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December 5, 2007
Hey Guys and Gals!

Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit!

With the Houston weather being so up and down, (yesterday it was actually in the 80s) sometimes it seems a little hard to believe the holidays really are upon us!  I recently wrote on a chat board (in regard to global weather and peoples' doubt as to whether or not "global warming" is a serious issue or even exists at all.) "If global weather is really NOT an issue, then why am I constantly running around in shorts and t-shirts in December?"  Where are the days when right around the beginning of October, we would start getting cold spells?  Oh well.  I guess I there is a good chance I will not see those days again in my lifetime and that is sad! I gotta tell you, sometimes the stupidity and blatant ignorance of humanity just baffles me!  When are people going to wake up? 

The science is simple:

The more greenhouse gasses we produce, the more we add to the barrier (a wall of pollution) that exists between our planet and space. 

Until we lessen the output of industrial and personal pollution, the more our atmosphere will be unable to release some of that barrier and normalize in temperature and (not to mention) air quality.

Until then the pollution wall is just going to thicken and warm air is going to continue to remain trapped ... instead of drifting out into space.

If you have not seen, "An inconvenient truth" yet, please do!  Cut and paste:

Anyway... that is my environmental 2-cent consciousness for this update.

I wanted to let everyone know:  Yes ... I am doing one-on-ones this December.   And because I am just about booked up, (I have folks flying and driving in from all over) I have decided to go ahead and extend the sessions thru part of January.  So if you want to get in to see me or to do a phone one-on-one before then, let me hear from you soon.  Other than that, for those who trickle in well after the new year, and you are trying to urgently see me, send us an e-mail and I (or someone in my camp) will let you know the next time I am doing sessions.

For more about sessions, please go to:

And for those who ask why I only segment the sessions to several times a year now, rather than doing them year-round (like I used to): I have learned it is much easier (and beneficial for others') for me to dedicate and focus my self to the one-on-one work (for a set period of time) without me simultaneously bouncing around doing the other stuff I do , such as music, touring or real estate.  That is the reason why I now try to take off several weeks or months a year (when ever I am able) to do sessions.

PS:  Have you guys seen the movie, "The Last Mimzy?"  If not, then you should.  There are lots of good metaphysical clues in there.  While (in my opinion) the movie starts off kinda slow, it is a great family film everyone can see and enjoy. (And just so you know, I actually liked it much more the second time I saw it.)




October 18, 2007
Hey, Everyone!

1. Well, finally the chill of fall is in the air.  Or at least it seems like it is on its way...  I cannot tell you how ready I am to get outside in and live!  Being stuck inside all the time because it is so hot and humid here in Houston can be such a drag!  (And any one who knows me knows I am a huge fan of air conditioning!  LOL!)  Anyway, I have been back on one of my fitness kicks, so I am ready for some cool morning runs and evening walks!

2. For those of you who love my song, "Oh, Mary, Mary" be on the lookout for a powerful online flash slide show put together by my wonderful friend LAM at very soon.  We are in the middle of putting together a special web site/web page for the song, so others can forward it on to those they think could use a quick, spiritual pick me up. I will let everyone know exactly when it is ready.

3. And speaking of "pick me ups" my dear, funny and mega talented friend, Kitten K Sera has just released her hysterical adventure of seeking to meet Doris Day in Carmel on YouTube.  (I mentioned it and my involvement in my last journal entry.) 

Well, let me tell you, this 2-part video is a must see!  And will have you laughing your head off in minutes!  Go check it out.

Part 1:

Part 2:

4. For those of you who are interested, I have a need website dedicated to my real estate pursuit.  I have written articles on the site explaining how to help put your house together for sale, etc... you can eve go and do searches for Houston properties.  Just click on the MLS link.  The site is still in the works ... but it is something for now.  The link is:

5. And lastly, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the dearest people I know ... Lynette M!  Lynette, thank you for all you do for the world.  You are truly an Angel! 

Big Hugs to Everybody!



August 23, 2007
Hello, Everybody...
Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool this very hot summer!! 

I just finished up some classes at Real Estate school today to complete my required hours (as per the state of Texas) for my license.  Thank goodness that is done!  I feel better!  This weeks last class was a really good one called, Marketing 1.  It was taught by a former Keller Williams Super Agent, named Jeridale Cook.  She was wonderful!  So much so, I am sending Jamie to her class on Agency this weekend!  Jamie's birthday is this Monday! (((HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JAMIE!!!))) I am sending him to Real Estate school as his present.  (He! He!)  As he will be helping me, along with the other members of my wonderful team work all our transactions, as I also go about doing everything else I do.  *(For those of you who are agents and want to talk to me about being on my Real Estate team, please be sure to send me an e-mail at:

Speaking of "the other stuff I do" ... I very well may be headed to Los Angeles for a few months to help my dear friend Kitten produce some future episodes of her TV show, "The Kitten and Kisses Show."  After spending countless hours on the phone helping my friend develop the concept, the show is ready to go!  The pilot has already been completed and came out simply great!  I cannot stop watching it!  In this particular show, Kitten went to Carmel, California to try and meet up with Doris Day  ... and she also interviews "Jessie" from Bravo's popular show, "Workout."   I will let everyone know when it is going to come out.  You won't want to miss it!  

We have 5 more shows to produce.  Anyway, please say a prayer for everyone involved with the show!  We are gonna need all the good energy you can send!  The folks from the Dog Whisperer are forwarding our stuff to their distributor, so we will see what happens.  As most of you know, Kitten was one of the most popular segments on last season's "The Dog Whisperer" so we are happy to have their support.

Other than that, I have been having a fun time with quite a few of my real estate clients!  (You know who you are ... wink, wink!)  You know, while being in this business is very demanding and sometimes stressful (I will never EVER love all the paper work you have to do) I still very much love helping people who enjoy the process with me!  It is totally a team work type of experience. Thank you to each of you who have been so open and  sincere!

And speaking of having a blast, I have had a few really awesome one-on-ones lately!  (Due to everything else I have going on right now, I only have time to do about one a day), but ... Wow!  The most amazing people have been coming to see me lately.  (Not that everyone who comes to me isn't wonderful, cause they certainly are!!!) but in this case we are talking about people who are working HARD to move Heaven and Earth in order to make big stuff happen for this world of ours!  I am happy to report, unknown to most of you ... there are quite a few people out there you will never know, see or hear from that are doing fantastic things for you and your children!  And just when you start to think that this world is filled with few good people, please be rest assured ... there are Earth Angels truly walking around everywhere! 

For those of you who who have come to visit with me one-on-one (and read this entry) please know I am so honored you allowed me to share with you in such a special way.  Every single one of you is so different and special!!  And what I don't mind telling you, is when I am done with my sessions, I always spend some time thanking God and Heaven so much for the oppurtunity of having the chance to work with and assist you guys!  Even after all these years (of doing one-on-one sessions) I can honestly say I have LOVED every single minute!!

OH!!!  And a great big THANK YOU to all of you BLAST FROM THE PAST FANS who have been writing me about the OLD days of me being on the former version of  I don't know why I am getting so much e-mail from you guys suddenly, (I even got an e-mail from a movie director at Disney recently, which I thought was neat) but hey ... THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO WRITE!! 

Here is some good news: we are in the studio right now (at night) mastering some of my past music so that we might put everything out in all the major download web stores!!  That should be done soon and hopefully out and available (at your favorite webstore) by Christmas or New Years 2008.  : )

OK Folks!

Love Ya'll Times A Billion!



July 28, 2007
Hello, Everybody...

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me the wonderful birthday wishes, cards and such this year.  July 21 came and went and was a really nice day!  My Mom came to stay with us and we had a nice time.   We went out for Italian food with Jamie and LAM.

But a few days later, I got some sort of a virus.  At first we thought it might be food poisoning, but now I think otherwise.  Anyway, that little adventure took me out for a whole week, but I am happy to say I am back up and running ... and as good as new!

On top of that we have had workmen in the house ripping up and replacing some of the flooring on the second level.  That was no fun while I was sick, with all the banging going on nonstop!  But at least I have a new bathroom with a nice marble floor now.  : )

On the Real Estate front, I am still very much in the swing.  With every transaction, it seems you learn a brand new thing.  However, I have been having lots of fun with it.  I am still attending classes here and there.  Was not able to finish the last class due to being sick, but I plan to make up for it later.

While it is a tremendous amount of work, (don't ever think Real Estate People have it that easy!!  No matter what you see on HGTV, most agents earn every penny they make ... believe me!) I have greatly enjoyed the journey and there is nothing like helping someone find just the right home or help someone make the transition out of one.  I find that helping others sell their home is my favorite.  I am one of those rare Realtors who actually enjoys doing OPEN HOUSES!   

However, I am looking forward to taking a break and getting back to the other side of my Soul.  I plan on working a great deal this fall on finishing up a few creative projects (like music and my book) and I will also be getting back to teaching a few classes and doing a good amount of one-on-ones.  Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me with all of that.

OK ... I will give everyone an update soon as to when you can expect new music.

Lots of Love!



If you know of anyone moving to Houston who is looking for a nice, affordable family style house in the Barker/Cypress Area ... check out:


July 12, 2007
Hello, Everybody...
Just to let everyone know ... the Chronicle did mention me today in the entertainment section, due to Melinda being in town with American Idol, but the story was scaled down into a big article about all the "high profile acts" coming into town right now.  My blurb comes right at the end.  Also, you will find a clip of "The Rhythm of Life" next to ZZ Tops new song, online.



May 22, 2007
Hello, Everybody...

The conference went really well!  Tammy Holmes of Stay Awake Productions always out-does herself ... every time!  ((Thank you Tammy!  I LOVE YOU!!))

I already mentioned my speaking event in the post below, so I won't say much more about that other than we did have a very powerful moment when, "Sandra" whose son Michael had been murdered, entered the room right before I blurted out, "OK ... so who has lost a loved one lately?"  The reason I said this is because I could so strongly feel the presence of a Soul (who had just passed on not too long ago), enter the room.  I then heard the voice of the sweetest man saying, "Hold on ... my Mom is coming!" 

Then "Sandra" (an amazing looking Italian woman with a HUGE personality at the age of 65, who must have been listening outside the door) came busting in saying ... "You are talking about me!!  You are talking about my son, Michael" 

Now, I have actually had similar things like this happen whenever I hold events, but for those watching in the audience, I am sure it looked like something right out of a movie ... and I can't help but wonder, if a few people did not ask themselves whether or not we had staged the whole thing, but (of course) we had not.  No folks, trust me ... this stuff is 100% real ... and believe it or not, happens all the time.

Turns out the Spirit of Michael is still very much with his Mom; and it was time for Mom and Son to come to a place of center, so that Sandra could start feeling some peace about the terrible thing that had happened to her son.  It was revealed to me that Michael had actually known one of four who had taken his life.  Sandra confirmed this.  Then I heard from Michael that he had known this particular man long before he incarnated here on Earth.  It was also made known to me that Michael was a very special Soul who came from a part of the Realm I call, "The Light People" Realm - and these folks usually come to Earth for the express purpose to use their very Soul as a 'video camera to capture the terrible acts done by others' who may be close to them in life. This is done so that when everyone goes back 'home' (to the Realm) and has their life review, this 'Soul Movie' can be played back for the person who enacted the terrible behavior on the Soul they inflicted it upon.

 However, when they (the abuser) sees the movie, they experience it as if they were the very person being abused and they watch and experience themselves (in every detail imaginable) being the abuser.  Heaven allows this so that next time an incarnation occurs, the person who has a habit of abuse from life to life will recall what I call, "the donkey kick effect" waiting for them in their own Soul.  In other words, in their next incarnation when rage overcomes them (right before they react, rather than think things through) their Soul will call out to them by giving them what will feel like a punch in the solar plexus area.  This is actually the 3rd Chakra asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?"  This then gives the Soul a chance to make a better or more 'Light filled' decision.  

I revealed all this to Sandra out in the open and it was certainly a remarkable moment for just about everyone in the room.  Everyone (especially the other Momma's) reached out to Sandra.  It was beautiful.  There was so much Love present in the room and I was so proud to be a part of all of it. 

NOTE TO SANDRA: God Bless You Sandra!  Please know that You are in my Heart and that everything that has happened ... will become revealed in time.  God does have a plan!  I know all this has been so hard to bare.  You have been through so much!  And I want you to know that while Michael may have suffered, he WAS helped thru his pain by Angels who were standing near-by ... and NOW he is in a perfect state of peace and absolute Joy.  The part of him that you are hearing from now, is a small piece of his energy he has left behind.  Because he loved so much in his life, he is able to be here for you in the now.  He will leave this energy with you for as long as you need it.  He wants you to never lose faith in the GREAT plan Heaven has before us.  He wants you to see that there is a reason for everything that happens.  He wants you to stop being mad at God.  Even when it seems as if all this just does not makes sense.  Keep the faith and feel the presence of Michael and the Lord beside you.  Both are there.  Both LOVE you very much and will always be near when you need them most, as well as all those in Heaven who know and Love you.

As far as the concert, I had been having vocal issues due to being ill so I was not able to do a full show.  However, I was able to speak to the audience quite a bit and do a few songs from the piano.  I debuted a new song called I wrote a few years ago called, "Tired."  I am planning on putting that song on the new album, which should start production sometime this summer.  I am very excited about that!  OK folks, I have to run...

My dear friend and fellow singer, Jason Warner is in town and coming to get me in 5 minutes for lunch.  I think we are going to go look at houses together as a dear friend of ours may be moving into town.

Plus, I have to turn in a listing agreement to Keller Williams.  Yes!  I have my first listing!  You can currently find that here:  (If you know of anyone moving to Houston who is looking for a really cute, affordable house ... e-mail me about this one!)

Love and Hugs to everyone!



May 19, 2007
Friends, Loved Ones, Fam and Folks I Haven't (((Hugged))) in much too long...
Well ... I am here safely in my hotel room in Phoenix thanks to Stay Awake Productions.  I'm speaking and also doing a concert for a great event that includes Michael Beckwith from 'the movie' Oprah keeps telling everyone about (that she is getting some flack for) called, "The Secret." 
I did my speaking event yesterday ... it went really well.  People asked lots of good questions and I did my best to answer.  And this morning I am flipping thru music tracks on my CD Walkman ... trying to decide what songs to do tonight.  The only catch is ... I have a *tiny little lung infection* that I am dealing with. 
I have been doing OK for most of the conference.  I took a cortisone shot and finished a full dose of heavy-duty antibiotics before I left Houston, but this darn cough keeps trying to come back at me.  And if it keeps up for more than 5 seconds ... I realize that every time I allow myself to indulge, I am stripping notes out and away from my reach tonight.  I did not sleep well last night.  Cause all I wanted to do was cough, so finally I sat up on my bed, meditated and told myself over and over again ... "Your lungs are clear!  You CAN breathe normally ... YOU ARE GONNA DO AND BE GREAT TONIGHT!" 
But then (when I turned on the light) and I caught my reflection in the mirror ... the best I can tell ya is ... well ... I really hope the room is REALLY dark when I sing tonight!  LOL!  Seeing that this is pretty much my biggest concert of the year (I have so-far planned, thanks to my new fab adventures in Real Estate, which is keeping me super busy) ... well ... I got just a little bit bummed out.  LOL!
Anyway ... I had a SUPER pick me up this morning!!  I went to my laptop to check e-mail and got this amazing surprise article from my wonderful pal Joey at the Houston Chronicle. As most of you know, I worked with American Idol star, Melinda Doolittle on my last album and lead single, "The Rhythm of Life" before she landed on the show.  Well ... she honored me greatly.  I was so moved ... that I wanted to share some of the good energy I feel right now.  : )
Here is the interview - it's a really tight article giving (what I think to be) clear insight into Melinda's lovely Heart:
Much Love!
To Hear Melinda and Yours Truly in song ... you can go to my MySpace page:



May 17, 2007


I just want to state how proud I am of Melinda for all her accomplishments
on American Idol. 
Not only did she make it to the top 3, she made it to the VERY top of many individual's Hearts ... who were looking for a new and true "DIVA" who possessed perfect artistry and undeniable talent. 
While "America" (a' hem) voted her off the show last night, Melinda certainly proved to everyone (with more taste in their Soul than in their mouth) that she had both of these.
I also want to state how proud I am of the grace she demonstrated, when being told she was no longer on the show.  Her character was fully present and it was amazing to watch. Being the true trooper she is ... she took the 'dramatic news' in stride and was appreciative of having had the opportunity.  Before leaving the stage to sing her swan song, she went over an encouraged the remaining 2 contestants.  That is sooo Melinda!
Now I want to comment on something I have heard people say or wonder about Melinda over and over again.
Finally ... I get to say my piece!
OK ... here is the question:
 "Is Melinda really THAT humble of a person?  Why does she always act so surprised when she receives praise for being such a great singer?"
My answer:  She really is just as she appears.  What you saw was a very kind and grace oriented Melinda.
You also witnessed, along with the rest of the world ... a fantastic woman emerging from a cocoon. 
Understand, Melinda has "played" the role of back-up singer for many years for many great performers, too many to name.  So Melinda (like so many before her) learned to play the game.  If you want to 'remain' in the position of back-up singer, you get used to never putting on 'an air' that you are better or at least 'as good' as your boss. In other words, you learn to sing as if you are singing with a choir.  You NEVER ... EVER ... SING OUT.  Not unless you are invited! 
Look at Siedah Garret or even Sheryl Crow.  Both were back-up singers for Michael Jackson in their early days.  Siedah (who just got off tour with Madonna) even co-wrote Michael's song, "Man in the Mirror." 
Do you think Siedah or Sheryl played "star" to get that pay check?  I think not. 
It can be a bad habit to shake when you "as back-up singer" decide to go out completely on your own.
I have personally known many great back-singers/dancers, even one (who comes to mind named "Ayn") from the early days of Ike and Tina.  All I can hear Ayn say right now is, "It is very hard to step out in that spotlight and do your solo ... and boy are you glad when you go back to singing in the dark!  The pressure and the stress is much less!"  When Melinda started on American Idol she came from a similar circumstance.  Plus, she came from very humble beginnings, yet she had enough experience and wisdom to know that she needed to enjoy every moment she was encountering.  And how right she was! 
What you saw was Melinda absolutely enjoying her journey.  With every laugh, sigh or wide-eyed look of surprise.  You saw the REAL Melinda on "REALITY TV" discovering, hearing and getting confirmation (for the first time) that she was ever bit as good as her former bosses.  
As I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work with her myself, I know a little something about her work habits.  She is a total perfectionist and when you hear her sing right in front of you, it just makes you want to hug yourself!  Yet, even when I worked with her and called her a "Star Waiting to Born" right to her face ... she blushed.
True Story:  Melinda worked with me on my last album, "The Rhythm of Life" and is featured
on the same titled song.  **And thanks to her, my online downloads have gone up considerably!  THANK YOU MELINDA!!**  Anyway, there is a note at the end of the song that I needed her to hold strong and long. 
At first she did not think she could do it.  But I kept persisting that I thought she could.  Finally, she looked at me (in not such a good way) and said, "OK!  BUT ONE LAST TIME!" And with a big breath and a mad stare that could freeze boiling water ... she boomed out and held a note that blew everyone away in the studio.  When it was over, she just laughed and kinda said, "Wow!  That really was good, wasn't it?"  Now, whenever I listen to the song, I always wait to hear Melinda hold that note, and I always remember how she thought it would not be possible to give me exactly what I wanted.  And yet, she did and more! 
Now look at her!  She has blossomed into a true Star.  Now, I wonder if she will have ME as her back-up singer?  LOL! 
I believe with all of my Heart ... God willing ... that Melinda Doolittle will be around for many years to come!
So I encourage each of you to keep an eye out for Melinda and for you to support her future projects.
Melinda ... I am sooo proud of you Angel!!
Thank you for filling so many with such Joy.
This is just the beginning...
Love and Hugs to everyone!

PS:  In a few hours, I am headed to my concert in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone (who is coming) when I get there.  You know, the Love and Support I always get in Phoenix is like no where else!  Anyway, there are lots of great people coming, like Michael Beckwith (from "The Secret) and his talented wife (who I have sung with) Ricki Beyers.  You can go to (and type in my name) or go to my MySpace page to see it.  She called me up on stage to sing Amazing Grace with her.  A supporter videoed a clip of the performance that (I think) really captured the moment.  Well ... say a prayer for me.  I am just now getting over a bout with laryngitis, but know it is still gonna be a great event!  This is my fourth time doing a Stay Awake event ...  and it is always a very moving experience.  The energy is always amazing.  I will be sure to post when I get back and give you the details and an update as far as what I have been up to since my last post. xoxoxo


February 22, 2007

Hello, Everyone:

Well, it's official...

I passed the Texas State and National Real Estate Competency Exam!!!

And for those of you who are dying to know ... YES!!! I passed the first time round ... with an average of 94% correct!  : )

Actually, I nearly fell over when I got score paper from the proctor because the exam certainly lived up to its infamous reputation! As I was taking the exam ... so many of the 110 questions were so darn confusing!  And to be honest, I was not sure whether or not I was even going to pass or not before I pushed the "end exam" button.  I actually held my breath as I did it!  LOL!

When I left my cubical and went into the main room to see my paperwork ... I told the lady (exam proctor) that I wanted to cry!  And she said, "Oh honey, that's OK ... you go ahead and cry!  Besides, I hear that all the time!  But it is usually from people who didn't pass the test ... again and again!"

And then it hit me ... "OH MY GOSH!  I DID IT! ... I REALLY DID IT!"

Over and over I kept hearing about how only 26% pass the test the first time!  Not very encouraging... so let me tell you ... I went to every prep class I could and studied my head off with every free moment I had!!!!  Poor Jamie ... I know he had to get so sick and tired of seeing me with all those white books in front of me constantly.  I took them everywhere.  Even out to eat!  How is that for obsessive compulsive!??  LOL!

Anyway, I want to thank all my state exam prep teachers ... Lorraine, Byron and George.  You guys and your different teaching styles really helped me to connect with some of the more confusing aspects of this business.   I also want to thank a very special Angel person ... (((Lynette M.)))  ... who constantly sent encouragement and prayers my way.  [Lynette: I wore the angel bell necklace you sent to me during my exam.]

To all my NEW precious friends from Champions school ... please keep me updated!  OK?  Let me know what you are up to how you are doing!  I am wishing all of you the best of everything!


Goodness gracious, I cannot tell you guys how grateful I am right now!  No, **relieved** is more like it!! 

After all these years of researching and talking to people about real estate never once did I ever REALLY think I would actually GET a license!  But here I am ... singer, songwriter, speaker, author, intuitive life coach (plus every thing else I do) ... and now real estate agent!  All these jobs ... and counting them just cracks me up.  It is like I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up!!

But the truth is ... I think when God gives an individual certain gifts, Heaven encourages that person to get OUT to as many different kinds of people as possible...  And sometimes that requires you potentially taking on multiple vocations ... just so you make it to those people you were destined to meet and help.  I think it is that way for lots of Angel (helper) type people.  So you guys ... if you feel the burn ... get out there and try on every hat you think you want to wear.  And if it is meant to stick ... the wind won't blow it off your head.  ; )

OK!  So, now ... having said all that ... just so you know ... I am not done!! 

Starting next month ... I am going back to school to start working toward getting my brokers license.  And that will only take a mere minimum of two years or so...  LOL!

We will see....

OK ... more later...



February 18, 2007

Hey Folks...

Last night I got some *fun* news from my producer, Joe Hogue...

The amazing vocalist who sings with me on the Chorus and the Finale of my song, "The Rhythm of Life" ... achieved placement on the ever popular TV show, "American Idol."

Her name is Melinda DooLittle.  She is a great gal (with a great sense of humor) who has definitely paid her dues!  I am absolutely thrilled to see her get this kind of recognition! 

If you are interested, keep up with her progress on the show and please give her your support!  (Also, if you have a moment, watch her introduction video ... you will find it provided within the link below.)

Love and Hugs!


By The Way: I told you guys in my last journal entry that I was going to spill the beans (as far as what I have been up to over the past few months.)  Well, guess who is just an inch away from getting his Texas Real Estate License??  ME!!!  YES!  ME!!! 

After 4 LONG months, I just graduated from RE school ... now I just need to pass the State and National exam. 

OK ... OK ... so I needed a hobby!  LOL! 

But seriously ... I have loved RE for a long time. When ever I am taking a break in the studio or in between one-on-ones ... I always get on just to unwind.  I have been addicted to this site for years now!  And after sending dozens of links (of the perfect house) to friends and folks who I knew were looking ... I guess I heard, "Gosh Christian, I wish you could sell me this house" one too many times!  : )  I will give you guys more details soon from here.


January 22, 2007

Hello Everyone...

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this first entry of the New Year!!!  And I want to say ... thank you!! ... to each of you who have been writing me, asking where in the heck is the new year post??  It is really nice to know that so many of you care enough to check in and then make me do right ... when it seems I might be slacking!  LOL!  Well, please do not think I do not care about you guys or this site.  It is just that I have been pretty preoccupied with a few projects I have going on.  (I will talk more about that on my next post.)

OK ... So how is your New Year going?  I pray that each of you are off to a great start!  I have a feeling that 2007 is going to be a year where we are Divinely given many opportunities to start implementing much needed change in the world going on around us.

I think it is wonderful that for the first time in our own Nation's history, we have a woman (supported by the media) FINALLY running for office!   No matter the outcome, I think this is a big clue that we (as a country) are in great need of feminine leadership right now.  (If you haven't heard the news by now ... Madame Hillary is running for the land's highest office.)  I will tell you one thing, no matter what you might think of her ... you have to admit ... the woman has guts made of iron!  And as for me ... I will be listening very closely to what she has to say; and I will be watching very closely as to what she does ... and whom she chooses as her running mate for Vice President.  My hunch is, her pick **just might** be Mr. O.

The truth is...

Putting "a man" or "a woman" in office is not (nor should it ever be) the primary focus.  The real question is, how balanced and comfortable is that man or woman with the masculine and feminine principal within them?  Remember God is a perfect blend of both and in having created us, our Maker expects us to develop our character as such, no matter the so-called "gender" we currently possess.

Well, as it stands ... in our current administration, the OUT-OF-POWER masculine principal has just about driven us into the ground!  With this catastrophic war, obvious signs of global warming, corporations forcing the sale of gas prices **unnecessarily** thus gouging consumers, lack of social kindness or regard to the rights of fellow human beings and FELLOW TAX PAYING AMERICANS (I am of course talking here about equal rights for sexually diverse persons - remember that little blip that was to be written in our U.S. Constitution??) ... well, the gross mismanagement is simply staggering!

I will make no bones about it... I think we are in desperate need for a change! 

I firmly believe that the next 50 years is going to be greatly determined by what we do in the next 6.  Pray my fellow brothers and sisters!  Pray! 

Pray for a miracle... and pray for the strength and courage for US (those of us who know and see what is going on) to do what we need to do in order to protect the interests and hope of our children.  I mean really think of it;  what kind of a planet are we hosting to all the new Souls who come here now ... what kind of future are we providing them?  Shouldn't we have cleaned things up a bit more and gotten things nicer? 

It is rather embarrassing if you think about it.  Look how self-indulgent we have become as a people.  Every day people are becoming more and more afraid of what it means to be uncomfortable or work hard for something they say they believe in or want.  In the USA alone, (who supposedly sets the pace for the rest of the world) we are not really "the land of the free" anymore; we have become more like ... "the land of the things!" 

"Things" that make us feel more important or better than everyone else - constantly putting us in a competitive mind set.  "Things" that keep us from developing and maintaining our physical bodies, so we don't have to break a sweat! 

And we wonder why we are all becoming so fat?  We want more, so we eat more, but we do not want to work harder, so we do less.  LOL!  Do we honestly think that all the new "helpful" technologies and abundance of creature comforts (that surround us second by second) are enough to call this world ... more suitable for our children?  Is it really enough to make us all truly happy?  Well, comparing our level of happiness from a few years back to now ... I am not so sure.  Most of us have access to more material "things" than ever ... and while you will never hear me discredit or blame "the things" for our behavior (as many of our technological advancements certainly do help to make life easier) you may hear me question why we (as a people) have put so much reliance on these material things to help us "experience" our lives. 

More than ever I believe what I am about to say to be true:

It is the Heart within that forecasts and manifests the World around

We must ask ourselves ... are we focusing enough on the matters of the Heart?  Are we balanced enough between our own self-interests compared with the interests of others?  Do we care about the Hearts of others?  Do we really?  For God sake (if you ever want to see good things happen around you) ... tell the truth!  If not ... then realize your own Heart is suffering!  And something should be done about that!  Why?  Because you are absolutely wasting your life!  Instead of making a contribution and feeling proud of yourself ... you are allowing the drama stir you up, making you far more REACTIVE ... than PROACTIVE!

The answer?  Live better, Love more... Go ahead and be a person who LETS GO! 

LET GO of all the bitterness, LET GO of all the anger and resentment you hold against others.  Give it all up to God!  I am serious!  YOU just take care of and FOCUS on creating a better YOU! 

Holding on to all the "old stuff" isn't making room for NEW GOOD STUFF!  : )

Please keep in mind: most of the things that happen to us in life are those things we have ALLOWED to happen. 

Actions matter ... and so do INACTIONS!

If you want to assume TRUE power in your life then ... TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for absolutely everything that happens to you.  The ultimate ruler of your destiny is always you, as YOU (believe it or not) are the one who ultimately creates your future reality.

UNIVERSAL TRUTH:  If "IT" is going on around you ... then somewhere at some time ... you must have believed you needed the experience of "IT" or else "IT" would have just passed you by. 

Remember the Universal laws of attraction: we ALL draw to us (in time) those things we believe we most deserve or need.  (Yet, it is amazing just how much challenging stuff we are drawing in ... that we are not fully conscious of!) 

This is why living a Good, Loving, Generous and Positive life is so vitally important!!!!  Let me say that again: This is why living a Good, Loving, Generous and Positive life is so vitally important!!!!  **At least we can learn how to be conscious enough of how we are behaving and thinking enough to insure that we are drawing GOOD and BENEFICIAL things toward us!**

So... if you want a better life, then constantly practice with becoming a better thinker!!

Throw out all the THIN negative thoughts (that help you build absolutely nothing in life) and replace them with T H I C K positive thoughts instead. 

What is that ole nasty thought really worth to you anyway?  All it is building is a house of pain!  Is that where you really want to live?  All that anger, jealously, resentment, score keeping ... is that really putting new, strong bricks and sturdy boards onto your fantastic "inner dream" mansion? 

No, I think not ... it is only constructing an old run down crack shack!

If you are consistent in using positive thoughts to BUILD UP your life ... I promise you that you will end up becoming amazed ... NO!! STUNNED!!!! at what you have created around you!   

So ... Go to it Trendsetters and Go Getters!!! 

* Go RIGHT NOW and put on some motivational music! That is why I did my album, "The Rhythm of Life" after all... (wink! wink!!)  To give all of us a quick burst of Light!  Heck, even I put it on all the time to feel better.  And I have to tell you ... it really works!

* Go put on an audio (self-help) CD that SPEAKS words into your head! Let those positive words surround you with encouraging solutions, thus helping you to throw out all the junk thoughts ... replacing them with better ones instead!  Think about what you are watching or listening to.  Ask yourself, "Is this adding to my inner empire ... or is it causing it to burn down?"

* Go clean out some clutter!  Organize your life!  Few things are worse to us subliminally (making us believe we have no control over our lives) as when we are surrounded with piles and needless amounts of STUFF!  When you see that you (ARE BLESSED) and have too much ... go GIVE some of it away!

* And speaking of stuff ... listen more closely to how you talk to people.  Observe the STUFF that is coming out of your mouth.  You know what I always say: Out of your mouth and into reality!

* Go watch a good, uplifting movie!  (Currently, I recommend, "The Secret!"  as it represents much of what I teach and believe.)

* Go assist someone!  Go do something that helps them with THEIR dream!  (In other words ... go show some Love to somebody!!)  Nothing shows us our true selves better than when we are doing something for someone else.

* Go study something that will give you a brand new skill ... so that you can contribute even more than you already do!  Go ahead ... let it be something you thought you could never do.  You just may surprise yourself!

* Go remind someone how much you Love them, tell them about something they did for you (a while ago) that you are currently reflecting upon and appreciate NOW more than ever!

Doing these things will not only help you to feel happier about what you have done for yourself, you will see that it makes you even happier to know you have provided something meaningful for others.  Rarely does any feeling of Joy get any deeper than that.  (Imagine how God must feel ... so generously giving to all of us ... all the time!)

Alright!  That is it for now.  Please know that (just as I am seeking more and more every day to believe in myself) ... I am also seeking to believe more so ... in YOU! 


Much Love and Big Hugs to ALL of you!


PS: There will be more later as to what I have been up to...  ; )   Give me till, oh, around early to mid February and I will go ahead and spill the beans...