKING ON THE PLANET. One cannot understand God until one understands and WALKS AND TALKS in the ways of LOVE. If you walk in Love, you will always understand God.

Just as fire merges easily with fire, and water merges easily with other water ...  if we are to merge with (and understand) God ... then we must become Love.

How does one know whether or not he or she is walking in the ways of LOVE?

(1) They are not easily offended (if at all) and they are always willing to forgive trespass! (This is a biggie!)
(2) They are generous people who give wholeheartedly.
(3) They have a positive non-oppressive relationship with God that is continually growing.
(4) They do all they can to be of service to others and bring beauty to the planet.


The Man on the Throne

There was a moment during my experience where I saw myself approaching what looked to be a gigantic, magnificent man, sitting on a alabaster throne.  Thru a kind of veil that was partially covering him, I was able to detect that he had very stunning chiseled features.  In fact, he was so perfect looking, he almost looked statuesque. 

The man was wearing what appeared to be a gleaming white robe and I saw that he had the most fantastic muscular body.  It was not large and gross, but truly beautiful and symmetrical.  The man's arm was resting on a flat smooth surface that was part of the throne, and when he would move his hand (even the slightest amount) a musical, sparkling rainbow colored essence would fall out and away from within his robe, eventually creating a pool of Light around his feet on the floor. 

Initially, the thought that came into my mind that I was seeing God!  But then, as soon as I thought this, very quickly, it was revealed to me that this thought was only partially true.

It was immediately made known to me that the physical form I was observing was actually an astral version of "me" in Spirit form, as God saw me existing as already! 

I heard inside my mind, "This is your Higher Self."  As I looked deeply into this beings eyes, I saw my own reflection and realized that the "inner voice" I had been hearing my whole life (as the voice of my own conscience) had actually been guidance coming for this personage−−who still resides in Heaven in a greater degree of wholeness and Light than I do here on Earth.  In fact, I realized that I had only taken a very small portion of my Higher Self's Light with me for my journey here this go round.  By doing this I would be encouraged to dig deeper and develop my faith and intuition; and secondly, I do not see how my human brain really could have tolerated too much more Light, as I believe now it would caused my body and mind to short circuit.

It was in the Realm that I learned God only sees each of us as our Higher Selves.  It is only our ego mind that defines us as being something lower.  I also understood that all other parts of me (in total) make my Highest Self who he is.  Later, I realized that the gold and rainbow colored Light that had come out from underneath the robehad actually been the essence or Light of God. 

For me, this portion of my NDE remains one of my favorite events that happened to me, which I love to share with others' ... mostly because this was the moment I truly realized just how humble and Loving God is!  God could have easily allowed me to believe that the man I was seeing in all this splendor, was in fact 'God" and then have me bow down and worship the formbut that was not what was wanted at all, nor was the "worshiping of God" ever what was considered important.  No, instead I was helped to see something else...

God wanted me to see and realize what Heaven knew I could "and would" eventually become: a Soul who will eventually learn how to see it's Self as God sees him alreadya magnificent being of Love!

How did God appear to you in Heaven, and what does it feel like to be near the Creator?

Many may not remember (while being alive in this human body) but I saw in my life review that each and everyone of us has stood in the presence of God's Light; and for everyone our Creator's appearance will never be exactly the same visual as it might be for someone else.  This might help explain why so many different people and cultures have such vast differing visions or 'versions' of God.

Before each of us are sent forth into our various missions, we are brought into a vast 7-tier Cathedral of Light I feel led to call, "The Throne Room of God."  In this room resides portions of our Higher Self in union with the very essence of all Creation (most likely the same Being those of us who are Jewish or Christian know and call, "Father God.")  It is my belief that our Maker can manifest His (or even Her) image into whatever form we wish to see in front of us, whether that be the formation of a majestic looking elderly man with a long, silver beard or something completely different. 

A very intuitive friend of mind (who also had a rather powerful NDE) experienced God as a gigantic, neon colored, musical butterflywho showed her an unlimited amount of scenes (during her life review) all on His massive wings.  I found that image so amazing (and familiar to my own Spirit) that it has never left me.   

As far as how it feels to be in the presence of our Creator, simply consider the most pure state of bliss you can possibly think of and multiply that times any number you could come up with and you will be on your way to comprehending the Being who brought us into existence and Loves each and everyone of us, so very, very much!

What do you think is the true gender of God?

In all honesty, I always dislike being asked this, because the answer is always as complicated as the question.

But I will answer by saying that I deeply believe and intuit God to be a Being who is beyond human comprehension and understanding.  I see God existing as One who encompasses absolutely everything that exists on a atomic or energetic levelyet even with all that, I know there is WAY more!  

God also represents all timethe past, present and future that we are each existing in as a unique personality and while all this is going on, at the same timeGod also has an infinite and distinct personality. 

But even "God", as a "Persona" or "Presence" is still way beyond our comprehension.  So what do we humans' do to try to understand this Persona or Presence?we try to compare it to our own!  And usually this boils down to us putting "God" as a gender or form we are personally comfortable seeing in a seat of control.  From a conscious viewpoint in regard to gender: some men and women do not trust women, so they consistently see God only as a man.  Some women and men do not trust men, so they consistently see God only as a woman.  Yet, when looking at God from Divine viewpoint you must realize that in truth, as God exists in such a state of Totality, it stands to reason that "God" (in His or Her absolute form) is completely genderlessand exists for all of us an unlimited amount of faces and images. 

However,  now that I have pointed all this out, I want to say that I full-well know that their are very definite, discernable energies that come from God that we can sense as being either masculine or feminine.  Because of this, I believe that God (in personality) speaks or reveals Him/Her Self to us using a voicing and/or image (whether masculine or feminine) that we most relate to or need to experience at the time.

When I was a child, I was most comfortable with seeing God literally as my "Heavenly Father" and I would hear from Him speaking to me with a voice I can only think to call male.  Even today, with my enlightened way of seeing and thinking about God,  I am still often comforted by a vision of God as a kind, strong, older man.  Especially as it is becoming more obvious that we are living in a world where there is so little well-balanced male leadership and honest-to-goodness integrity!

Yet at the same time, I am aware that my Soul has had many lifetimes and existed in many religious belief systems where I have been comforted by the conscious notion of God as a masculine presence.  But I know in my Heart of Hearts that God ALSO exists as a Divine Feminine presence.  For years now my Spirit has told me that this is the part of God we see as, "The Holy Spirit."  And since I am mentioning this here, I also want to make it quite clear that I believe our world and humanity has developed a tremendous unbalance due to the fact that The Divine Feminine has not been properly regarded in our religious systems. I think in order to have a healthy Self image of your own Spirit, you need to have both masculine and feminine principle represented and properly regarded. Until then the ego will define gender roles for us and subject many people to unnecessary trials and tribulations.

In the end, when it comes to assigning a gender to God, I believe the Old Testament gives wise advise when we are warned not to have ANY graven image of God.  Because, after all, "God" is the sum total of everything that exists!

Additional Note to the reader:  Please understand that if I make gender references in relation to God, I do so for basically two reasons:  First, I simply cannot for the life of me bring myself to call God ... an "It!"  (That will never do, as my inner conviction forbids me to label God in such a way!)  The second reason is because it is fully possible for any Soul to only experience God (in Heaven) as either one gender or another for the majority of their incarnation process.  In fact, many Souls who incarnate to our planet feel more comfortable viewing God (before they incarnate here) as male or as "the masculine principal" because masculine energy (and its long-term development) is actually their primary focus here on planet Earth.  However, if you truly want to try and absorb the totality of God Almighty, I recommend that you try to think BEYOND gender! 

How do you visualize God today?

Because of my NDE, I tend to visualize God as a limitless Ocean of infinite, sparkling, colorful Lightwhose unconditional Love and beautiful Sound (once it surrounds you) makes you feel completely whole and blissful.  There really can be no precise or reasonable human explanation for this feeling.  All I can say is that being in the presence of God ... totally encompasses everything that is good and wonderful you have ever wanted to know or experience!  And once fully in The Presence ... there is no other place you will want to be.

Once you experienced God, then what happened?

I recall speaking further with my very loving guides.  I continued to absorb in an amazing amount of information, which I could not remember or understand until many years after my NDE.  The amazing thing about Heaven is there is no end to the information you can absorb, and I guess you could say that the energy of my Soul just took in the bigness of everything that was shown to me in God's Heaven like a huge spongeyet it has taken me years to be able to put it all down on paper like this! 

At first, when I found my self experiencing The Presence ... I felt as if was standing in one spot, but then it became evident to me that I was actually expandingthen traveling and witnessing a vast geographical landscape that even to this day I still often have difficulty fully explaining or describing. 

There is a verse in the Bible says: "For ears have not heard, nor have eyes seen the wonders that God has prepared for those who Love Him."  For all I was able to take in and comprehend, this verse is certainly an understatement!

Why is it so difficult to stay in touch with God in every day life?

Since my near-death experience, I have come to understand that rather than God being somewhere "out there" in outer space somewherein realityI see that all of US are actually a part of the space that exists within God. (Read that again if you need to.) 

God is 'The Spark' of Light within us, and this Spark is the connection we have to our Higher Selves. When we fail to stay in touch with our Higher Selves (because we are down on our Self or life in general) we lose faith.  In losing faith, we fail to appreciate Love and Light. 

It is our FAITH in God that keeps us strong and connected with Godyet (even if we do lose faith) because we ALWAYS have and hold the eternal Spark within, never can there be a time where we are lost to God.  Never will there be a time when we are away from God.  While it might seem (to ego) God is missing ... God is there! 

Watching, Waiting and Loving us ... the whole time!

Are we alone in the Universe?

Oh my gosh!  To this question, I can confidently tell you a big, fat, whopping ... NO! 

We are but 'one' of trillions and trillions of existences out there.  And I can also tell you that we are not anywhere near the center of the Universe, we are actually in the outskirts of it.

So Earth is not our home?

Only for a little while. Earth is actually one of many homes we will have known before our incarnation career is over.  I like to think of Earth as the current living, breathing stage our Soul and physical human body (which you already know is temporary) is now existing on.  Yet Heaven is made of pure, radiant Light that lasts forever.

Heaven could certainly be said to be our real home, however; as we spiritually mature we will find ourselves continuously moving upward to even higher dimensions in Heaven, and as this happens, a time will come when we will have reached a level that finds us once again reunited with the Creator of all Creation.

What about beings from other planets, do you think they visit here?

Yes I do.  And I think those who have been permitted to cross over into our world have been doing so for a very long time now (for a very important purpose) as Divinely arranged by Heaven.  Since my NDE, because of a few things I was shown, it is now my deep belief that some of the more phenomenal events depicted in the Old Testament (such as the Great flood of Noah, the parting of the Red Sea for Moses, the mass explosion of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc) are not only very true, but were moments in time which were orchestrated and performed by beings of a much higher order and intelligence than our ownwho may have volunteered their technology and understandings or even sent to help guide and shape a culture within humanity during a pressing time within its development and evolution.

Why do some claim to see these beings and some do not?

I think we pass by things all the time without noticing them, but that does not mean they do not exist or that they are not there.  We human beings tend to form and fashion what we call 'our reality' based upon what we believe we can handle.  And what we tend to believe we can handleis what we believe we can still control.  I think the idea of other beings from other places tend to scare most people because it seems to be such an unknown.  Yet you must understand ... according to the laws of Universal manifestation, anything that occurs to us (even as a thought in our subconscious mind or imagination) does indeed exist somewhere,  on some level.  If it didn't, we human beings (who are actually more spiritual beings than anything else) would not be picking up the transmission or images in our mind.

Another thing to consider when wondering why most of us have not seen extraterrestrials yet is that we humans tend to think in flesh and blood terms.  Those who come from other places (that are not of this world) may not always hold a flesh and blood form exactly.  Their vibration may greatly differ from our own and this may make them seem almost transparent or even invisible to many.  This is why cameras and video recorders are such valuable tools for those who are curious.  These devices can often capture images a human, opinionated eye may not.

Do you think a time will come when more of us will know and believe in the existence of those who come from other worlds?

Yes.  Once we as a people prove that we are collectively ready to embrace such a reality.  Until then, only a few will understand that this phenomenon is more than a possibility.

How did we come into Spiritual existence?

My guides showed me a time we call the beginning of Creation.  Just as I observed the formation of my own unique Spirit, later there was a huge explosion, coming from an amazing looking, singing, pulsing, Joy-filled ball of bright Golden-White Light! I knew that I had always been very much a part of this Great Light, as have the rest of us.  From this Orb of Light exploding, I found myself happily and quite excitedly hurling through space and timearriving safely in a perfect place of peace and amazing splendor. I knew immediately that this place was geared toward the expansion and education of every Soul that came there. Today I call this space, "The Realm"  and it is here that we are assisted by many wise beings and Elders while we are being helped to complete much training and soulish expansion.

Please explain about orbs.

Consider how we each have a microcosm of billions of intelligent cells that exist within our human bodies.  These cells are in constant union and communicating with each other and because of this we are able to physically survive, thrive and rebuild ourselves on a cellular level.  Well, I believe we exist spiritually as a kind of cell within the body of God.  I also know and believe that there are many orbs and cells of many different kinds and types of life out there in our Universe and within the multiple dimensions that surround us.

The science of physics tells us that an object which takes on the form of a circle uses up less energy to maintain its self and can do so infinitely.  I find that very interesting, because even today (during my more clairvoyant moments) out of no whereI will see colorful orbs or sparks of light zipping by me or hovering near other people.  Perhaps you have seen (or 'thought' you have seen) them yourself?  It is not at all uncommon for people (who consider themselves to be non-clairvoyant) to see these amazing demonstrations coming from the supernatural world.  In fact, many are starting to notice orbs surface more and more in their own personal pictures, especially when taken with a digital camera.  When you pay closer attention to your digital photos you will more than likely see an orb hovering over someone's head or they will be in the upper corner of a room, sometimes leaving a trail of light as they they put themselves in motion.  If you train yourself to watch out for orbs, eventuallyyou will likely see them. 

So are these orbs ghosts?

No, I would not call them thatbecause I do not believe they are here to haunt or even follow us around long-term.  I would venture to say that these emanations are merely spiritual beings traveling between dimensions in the Astral Realm.  You must understand that going on all around us is a kind of spiritual freeway of moving Souls in constant transit.  Some may be loved ones here to check in on us for a brief moment, or others may have been sent to act as a kind of Angel during important moments of our lives.  I think the more we consider and watch out for the agents and residents of Heaven to appear, the more we will be able to recognize them and become more comfortable with their presence.  Also, a lot has to do with the level of spiritual vibration we are holding at the time.  If our spiritual vibration is low, we will see and perceive little else but other low vibrational, slow moving, dense atomic, material objects currently around us.  Also, when we exist in lower vibrational states, we tend to focus on our own sense of self pity, rather than seeing ourselves as spiritually empowered and able to break through barriers and strongholds of this very temporary world!

However, if our spiritual vibration is high, we can actually see and perceive quite a bitwhich will depend largely upon our own level of comfort of seeing such things.  But once we allow fear and bewilderment to chase us down and win, our vibration soon plummets and the door that was now opening, closes shut.

What are ghosts, anyway?

To understand what a ghost is, first you must understand what you, yourself are ethereally comprised of (inside your own physical body)which is pure, atomic Light. 

When your Soul is finally apart from your physical vessel, you will at first appear to yourself in your atomic state.  This is also known as your Astral body, which is a conglomerate of swirling atoms in a semi-formed (human appearing) state.  Underneath and within the atoms themselves is yet another body comprised of an electrically charged and Light filled, colorful force or essencecalled Spirit.  This is actually your true body in this Realm.

What we tend to think of as ghosts, is simply a manifested psychic imprint or a kind of atomic mistcoming from the leftover energy of an individual who is now existing (in-part) between this dimension and the Astral Realmthe crossover point between this existence and the next.

I have come to believe the more a Soul's energy is made to become intense or passionate during the moment of their passing, the greater the likelihood they will attach themselves psychically to the moment and leave a powerful atomic/energetic imprint.  This imprint usually creates a kind of flickering transmission or frequency-based signal that those who are intuitive or sensitive to psychic energy are likely to pick up on. Some will even have the ability to actually see a psychic imprint full-on, while most will only sense its presence at best. 

I once worked with a couple who got along great, until they came back home to their new home.  Immediately, as soon as they stepped through the front door they would begin to fight.  It got so bad they actually started to feel powerful feelings of violence.  Turns out the foundation of their home was sitting on some kind of a battle site ... where civil wars had been fought.  These people were so intuitively sensitive, they unknowingly were picking up on the left over psychic imprint and reacting as if the energy was coming from them.  Once they had the knowledge of what was really happening, they began the process of holding their conscious intensions more powerfully and living their lives in such a way that formed a literal "Love and Light" barrier between them and the left over psychic debris.  After a few weeks the challenging energy began to dissipate and so did the couples in-home fighting.

Many times when we feel uneasy in a space and are not sure why, we may be subliminally reacting to the unseen energies within our environment.  If demonstrations of excessive anger, lust, selfishness or manipulation have been occurring frequently in a space, you can count on those who are spiritually sensitive (especially children and animals) picking up on the energies and also becoming aware of the supernatural beings and energies these kinds of behaviors attract.  Ever walk into a cold or hot spot in a room and then suddenly feel a sudden shift in temperature?  This is because you just crossed a time/space portal or the energetic standing space of an entity.  It is for this reason that it is important to remain consciously aware of the reasons why it is vital to keep your home as positive and loving as possible.  'Cause if there are 'ghosts' (or disincarnated people) in the house (whose energetic imprint holds a lower band of vibrational frequency) these guys will always be the first to arrive on the scene.

Because all atomic energy holds intelligence (on some level) a ghost is merely a left over remnant or echo of what that individual once wasand now the left over energy is seeking to understand the dramatic experience it encountered during life and/or at death. 

As the ghost seeks to navigate the limited amount of energetic essence it currently holds within its self, it may tend to portray themselves as a kind of "scene" that constantly replays (like a moment from a movie) over and over again.  I find that a ghosts' reveal usually has very little to do with another person in the room, and more to do with the ghost seeing or experiencing themselves against a live individuals' (who is observing them) energy. 

When a ghost with a strong or devious energetic presence senses it is being watched, it may seek to borrow or steal from the aura energy of their observer in order to make their demonstration appear and feel more intense and realso try not to allow the energy of fear to build up in you if you think you are encountering a ghost.  You will only be giving the entity what it sees as 'passive energy.'  Some ghosts may want to share or tell their story, so they will wait and save up their energy until they sense they are being perceived and communicate in any way they are able.  They will then put on the best display they can, but as soon their energy is used up, they will seem to fade from site.  This is why some ghosts just suddenly appear, only to disappear a short time later. 

When it comes to ghosts, the good news isa majority of them don't care if you see them or nottherefore they  remain completely benign and harmless. 

In conclusion, it is our divine birthright to call all wayward energies out of our dimension and  into the Light!  Especially those who cause havoc for living human beings!  So, if you feel you are in the presence of a being who is tainted with darkness or if you believe you are in the presence of an entity that needs to be banished from the Earth plainsimply pray and ask for The Christ Light and God's angels to come and shepherd the fragmented energy away from this dimension and into a more Heavenly place of Love and Lightso that the energy can be reunited with its original owner.  If a being seems resistant to leave, ask for help and find those you know who walk powerfully in Love and Faith to join you in your prayer of removal.  The more who are available to do this, the greater the chance of a more positive outcome. The prayer will open a portal of Light for angels to whisk the entity through to the other side.


Why do so many tend to forget or not consider God and/or Heaven in daily life?

While it might be difficult to understand, we humans are still very much connected together (as a collective consciousness) and because many in our world have not yet a found 'a good enough reason to constantly focus their intention on Godit is easy to become distracted by everyday life and lose interest or focus on the Divine.   ...And because others' seem to lose their interest or focus so easily, it can be misleading for us to believe that there really is not an issue with us losing our own.  But be diligent!  Know it is wise for us to do all we can to maintain our conscious connection to God and the Other Side, as this can help us through those difficult or confusing moments that always come in life.   This is perhaps why the experience of death (of a loved one or someone close to us) is often used by Heaven to give us a wake-up call; forcing us to more deeply consider what is before and beyond us. 

Plus, I am sure it does not help that each of our Souls (in this world) are covered by a kind of energy that manifests what can be thought of as, "a veil of forgetfulness."  This veil in actuality is a low vibrational barrier or supernatural wall that blocks us from seeing too easily between Realms and existences.  In order to see beyond it, a person must maintain a very high vibration in their Soul.  But a time comes when our Spirit calls out to us to mature so that we might look within and learn our truth, only it does not necessarily have to be during this lifetime.  After a period of time of going back and forth, living worldly one moment and then recalling that we are of The Spirit and a Divine being, we ultimately learn to balance out and co-exist with ourselves and each other peacefully.  And once enough time has passed, we realize it really is trueeach of us really DOES carry a literal "piece" of God's Light within, therefore it can be considered that whenever another person is near usso too is a part of God. 

So to recap: God sent each of us to this planetcarrying a portion of The Creator's Light inside.  Only, right now, that Light is covered up by the flesh suit we call the human body.  The question is, will we be able to look past the body and then be able to discern, develop and nurture the Light we each carry?  It is not easy, I know!  But learning how to succeed in this quest is part of God's plan and how we are helped to mature in the Spirit.  And not to worry, God did not send us here empty handed!  We have much guidance all around us in the supernatural Realm and each of us have deep wisdoms (from previous existences) implanted within our Soul.  They will speak to us in our time of need.  When it is in God's plan for us to tap into this wisdomthere is nothing that can be done to stop the process!  Just remember, God reaches everyone in a different way.  No one person awakes to wisdom the same exact way.  That is why God has given us such different personalities, life yearnings, comfort zones or expectations, as these drive us into the lives that ultimately rise us up to the inner truth that sleeps within us all. 

Somehow, through each of us living in a physical body (and having been given a unique personality) we are not only helped to better understand our Creator, but this is how we are encouraged to learn how to recognize and start practicing Love.   As we struggle, yet seek to take dominion over the ego, we learn to recognize the voice of our own Spiritwhile learning how to differentiate between the needs vs. the wants of our own Soul.  (And yes, there is a differenceas our 'wants" tend to be more ego motivated.)

If Love is truly utilized and practiced (as we seek to manifest our needs in a balanced way) we will then begin a more lasting and resourceful relationship with our own Spirit, which over time will help us to expand our consciousness and Self awarenessthus helping us to better understand our life's true purpose.

Please Always Remember: Love creates Lightand Light causes our inner Being to illuminate brightly.  While we might not always 'see' this Light, we will be able to eventually spiritually feel it and therefore experience God through each other.

A time will come when we will be back in the Loving embrace of our God, and it will be a very Joyous time for us all.  But first we must work at accomplishing the thing God sent us here to learnAND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN ... THAT IS LOVE!  We are here to have complete and total Love of each other and complete and total Love of ourselves.   Until such time as each and everyone of us comprehends what Love is exactly and understands how to utilize its energy, the process of seemingly being 'apart' from God will go on and onuntil the very last Soul has realized the truth: That there is no greater power in the Universe than Love! 


Chapter 3 - Questions and Answers,

"Heaven, Time, Dreams and Destiny"


When I arrived in Heavenduring the beginning of my experienceI found myself in a huge room where the walls and ceilings were seemingly made of pure crystal; they had a very healing kind of Light and soft music coming from the inside of them. The effect of the Light and music flowing together was so calming, that I felt right at home in this space almost at once.

In fact, the energy was so pure here that I felt as if I was being given a wonderful Light and Music bath.  I was being shined on, 're-tuned' and helped to harmonize with the spirit world; and this assisted me to think and feel more clearly than I ever had before.  Whatever residue of anger, doubt or frustration I might have been carrying around in my Soul up until this point, was being completely washed away.  Looking back, I now believe that the purpose of this room was to prepare me for what was about to happen next.

With my guides besides me, I was taken into a new room.  In my mind I heard that I was entering, "The Room of Knowing".  The room seemed to be suspended in mid air, and right in the middle of the dark of space ... with swirling galaxies going on all around it.  Standing on a floor that appeared as reflective, black onyx; I stood in awe and watched as God's Super Universe spun above, like a perfectly choreographed dancewhich often made the floor look like a magnificent mirror.

I looked up, and saw four translucent screens begin to appearand form a kind of gigantic, cubed box all around me.  It was through this method that I was shown my life review. (Or rather I should say, "MY LIVES IN REVIEW!")

While the cube was definitely square, once I was within it (and surrounded completely) I realized that the device was also cylindrical.  Without ever having to turn my head, I panoramically saw my past, present, futureand there was even a screen behind me that displayed a tremendous amount of scientific data, numbers, symbols and universal codes.  I was in complete amazement because (as all of this was occurring) I realized I understood absolutely everything I was seeingeven in the most microscopic detail!  There seemed to be no limit to the thoughts I was able to think or the ideas I was able to absorb.  In this space, what we tend to think of as a limited comprehension or single mindedness here on Earth, becomes truly infinite and limitless here!  I kept thinking over and over how true it is what they say: that when we go back homewe all really are of ONE mind! 

One item of interest I would like to now point out:  While I was able to see anything that was either beside or below me in the box, without physically movingif I wanted to actually 'look up' however, I did have to apply effort and 'intend' to see upward.  I find that fascinating, because the same holds true in life.  If we want to walk forward or downward, in respect to gravity, it really does not require that much energy, however, if we want to climb upward we have to apply actual effort.  When thinking of this in physical, mental, emotional and psychological terms, I don't know about you, but for me I start to realize that it is totally in God's plan that we learn how to endure resistance and apply ourselvesso that we might reach our upward destinations, otherwise known as our personal goals and dreams. 

Another thing to think about: Ask any person to look in the direction where they think God exists and most will usually look upward.  Those who have found some form of enlightenment will gesture all around themselves, while those who have truly formed a close, personal relationship with God will motion to their Heart center.  Again, I think this says something about us and proves that we are truly instinctual beingswho put ourselves only as close to God as we personally feel comfortable being.  When we distance God away from us, this indicates we feel (in our Soul) that we still have much to learn.  If we bring God closer, we believe ourselves readyto apply to life what we think we know and believe God and life has shown us.


What and where is Heaven?

In truth Heaven is all around us.  But the place most of us think of as "Heaven" is actually a location that exists in the inner and upper most, center regions of the Realm.  And I know this may sound strange, but (from far away) I remember an image of the Realm of Heaven looking something like two cones placed together tip to tipwith the large openings opposite of each other, which also connected to all the other incarnation based Realms.  And surrounding the entire structure was an orb or sphere of energy−−all surrounded by spinning geometrical shapes.  

During my NDE, I had an intrinsic knowing that a more intense form or  presence of God Almighty sits directly in the center of every realm, in an invisible dimension that can only be entered and navigated by the way of the Spirit.  The higher a person can cause their own inner vibration to become, the deeper into the time/space that individual can go and travel into this space in order to find and relate to God. 

During my experience I saw that there are many different Realmsand each is stacked one atop the other, like pancakes.  Each Realm can be entered via a channel or portal, however before someone can enter a particular Realm, first the vibrational signature of the individual entering must accommodate and match with the vibrational signature of the Realm they are crossing over into.

And now here is the really mind blowing part!  In Divine Reality (from God's perspective) I absolutely knew that in comparison with everything else that God created within the Super Universe, our entire Realm is no bigger than the point of a needle! 

To help wrap your mind around this concept, consider how science is now able to make a computer chip (that can hold an infinite amount of information)no bigger than a microscopic sliver of metal.  Well, God (the ultimate scientist of all) can store "His technology" in an even better way!   Perhaps this gives us even more dimension as to why Jesus said, "The Kingdom is within!"

Does God always hear our prayers? 

Absolutely!  God is the Spark of Light we hold within our Spiritwhich also gives us the ability to have physical life. 


If God is this Sparkthen why wouldn't our Maker hear us? 

Have you ever been around a body that is no longer alive (whether a person or an animal) and felt for their energy?  You know they are not there any more because, not only has their core energy or Spirit left their body ... the Spark of God is gone too.  You know this is true as you clairsentiently and inwardly compare the Spark that you hold within yourself, with theirs.

As I witnessed my life-review, I relived all the many times I had asked God for help (with certain issues in my life) and I also observed myself lose hope over and over againthinking that God had either not heard me or didn't care.  From the view point of Heaven, I saw that quite the opposite was true!  I saw that every time I made a request to God, the Universal powers around me were literally moving both Heaven and Earth to help me manifest my request!  Only what I did not know at the time was that much of the things I had asked forwere being scheduled to happen in later lifetimes. 

There is a verse in the Bible where Jesus Christ says:

"Ask ... and you shall receive ... knock ... and the door will open!." 

Jesus was able to confidently tell us this because He knew that life is never ending and that our God (who Loves us so much) honors all requests sooner or later, (whether it is in this life or in the next.)  All we have to do in the meantime is have faith that God knows what is best for us.  And if we truly believe thisHeaven will send us a Spirit of Peace to tide us over.

Why is life the way it is?  Sometimes it seems so good and then it gets crazy!

We are "what we are" and "go thru what we go thru" because somewhere, somehowwhether in this life or anotherour Soul asked a questionand in return the Universe gave us back an answer in the form of our current life experience.

It can be said then that our current lives are tailor made by Heaven and the Universal Divine (which is truly alive and acts like a super computerkeeping track of everything) to provide us with all the experience and understanding we require, so that in future existences we will ask fewer questions and have greater amounts of wisdom.

What we do we do in life, we always do (in Spiritual reality) for the sake of higher purposes. When we see this as true, we enjoy the investments we make so much moreand we understand that they are not really based on outcome, but contribution instead.

Why does God schedule certain "dreams," "wishes" or "life-requests" to happen in later lifetimes?

First of all, we are pretty busy down here on Earth, as each of us has tons of duties, responsibilities and spiritual assignments we have to complete before this lifetime is over.  And some of the things we have to do may have been carried over from a another/former existence.  Believe it or not, many of the projects we are working on (in this life) are merely tasks left over from previous (or other) existences considered important to our Soul.  We each have lots to do in this life, working with different people and developing various talentsand the result may be that we will not have enough time to accomplish every new goal or dream before this lifetime is completed.  But!!! we can be confident in knowing that if we ask God for something, God always hears us and wants to make us happy, therefore at sometime (whether it is in this lifetime or another) our wish will be granted.  And when we return back home to the Realm, in this timeless space, we will see and experience all of our collective Selves as if we are experiencing ONE lifetime, having been woven and treaded together like a fine tapestry.

Therefore, we should keep in mind that God always knows when the best or exact time to have us receive a request would be.  Our ego makes us believe that we should have what we want in the instant we made the request (especially during times when it seems we are suffering), but God always knows when 'that something we want' would be more meaningful and have a more lasting impactand these are the times when God usually gives us the desires of our Heart.  You have to keep in mind: Life is a whole lot bigger than our ego mind lets us think it is!  Everything we endure in life is all about expanding our capacitymaking us ready to be able to accommodate even more once a request we made to God arrives. 

So many ask God for something, and because our requests do not immediately manifest it might be easy to think our wish is not coming or that God is not listening.  This is not true.  Once you ask God for somethingit is coming!  God, the Angels and other Divine helpers are always working on your behalf!!  However, you must clearly understand that most of the things we ask for, we are not properly prepared or strong enough to handle once they arrive. So when people ask Heaven to help them manifest a major dream, they must comprehend that the ones' looking after them (their guides) know that if the dream came when they were not truly ready for it, it would crush the person flat!  Therefore, Heaven sends lessons and challenges to help a person develop character and integrity.  Through this process they will become strongergradually, and once their dream or request to God arrives, they will not only be able to hold or carry it, but they will be able to enjoy and thrive in it too!

Some of us may have a dream or a goal we would like to see manifest before this life is over and actually have it happen, while some of us might have to wait to experience our dream in a later life.  No matter, please know that when your wish or dream is supposed to come to you it will, and when it does it will be completely fantastic!  Until then, just realize that other lessons (that you need to experience for your own good) are being learned.

And until you get what you wantmy advice is that you stop searching for or reminding yourself of the evidence of those 'things' that seem to be keeping you separated away from what you want.  Whether you are facing a lack of money, love, good health, weight loss or personal success of any kindstop thinking negatively about these things, as all you will do is block the energy and flow of them coming to you!  The truth is we all eventually manifest what we think about. You will manifest and find the opposition you fear if you KEEP LOOKING for it!  Because without even realizing it, you are subliminally building a case that will judge you unready to receive what you say you wantbecause to the Universe, instead of seeing an open hand to fill ... it will only see a clinched fist! 
Look for your dreamsACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY AND POSITIVELY ... and they will eventually come!  I promise!  God is never unfair and wants to see us all get what we want. 

What about time?  Does it exist at all in Heaven?

No.  During my NDE, I discovered that Heaven is a place where ALL TIME is happening all at once.  

The way I like to think of it is: God is Time and we are the moving hands on our Creators' clock.  While we (the hands) may all seem to be in motion, God (Time) sits perfectly still like a solid foundation or stage for us to live out the dramas' of our lives.

I know that may sound bewildering to some saying that all time is happening at once, and for the sake of writing this book, I would like to be able to say that my trip to the Other Side happened in a kind of sequence, but it didn't.  As I mentioned before, with the exception of a few brief moments (during the beginning and the very end of my NDE) I had what I can only think to call, "an extended eternal moment" where I experienced my own Light travel everywhere and experience everything at once. 

I witnessed my own spiritual essence expand outward, like an exploding sun, and as all the various "rays" went forth, north, south, up, down, east, west and all around (at a supernatural speed much faster than the speed of Light), I was able to take in, process and ultimately recall a tremendous amount of information.  Yet, even now, since having had my NDE, I find that I am still trying to sort and figure out a great deal; and to be perfectly honest, I don't think I will ever be able (in this lifetime) to successfully communicate exactly what happened to me or what I saw and felt within the deepest part of my being.  This is one of the reasons I wanted to wait till I was a little older before I actually published anything pertaining to my experience, as I was hoping that maturity and life experience would help me be able to better explain the event, as well as what I now believe I now know.  But as the demand has so obviously grown, with hundreds of e-mails and thousands of visits on my website every week, I have decided that my years of reflection has been long enough and now I see that it is time for me to prayerfully and faithfully walk forward and put my recollections and understandings down permanently in inkand also in the capable hands of Heaven.  However, even still, as I write these words in this moment ... I realize there is so much more to conceptualize and process.

The deeper I went into Heaven, the more I realized that there is no time.  It simply does not exist in the higher spiritual stations and spheres.  On the other side, there is no night and daynor is there any aging or biological decay.  Absolutely everything that has ever happened, is happening now, or will happen in the future, is all happening right this moment. 

Time, I understood, was created for those who exist in a physical body to help us develop a sense of what is truly meaningful and what is not while we exist and explore life in our physical body.  If we were just to exist with an understanding of timelessness, we humans would more than likely get little to nothing done!  But with a structured system of 'time' in place, (as we observe our own aging and manage the limited amount of energy available to us), we are made to focus our attention toward the details that matter most to our Soul in the moment.  Doing this helps us to maintain a certain pace, as we mentally grow.  Then, as ego induces the idea that we are 'running out of time' somehow the event of fearing age, seems to helps us to consciously prioritize and zoom in on the smaller details of our life. 

The body we live in now, exists in its own time table, however, once we return WHOLLY with Spirit and The Realm, we will have an amazing recollection that we are actually a sum total of many existences, which (as I have explained) are all existing at once. 

Are all our lives occurring here on Earth?  

No, they are all going on RIGHT NOWall over God's Super Universedue to the fact that all beings are intrinsically made of Light; and Light has the ability to divide and subdivide atomically according to the experiences our Higher Self wants to have and see us experience.  The miracle of all this however, is that each stand of Light has its own sense of unique identity.  And the only way to explain why or how this is possible?  GOD IS AMAZING! 



Our spiritual brother, Albert Einstein

A moment happened in the beginning of my experience where Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, came forward to speak with me.  While at first I could not make out his face, by the 'feel' of his energy I knew exactly who he was as soon as he appeared. 

To be perfectly honest, I really never had much of an interest in Einstein before, so I found it interesting that I was seeing him now, and what amazed me at the time was that he seemed to know exactly who I waseven though he died in 1955, 14 years before I was born. 

He explained that he wanted to answer a few questions I was starting to have about some of the codes and scientific theories I was now seeing on the screen held behind me.  He told me it was important for me to fully understand, so I could accomplish my destiny on Earth.  I remember wondering how it was that he could speak of and claim to know of my destiny, when I myself did not have a clue?

As he spoke to me about space, time and relativity I was aware that Einstein had been (and still was) a great teacher who not only had been born to our world, but that he had also come to many other worlds' in God's Super Universe to help them advance in scientific and social understanding.  As his energy stood before me, it was like being near an old friend who just happened to be tremendously brilliant, and what I found completely remarkable was how he was able to explain even the most complex notion in such an easy to understand way. 

Not only was he incredibly kind, sincere and funny; he always seemed to be completely interested in my views.  We started discussing sound and the use of music and harmonies for the purpose of transporting energy into a space. It surprised me that I actually started to believe I knew more about this particular subject than he seemed toand when he showed me a supernaturally displayed diagram of what the Universe looks like before and after sound has entered it, I challenged him in our discussion about the use of tonal dissonance, which led to another discussion about the opening of some sort of time/space portal and the filling of space with atomic, neutrino type matter.  I understood that this matter absorbed and recorded absolutely that happened within the space it filled.  Without thinking, I began speaking about the use of positive and negative energy, and that if too much challenging energy fills a space, the atmosphere becomes tainted and is never as pure as before.  We spoke about Nazi Germany and how the vile actions performed there, when Hitler was in power, forever altered the energies in that part of the world.

Ultimately, Einstein seemed highly interested (and even humored) by my assertions.  And as he saw that I was shocked by my own sudden burst of self confidence, he congratulated me on what he called my "chutzpa" (hut-spa)a word I had never heard before until then, which I later found out was a Yiddish term expressing, "sudden and unexpected boldness."  While our actual conversation seemed brief in comparison with everything else I encountered during my NDE, Einstein did manage to impart a tremendous amount of information to me in a way that I can only call, "telepathic"not only could I hear his thoughts and explanations fully in my mind, I could also see actual multi-dimensional, moving, colorful demonstrations as well.  It was like watching a live documentary that is being broadcast into your mind.  Unfortunately, most of what I was shown is not always easy for me to recall at will, but I am sure it is all still subconsciously with me, because I will sometimes  find myself suddenly able to explain some of the things Einstein showed me on a "as needed" basis during my one-on-one sessionsand then be completely stunned by what I just remembered!.

My lady guide stepped forward, and with Einstein still standing somewhere near-by, she directed my attention toward the screen hanging to my left.  On the screen I watched the beginning of my material existence, where I was a pure, glimmering, baby Soulsurrounded by a tremendous ball of Loving, Golden Light.  Then I witnessed my own spiritual evolution and saw that I had existed long before this present incarnation (where I am now a male human known as Christian Andréason.)  For me, watching the process of living life, after life, after life unfold, was mind blowing!  I undeniably observed that I had lived an innumerable amount of liveswhere I had been born into a human body many, many times as both a woman and a man!  This greatly surprised me because up until this time I had been led to believe (by Christian fundamentalist religion) that not only were multiple incarnations not possiblea Soul could only maintain one gender in Heaven. 

As my attention turned to the screen in the center, I saw how wise, Elder guides watch over us always, and that with every incarnation they send us to the best  places within God's Creation, where we can obtain the most amount of growthaccording to our spiritual needs and over-all Divine purpose. 

There was a moment when I was able to travel though the center screen and quite suddenly I found myself visiting a few of these places and remembered having incarnated into some of them.  A split second later, my attention was focused on the third screen, that was to my rightand as it came to life, I began to see representations of what were to be my future lives.  With both the center screen and the one that was to the right, I actually saw a separate version of myself, three-dimensionallyliving out each incarnation as if it was happening in present time.  Seeing this left me totally spellbound!  

Once more the energy of Albert Einstein came toward me and he explained that in Heaven's reality, there really was no such a thing as "past lives" or "future lives", as from the view point of Heavenall of our incarnations are actually happening all at once!  Einstein taught me how our Spirit is able to divide and subdivide its Self, just like God, as when our Creator formed us, therefore we are able to create a new life for ourselves as our Spirit sees the need.  Einstein said, "We are all like cells in the body of God.  We never go away.  We never leave.  All we do is merely merge our preexisting energy together for the purpose of making new cellswhich ultimately represents an extension of our authentic Spirit."  The process is completely comparable to how a human body or human life regenerates.  Just as we are each extensions of our Earthly parents, we are extensions of our Heavenly parent and Higher Self as well.


The Tunnel

During my NDE, I don't consciously remember traveling down a tunnel, as you hear about in most near-death experiences.  I have talked to many of the most famous NDE people out there (who are still here with us) and I find that even they too have a slight different understanding of tunnels from one another. 

While I was often aware of tunnels and portalsand even heard a few of them whirling beside me ... to be perfectly honest, if I did go through one, I do not remember.

I do, however, recall seeing a rather unusual visual of a guide traveling to a deeper dimension in Heaven, as he was going through a tunnel himself.  As the guide started his journey, I started to see what looked to be a fast moving, swirl of energy stretching down a long, thin, endless drain.  What was odd was while the guide stood in place the entire time, he visually appeared to be becoming smallerwhile at the same time he appeared to be lengthening as he fell deeper into the swirl of energy.  Then all at once, he was gone!   Later, it occurred to me, that what I had seen was this guides' energy traveling through a portal which connected the dimension (or Realm) I was standing inbetween another that held a much faster vibration. 

Intuitively I knew that the guide had not really become smaller, but actually much bigger.  It was my perception of him that seemed 'smaller' because he apparently was traveling to a place that (to me) was very far away from where I was standing in my own consciousness. 

Because of having witnessed this, it is my belief that we each do something very similar when we leave this life and travel to the Other Side.  As we go down the long tunnelour Spirit body of Light shrinks away from our "small" physical body, leaving it behind so that we might reunite with our much bigger body of Light or 'Higher Self' in Heaven.

In truth, "Heaven" is all around us.  It is not just abovebut directly in front, around and even (just as Jesus Christ said) within.  It may be difficult for those who exist in a doubtful mental state of lower vibration to imagine what Heaven is exactly,  but Heaven is certainly here with us (as is God)right here and right now! 


Heaven is our real home!


Now that you have had a near-death experience, are you afraid to die?

No I am notif anything, I am actually excited!   For the rest of my life, I cannot image not considering Heaven as being my real home!  I have a good idea now of what is waiting for meand it is so wonderful!  The only thing that makes me resistant to return too soon is that I want to make sure that I accomplish everything that I was meant to do in this life.  That is very important to me and something I think about quite often. 

And by the way, (just so you know) I do not believe that we die.  I believe we transition.

Do you know what it is you are supposed to accomplish now in life?

I think I know some of it, but everything ... no, I don'tand to be perfectly honest, I don't want to know everything I am destined for.  There would be no point to be being here otherwise. 

I do know I am meant to help people, to be a teacher or guide when permitted, to work with music, help influence and impact culture and obviously write down or talk about what I believe I know of the Spirit, while at the same time I develop and deepen my own intuition.  

I believe I am meant to try and figure out life on certain levels, like one would try to resolve a crossword puzzle, so that I might help give clues to others' about the possibilities of their lives.  Yet, I also know I am not supposed to take myself or this life so seriously, that I get to the point I no longer enjoy it.  So from this perspective, I tend to see life as a kind of game that can sometimes be quite challenging or fun.  However, the goal,  is to seek to infuse every single day with as much Love and goodness as I can squeeze from my intention and give away freely.

So, from that standpoint, I know I am here to be a friend.  I was shown very clearly in Heaven that nothing is more important than Loving the people God puts in our livesand doing this with all of our Heart!  Even when we are hurting.  Everyone that is here is here for a reason.  Even the difficult people!  God put us all here to help take care of each other.  Learning how to do this makes us a better Soul. 

I am here (as are the rest of us) to learn how to be a better Soul.  By intentionally working on this ideal consciously, not only will I help reshape my own life, I will shift the outcome of this world and all of God's Super Universe.

Does Heaven know when we are going to die?

The time, method and place of our passing is always known way in advance by our Elders and guides, as well as by our own Higher Self before it actually happens.  This process (which is centered around what will give us the most spiritual growth) was fully discussed, mapped out and then agreed upon before we incarnated into these bodies.

Who will be there when I arrive?

Your relatives, friends and even former beloved pets (who are now on the other side) will be telepathically alerted to your impending transition; you will be able to depend on them to greet you as soon as your arrival back into the Realm occurs, should that be the wish of you and your Higher Self. 

When I pass away from my body where is it that my Soul will go? 

We each return to the spherical space in the Realm we last came from (prior to this incarnation) which exists within the center of Heaven or what I refer to as, "The Wheel of Destiny".  Our guides will be waiting for us there, ready to help us through our life review, and once that is completed, we go before our elders, who give us further instruction and enlightenment about the physical lives we just encountered.  Then we usually join a group of fellow Souls (we are close to within the Realm also known as our Soul Family) or we spend some time on our own in a very pleasant or tranquil place within the Realm or God's Super Universe our Soul appreciates.

How do we get to where we are going in the Realm?

Everything in God's Super Universe is regulated by vibration, electrical current and frequency. The higher our Soul's level of vibration and frequency, the higher and further we are able travel throughout the Divine Realms and God's Super Universe.  What is interesting about the Realm is that our energy automatically brings us right to the place that either most interests us or resembles our own energy.

What about God's vibration?

Our Creator vibrates at an absolute level that is so fast that He actually sits perfectly still!  Yet God spans past all space, time and His entire Creation without having to even lift a single finger or move the central part of His own energy!   When thinking of the  frequency, vibration and energy of Father God, I can only share with you that it is incomprehensible, as it is constantly ever-expanding upward in pitch.

What does the inside of Heaven look like?

Glorious! There are great cities very similar to the ones we live in now, only these places have great harmony and balance to them. I saw one city that was made entirely of gold and precious stones.  It actually glowed! One city that always stays in the back of my mind is a great metropolis made entirely out of what looked to be sapphires. It glows with the most luminous blue and white Light. It reminds me of a white Christmas tree with beautiful blue glass balls. I had a knowing that this place was where Loving Christ-like communicators choose to gather and exchange thoughts. There is a tremendous amount of Love and Grace in Heaven. No matter where you go, the feeling of Love and Joy is everywhere. There is no other place you would rather be.

Is there a special place where we stay in Heaven?

The point to incarnating in a physical body is so that once we are done, we can then explore the many worlds and places of wonder within the Realm. However, each of us is allowed a sacred space there, (where we can make a home for our Soul), if we desire to. (I will explain more about this below.)

How does Heaven change in appearance?

The higher up you go in Heaven, the more it becomes impossible to give a human description. I try to explain it by saying there are flashes of Light and brilliant colors of every spectrum everywhere. In fact the colors that are in Heaven are more brilliant than the ones we have here on Earth. There are healing tones that play incredible music, which all together form one single sacred song. There is such tremendous LOVE, PEACE and JOY there that you can think of no other place you would rather be. There is no way to really describe the high Heavens. It has to be experienced by the individual. And all individuals will have this experience when they are ready and it is time for them.

Who goes to Heaven?

In the endbelieve it or not (sigh of relief) everyone gets to come home!  I know some people will have a hard time hearing this.  Especially those who believe that people who do evil deserve damnation.  But you must understand; Heaven does not think as we do.  Heaven is a place of ultimate LOVE!  They want nothing more than to see us healed and restored should we have been damaged by evil.  And to Heaven, those who are hurt by evil or even seen as Souls' who actually do it ... are all seen as individuals who are hurting in the worst wayand in need to repair.  Also, do you honestly think Jesus would have asked us to forgive, serve and Love one another without hesitationif Heaven does not do that as well?  Think about it.

Understand, God has a perfect system of justice.  What comes around, always goes around.  No one ever gets away with anything.  I can promise you that!  What we do not rectify and make right in this life, we will have to accomplish in the next one.  The great Christian teacher from India, Paramahansa Yogananda, believes that Heaven does not usually allow us to remember former incarnations because of the challenging Karma we may have endured before.  He says, there is no greater "hell" than the hell we create for ourselves though the perpetration of unloving behavior.  The energy of such deeds always comes to find us in later lives.

When we have learned how to become individuals that base our entire existence and consciousness around manifesting LOVE, we then become capable of entering the domain of the higher Realms of Heaven while also understanding how Heaven thinks.  In the Bible, it is written, "Our thoughts are not like God's thoughtsand our ways are not like God's ways."   And without the energy of Love permeating our being fully, we will never even come close to thinking like God.

The bottom line is this: until we practice Love consistently, we will only go so far until we are made to incarnate somewhere in God's Super Universe again and again (unlimited times) until we finally learn our lesson.  Until then, we will be allowed to come back home to various parts of the Realm temporarily, so that we can be refreshed, refurnished and taught by our elders, Soul Family and our guides.  But once we are done, it is off to work we go!

But what about the people who ALWAYS do bad things in life?

First of all, when we make errors in life, God does not see us as bad people, but Souls who are in need to enlightenment.

If we do harm to others or ourselves in life, God sends us to a place or future incarnation that will ultimately show us why doing such things is wrong.   These lifetimes tend to be very severe.

You can trust that when God or Heaven sends you somewhere to learn something, the lesson will be learned soon enough!

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"What goes on in the "Divine Realm?"

Lots of things! Individuals are laughing, relaxing and enjoying one another's company. Some are off working together in pairs (or larger), so that they might bring a new concept or idea, or accomplish a Divinely intended goal for the planet. Some are off to themselves reflecting in far away, peaceful places and learning how to work with and trust the power they hold within them. Others form close-knit groups and enjoy learning together as they are taught by various Loving, advanced teachers and guides of Spirit. The Realm is a real happening place I can tell you that! I always laugh when I think of society's image of Heaven as little cherubs sitting around playing harps on clouds. Ahhhh ... it's a whole lot more intense than that!

Who can see Heaven or the Divine Realm?

Anyone can see it.

Even in the body?

Yep. Even in the body. You will be amazed to find out that some of the things you "thought you saw" (but thought your mind was playing tricks on you) were actually things Heaven was helping you see on Earth. Again, the higher up you go in your capacity to hold Love and Light in your Soul, the greater the chance your spirit will reside long enough in your body to help your consciousness become open enough to help you see and understand the Realm.

How can I learn how to see it?

Every time you choose to participate in a LOVING THOUGHT, you are manifesting the feeling of HEAVEN ON EARTH. The reason most are so unsure about the place from which we all came is because we have not yet learned to LOVE ourselves or one another enough. Once we learn how to LOVE enough and keep this LOVE perpetual, we will build up a tremendous inner Light and this Light will be used to help us see glimpses into Heaven. Not only will you be able to see or sense spiritual things, you will also understand how to work through issues that trouble you in your life.

For many, seeing or sensing Spiritually can happen quite suddenly. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ALLOW the peace, presence and Joy of Almighty God to wash over you like a warm, gentle, flowing stream of water. Concentrate on this feeling for as long as you are able.  Just imagine to your best ability what the word "JOY" might mean to you. If you feel doubt or have "jumbled" emotions about this word, it could mean that you are holding guilt, shame or unforgiveness in your Soul. These things have no place in the Realm of God!  Let them go now.  Think only what it means to LOVE and be LOVED.  Be patient.

What will I see when I seek to see Heaven?

Some report to having seen their silver cord, some see white flashes of Light, some see tunnels of dark blue or violet with a lovely blue pastel colors toward the end. Some of you may even see moving figures, buildings, colorful flower gardens or even great celestial cities. Others report having amazing consciousness expanding thoughts come to them which help them to understand their lives, the world and the ultimate plan of God better.  Sky is the limit for what you can experience!  That is the wonder of Heaven...

Do we have a home in Heaven?

As a matter of fact, (as I said before) I saw that we do (should we want one) and this home  held in the Astral Realmcan be any size and as wonderful as we wish it to be!

It can be a quaint cottage or it can even be a huge mansion.  Real estate is not an issue in Heaven!  If you can think it, it can be done.  What many of us fail to realize is that each of us DOES have the ability to manifest any visualization into material form.  In Heaven, because all things are made from the essence of pure LIGHT, this process is actually done quite easily.

In Heaven, we each have the ability to sculpt density into the Light (using concentration) and this is how we create 'form' throughout the Realm. We do this by lightly focusing (or pressing) with our intention.

You would be amazed at how much you could accomplish here on Earth once you master the art of concentration!  Everything mentally comes down to one single wordintention.  In Heaven holding intention is fairly easy because we can so easily tap into others around us who think and feel as we do.  Here on Earth, this process is far more difficult!  This is one of the reasons we incarnated here.  We wanted to learn how to sharpen our individual intentions. 

Our intentions are everything, as they dictate our future.  But if they are too spastic, undecided or doubted, our energy becomes fragmented and diluted, and our ability to bring something tangible into form becomes near impossible.  Therefore, it is important to really focus and concentrate on those things we believe we want and need.

What did your house look like in Heaven?

While this is very personal to me, I saw that I had a house made entirely of what looked to be rubies.  These precious stones were affixed to the walls in the hundreds of thousands to millions.  Maybe this explains my absolute obsession with the color ruby red! 

I saw that there was furniture in the house,  similar to what we have here on Earth, only it seemed to be more round and futuristic; and interestingly it had a great deal of cushion!  Surprisingly, texture is apparently something that can be felt in Heaven.  In fact, all of our five senses are very much the same as on Earth, only in Heaven, they are far more developed to an unimaginable degree.  We have the ability to smell, see, hear, touch (and get ready for this)EVEN TASTE!!!!  

The one thing about the home I think about the most, is that it had a lovely, flowing stream that moved through the actual house and into a lovely, lush, floral garden in the back.  The sound of bird song was everywhereand I absolutely adore bird song!  And while I do not recall ever seeing any of my beloved pets in Heaven, I remember that they meet us in the garden (as well as anyone else we might wish to see) once we cross over after our lifetime is completed. 

Another thing I always wonder and think about, I question whether or not the back of all of our homes in Heaven all share this same stream and gardenthe reason I wonder this is because it was in this place that I met a personage I call, "The Guardian of the Garden" who I knew looked after all the Souls who visited this tranquil space in Heaven.  I guess I will have to wait and see for sure!

How are we prepared for our incarnations?

Everything that we experience in Heaven always has a gigantic and well orchestrated plan behind it.  And there are a vast number of beings and angelic workers take great delight and feel incredibly privileged to help us discover ourselves and determine who we are to become.


The 7 Realms of Development


From Heaven I remembered that before each of us are sent forth into our various incarnations or missions; we were first taught and instructed within many of the various compartments of God's Great Ream. 

For those who are preparing for incarnations in a humanoid form there are approximately 7 levels to graduate from.  Each of these spaces constitutes a special enclosure within the Realm, much like a small suburb or township, that exists within a cityrepresenting a specific compartment utilized for Soul-based training. 

Each is energetically colored and seen by the Spirit to coordinate with the various 7 hues of the rainbow.  Because of this, there exists a Red hued Realm, an Orange Realm, a Yellow Realm, a Green Ream, a Blue Realm, an Indigo/Pink Realm and then lastly, there is the Violet Realm. 


In the Red Realm we will have just come from having been manifested and incubated as an individual Spirit by God.  Once we are aware of our own uniqueness, we go before Elder Spirits who assign to us guides.  These wise Spirits who are much more evolved than us, usually remain with us for our entire incarnation process.  While we get to know them, we visually tour all of God’s creation and are taught one-on-one about all the vast purposes and intentions that each part of God’s Creation can provide for a visiting Soul.  It is during this time of tremendous growth that we are educated about the different worlds, creeds and cultures that exist. Our time in this Realm helps us to build up our inner confidence in ourselves, while we look to those we know we can trust.  Not only is it a time of questions and answers, it is a process that makes you grateful to God and full of awe as you realize just how wonderful the Creator is to have given you the gift of life.  The Red Realm infuses a Soul with tremendous energy and helps give them the courage to have their own sense of identity and unique perspective.  Some Souls having had difficult or traumatic incarnations  often return here to the Red Realm to be nurtured by the more feminine, Mothering force of God so that they might be re-infused with vast amounts of positive energy.

In the Orange Realm we are introduced to many other Souls who share similar energies to our own.  Socially we co-mingle with one another until we are eventually divided up into schools or various groupings called, “Soul Families”all according to our mutual gifts and interests.  It is here, in the Orange Realm that we mutually begin developing our creativity and intellect, while also learning how to manifest our own personal, unique feelings and impressions about God’s Super Universe in a group setting, with other like minded Souls.  This is a very happy place in the Realm and a great deal of fun.  With our Soul family in tow, our group guides will often take us out to explore specific parts of this Realm which help us to prepare for what it will be like to interact with othersdifferent from ourselves.  After every incarnation, we always return here to parts of this Realm to discuss our mutual successes and our failures, as well as our future intentions with our Soul Family.

In the Yellow Realm we separate away from our Soul familyand part ourselves at a distance from the opinions and view points of other Souls.  This event helps us to grow in wisdom.  For brief periods, we are encouraged by teachers and guides who pass through this Realm.  Masters and specialists of every kind of incarnation you can think of speak to us from a place of authentic experience. Their job is to help us truly begin to a refine and cultivate our own perceptions.  While they only visit with us for periods of time (so as not to overly intrude upon our solitude, which is vital for our development) their time with us is deeply important.   We are taught, reminded and cautioned about potential difficulties, pitfalls and challenges we either have or might eventually encounter … even before having ever experienced such things.  The life books of Soul's our teachers want us to know about are shown to us here and as this happens, we are allowed to step into a kind of simulation that helps us to experience what it might have been like to have been that individual.  It is here in the Yellow Realm that we also have our life reviews and once it is over, we are left to ourselves to play out some of the memories from our former incarnation ... so that we might reflect about who we are and who we see ourselves becoming. 

The Green Realm is often used as a point of re-entry into the spiritual Realm once a physical incarnation is completed, and many Souls will return to Heaven via this portal ... as this is where the deepest and most spiritual form of individual contemplation occurs.  There are no teachers or guides here; Only A Great Master... a warmly compassionate and engaging personage, who exists as a  flowing and rippling form of bright Light.  This Being is never far away from us so that we always have a friend who is instantly available for us to walk, talk and hash out our inner most concerns with.  This event all happens within the confines of a magnificent, lush, never ending garden that is filled with every kind of beautiful aspect of nature a person could never imagine—even in their wildest dreams.  I feel it important to note that this garden always retains the same look and feel for everyone who visits there.  As our wonderful and beloved Light Being friend speaks to us (once we show readiness) the vital importance of Love is shared with us and why it is our ultimate destiny to learn how to use and cultivate Love as often as possible.  We are shown aspects of the Creator’s Light, which exists as a spirit of Love we have within ourselves.  It’s tremendous healing and restorative power is revealed to us—as we are encouraged to utilize it as soon as it occurs to us to do so; especially during times where our physical incarnations begin to appear difficult.  Before we leave the Green Realm, the Being of Light gives us a special blessing and a vibrational signature is then placed upon us, so that in the moments of our darkest hours … we will never completely forget who we are or where we came from.  Christ’s voice calls out to us through this signature: ”You belong to me and I belong to you.  The Light of God is your true home and the Light is where you will one day return once your quest is completed.  Love is your greatest power.  Learn to use it well.”

In the Blue Realm we reunite with our guides and Soul family.  We also find old friends from the Orange Realm here, as well as advanced workers of Spirit intermingling with us.  We gather all together to listen to one another—to share newly conceived ideas and concepts that were obtained during our time of independent contemplation.  The Blue Realm is a phenomenal place of wonder. It is a fun place of invention and advanced creativity.  Many Soul's who are often in between incarnations come here and enjoy the exciting and active setting as their vacation away from physical life.  Older Souls share stories and experiences with younger Souls and sometimes some of these meetings present opportunities where new friendships are forged and future incarnations are planned.  It is in this location within the Realm that we imagine what 'our Heaven' should look and feel likeand everyone who inhabits this Realm is always involved, at least on some level in the process of constructing the Heaven we all dream together.  At the center most part of this Realm, we manifest an ever growing metropolis that is based around many different architectural images, which often resemble the same familiar traditional, Roman/Greek classic and modern, futuristic buildings we have become familiar with here on Earth.  In fact, all design and reproduction that occurs here has always first come from the Blue Realm.  Once something is manifested in this Realm, it lasts forever.

In the Indigo Realm, we enter into more of a serious state where we learn how to concentrate to use more fully the gift God gave us to manifest our ideas into actual form--to an even more advanced level.  It is here in the Indigo Realm, under the supervision of our guides that learn just how powerful our own thoughts can be.  As this occurs, we are allowed to work independently or as a group, practicing our skill at using our own energy to sculpt astral density into form, all so that an actual reality, of our own creation, might occur right before our very eyes.  It is in this deep, warm, blue, starry cosmos, that we learn exactly what kind of energy it takes for us to be able to produce an object or an outcome, and because of this, we learn how to better cultivate our thoughts so that once we are put into a physical flesh body, we will be able to, at some point, truly manifest what we say we desire.  There are many sacred schools of learning here and it is in this Realm we learn about some of the more mystical aspects of God's Super Universe.


The Violet Realm is a marvelous astral projection of what we mutually believe and desire for God’s Throne room to look like.  It is here that we are infused with an "I can do" spirit, while respectfully meeting and and being met by the Beings of the Highest order within Heaven: such as The Grand Elders (who are among the oldest of our Creation and exist as a kind of panel of wise Souls who guide our guides) and the Arch Angels (who all help to shepherd us in all our many existences and lifetimes).  Once our meetings are completed, it is then understood that we have accomplished the necessary preparation needed to begin incarnating into the physical Realms within God’s Super Universe.  It is now time for us to leave the schooling, restoration and healing rooms and Realms of Heaven.

However, there is one final stop that must happen.  As we are brought further into the Violet Realm… Our guides walk us into a vast domed Cathedral of Light.  This is the moment we have all been waiting for and the excitement we feel is enormous!  It is here in this gigantic room, which radiates pure golden Light and is bigger than a stadium … that we re-encounter the very essence of The One who brought us and all Creation forward. 

A kind of graduation ceremony begins, as each one of us is gently lifted up and levitated toward our Creator’s massive presence so that we can be adored. 

We are each spoken to privately.  No one hears the conversation that is shared between us and God.  The Almighty reveals His thoughts to us about the unique purpose and reason our Spirit was brought forth from His womb and into existence.  Yet, as this happens, it is clearly understood that no one’s purpose is any less than any others, as everyone is destined to play out a vital part to The Creator’s phenomenal and eternal plan. 

And while God knows we are more than likely to take many different roads and alternative paths to get to that final outcome, The Almighty knows, absolutely and confidently… that we will indeed arrive back home victorious! 

Many individuals whose primary purpose it is to serve the world in ministry spend a tremendous amount of time here in between incarnations.  The energy and presence of God fills them with the faith necessary to strive to deliver a replication of God's Love to those who look upon them for guidance and leadership.


Chapter 4 - Questions and Answers,


Did you see Angels?

Yes, I did see Angels and know that they most definitely exist, exactly as we imagine them to.  Yet Angels, just like God, can greatly differ in their physical presentation. 

During my NDE, I was aware that Angels were always everywhere ... however; though Angels seemed very important to me and my own personal mission here on Earth, Angels (those we think of as the winged ones) were not the focal point during my near-death experience. Of course, I knew that they were always somewhere in the background, watching and Lovingly serving in any way they possibly could.

One of my favorite memories from my NDE was when I found myself standing in what I believe to have been the highest Heaven my Spirit is currently able to reach.  As I looked up, I saw the most awesome celestial event of dark purple and blue. I saw thousands of Angels with many eyes and wings shining through a kind of veil and looking down on me. These beings were interconnected and formed a gigantic circle and I knew that they were of great importance to God. I saw these beings as the keepers and guardians of all knowledge. They were absolutely gigantic and I had a knowing that they could instantly evaporate anything (that has been formed from fear and darkness) with a single thought. But as they looked upon me, I felt such tenderness, compassion, safety and LOVE. Their greatest concern was always for my happiness and that I be pleased with what I was being told and shown.

How many Angels do each of us have?

As many as we need.  I have come to understand that most of us have two or even three helpers. These Angels mostly come in the form of guides. However, winged guardian Angels (who come from the Angelic Realm) are never far away and always have a watchful eye on us to make sure nothing prevents us from accomplishing our Divine purpose.  And believe me when I tell you that nothing can stop them once they are headed toward a beacon of Light that has just shot up into the Heavensfrom a believer who is saying an earnest prayer! 

Speaking of beacons of Light: My dear friend, Betty J. Eadie saw in her near-death experience (as written in her wonderful book, "Embraced by the Light") that no prayer is more respected than a prayer that has been issued by a Mother.  Deep down, I know this is true, as I understood that Heaven sees all Mothers as the ultimate co-creators of God's Super Universe.  Mothers are given tremendous gifts of the spirit and act literally as Angels on earth for their childrenshould they choose to step into and acknowledge this role.  Because of this a Mother who loves her children tends to manifest mega amounts of Light around them that potentially bless their entire family.  Also, a Mother's touch has great power!  It can shift atomic matter to its very core.  And should it be the will of God, this touch can heal dis-ease and/or put a protective barrier of Light around a child.  It is for this reason, that I believe that all parents should do all they can to maintain being close to God (at Heart) and practice the laying of hands on their children, while at the same time speaking blessings over them.

Note:  I also saw in my NDE that their are some Souls' come here to act as Earth Mothers to the world.  These amazing people can come in the form of nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, healers, politicians/law-makers or gentle representatives of various religious ordersetc.  These individuals (whether man or woman) are often afforded the same kind of spiritual abilities, as afforded to a good Motheras Heaven allows and sees fit.  The nun famously known as, "Mother Theresa" who worked most of her life in the impoverished streets of Calcutta, India is a wonderful example of an Earth Mother.

Who are our guides and what are their roles in our lives?

Our guides are what I call our wingless Angels. They are our most cherished friends and supporters in Heaven. They never leave our sidenever for a single second!  In fact, what many do not know is that somewhere right here on Earth, in our families or somewhere in a line of dear personal friends, there is always one who acts as a Heavenly go between for us and the Realm. Hence the verse, "Angels walk among you unaware!"

Also, I think it is important for us to consider the Hebrew meaning behind the world, "Angel."

Ang = "Being"

El = "Of The Light"

Essentially you could say that when we have the energy of Love in our livesand are growing with it dailythat we become powerful "Beings ... of The Light."

So with Love  ... We are all Angels.

Did you meet Jesus?  Who is he to you?

During the latter part of my near-death experience, I found myself walking in a beautiful garden with a Being whose Lightbody was significantly brighter than my own.  And even though there was no evidence of gender, this particular Being felt very masculine to me.

I was standing in this garden when all of the sudden I was aware of someone behind me.  As I turned around, I felt a wonderful, unassuming energy easily and quickly merge with my own.  Yet at the same time, I found that I was acutely aware of my own identity and uniqueness.  This surprised me as it was evident to me that this Being was clearly far more advanced and powerful than methis individual's Light and energy had what I can only think to call "a nuclear" quality to it, which could clearly take over my energy and Light and reassemble it completely!  But even with this possible, I knew it would never happen as he embraced me and accepted me just as I was.  Soon I recalled that this same personage was the one who had counseled me before ... in the Green Realm.  While being with 'Him' I felt incredibly happy, safe and peacefuland from that moment forward, I began to think of the Being as, "The Guardian of the Garden."  

I will always remember and intuit the Guardian as being very kind, brilliant, funny, sensitive, polite, wise and intensely humble.  One could never imagine having a more perfect friend!  While the Guardian and I walked thru the lush garden, I saw that it was filled with every colorful flower imaginable.  Vibrant chirping birds and shimmering waterfalls that plunged into vast crystal blue pools of singing water were everywhere.  I recall a moment when I ran to one of the pools and put my hands and arms in and reached as far under the water as I could.  My reach seemed limitless and yet, I knew that in truth there was no bottom.  As I lift the water up and splashed it against my face, I could actually sense it was alive as I listened to all the many different harmonious tones coming from it.  The sensation was not a damp wet feeling at all, but rather, cool, smooth and soothing.

The Guardian leaned down to talk to me.  We spoke about many things, but what I recall the most was him conveying our Creator's intentions for the World, and all the many Super Universes' and Heavens' that surround us.  He shared with me how everything and everyone is connected, and even with one part missing, everything in all Creation would fall completely to pieces.  The vibrations behind the Guardian's teachings greatly stimulated my spiritual mind; to the point I could actually feel a kind of tickling or buzzing sensation going on all around me.  A moment came where we were both lifted upward.  I knew this was happening so I could view the entirety of the Creator's Garden from above.  I saw that the garden is immense and from a visual standpoint, has no end!  I commented about all the many different kinds of flowers I was seeing and the Guardian reminded me that each and every flower within the garden actually represented a single Soul who had incarnated within God's Super Universe.  I was told that the garden is a reminder to all who choose to walk within it of God's great Love and devotion to all Creation.  The Guardian also warned me not to allow myself to become too infatuated with the colorful blooms of the flowers, but to consider the plain looking stalk which holds the bloom up for all to see.  The Guardian told me that the stalk was actually just as important as the bloom itself, as the bloom (which lives to ultimately drop seeds) is a testament to the longevity and staying power of the stalk.  The Guardian then told me that when we faithfully endure the storms and challenges of life, our "stalk" (or Soul) is gradually made thicker and more solid, and in timeit will hold a gigantic "bloom" (or Spirit) for all creation to see and enjoy.  "The power of unconditional Love, the search for wisdom, faith in God's plan, charity and the pursuit of Joy" the Guardian told me, "is what causes our stalk to bloom beautiful flowers and drop the seeds of destiny, thus yielding a beautiful and colorful life!" 

And then the Guardian said something that has stayed with me.  He said:

"We are all ONE and walking in the Garden of God."

Since having had my NDE, I have walked with the Guardian in this same garden (during dreams and meditations) many times.  And while this Being never gives himself an actual name ... I have come to believe that the Guardian is somehow connected to the man we know and call, Jesus Christ.  The reason I believe this to be true is because of quite a few spiritual experiences I have had since my NDE that have to do with Jesus and (for me personally) the evidence is undeniable.  (Perhaps, I will write about and share these experiences, which are intensely personal to me, at a later date.)

Yet, what I do not mind sharing and find absolutely fascinating is that while many people have met and seen the actual personage of Jesus during a NDE or other spiritual experience, for me, that did not happen. Jesus did not reveal Himself to me, not until a few years later.  But I have come to believe that this was intentional on Heaven's part.

Rather than me finding Jesus in Heaven ... first, I guess, He wanted me to find him in life!   And I am glad that it happened this way.  Because now, I have a much greater appreciation for exactly "who" Jesus is to me.  I Love this man with all of my Heart ... and this Love is not a religious Love, but rather, a huge respect.  If you come to my house you would probably notice that I have some kind of rendering of Jesus in almost every room, along with many pictures of people who are close to me.  For me personally, Jesus Christ is like a really close family member.  One of my best friends.  Someone I love just as much as my close loved ones here on Earth.  Maybe more...

As I look at His history and study His life, I see that He truly is the way, the truth and the life, as His ways shine forth the route we must all take in lifeif we want to to live in and experience "The Light" more fully while we are still in human form.  And that "route" is to learn how to Love (and forgive) ourselves and all others with all our might! 

Today,  I now see Jesus Christ as my principal guide.  He is the one leading me now.  Talking to me always; in my waking hours and in my sleep.  He is there telling me when I need to calm down when I am upset or asking me to go speak with someone I may have just noticed when I walked into a room.  How do I know it is Him?  I just do.  Just like how I know the feeling of others I care about when they are sharing the same space as me.  They give off there own energyand Jesus gives off His own.  I am sure that anyone who has ever experienced Him knows exactly what I am saying.  His energy on the Earth plain has a very solid feel to it.  He is very good  ... right to his core.  So when He relays something to you, you absolutely know it would be incredibly foolish to ignore Him.

As for my other Heavenly guides, for many years now (since my experience) I have managed to stay in off-and-on again contact with them, however, I know it is not their way to make themselves readily apparent to me on a personal level in every day life.  There is still too much I have yet to learn  and they are not about to make my journey too easy for me!

So my advice to those of you who are seeking to know your angels or your guides, trust me when I tell you ... in the deepest part of your core, you know them already!  But before they can truly reveal themselves to you, you must learn how to suppress your ego-based, chattering mind.  You must prove to them that your greatest aim in life is not to run away from the things that challenge you (that you chose to experience before you came here) and into escapist type behaviors, but to hold onto inner, Divine courage as you seek to make a path to try and find your true Spirit in this lifetime!


What do you know about Christ, as being the Son of God?

I think it is very important to start off by saying that I fully saw and understood in Heaven that we are ALL the children of God. Each and every one of us plays a vital role on this planet. No one is seen as insignificant or is unloved. I understood that to be called a son or daughter of God, means that you have matured fully in all the ways of LOVE.

Jesus IS the great leader for all the Sons and Daughters of God, especially those who follow the Christian faith. It has been made very clear to me that Jesus does not want anyone bowing down to Him and being subservient. In fact, what Christ truly wants us to feel is that we are worthy to walk right beside Him. Only through our agreement to walk beside Christ can there be any real progress made in our lives and in the world.

Why would you recommend that someone get to know Christ?

For many years, I had no clue who this man Jesus Christ was. Oh, I was raised up to be a Christian alrightbut I never really understood who Christ really was, at least not until about 3 years after my experience.  Before then, I guess I found too many in Christianity come off as haughty and oppressiveand because of this I wanted to distance myself as far away from the faith as I could!  But in the process, I also distanced myself from Jesus, the teacher of Love, and that was unfortunate! It was not Jesus' fault that so many who 'said' they subscribed to the Lord of Love's ways ... came off acting like they had a board up their backside! Perhaps if I had had better examples of Christ-Love as a child, I would have understood the Lord when I was first taught to believe in him, but that was not in the cards for me.

So now, I never EVER judge anyone if they are unsure about what they feel when it comes to God, Christ or the Bible. I have foundyou cannot rely on humankind or a single book to reveal God to you ... you have to seek these things out with all your whole heart and let the Holy Spirit be your guide.   I truly believe that this is what God wants for all of us.

How did you finally come to know Christ?

One morning, after having suffered from several weeks of terrible depression ... I came to a point of desperation, where I wanted to see the truth about Christ, and so I finally askedand the Holy Spirit showed and reminded me of what I subconsciously knew deep down in my Soul, but because of the low vibrational circumstances I was surrounded by, had forgotten:

Christ is the Light and Essence of God ... that we each hold within us and who we will awaken to when we choose to embody a Loving lifestyle. The more we do such a thing (and put faith- based Love into practice) the better our lives will become and the more we will reveal this inner Light to ourselves and others.  It was then revealed to me that if I would put more energy into Loving and serving others, that the depression I was experiencing would be made to decrease because I would once again illuminate with enough Light that would help vanquish the darkness I was experiencing inside myself at the time. 

I was told by the Holy Spirit, "When in doubt ... always follow Him!  Follow Christ!  HE WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU REALLY WANT TO GO!"

What about the people who say they are Christian ... but are not very loving?

A great number of people on the planet may think they know Christ, but it is clear that they do not. They have not yet passed the Love test. You can always tell who has Christ and who does not ... simply by watching how a person consistently treats people. Sure, some people might have a bad day or two and totally blow their cool, but I am talking about a person who in their heart has a sense of urgency to want to Love on and Joyously Serve others, and not just the ones who look or behave attractivelybut all people. A person filled with the Christ Light will always see that every Soul on this planet is a precious child of our Creator and will always do his or her best to Love with all their might!

YOU WILL ALWAYS HEAR ME SAY THIS OVER AND OVER: LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO! I cannot say it enough, because LOVE is the ONLY path to understanding God and Christ in Heaven. The more you use it and put it into practicethe more you will evoke the Spirit of the living God in you and see this for yourself. I would Love it if you understood God and Christ better, so that you would once and for all see that Love is an awesome energyit's a tool that makes you more powerful than you could ever imagine! Another vital thing to understand about Loveit also shows you that you and all others are worthy to call out to God or Christ and receive help at anytime. Not only will the Light of God come, but Angels will come running too. We may not see the manifestation of this all at once, but God is always thereespecially when we call!

Another reason I really want some of you to consider Christ, is if by some chance you feel like you get lostespecially before or during the actual time of your physical death. You can call on Christ and He will come for you!  The absolute truth is: He is there with you already.  But sometimes we need to strongly declare our intentions with all of our Heart in order to see what has been there in front of us, all along!

What about the fact that Christian religion says we are to worship God and/or Christ?

Too many do not understand the difference between "worship" and spending time in the presence of God Almighty. If you want to bask in absolute appreciation for our Creator's Love and Goodness, then that is wonderful!  Doing this will only empower you to see that you are a very precious child in God's Creation. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength! I always encourage those I work with Spiritually (all of my one-on-ones) to seek out and spend time every day in the presence of God. Nothing can be better! But some believe that unless they are face down on the floor or performing some repellant activity or major form of sacrifice, that they are not properly worshiping or "earning" God's Love. I saw very clearly in Heaven that God expects nothing of the sort from us ...and that we need not seek to earn anything from God, because everything has already been given! 

HOWEVER ... WE ARE HERE TO HAVE ABSOLUTE RESPECT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD and OPEN OURSELVES TO RECEIVE GOD'S LOVE, SO THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO GIVE LOVE TO OTHERS! In fact, if you really want to know what true worship looks like, it is how you treat others, when you are kind and gracious with them.  Nothing means more to God than when we are purposefully good to others.  Even when our ego tells us they do not deserve it!

Modern day religion has no real concept of just how humble God and Christ are. If they did, they would never utter one single unloving word to any fellow child of God! 

As for me, (as I have already mentioned) I personally chose to see Jesus, the Christ, as the true example of what a true Child of God should be look and be like.  I also personally believe that in His Divinity, Jesus, The Christ is perhaps the greatest man that has yet to walk the planet. I know in my Heart of Hearts that each and every one of us aspires to become the same.  After my experience, I found the scripture in the Bible where Christ said, "Great things I have done, but greater you will do!" Jesus said this because he wants us to join him in relationship to God.  When it comes to his years of service and dedication to all others'I have nothing but total respect and LOVE for this man, Jesus. And I do not mind sharing that it is my ultimate goal to become as much like Him as possibleeven when I feel I am sometimes far away from accomplishing such a vision.  But I cannot give up or give in, as I deeply intuit that following Him and His ways will always lead me to the Peace and Love I so deeply want to unlock, use and know in my own Soul.  For me, Jesus truly is the key that opens me up my inner door to the Father.  But I know that before the Father can be fully revealed in and rise to meet me, I must rise first and come to understand in life what God is made up of ...  and I already know that is Love.  And the only way this is going to happen is by me allowing every experience that comes to me, both painful and joyous, as an opportunity to demonstrate, practice and express what I have come to understand as Love. 

I sincerely want you to know that in life or in death, I thank your for your prayers as I seek to undertake my eternal journey.  Please know that you are always in my prayersas you undertake yours.

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Chapter 5 - Questions and Answers,


What I observed in the Realm went way beyond what I would have originally thought "reincarnation" would be.  And with reincarnation, I am not exactly speaking about being born again and again on this planet or other places alone. 

Re-incarnation (I learned) is about birthing new energy from our original energy.  When we take on a new lifetime, this happens by us merging new energy (gifted to us by God) with bits and pieces of our 'older' energy mixed all together.  

Heaven then helps us to fit into a new space (in this case a physical bodyheld in another dimension) so that we might further explore new ideas or feelings that require additional Soul searching and/or experience. 

If there is any part of our core Self that causes us to hold serious questions about ourselves and our abilities, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will re-incarnate again and again until we are satisfied with the answers we eventually find.

What I saw from Heaven is that God has arranged a great big system of many different Universes out there ... which I now call, "God's Super Universe."  (I probably ought to call it God's Super University because that is exactly what it was it made for  ... to help educate us!)  But what is so awesome to comprehend is that our Creator has it all organized perfectly to nurture and produce any kind of life or experience you can think of.  This is done in such a way that helps us to pick right up from where our energy left off in a previous existence so that we might start over somewhere else. 

But here is the deal ... all of itand I do mean ALL OF ITis happening all at once!


The Long Hallway

At one point during my NDE, as I was standing in The Room of Knowing, the room shifted and became cube-like.  Suddenly, I found myself staring at 4 screens that surrounded me completely.  Each screen projected a 3 dimensional image I could easily extend my own energy into to examine what I was viewing more extensively if I felt the need.   While the screen behind me displayed all the codes and formulas of physics within the Universe, the 3 screens in front of me displayed my past, present and future.  As one particular scene which had something to do with me helping and guiding others' in alternative lifetimes unfolded and caught my eye, I felt a part of my own energy go forward and into the screen.  Immediately, the projected demonstration froze and I found myself flying down an endless hallway of every different kind of door you could possibly think of. 

One door seemed 'other worldly' and was made of nothing but pressurized air, with many layers of colored light and different textures I could sense with my hands.  Another door was one you might see from the middle ages.  It was tall and made of thick lumber and had a large, gothic door handle.  Of all the doors I passed by, and there must have been thousands upon thousands of them, I found that all were very different from all the others.  It didn't take long for me to realize that each door actually symbolized a particular lifetime I was connected to and 'a part of me' and my Light.  A few times, my guides permitted me to get a glimpse of what was going on behind some of the doors and to my absolute delight, I began observing a few of these existences in real-time.  Instantly, I remembered being these people, as I could actually feel and sense 'their presence' deeply rooted within me!   Some of the lives were very pleasant and fairly easy, while some were significantly more difficult. 

I saw that I had been both wealthy and poor, man and woman, sick and well, royalty and common personand even victor or villain  Yet, I fully understood that each life was vital and going on for a much needed purpose.

Every lifetime, I learned, is orchestrated by our guides and the Elders to flow perfectly with one anotherteaching us something important about life, the Self, the Self of others, our Creator and the potential that exists within the Super Universe that surrounds us all.  For the first time I had a comforting sense of trust that no matter what happened to a person in life, only good could ultimately come from it, as down the road God eternally works all things to a good end. 

As I looked down the opposite side of the hall, I saw a kind of oval room that connected yet another long hall way.  I understood that this hallway represented my so-called 'future' lives I was still very much connected to in Heaven. 

Then I was shown, 'a brief glimpse'  of what I believe will be a future lifetime that I may encounter once this current life is completed.  And I don't mind saying that what I saw excited the heck out of me!  While observing this potential upcoming life, I clearly understood that this life (the one I am now living) has been actually magnificently constructed in such a way to help prepare me for what is in store later onin this upcoming life.  All of my tests, my talents, my successes, my failures, my heartaches, my gloriesI saw that all of them had been happening not just to make me more effectual and capable in this lifetime, but also for the many lifetimes that are out there ahead of me in God's Super Universe ... soon to come.

 So we each have future lives to live once this lifetime is done?

As I have explainedall lifetimes are really happening all at once, but to answer you from the perspective of our current intellect and understanding of linear time, "Yes, we will each live again and again and again!  Maybe not here on Earth exactly, but definitely somewhere else." 

During my NDE I saw that life never stops, it just keeps on going.  Some people think that when they die that they just go to sleep and never wake up again.  This is not so, simply because consciousness is pure energy, and energy (as proven by science) cannot cease to existit can only transform from one state into anotherlike water evaporating into steam.

Once the event of your physical passing has been completed, and once whatever temporary trauma you 'may' have faced (while physically dying) is doneyou will immediately find yourself in a very familiar and wonderful state of awareness.  In fact, when all of your energy has finally left your human body and gone back home to reside in the Spirit Realm, you are going to be amazed at just how freealiveand 'lite' you are going to feel!   After having been locked up in a dense and burdensome physical body for all these years, the feeling of freedom you will experience will be absolutely tremendous! 

How does the process of re-incarnation work?

Let's say that after this life you want to incarnate againwhat would happen is (from the Astral Realm - which is the Realm between us and Heaven) you would take a portion of your Spirit's energy (which is the part of you that is of God - that transcends time and space) and you would also take a part of your Soul's essence (which is the part of you that holds all your memories, as it records everything you do as it seeks to derive a strong sense of unique identity).  You would then take your Spirit and Soul and merge it with a physical body that holds a majority of the characteristics needed to fulfill a new life quest. 

During meditation or dreams, whenever I want to recall this event, I always see a vast, beautiful body of glistening water that I know is representative of God's Spirit.  Upon the water I see a glowing, pure, bright white essence (that I know is my Spirit), surrounded by ever colorful sparks of Light, making up the essence of my Soulwhich retains energies, personality, memories and experiences from former incarnations.

I know that I am only taking with me the energies and essences I will need to help me complete my forth-coming lifetime, where I am intending to not only build upon my current gifts and talents, but seek to develop new strengths and ideas.   

Up from the water, a silver mist forms that envelopes the supernatural display of Lights completely, forming a kind of supernatural protective shell or skin, which seals my Soul and inner Spirit within a renewed, orb-like spiritual body of freshness and vitality.  (I believe this process is where our childlike "innocence" comes from, no matter how old of a Soul we might bewe will always have a need for this kind of essence.)

Beings then come, who specialize in the humanoid form we are about to incarnate into.  With great skill, and hand movements both swift and smooththey gracefully shape our spiritual body so that it is prepared to take human form.

Next, I recall how our guides and the Elders of Heaven then work with us to come up with a perfect game plan for our future incarnation.  At this meeting it will be decided what talents you will pursue and apply during your lifetime, and also what kinds of goals you will be aiming to achieve.  Fellow Souls you are familiar with in the Realm (who have similar interests as you) will be paired with you during the lifetime. You will pick your parents, friends, teachers and matesas they choose you as well.  A detailed agreement is made as to the kinds of roles each person will play with one another during this lifetime.  It is also understood that our spirit guides (and inner instinct) will step in from time to time to make sure we remain true to the plan.

Next, everyone is scheduled to be born under the perfect astrological sign for their Soul in order to help us achieve the destiny we seek.  Our approximate time of birth is always masterfully coordinated (by Divine specialists in Heaven) to match the lessons and life blessings we need to encounter in order to spiritually mature.

So astrology does play into our lives?

Yes, it certainly does!  (But please understand, when I speak of astrology I am not referring to your local newspaper's tabloid horoscope!) 

From the Realm I saw that our cosmos is very much alive and holds a very powerful energy and definite intelligence to it.  It is from our Soul passing through what I have come to understand to be 12 unique aspects of a pre-designed intelligence (during the moment our Soul supernaturally travels to our body to be born) that we get our astrological placement and emotional profile (also called a "chart") filled in this life. 

Heaven mandates the use of astrological placement to ensure that we are always made to feel or experience something while we are here.

As soon as a Soul's energy moves into our Earth bound dimension, like a magnet we draw all 12 aspects toward usand become literally imprinted with the precise energies, frequencies and vibrations that are being held and produced inside the aspects by our Cosmos and Solar system at that exact moment.    NOTE: Also, whatever Karmic energy (positive or challenging) our Soul may have left behind from in our last incarnationfinds us immediately as well.

As all this happens, the energy of all 12 signs of our zodiac passes right through us.  Our Soul then acts as a kind of filter or netand with computer like accuracy, we are perfectly matched with the energies that suit the destiny Heaven has already arranged for us to experience.  In this moment, it is as if the entire map or picture of our Cosmos is being stamped onto our Soul, and as our Soul reads, compares and translates this reproduction (to help our human brain form and hardwire our upcoming personality)our Spirit also works with the constructhighlighting certain aspects and superimposing over it many detail remembrances of who we are and have been eternally.  Once this process is completed, it will be as if the energy from this Cosmic map will have filled every cell in our body and every vacant slot within our mind, giving us a template to follow in lifeuntil such time as we learn how to regulate ourselves spiritually. 

Here is a listing of the 12 signs and a listing of the dates when they hold general placement in the SUN aspect of our astrological chart.  However, it is important to realize that our SUN aspect is but one governing factor over our energy, as we also have other planetary bodies in our Solar System creating tremendous gravitational influence on our Soul's energy.

  •  Aries - March 21 - April 19
  • Taurus - April 20 - May 20
  • Gemini - May 21 - June 20
  • Cancer - June 21 - July 22
  • Leo - July 23 - August 22
  • Virgo - August 23 - September 22
  • Libra - September 23 - October 22
  • Scorpio - October 23 - November 21
  • Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21
  • Capricorn - December 22 - January 19
  • Aquarius - January 20 - February 18
  • Pisces - February 19 - March 20

NOTE: Please keep in mind that during some years the sun may enter into the signs a day earlier or later than this schedule may suggest.

What are some of the reasons a Soul will be born with astrological promptings?

The best way to think of our astrological positions is to see them as training wheelslike one would use on the bicycle of a child.  As the child learns how to balance themselves on their ownthe need for training wheels will become less and less. 

From Heaven I saw that while being born with astrological placement certainly gives a Soul direction in life, this is only meant to last until such time as as a Soul can learn how to regulate themselves fully through the energy of Spirit.   A few of us will learn to breakaway from being strictly led by our astrological promptings in this lifetime, while it will take others much longer.  To do so requires balance and those who learn how to experience and effect the world using a good, sweet and purely motivated Soul, while also learning how to listen to the leadership of our Higher Self or Spirit ... these are the ones who will be able to vacation away from the heaviness of astrological promptings.

But initially, astrological placement is certainly very important, especially as we start off in life.

Some Souls may be born under the sign of Leo in order to give them a boost of courage, so that they are helped to bring big and grand ideas or displays to the world, while they also learn how to overcome personal arrogance.  Some may be born under the sign of Taurus to help them establish a personal sense of style in themselves and for the world, while they learn how to encourage or inspire others.  Or some may be born under the sign of Libra to help them keep an eye on balancing themselves and their tremendous talents, while they try not to get too carried away enjoying the pleasures of physical life.  Some who are born under the sign of Cancer bring a spirit of nurturing and stability to family and friends, as they seek to learn how to navigate themselves to a place of sanity, while they strongly sense and empath all the different shifting energies that surround our world constantly.  Scorpio is given strong intuitions and leadership ability but they must learn give and take, fight self subtotaled, and not to allow themselves to become bitter or vindictive when they have been scorned.  Gemini people are brilliant because it is as if they have the mind of two people.  When given enough time or resources they can invent, master mind or reason through almost anything.  However, in order to do this they must always seek to remain balanced in how they approach life and other people's feelings or their ego's will have them wasting time and chasing their own tail for years. Virgos help others keep track of details, while also seeking to learn how to share and become comfortable with those closest to them being in or maintaining a seat of control.  Capricorns come as organizers with a rich, practical and natural know-how to do just about anything.  Their quest is to learn how apply their tremendous personal power to break through comfort zones that scare them.  Aquarius people are here to harness new thoughts and ideas and then share them with others for the common good of all.  Pisces are the brilliant alchemists of the Universe.  Through them and their powerful and always present psychic sense, can come the best exhibition and sharing of creative invention our world can know.  However they must be careful of becoming sideswiped and put off course by self delusion and pride. Sagittarius folks have a gift for targeting and acquiring wonderful goals and then generously sharing them with others, however as freedom loving people ... they must also learn how to generously share themselves emotionally in order to have long lasting bonds.  Those born under the sign of Aries usually come to help start or pioneer something into existence, while also being encouraged to remember to be a "team player" and not go so fast in life that they never finish what they start or take others' emotionally for granted. 

When seeking to understand this very esoteric science, it is vitally important to understand that your astrological profile is made up of far more than just your sun sign!  You are a person with many signs  Because, in actuality, we each have at least a dozen other influences below our sun sign. 

For instance, a person can have Leo for a sun sign, but they might have a Cancer moon and a Cancer ascendant.  This is going to cause them to be a somewhat bold, yet sensitive and intuitive person in life.  All of our influences, blended all together (with all the other signs, stars and planetary influences) will heavily salt and pepper an individual, and given the special ness and eternal experiences held in their own Soulthey will be granted a truly unique and enlightening experience while they are alive in their current human body.


Why does the world have such a difficult time grasping astrology?

In my opinion, our world still has a long, long way to go in understanding this eternal, esoteric and truly spiritual science.  And I think there is still a lot of fear due to the fact that people did not always know what they were doing when it comes to astrology, so religion came in and made an evil out of it.  Or so-called intelligent and practical people (who are also non-intuitive) declared that astrology simply had no relevance to every day living.  Well, I am here to tell you that it certainly does!

During my NDE I clearly understood that astrology plays a huge part in the roles we live out here on Earth and everywhere else we will ever incarnate into.  Yet, I also understood that very rarely are we allowed to return to the same, exact geographical location twice ... nor are we ever reborn with the same astrological profile.

In short, the astrological aspects' we are born under are all clues indicating where we have already incarnated to in God's Super Universeand what we have yet to focus on and learn about ourselves and the world around us. 

Our Astrological placement helps to 'season' our innate, instinctual based thinking and feelings, thus causing us to reach new perspectivesadvancing us to places of thought we might not otherwise go on our own.   Many of the promptings we will have due to our astrological positioning will help push us into considering ideas we might have left off in previous incarnationsalways showing us that there is a definite need for us to keep exploring beyond what we might individually think and believe to be as true.  

At the same time, because others' are born under different signs and astrological placements than us, their perception and view point will always be slightly different from our ownthus helping us to see ourselves (and life in general) using a different pair of eyes and mindset. 

Our astrological make-up will always pull out and reveal all the hidden 'texture' we hold within our Soul, which comes in the form of 'personalities' brought to the surface during great Cosmic shiftswhere members of our inner village make a sudden appearance and reveal their energy.  Yet as soon as one comic shift is over, a new one begins and the inner village member or members (now up front in our psyche) will fade back into the background, making room for other inner villagers to come forward if it is the will of our Spirit

How does astrology affect our personal relationships?

Astrology helps to teach us the difference between harmony and disharmony.  And while it is human instinct to only want to seek out and be with those we are harmonious with  (especially in marriage, business or friendship) this might not be our destiny or the will of Heaven for our lives.

I saw in my NDE that often we will merge with others who actually have (what some astrology experts would call) "an incompatible astrological aspect" in comparison with our ownwhich can seem to bring on an endless onslaught of disagreements, disappointments and debates.

From Heaven's point of viewI saw that incompatibilities were not only intended, they are absolutely mandatory, as they help balance us and make us grow!   As one ego battles another, a kind of sandpapering occurs that gives the individuals' an opportunity to 'smooth' out their thinking and over-all approach in life.

Today, I understand that when we attract incompatible or disagreeable individuals into our lives, we are revealing an inner desire to expedite our own spiritual expansion, while at the same time allowing ourselves to develop patience, insight and wisdom. 

Many of the Soul's we are closest too in Heaven may volunteer to be born under an inharmonious astrological sign.  They may play rather unattractive roles in our lives while we are incarnating.  Some will even play the enemy, as they will inherently know our strengths and weakness, and therefore play the excellent part of a worthy opponent. 

From Heaven, I saw that all major events that happen to us in life are pre-planned and scheduled to help promote growthand while this might not always accommodate our worldly sense of comfort, it is an important part of our process.

What might be seen as something 'bad' happening on Earth can actually be seen as quite the opposite in Heaven.  Everyone in the Realm knows that "a challenging event" can actually be the best catalyst that brings about much needed change and/or growth; thus showing Souls their spiritual strengths and weaknessto a level that would have never been possible had "a perfect situation" been maintained.

I strongly recommend that you purchase and read, "The only Astrology book you will ever need" by Joanna Woolfolk.  In this book, you will learn a great deal about your own human ego and understand that many of the things and issues which seem to drive or plague you in life, do indeed come from cosmic promptings.

How do we bring those we are destined to know toward us in life?

While there will always be characteristics we will find attractive (or not) in others, this is not always the determination we use as to deciding whether or not a person is to remain or travel with us in life. 

From those who are destined to be with us, (whether friend or romantic interest) there will always be a kind of frequency or 'spiritual signal' coming from that particular Soul that our Soul will subliminally recognize and be attracted to.   This energy will then draw and potentially hold that person near giving them reason to observe and or notice usas well as us observe and notice them in return.   Many will say that they have no idea how they got together with certain individuals.  They will just merely report an unexplainable need, and say: "It just happened!"  This is an example of Souls holding frequencies or energies (within themselves) that attracts toward them other Souls. Always keep in mind: LIKE ALWAYS ATTRACTS LIKE.  And just as successful people tend to attract other successful people toward them in life, damaged people will also attract toward themselves other damaged Souls.  Heaven uses this method to teach and show us ourselves, especially when we are existing in a state of non Self awareness or when we lack Self perception.  

Can't we choose who we associate with?  Even if we are existing in a damaged state?

Sure we can! 

An amazing thing happens when a damaged or confused person chooses to hang around with an individual they perceive as being successful.  Once they find that person they admire (and if that person chooses to allow the association) the energy of that individual literally surrounds the Soul of the seeker and after a period of time ... actually seeps into their own energy field.  The seekers personal vibration and frequency then comes up to a  higher level than where it was before, thus giving the individual a greater sense of their own potential. 

Yet at the same time, the person being admired will have to take carewhile this energy exchange is taking place, because they may find themselves becoming overly extended or energetically drained.  They may even find themselves taking on some of the other person's energy or some of their nonproductive habits or thinking for a period of time.  But should this happen the good news is once the individual recognizes and chooses to amend their newly acquired nonproductive behavior the original energy and memories of how they became "successful" in the first place will return to them.  And once they TAKE ACTION and enforce their intentions they will not only get back to where they once were, they will have been made even stronger and wiser than ever before. 

The good habits we practice and develop always pay off in the long run, as the longer we maintain them, the greater chance we have of boomeranging good energy back in our direction should we face a set-back.

And now some more good news: When you help others out there is always an energetic pay back.  When we lovingly extend our selves and unselfishly help others, in time, when we are in need (and one day we will be) Heaven will make sure we are helped in return!  It may not always be in the ways our ambitious ego wants, but the help will come in the way our Spirit most needs it to.  

Just make sure that when you are playing 'Angel duty', pay close attention to your intuition, which will warn you when you are going beyond your capacity levels.  When your inner Spirit speaks to you and tells you it is time to step away or take a break from a particular person or situationdo so.

What are some things I should keep in mind when dealing with people who are more evolved in areas I am interested in becoming more evolved in myself?

Heaven is always hoping we choose to aspire to associate with positive individuals who can teach and show us how to come up higher in life.  This is one of the ways we can be helped to grow and mature in a single lifespan.  However, if we want to maintain a long-term personal affiliation with this individual we admire (who is more advanced than we are) we will have to set our intentions high and focus on what it might take to become more energetically similar to that person, so that they will be attracted to us in returnand stay around long enough for us to be benefited by them.  

Remember the saying:  "Birds of a feather flock together?"

Example: Ever heard of the term "spotting?" This is when one weight lifter stands beside another as they attempt to lift a heavy weight during a series of progressions. Professional weight lifters cannot workout seriously with other people who never lift weights.   How could they when that person (who does not workout) would not have the strength necessary to lift a heavy weight off of a lifter who has just over extended him or her self?  (Which is what weight lifting is all aboutpushing yourself past your previous limits.)  Well, the same goes for highly advanced people who have pushed them selves to become achievers that others' admire.  It is instinct that tells an advanced person to only closely associate with others of a like kind, as the only way to keep going up in life is to walk with people who have similar aims, ideals and goals.

Yet, all that being said, be aware!  Not every perceived "diamond" shines 100%.  When you start relationships with people you admire (who seem to be more evolved than you financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually) keep a few things in mind.

1. There is no such thing as a perfect person.  All of us have something to learn here on Earth, or else we would not be here.  While a person may have admirable or extraordinary qualities, they still have weaknesses Heaven wants them to learn how to overcome.

2. God gives certain people certain gifts in order to help them achieve their destiny.  God may not open you up to the same gifts because you have a different destiny and have been sent here to develop your unique set of gifts. (If everyone's gift was the same ... it would be a boring world!)

3. It will require SELF LOVE on your part to recognize, develop and appreciate your own gifts while also allowing others to shine in their abilities.

4. Do not allow yourself to become co-dependent on another person you admire.  Co-dependence in this case means spending too much of your time riding off of or unfairly using the energy of another. Overtly fantasizing what it is like to be another person is not healthy. Not only does this habit imply that we subliminally believe we can never be good enough as God made us to be, it can launch us into an unnecessary state of competition with the person we admire.

5.  And if it makes you feel any better, know you will be given the chance to develop other gifts in later lifetimes! 



Chapter 6 - Questions and Answers

The Higher Realms

Before my life review ended, I observed myself go before what I now choose to call "The Throne of Heaven." This place is a great multi-leveled domed hall and is where (to my understanding) the highest presence of God exists (for me) at my spiritual level.  What I experienced in this space was nothing short of spectacular!

As my Spirit entered the room, I felt my own Light merge with a brilliant white, golden, baby blue, peach and rose colored Lightwhich filled me with indescribable happiness and feeling of exuberance.  Then, quite suddenly, I felt the energy of my Spirit lift and shoot upward as fast as lightning!  It was like I was being rocketed through a magnificent snow globe  as  I was being surrounded by an ocean of spinning, colorful sparkles and glittering Lights.  The moment offered nothing but pure exhilaration! 

In front of me manifested a HUGE, spinning, singing orb of flashing, Golden Light.  As I looked deeper into the ball, I saw 7 smaller orbs standing in a line vertically.  Each was flashing separate colors and following the order of a rainbow's spectrumof Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.  Not only was each color distinctly vivid and bright, they had their own magnificent kind of tone coming from them.  As I listened to the music these tones made as they harmonized together, I knew that a tremendous amount of knowledge was about to be imparted to me. 

Inside my mind I heard that I was now in front of, "The Seven Fold Spirits of God", as I had once read about in the Bible, in Revelation.  I also knew that we each carried these same 7 Spirits in us (commonly called by the Eastern religions, "The Chakra".) 

As I looked at each individual colorshining and emanating away from the 7 Spirits, I could sense a particular feeling or characteristic that I carried in my own Soul. 

The Red color gave me a Spirit of Courage.

The Orange color gave me a Spirit of Joy.

 The Yellow color gave me a Spirit of Wisdom and Self Knowing.

 The Green color gave me a more balanced inner sense of will power and a Spirit of Compassion.

The Blue gave me creative awareness and a Spirit for wanting to Think and Speak Positively.

The Indigo (which often turned Pink) gave me an ability to visualize, forecast and manifest a Spirit of Insight.

The Violet color filled me with an even deeper feeling of confidence and a Sprit of Faith.

I supernaturally understood that these 7 Spirits, when balanced, could help a Soul manifest and create for themselves a wonderful life!  But I also knew that if one (or more) of the Spirits was not properly considered, then the life of that Soul would become unbalancedas the Soul would begin to create energetic disharmony within and around them.

Surrounding each of the 7 Spirits were various rings of Bronze, Silver and Gold, and I knew that each of these rings signified a level of mastery or level of Self awareness. 

The Bronze represented elementary awareness...

Silver, intermediate...

and Gold equated to advanced awareness. 

I saw that each ring could open a kind of time/space portal within each colorful Spirit which connected to what I can only think to call, "the more mysterious parts" of God's Creation... The more pronounced and advanced a particular ring became, the deeper a portal would seem to go   where a powerful resource of Spiritual enlightenment would always follow.

As I turned my awareness away from the 7 Spirits, I found myself looking down from some sort of a cliff or precipice that seemed to form a triangular shape.  As this happened I recalled in my Spirit that the Lights I had been observing 'dancing' all around me, were actually a part of my own original essenceand that they were also a part of everyone else God had ever created.  

I knew that collectively, all together, each of our Lights' were a part of "God" both Father and Mother Creator mixed together in a colorful body of glowing energyI have since learned to call, "The Light of Christ." 

As I looked upward, I saw that the illumination of our Lights' went on and on without end.  With the Light of everyone all around meI kept climbing higher and higher and felt an ever deepening swell of Love that reached to the very core of my being and Heart.

It was at this moment that I felt fully embraced and knew without doubt that I was in the presence of our Creator.  And while I could not actually SEE Himwhat was so wonderful was I could FEEL and comprehended Him totally!  And without any doubt what-so-ever, I knew that this omnipresent Being found great delight with me!  I clearly heard thoughts in my mind that I was considered "a perfect" child within the body of our Creator's Creation, and I knew the same applied for each of us.


The Great Wheel

As I looked downward from where I was, I saw a phenomenal structure I can only describe as being a Great Cosmic Wheel.  This multi-colored, glowing device looked as if it had an uncountable amount of other wheels turning within itand as the wheels turned, I sensed that they represented a form of consciousness, as they were all expanding and growing from moment to moment. 

There were also discernable tones coming from the spokes within the wheels, and as I listened to them at once, all-together they made the most glorious kind of music!  The emotions I felt in hearing this sound produced within me feelings of pure excitement and exhilaration; because suddenly I began to recognize that many of the toneswere coming from places and people who had once been very near and dear to me. Again it occurred to my Soul-Mind: In reality, we really are all ... ONE.  

A comprehension came to me that while we are all existing in physical bodies, we are only temporarily separated and divided apart from one another  and there is an important reason for this.  God uses the physical human flesh to cover up the Light of our Spirit.  This occurrence gives our inner Lightbody a sense of density and separateness, which (believe it or not) is exactly what we want while playing 'the game' of incarnation.  

The physical flesh body creates an environment that is naturally lower in vibration and because of this, it becomes a challenge for us to see our true selves.   The goal is to see if can become able enough to create Light within and around ourselves so that we can spiritually advance in our daily lives, while also realizing the Creator's Light exists within us and that this essence was meant to be used for us to manifest what we call our lives.  Obviously, this test is not so easy, and getting caught up in all the dramas' of life that 'seem' and 'feel' so real is a tremendous temptation.  But Heaven has great faith in our ability to eventually discover what is true about usand what I found most interesting is, from Heaven's perspective, all of what we see as physical reality, is from the eyes of Heavenan illusion.   

In truth, we are all shades of gray, all of us different hues of dimming and brightening Light a mass of atoms, supernaturally spaced apart from one another, perfectly. 

From Heaven, I saw that spiritually each of us is always in some sort of a process of omitting a vibrant Light, tone and vibrationand then vacillating in that brightness, tone and vibration from day to dayall according to our current mindset and level of intention. 

I saw that this occurrence of vacillation actually created the atomic reality we think we see and sense all around us. 

We are told by science that nothing in our physical reality is really a solid.  While items such as wood, concrete or steel appear to us to be 'hard', in fact, within the very structure of the wood, concrete and steel there is a mass of swirling energy that consists of what we call, "atomic matter".  Even the words you are reading here and the ink used to present them, it is nothing more than an atomic simulation.  The letters hold form because of the intention I have put forth in writing them.  How is this possible?  Because in truth, all matter is made of nothing more than transparent, radiation-based Light.  The miracle of life is not that Light (we cannot see with average human eyes) exists, it is that we are able to take Light and actually use it to manifest form.  How we do this by aiming our thoughts toward the Light.  This is how God made the Super Universe.  It was 'thought' into existence and God's intentions were so clear and precise, that the atoms have remained firmly in place and will remain in tact, until such time as God decides differently.  Today, God has given this Universe as a gift, for us to learn how to learn how to manifest for ourselves and add creation upon it.  It like God has given us a blank canvas to paint on.  We either like what we paint or we don't.  If we don't, God has given us the illusion of time to repaint over the canvas and try  again.  This is why things are always changing.  However, if we truly like what we have done, and enough of us appreciate that thing ... it will remain.  

How do thoughts create form?

Our intentions slow down the high vibration of an atom's structure and this creates density within the body of the atomthus manifesting form.  When enough of us think of the same thing, our thought becomes a reality and a "solid" eventually appears.

Also, you must understand.  We humans are not alone.  We are each supernaturally surrounded by special spiritual individuals and advanced entities who know how to manipulate energy using thought.  When we reveal to these beings that something is important to us to experience, they aid us by adding their energy to our energy and all-together 'the thought we are focusing on' is reinforced and ultimately brought into reality. 

The same goes with people around us in everyday life.  They help us manifest too.  As we each attract toward us people who hold the same (or similar) values and energies as our won, we ultimately bring toward us individuals who help us create in life what we are interested in creating.   As we mutually hold a vision, walk in agreement and apply our unique talents and abilities we help one another build our collective dream togetherbringing it into the physical.  However, if we are not mindful of our thoughts and actions, we can also manifest chaos, confusion and disaster!

The more we each think, speak and hold a vision for a thingthe more 'that thought' becomes tangible and real.  Every thing we currently witness happening in this world is because a large number of people have thought and manifested it.  This event is what I have come to call, "The Collective Consciousness."   Our collective consciousness is the vehicle that is driving us toward our ultimate destiny and this destiny can shift and change suddenly.  All that needs to happen is for enough people to enforce their own will ... and that thing will be done!  This is why it says in the Bible, "Where two or more are gathered, so too is God."


The 12 Realms of Incarnation

I saw from the vantage point of Heaven that we all act as a kind of collective energy.  All-together we are involved in a process of forming layers, and layers, upon layers, of colorful Light and tone, each stacking collectively atop one another, forming a kind of cylindrical/musical bodythat when seen from Heaven looks like a phenomenal garden of color; and from God's Throne rooma gigantic flower. 

This is exactly what I saw "The Realm" of our particular Universe to look like ... a kind of flower!  It has a bright colorful center of gold, with petals of colorful star systems floating around it.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Other Universal Realms (and there are billions of them!) they too look like a floweronly of a different variety.  And when you pull back and see it all together ... you have a view of the most majestic garden you could ever imagine!  This is what I heard the Guardian of the Garden (who I walked with before the end of my experience) call, "The Garden of God." 

This "galactic garden" is comprised of all the children of God ... who have been born all over The Creator's Super Universe.  Yet, even stillfrom God Almighty's point of view, all of flowers grouped together still looks like a single, long-stemmed flower!  Think of a DNA strand (and what it looks like with all the colorful molecules seeking to bond together), and perhaps you will begin to grasp what I am saying and trying to depict here.

As I have written, our thoughts create our reality.  Well, Heaven has brought into existence many different realities for us to experience and bounce our energy against.  This is why we were gifted with what I call, "The Wheel of Destiny".  Incarnating within the Wheel helps us to mold our Soul's thoughts and intentionsby exposing us to all kinds of different atmospheres' and realities.  Thru this, we are greatly helped to not only manifest our future reality, but make clear decisions as to how we would like to navigate and productively use our own energy.

Please explain more about The Wheel.

"The Wheel of Destiny" (which is a massive, circular singing instrument made of dense amounts of Light) exists in the higher Realms of Heaven. This Wheel acts as a portal that can literally shoot our Soul like a bullet, into an unlimited amount of existences and incarnations within God's Super Creation. 

Jesus said, "In my Father's house there are many mansions ... and if it were not so, I would have told you."  I now believe that Jesus was speaking of all the many different Realms there are in Heaven.  He may have been speaking about the Wheel, which also might be the exact wheel Ezekiel saw in his visions and spoke of in the Bible.

As for the Wheel its self, I observed 12 different compartments or 'specified' Realms of specialized existence.  I understood that our Soul was designed to be capable of incarnating into any one of them.  As for the Wheel its self, think of a pre-sliced pie with 12 equal portions or sections.  Each section offers a unique and/or different cultural, environmental or social experience (from all the others) which we can use to develop and enlighten our Soul.  Each Realm has its own "set" or "stage" that our Soul's can "play" or "act out life" upon, thus evoking powerful feelings as well as a veritable amount of experiences, which bring about wisdom.  During my experience, I saw that no single Realm had the same exact type of energy or physical appearance, as each seemed to have its own frequency, distinct feel and ambiance.

However, characteristics and comparable qualities of the other Realms can spill over into the other Realms; as our particular Realm (the one we currently exist in here on Earth) has quite a tremendous amount of similarities. 

These are the 12 Realms of incarnation, the places where we go to veil ourselves away from the awareness of our Spirit and practice life as a physical being.

NOTE:  Please understand these names are ones in which I have personally assigned.  They are not by any means "the official names" of these Realms.  The way I named each one usually has something to do with a characteristic I thought most described its over all general appearance or feel.

1. The Red Realm (Beast of Burden Worlds) - These are existences which appear to be very difficult and would (from our worldly perspective) be very uncomfortable as the Red Realm is a very lower vibrational placement.  One of the existences I saw here was very hot (temperature wise), rock based and had flowing rivers of lava rushing down like waterfalls.  I saw no vegetation growing anywhere and because of all the steam and smoke going into the atmosphere (from the lava), you could not really see the sky.  So, everything primarily looked to have a kind of red tone to it.  Most of the beings I saw there seemed to possess a lower form of intelligence.  They had a shell-like skin, and they moved very slowly and methodically as they worked building shelter above the rock.  I also believe this Realm is where we get our so-called mythical vision of dragons.  People who love the idea of intense physical work or like to be hot, may come from this Realm and it is typical for them to display FIRE (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) somewhere in their astrological chart.

2. The Oceanic Realm (Water Worlds) - These are entire civilizations that exist under and around huge bodies of water.  Beings who exist under the water might have gills or something comparable, however there are also beings who exist and live on top of the water who thrive based on the production that comes from down below.  Many of these water-based existences have similar eco systems to our own here on Earth, however, I often noticed the water had a different texture, color or consistency to it.  For instance, I recall a wide ocean of violet water, filled with life which included singing, joyous, jellyfish like creatures, who would create air bubbles in the water that other creatures (who were without gills) could swim into and breathe.  It is my belief that the idea of civilizations such as Atlantis come from the Oceanic Realm.  People coming from these existences will often be interested in oceanography, marine biology, boating, scuba diving, thrive emotionally in life while living near bodies of water or have a life long interest involving water.  Individuals from this Realm enjoy teaching or being taught about water and are greatly distressed by water pollution. It is typical for them to display WATER (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) somewhere in their astrological chart.    It is important to note that Souls incarnating from this location will very often be able to be quite telepathic with those closest to them.

3.  The Mystical Realm (Realm where our Myths and Fairytales Come From) - It is from this Realm that wizards, elves, fairies, unicorns and anything else you can think of (that would seem like fantasy) comes from.  This Realm is very bright, colorful and interesting.  Many of the ideas behind our so-called "fictional" movies, based on mythic worlds come from here. Quite a few of the beings of higher intelligence in this Realm are capable of possessing abilities we on Earth would call superhuman, mystical or magical.  I believe children who have vivid imaginations, believe that can be invisible, can fly or be "super hero like" probably have incarnated recently from this Realm.  And while it might seem like this Realm is all fun and games (and it is fun!) there is still quite a bit of heavy-duty communication that goes on here, as feelings and emotions are strongly analyzed and then discussed. Members of the Mystical Realm love the idea of a social life, are highly resourceful in problem situations and psychologically oriented.  It is typical for individuals from this Realm to display AIR (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) somewhere in their astrological chart.

4.  The Tribal Realm (Organizers and Developers of Ritual, Routine and Group Consciousness) - It is from this Realm that the idea of Religion, Government, Kings, Queens, Priests, Holy men and women, Presidents, Generals, Senators and Congress persons' comes from.  The idea behind the Tribal Realm is for a group to be able to look up to a head figure ... a person, who is not a god, but an individual who can be followed to lead the people in a direction that brings a positive, universal outcome.  This Realm is where the concept of business, commerce and class structure (higher, middle and lower class) as well as the idea of a slave or servant was born. Many of our best (and worst) world leaders' have come from this Realm, as it was in the Tribal Realm that they learned how to survive and/or thrive in a political and economical environment.  Souls who incarnate here learn to thrive as a group, by developing individual gifts, talents and abilities to contribute to the collective society at large.  A perfect example of a great Soul to come to Earth from having ample experience within the Tribal Realm would be Martin Luther King.  It is typical for leaders who come from this Realm to display large groupings of EARTH  (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), FIRE (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and AIR (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) in the top of their astrological chart.  While WATER (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) *may* appear in the lower positions of their astrological chart.  Air and Fire leaders tend to be thought of as the most popular, while Earth and Water leaders tend to be seen as being more serious or even war minded.

5.  The Devas Realm (Contains those we might think of as lower 'gods' or creator beings below God Almighty.)  I believe this is where we get the Roman and Greek gods, as well as the gods of the Hindu, Buddhist and Tribal traditions.  Many of the our world's religions, as well as other worlds' in the Creator's Universe have "gods" who come from here.  These "gods" will always embody the principals and basic ethics a group of Souls (incarnated on a planet or plain of existence) are trying to develop and demonstrate within themselves.  I have come to believe that much of the Bible's Old Testament scriptures notate or depict the existence and presence of the Deva gods.  I recall when Moses went to Egypt to command Pharaoh to release the Jewish people from slavery.  In order to do this, Moses had to prove that his God was far more powerful than Pharaoh's gods.  There were many contests between thembut ultimately, Moses' God won.

6. The Galactic Realm (The Universal Explorers or Star People) - These are the Realms that contain individuals who are more technologically advanced than our Realm is currently.  However, this does not always mean that those who are born of this Realm are always more intelligent or more civilized than us.  It is from having incarnated in Galactic Realm that many of us on Earth get our idea of how to make space travel possible, as well as having the need to explore, study and map out what is beyond our planet and solar system.  For a long time now, our planet has been visited by others' who are not originally of our world or Realm.  In my NDE I saw that Earth was actually quite filled with extra terrestrials' thousands of years ago.  In fact, it is my belief that the reason we have differing races is because of the visitations our planet has received for ages.  Also, I suspect that much of the Old Testament was written regarding and referencing the presence of extra terrestrials and/or depicting them as representatives of God Almighty.  Souls having incarnated in this Realm will tend to have significant amounts of FIRE (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and AIR (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra)  in their astrological chart.

7. Realm of Ancients & Oriental Splendor (Focuses on Refinement of Discipline and Artistic Development) - Many of the beings I saw in existences here look very similar to what we think of as our worlds' Asian race, yet this was not always the case as others' I observed had an Egyptian or Indian look to them.  Also, quite a large number of the beings were quite tall (by 9 or 10 feet) and very slender.  The reason I call this location "The Realm of Ancients & Oriental Splendor" is because many of the civilizations that come from this Realm maintain a long time span or history.  And the energy and mood I observed exhibited many of the characteristics we have come to appreciate from the peoples' of the east.  It is in this Realm that all art forms (coming from other places within the Realm) are refined and further developed.  Different styles of music, dance, symbol type writing, medicine and general culture (we see demonstrated here on Earth) comes largely from this Realm  only the presentation here is far more elegant.  Those interested in the use of symbols, like to learn a musical instrument for personal pleasure, are drawn toward the use of holistic medicines, respond well to energy work or acupuncture, or have a strong reverence for older persons and affinity for ancestorsmay very well be natives of this Realm. Souls having incarnated in this Realm will tend to have significant amounts of EARTH (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) in their astrological chart.

8. The Geometric/Observation Realm (The Wonder Worlds and Architectural/Engineering Schools) This is the Realm where all science, architecture, music and invention is conceived and developed.  Also, it is in this Realm where a Soul can have the opportunity to incarnate and merge their energy into actually becoming an element, such as water, metal, fire, air or something else. Why do they do this?  So that the potential of an element can be more closely observed and fully analyzed.  For instance, a single lifetime (lasting only a few hours) might be spent as being a single drop of rain, where you experience the entire process of falling to the ground, being absorbed into the ground and/or evaporating up into the atmosphereall so you can once again become a single drop of rain.  I saw that many of our world's inventors and engineers will have incarnated into this Realm and experienced a few brief lifetimes living as an actual element ... so their brilliance and inventive ability is greatly sharpened.  Those who strongly respond to being more environmental responsible are possible candidates from the Realm.  Also, it is my understanding that our Guides will often take us to this Realm in our dreams (during our sleep) in order to teach or demonstrate something they believe we need to experience to help us get better in touch with our current reality.  A large portion of people who hold Earth (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn)  and/or Air (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) signs as their Sun or Moon position will have come directly here to Earth from having had an incarnation in this particular Realm.

9.  Sun, Moon & Star Realm (The Wise Ones & Keepers of Knowledge) - This is the Realm where the mystery schools (such as astrology, alchemy and magical arts) are developed and executed with tremendous excellence and skill.  I saw many wonderful spaces in this Realm and time spent here is extremely exciting, as it is incredibly enlightening.  This is one of the first Realms we first incarnate to (as baby Souls) so that we might learn about the supernatural ability we possess within ourselves  and how to best develop it.  The teachers here are very creative and fascinating Souls who have all had fantastic incarnation experiences! When you come to this Realm you always look forward to all the stories you will here. There is one space within this particular Realm that is my absolute favorite place to be.  This is  where 'Father God' manifests Himself as a majestic Sun and 'Mother God' appears as a graceful Moon in a dark, deep blue sky, and each of us (the emanations of The Christ Light) appear as glimmering stars  who all admire  one another and our Heavenly parents.  It is truly a very happy, wonderful, innocent and very "childlike" existence.  I believe many souls come to the Sun, Moon & Star Realm before and after incarnating into a more difficult existence, as coming here helps to buffer the hard energy a soul will experience.  There is a place here where a Soul can just sit for eons and bask in the glow and comfort of complete stillness and solitude  while being softly caressed by the energy of God's Love.  It is like going to the best spa in the Universe!  Then once the are done here, many like to go on to the Mystical Realm, and then on to the Adam Kadmon Realm (where Earth is)   People who have a strong Love or connection to God, a well developed psychic ability, a significant interest or subtle inclination toward in things considered metaphysical, like to watch or do magic tricks, have a natural aptitude for astrology or numerology, are natural born therapists who can sit and talk with you for hours and hours, are interested in the rituals of religion or those who like to use Sun, Moon and Stars in the decorating of their personal spacemay be individuals who have spent more than a significant amount of time in this Realm.

10. The Light People Realm (The Elders, Healers & Universal Adjusters) - While this lovely, pastel colored Realm is used to incubate baby Souls and/or regenerate Souls' who have been broken or damaged in some way, most of us do not return here or stay for very long until we have reached and are able to exhibit a strong level of lasting spiritual maturity.  When considering the 'bigness' of the entire human race, we will probably only see a small number of people on Earth (who are long-term residents) coming from this particular Realm. Those who come here from there, always arrive to bring a significant amount of Light, Love and Service to the planet.  The more senior members might have come to establish a new religious order or to bring much needed peace to an area of a planet living in chaos. Light People are natural born healers and have the ability to lead a large number of people toward doing much good.  I believe whenever a world in God's Super Universe is in great peril or in a time of tremendous transition, a large number of these Divine, Selfless beings (at various levels of development) incarnate to help bring balance.  Souls' coming from here greatly understand the use of tone and energy, and have the ability to teach many Souls how to advance from where they are in their present consciousness.  All of our Elders and some of our Heavenly Guides are graduates of this Realm of Light, as this is the last incarnation station before reaching the upper Realm of Heaven.  If I were to give a human example: I believe someone like Mother Teresa or Ghandi would be a excellent representative of someone who spends a tremendous amount of time in this Realmwhile Jesus Christ would be the ultimate example of a fully evolved Soul having Mastered this and all the other Realms within the Wheel.  I would also like to mention here that certain people who have been exposed to long-term abuse or violence within a relationship may come from this Realm, as these Souls who come from the Light People Realm are usually very pure and innocent.  Once an abuser returns to Heaven and has their life review, not only are they going to re-live the experiences of abuse again, as both abuser and the person being abused, but they are going to become acutely aware that the Soul they abused was a Soul who comes from the Light People Realm; and the impact of this awareness will be so severe and shameful, that the individual will probably right then and theremake a declaration of the Heart that they will never abuse anyone ever again!  Because of this, some Light People may elect to make it part of their destiny to be united with someone who is a chronic (life after life) abuser.  However, I also believe a Light Person has the right to walk away from such a relationship at anytime they choose.

11.  The Angelic Realm (The Realm of Mission and Service) - It is from this location that we get the image of winged, flying beings ... yet this Realm represents so much more...  Many of these beings hold etheric bodies made entirely of a kind of energy comparable to what we think of and call, "radiation."  Suffice it to say that they physically hold tremendous power within themselves. 

Beings coming from the Angelic Realm are the navigators' and implementers' of tone (in all forms) all over the Super Universe. They write, sing and orchestrate music, they invent musical instruments, they oversee the formation of language and the publishing and distribution of words and ideas.  They act as the messengers for beings of higher consciousness, such as those who are incarnated within the Light People and Devas Realms. 

Angels often play the role of "enforcers", as well as "truth carriers" of Universal law and justice.  They are the protectors of the innocent and act as Light bearers and comforters to those of us who are enduring difficult times.  There is a verse in the Bible which says: "Angels walk among you while you remain unaware."  This is because there are many individuals here on Earth who have played the role of Angel in Heaven, and are now here to fulfill a Divine role in the physicalhuman form. 

Since becoming aware of the Angel Realm, I hold a deep suspicion that all of our Arch Angels originated hereand what the Bible depicts as the "fall of Lucifer" is actually what I believe to be a true story that pertains to events that happened between this particular Realm and the Devas Realmas it is obvious that 'ole Lucifer would have spent a tremendous amount of time in both.  As notated in scripture, Lucifer had been originally appointed by God to be an Angel of the highest order, yet it became his ultimate goal to become an actual god.  The only way this would be possible would be for him to reorganize his existence and centralize his power in the Devas Realmwhere he would develop many followers.  I think God allowed this and even had a great purpose in it.  However, as Lucifer's goal became a reality, and he decided he wanted to challenge The Creator's ultimate planthis (as yet again scripture depicts) got him kicked out of not only Heaven, but also the higher Realms within the Wheel of Destiny and right into the lower vibrational abyss of the Astral Realm. 

Now armed with my current understanding of metaphysical spirituality, I do not really think that "God" actually kicked Lucifer anywhere.  God wouldn't have to, because as Lucifer's vibration and frequency began to plummet (due to arrogance, bitterness and the darkened energy created by feelings of supremacy), Lucifer would just naturally descend out and away from the higher plains of consciousness and into lower ones.

12.  Adam Kadmon Realm (Humanoid/Animal Worlds - Where our planet exists) -- You might think that maybe I really don't need to say much about this Realm, because you are in it right nowbut I think there are some very important things about our Realm to bring to your attention.  First of all, I just want to say to everyone that we are incredibly blessed to be here!  There are few places, where we are able to physically incarnate toat this levelthat have as much beauty and variety as we are now able to experience here on our planet.  And I don't mind confessing to you that sometimesI have been so incredibly sad when I realize the state of things!  It breaks my Heart to think that after so many generations of us having been herefor thousands and thousands of yearsthat we still have not fully realized the potential we have ALL been blessed with.  Instead, we choose to allow greed and big business to thrive over helping to feed, clothe and heal the hurting and the elderly, we think of new ways to make war, instead of working with all our might to build a brotherhood with those who seem so different than us, we thoughtlessly use up, damage and rapeYES, RAPE!our planet, while we so carelessly throw around the resources it freely gave uscreating toxic waste on the lands our children grow up on and in the waters we drink.  And here comes my personal, materialistic, pet peeve:  Why do we spend so much time constructing ugly looking buildings and housesand then use inferior materials to create themwhen we could be making things so much nicer for everyone!  Why can't we plant more trees and grow more flowers?  Why does it seem so impossible to help all the cities of this entire planet look like a Kingdom on Earthfor all to walk, enjoy and live in? 

 will never forget when I first went outside after my NDEOK, I realize, I had just seen Heaven, and what can top that, right?  But when I really looked at the architecture we manifest today on this planet, it was so shocking to me!  While there certainly are some truly magnificent constructions to behold, they are too few in number!and these buildings still do not come even close to what Heaven showed me we are capable of!  Even today, as I drive around and see old rusted tin roofs and dilapidated old shacks in great need of repair, I ask myself, "Why do we let this happen?  It is not what we really want for ourselves, but we just let it happen?  Why are we wasting so much time?" 

I will tell you why!  Ego!  Stupid, ego!  It has us comfortable with our current level of consciousnessand until something disastrous comes around to shake us up (and believe me when I tell you something will, as it always does) ... not much is going to change. 

Please, forgive the sudden spanking, but it is not always easy for someone like me, to have had such a powerful revelation, and been shown so many wonderful thingsonly to come back to a place that so many treat like a dumpwhile witnessing so much blatant self-imposed ignorance and the apathy.  Yuck!  There is a reason that so many of us exist in a perpetual, subliminal state of depressionour collective Spirits' are absolutely horrified by what is happening here.  And I will tell you why:  While you may not consciously remember, it took some doing for you to be able to come here.  Not just anyone ends up being born on Earth or this Realm.  You have to be 'SOMEBODY!"  Believe it or not, everybody is a "star" here on Earth.  Every Soul is seen by Heaven as being a major player!  If you were not, you would not be here!  But so many of us are blowing it!   We just keeping coming back, life after life, doing the same ole things!  Come on!  We really have to wake up and help take responsibility for what is happening here!  And if we honestly think that we can just keep doing what we have become accustomed to without serious repercussions ... we are dead wrong!  Listen, there is a reason Heaven keeps trying to send us clues in the form of blockbuster movies about the impact of global warming, virus' out-of-control and the terrible impact of war, etc.  They are trying to help us become conscious to what we have been doing to ourselves!

OK, now let me tell you what we have here:

The Adam Kadmon Realm is primarily a great big melting pot, where geographical land masses, water, air, fire, metals, the sky, the laws of physics, basis of chemistry and biologyeverything that has managed to evolve and survive from all over God's Super Universe and from the other 11 Realmsnow has a platform right here on Earth!  In our Realm, you will just about find a little piece of everything that exists 'out-there'right here with us!  Different creeds, races and culturesnot to mention a gigantic variety of animal life, insects and mammoth marine population compared to other planets I was shown in my NDEsimilar to our own.

One fascinating item I recall from my NDE is that while other planets might have only a few different kinds of a species covering and ruling over the entire face of the planet, Earth seems almost limitless in the amount of different forms and kinds of life it can have.  Oh, and we cannot forget the millions and millions of intelligent biological life formsthat co-exist with us here, such as virus' or microscopic cells that manifest and mutate themselves by the millisecond!  By the way: Just so you know, like you, Heaven intended for them to be here tooto live out a very specific purpose and destiny.  From the eyes of Heaven, even a single, tiny cell is being fully observed and anticipatedjust as "you" a living, breathing Soul areand at the same time God sees absolutely everything!  All the living Universes and all they contain!  Isn't that mind blowing?  I think it is, as it certainly puts God's line-of-sight in greater perspective!

On Earth, we are constantly seeking to find comfort from the elements, however, I saw that other planets held in other solar systems might not be as seasonally warm or cold as Earth.  There was one wonderful location I observed where the people who lived there had no houses.  They did not need them.  Perhaps this is where some of us get our obsession with camping or wanting to sleep outdoors under the stars? 

One of the things that makes incarnating on other planets in the Adam Kadmon Realm worth while, is that the astrological and cosmic impact on the Soul is completely different than the influences we experience here on Earth.  For instance, Cancerian people (born under the Sign of Cancer, who are Water Signs) are largely impacted by the movement of our single moon, as the moon is known to regulate the ebb and flow of ocean tide, not to mention bodily fluidswhich by the waycontain chemicals that motivate human emotions.  But what if a planet has 4 moons?  Or the rotation around the sun is 1000 days, instead of 364?  What would life be like for a Cancerian (or any other Sign for that matter) then? 

The Adam Kadmon Realm sits in a location in God's Super Universe that is able to receive both high and low vibrational influences.  It is because of this that we are able to be greatly impacted by the supernatural and astral realms that surrounds us without even being aware of itthat is, until such time as we reach a level of spiritual maturation where we are able to exist in a state of higher consciousness and become enlightened.  Until then most humans will be tested, toyed with and manipulated (on some level) by disincarnated beings and challenging energies.  Other Realms will have a much more clear view of such things, while others will remain untouched and completely unaware. 

I also think it is important to note that while our Earth is within the Adam Kadmon Realm, other planets within our Solar System are not.  I was shown this very clearly.  This might be why we don't see other human beings living nearby on other planets in our Solar system.  However, that does not mean there has not been life on them before or some kind or form of life living on them now, only in a form or dimension we cannot yet detect. 

While I know I was shown much about the purpose and history of the planets' in our Solar System, I cannot always recall as much as I would like.  I do know that  Mercury is definitely a part of the Red Realm.  It is super hot and red, as it is right next to the sun.  In regard to Venus, I have heard many beautiful stories or visions coming from other clairvoyant people that depict (from my understanding) that this planet is located directly within the Light People Realm.  Mars seems to have once been a perfect location for those belonging to the Tribal Realm and I was shown in my NDE that one day our scientists will discover that there definitely has been biological life upon itas well as other planets and moons. Whenever I intuit Jupiter, it always seems very Deva like to me because of it size ... where Saturn has a very astral, Angelic feel to it.  I mean, just look at it!  It actually has a halo!  It will be interesting to see if we ever discover water or a substance similar to it on Neptune, as astrological legend depicts it as being a water-like planet.  That would be perfect for the Oceanic Realm.

How is it decided where a Soul incarnates to in the Wheel?

I understand that (when it comes to incarnating) not every Soul will go to each and every Realm within the Wheel, yet (at the same time) our eternal 'Spirit' (the part of us that makes us ONE with God) will always have something of an understanding of what God's purpose is (and was) in having creating all these Realms and we will have an idea of what can be learned from them.  When we were a very young Soul, we were each educated by our guides in regard to the Realms and told how they can enlighten us and expose the potential of our own inner power.  In the beginning, it is our elder guides who help us choose what Realms are best suited for us, but as we mature and prove our selveswe are eventually given the oppurtunity to choose for ourselves.

Is anyone made to go the a Realm they do not wish to go to?

No one is ever forced into going anywhere they do not want to go!

Then why do we choose to incarnate into difficult Realms or circumstances?

Because our guides are experts in revealing the value of us incarnating into locations that will help us to expand and improve the knowledge we have about ourselves.  In Heaven, we are shown many phenomenal and wonderful places to go to, however, it is understood that we cannot enter into these places until we advance our own Soul.  We would not be able to handle these locations otherwise.

Once we are able to choose for ourselves, where to we go first?

Most of us will only wish to focus on a few Realms that pertain to the general interest of our Soul.  Usually our guides send us at first to the Geometric Realms to help us initially feel what it is like to put our Spirit into a physical flesh suit and be impacted by gravity and elements.  Or we are taken to the Sun, Moon & Star Realm to be reminded of how much God loves us.  However, as a Soul becomes more mature it may eventually want to take on more advanced stations within the Wheel, and as this occurs, the opportunity to do so is made available to them. 

Souls who incarnate in all the Realms, successfully advancing thru all the many dimensions and different levelsare those we tend to think of as 'master' or elder Spirits.  It will be these individuals who will emerge from the Wheel as the wisest and 'most awakened' among us.  They will be the ones who bring the most significant contributions of art, culture, science and sociology to the planet. 

How do you know if a person is an older Soul?

Some of us will be able to recognize these individuals on Earth as those people who have an amazing well-developed command of their own spiritual energybut this ability will more than likely be because you yourself are quite advanced and possess a powerful intuition. 

Should you ever encounter an advanced Soul  (as they are few and far between) you may feel an actual inner pulling sensation that will move you to the deepest part of your being.  It will urge you to pay close attentionas this person may have come to play the role of some sort of teacher or guide for you.  Regardless of how long they remain in your lifeyou can rest assured that the time you spend observing them will prove to be significant.

However, (even thought meeting a guide on Earth is certainly predestined) those who experience a long-term observation will have to have a large amount of spiritual maturity (and multiple experiences within the Wheel themselves) before they will be able to overcome the nagging and over-riding voice of ego, which will try to plant seeds of doubt or create feelings of competition in order to veil and vine around the Universal plan of Godwhich always seeks to pull a Soul away from Divine truth.  It is because of this that most relationships between student and teacher (older Soul and younger Soul) will not last for very long.  The human ego of the younger Soul will always seek to surpass his or her teacher  all the while forgetting that even though it might seem as if the student will have moments that they have surpassed their teacher (on certain levels) in realitythe teacher's journey has never ended, therefore the teacher always has something new to teach.   Also, something to keep in mind when considering the ways of a advanced guide or teacher.  Many of them will test their students spiritually by appearing to falter or stumble for a period of time on purposeonly to put themselves in the position of being able to more closely observe the weaknesses and strengths' of the student.  (Judge not ... for in the way you judge, you will be judged in turn.)

Where exactly do we (Earth) exist within the Wheel of Destiny?

Currently, those of us on Earth exist in the last portion of the Wheel, where I think of and refer to as the "Adam Kadmon Realm" or more simply said, "The 12th Realm."   Our Realm, (which is not for the faint of Heart, so consider yourself very brave for being here) has a bit of something that comes from all the other 11 Realms.  For instance, our seas and oceans come from the Oceanic Realm.  Our lava and intense solar heat can be compared to the Red Realm.  Our understanding of engineering, science and architectural design comes from the Geometric/Wonder Realm.  Most of our world's religions come from the Devas Realm.  Our ability to govern ourselves 'as a people' and follow 'a leader' comes from the Tribal Realm.  Many of the images we believe to be fantasy, such as mermaids, unicorns, fairies, elves, leprechauns, etccome from the Mystical Realm and our esoteric and ancient wisdoms such as astrology, alchemy, numerology, cosmology and manifestation techniques are derived from the Sun, Moon & Star Realm.

A few studies have been done at the ancient site of Stonehenge that I find absolutely fascinating!  Stonehenge is now known to have been built by the ancient Druids of England, who had an excellent understanding of astrology, which more than likely came directly from the Sun, Moon and Star Realm.  In one study it was discovered that Stonehenge gave off precise Alger rhythms and frequency lines that pointed to key locations (some where cherished monuments are now standing) all over the world.  Such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India and The Great Wall of China.  Of course all three of these locations (looking back to ancient times) easily represent the Devas, Geometric, Oriental and Sun Moon Star Realms. But what I found especially interesting was all the frequency lines (coming out and away from the center of Stonehenge) were divided up and formatted to look like 11 slices within a single round pie.  As I counted each compartment, immediately I wondered whether or not these frequency lines had any thing to do with The Wheel of Destiny?  My intuition quickly told me they did.  "But there are only 11 compartments represented here on the study." I thought.  "The Wheel of Destiny has 12 compartments."  Then all at once it occurred to me, "Of course!  I know why there are only 11 sections!  We (Earth) are actually in the Adam Kadmon Realm, so there would be no need for a 12th slice or section to be represented!"


All Realms seem to have 7 different levels of development running through each compartment or Realm and I have learned to call these, "The Rings of Destiny."  Each ring resembles a colorful band of Light and frequency that also represents every color contained within our world's rainbow  and our power centers or Chakra. 

The red, orange and yellow rings are the lowest vibrational bands, and those of us who exist within them are considered to need the most development and spiritualized assistance; where those who exist within the green, blue, indigo, pink or violet bands are typically more mature or developed spiritually and are granted more freedom to roam about God's Super Universeor to where ever else we want.

What tends to happen is what ever our highest or most developed power center or Chakra is, that is where the majority of our energy will feel compelled to go to when we first leave this body.  And this is more than likely the "Heaven" we will experience (within the Rings of Destiny) until we are led by our guides to other places within the Ream.

It is important to note that while we do tend to carry various characteristics or mannerisms with us from life to life, vast eternal/past life experience does not necessarily preclude to the exhibition of long-term maturity, excellent thinking, self control or polite behavior from us all the time.  These qualities (moment to moment) are always a choice. 

For those of us who carry around advanced understanding in our Soul, we can always depend upon getting our fair share of tests and challenges (that come in the form of physical or personal disadvantages) to make sure that incarnating on Earth or anywhere else in the Wheel is worth our effort.  So while we will all have our ups and downs, those who maintain a Spirit of Love will become those who possess the higher vibrations ... therefore they will require the least amount of supernatural supervision or spiritualized guidance. 

Who are more dominant on our planet right now, advanced or unenlightened Souls?

On our planet right now we have many different levels of Souls all seeking to coexist with one another, some are terribly immature and a few are quite advanced. However, all of us are here to help one another ascend and mature to even higher levels of development and spiritual maturity.  Right now, there are more who are existing on the immature side of the vibrational band.  On the positive side, that means for those who are more advanced, you will encounter more inconvenience and opportunity to test your level of grace, which will help you to grow spiritually.  I want to also mention that I understood that each colorful band or vibrational level has an unlimited amount of dimensions of possibility, which each stack upon one another like transparencies.  This is quite amazing to see from Heaven's view point! 

While there are certain things that are absolutely predestined to happen to us in our lives ... the world in which we live most resembles the thoughts we collectively think and the actions we evoke.  During my experience, I saw that our Earth now currently sits between the 2nd (orange) and the 3rd (yellow) vibrational bands of development.  There are many supernatural and incarnated Angels here with us, helping us to mature so we might move onward and upward.  But basically what our current level or placement means is, our world still has a long way to to go, as we are largely concerned with eyeing and policing what one another is busy doing in life, while we are also in a mad search of what it means to hold a unique sense of identity for ourselves.  Once we collectively graduate to the 4th level or to the higher 'green' vibrational band, this will mean that the people of Earth are globally ready to properly care for one another's needs.  Hunger will end, homelessness will end and so will all war.

But as you can see ... we are still a long way from having that happen.

OK, tell me again why I can't easily recall other or former lives?

The reason you cannot recall other lives is because you are not yet at a level of conscious awareness