Mailing Information:
Christian thanks you for your interest in placing an order with us via mail by personal check, cashiers check or money order

When ever possible, please print this page out and send with your order.  If you cannot print this order sheet out, then please give us all the necessary information requested and enclose it with your check or money order.

Important! Please make all checks or money orders out to: Christian Andréason

Include the purchase amount of the CD (listed on the site) with $3.00 for s/h.  When you are ordering additional CD's please add the amount plus $1 for each CD.  If you are adding or requesting  a poster or photo print, please add $4.00 per poster or print.

Send to:

Wonderboy Records

C/O CD Order

P.O. Box 2387

Bellaire, Texas  77402


1. Name of CD's requested:



2. Please let us know the quantity of CD's you are ordering:


3. Name of Posters or Prints you are ordering today:


4. Please let us know the quantity:


5. How did you hear of Christian Andréason?


6. How often do you visit his website?


7. What is your e-mail address?


8. Best phone number to reach you?


9. Is there anything you want us or Christian to know?



Thank you so much for your order!


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