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November 8, 2006

Hello Everyone!

1. It has been a busy fall so far.  My concert with IANDS (The International Association for Near-Death Studies) and MD Anderson Cancer center turned out to be larger than I thought it was going to be (thanks to all the media attention the event got) and it all went very well from my point of view. 

About my concert: Due to the fact that the event was being held in the super ballroom of the hotel, we had to put the speakers back and away from the front tables.  Well ... that only helped so much, so ... I sought to change around a few songs in my set to make the show "less dancey." This way the 'booming' of the bass would not knock everyone out of their seats! 

I was going to open with Rhythm of Life, but went ahead and opened with "Destiny Calling" instead.  I also did some of the favorites I usually do, like "All The Time" (via grand piano) , "They're Dancing in Heaven" (of course - perfect for this event), "Oh, Mary, Mary" , "Born to Fly" , etc.   

I want to thank all my supporters who came to the event.  You made me feel very Loved.  Especially all you folks coming from as far as Europe and Hong Kong!  You were all so incredibly sweet!  I feel as if I met a few folks that I will be able to call "friend" for the rest of my life. 

And speaking of friends, please keep your eyes out for NDE author Bob Coppes' outstanding book, "Bijna Dood Ervaringen" (Near-Death Experiences and the search for the Light) which is currently in Dutch and being translated into English.  To find out more about Bob (who is from the Netherlands) his website is:

2. I have started back to doing one-on-ones this fall.

And ... I have been asked to clear something up:

For those of you who have sent for the auto-response letter to (for a phone session) or (for an in-person session) - thinking that will be enough to gain a session with me ... please read the FULL letter and understand there is a protocol in place on how to have a session with me.  It is important that you follow the directions as given.  We have been using this method since I first started "officially" doing these sessions almost 5 years ago and the process has always worked beautifully.  Every day we get e-mails from all over the world from people asking for the auto-response letter, in addition to all the other e-mail I get.  We are not always able to check the auto e-mails as there are sometimes just too many to go thru.  So please, if you really want a session with me, follow the protocol.  Also, please know that sometimes we get backlogged during high demand moments, so it might take us a while to get back with you.  Oh ... also, please make sure you are checking your spam folders as sometimes the e-mail can be sent there instead of to your inbox!!  I know, I often find what I call, "e-mail treasure" there in my online spam folder all the time!  And I gasp when I realize I was about to delete these awesome letters with all the other junk mail!  : )

3.  I am headed to Phoenix, Arizona next week to do a full concert, mini concert and speaking event for Stay Awake Productions.  The last concert I did with them went really awesome, so I am really looking forward to this one!  I love doing these events with Stay Awake!  Tammy always gets state-of-the-art sound guys to work with her, making the sound simply lush!  (I personally LOVE THAT when it can happen!)  And the people who attend the event are totally MY KIND OF FOLKS!  Most of them are so incredibly Loving!  Anyway, Tammy and I will be doing a speaking event together.  That ... I KNOW ... is gonna be fun!  You can check out more about the two day event from my site calendar or my MySpace page.

4.  Alright... I want to say a great big "hello" to you wonderful people who think and/or write about me on the Near-Death and Afterlife board!  This link was sent to me from a supporter of mine about the things you guys write about me -- and reading it all just made me smile!  From the vibe I get ... you all sound like really special people!  So you know ... I DID TRY to sign up and join the board (twice) so I could thank you personally, but it seems something is wrong with the return e-mail mechanism, which helps you to complete the signup process.  I even tried to have Leigh sign up from her computer, but she never got the return e-mail back either.

So, please know that ... YES! the real Christian Andréason has been trying to say HELLO to you for the last week now!  And a few of you guys have been cracking me up -- making me sit on the edge of my seat (with a knot in my stomach) as I read on that you think someone is using my name to play a mean joke on you! 

Although ... that is smart thinking!  Cause you just never know these days.  ; )  So ... please feel a great big HUG from me to all of you at the board!!!

5. OK folks, my EP, "All The Time" is now available on I-tunes and most other major digital download stores now.  The next program we are putting out there is my underground hit single, "Boy Called Sue."  Stay tuned, we will have more coming soon, thru out 2007...  And again, thank you all so very much for your support ... and making this boy's musical dream a reality!

Hold on Believer!

Love, Laugher and Hugs!




October 14, 2006

Hey Everybody...

Kitten and Kisses are on TV tonight!

I just got off the phone with my dear friend, Kitten K. Sera and she has done a TV show with Lifetime TV (with her pink dog Kisses) that is about to debut tonight called, "OFF THE LEASH." 

You remember my friend Kitten, right?  She is the one who sold her original name, "Pinque" to the current pop artist now known as Pink.  Kitten is one of my best long-time friends and we worked together on her EP, "Freak on In" back in 1997.  (Which will be released soon on I-tunes, so stay tuned.)  Also Kitten (and her duet with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland) appeared on the Katrina CD.  You can find out more about that at: 

I have seen some clips of OFF THE LEASH from Access Hollywood and from all the many different commercials that are running ... and the show looks really cute!  Of course, Kitten (a pro in the entertainment field via her 30 years experience as a recording artist) knows how to play the camera for maximum response.  And her cute canine pup, "Miss Kisses" (with all her professionally dyed pink hair) is just adorable!  I think folks are gonna get a kick out of this show.

Kitten's website is down right now, but if you want to send her an e-mail send it to:

You can see a clip of the show at:

Also, you can watch Kitten on THE DOG WHISPERER on The National Geographic channel at:

Oh, and Kitten told me she is going to be on the Rachel Ray show Oct 12th ... so check your listings.


Other than that ... I am getting back to doing one-on-ones soon.  Send an email to: for more info and an auto-response letter will follow.


Jamie and I are in the process of getting some of my old albums/CDs that have not been available for years, out in the major internet digital stores.

 Just last week I-tunes and added my EP, "ALL THE TIME" (the theme from Betty J. Eadie's TV show, "Embraced by the Light") to its inventory.  So go to your favorite digital store and download it!  My song, "I'll Remember You" from the EP is currently my top download.  Also, my album, "The Rhythm of Life" produced my Grammy/Dove/Emmy winner, Joe Hogue is now out ... and the top single downloads to date from that album are the title track, "Born to Fly" , "Oh Mary, Mary" and "Forever, The Wedding Song."

And speaking of "Oh Mary, Mary" keep on the look out for a really special online flash presentation that was put together by   It should be out and posted on the site around the holidays.    (And so you know ... talk is in the works for me to do an actual video to the song sometime next year...)

Much Love! 




July 13, 2006


1. Vote for new song to appear on upcoming Collection album

2.  Fall re-issue of "The Storybook" A.K.A. "Boy Called Sue"

3. Summer one-on-ones concluding soon

4. Thank you for your kindness

5. Who wants to go on a Cruise?

6. Support Jason and deMarco


Hi, Everyone!

Hope the summer is going well for you!  It sure is going by fast!  OK, I have a few things to go over with everybody....

1. Well ... it is finally time to put my upcoming collection album together.  Yes!  It is time!  Hallelujah!  LOL!!!  We finally have enough money saved to do the duplication and are ready to go to mastering next month.  While we already have an good idea of what songs are going on the CD, I wanted to give everyone a chance to put in a bid for their favorite song of mine.  I have room for 1 more song on the CD.  So if you would, think of everything that I have recorded so far and then shoot us an e-mail before August 15h telling us what your top 3 picks are:


2. While we are planning on releasing my collection album this fall, at the same time we will be also releasing my 1999/2000 popular release, "The Storybook" (Which also went under the name,  "Boy Called Sue" via when that site was manufacturing CDs.)  This program is my all-time best seller, so we are excited to get it back out there!  At first "The Storybook" will be offered via all major digital download services such as i-tunes, Napster, Rhapsody, ect, however... Jamie has informed me that we are going to go ahead and reproduce a few thousand hard copies of the CD for those who actually want a disc.  So, I will let you know when the program will be ready for order via my online calendar and this message board.


3. My one-on-ones have been going very well and been keeping me quite busy.  So with that being said, I am giving 'last call' for the rest of the summer.  August 25th will be my last official in-person session till late fall. 

I have several projects to begin, plus a good amount of private and high-end convention performances coming up... so I need to focus on getting ready for those.  However, if you want to pre-book a fall/winter one-on-one appointment, let us know and we will do our best to work with you.


4. Thank you to all of you who sent loving words and cards in regard to the recent June 18th passing of my grandmother Edith Olivia...  I would appreciate continued prayers for my Mother and my extended family as everyone continues to adjust to my grandmother's passing.


5. OK, I have been thinking about this for a good while now and before I make up my mind, I want to ask those of you who follow my career and spiritual understandings a question?

If I schedule a Cruise (leaving from Galveston) next summer "2007" (where I would be doing some singing and teaching, while having a blast on the ocean...), I'd like to know who would be interested in going with?  I am already doing a private Cruise this summer, where I will be doing a few private one-on-ones with folks, but what I am proposing here is much bigger.  So let me know if you are interested at: and I will get back with you.


6. Speaking of cruises, my dear long-time friends, Jason and deMarco are doing one this October (see their site link below for more).  And I have some great news... they have finally released their new pop album, "Till The End of Time!!!"  (F.Y.I. They also have a new dance EP out called, "Trying to Get to You," which is currently climbing the Billboard charts!)

You may have already read about their new releases in the press or seen their new music video.  It seems the boys are everywhere these days...  I got together with them a few weeks ago when they were in Houston (d cooked us an amazing lunch) and I heard all about the latest.  Well, let me assure you ... their schedule is exhausting!  They are working very hard!*I AM PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!I don't know how they are doing it all!  It seems they are off one plane, only to get on another ... so please send them some prayers and good vibes while they are out there, OK?

J & D are even in the studio (as I write this) putting the finishing touches on their upcoming praise and worship album, due out this fall.  I got to hear two cuts from it while we were driving in the car ... and it is sounding really good!  I know the guys are thrilled!

You know, it is not easy being in this business of music, let alone being a part of 'a duo' who wear so many hats.  I have been playing the music game off and on for 23 years now.  Amazing, huh? So I would like to think that I know a thing or two about what these men are up against.  Not only have they extended themselves into the very competitive "worldly thinking/ultra critical" pop and dance music arenas, they have maintained their full-time inspirational music ministry!  Usually every Sunday they are singing at a church near you!    Anyway... I could go on and on... 

My point is ... the guys need support.  So please, if you harmonize with their music, go get their latest ASAP!  Check in on them from time to time ... and at the very least, please send them some good words via e-mail.  They deserve it!

OK, just for fun, I am going to tell you guys my top 3 favorite songs from the new album:

(So far they are:)

1. Till the End of Time  (This track was produced by "Super" producer, Joe Hogue (with vocals produced by Alan Lett) and it turned out absolutely ... MAGICAL!  You have to hear this tune!!)

2. Be The Light (This wonderful tune is written by Allan Rich, who writes for such greats as Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston.  The song has a great message that everyone needs to hear today, during such difficult times!)

3. Where the Sun Meets the Sea (deMarco wrote this tune and I will never forget when I first heard it in the studio.  It is bound to end up becoming an all-time classic!)

Of course you can find out more about the guys and purchase their CDs at:

Thank you for supporting them!  ...And thank you for caring for me!

7. I Love You! 

Thank you for all the good thoughts and support you send my way! 

Please know you have my Heart!

Let There Be Light! Always...





June 22, 2006
Hello, Everyone...

I am a very lucky man... I have had the pleasure of having 2 of the most wonderful grandmothers anyone could ever hope for in this world.

Well, this past week, one of them left the planet.

My grandmother, Edith Olivia, (whom I lovingly call, "Nenaw") ... passed on Sunday, June 18th. 

My Nenaw's worldly life was taken at the young age of 82.  The cause of her transition was because of the disease, cancer.  It had visited her over 20 years ago, as breast cancer and returned recently, as stomach cancer. 

My grandmother boldly told us when she found out how serious her condition was (this time)...  that she was very grateful for the 20 years God gave her.  (She made us very proud!)

Our family assembled on Wednesday, June 21st and had the service for her.   Nenaw is survived by her husband, my Step Grandfather, who will turn 87 next month.  (Please keep him in your prayers).

After the burial, many of us gathered together and had Mexican food at a favorite place near my house in Houston.  After we ate, we moved all our story swapping on to my house.  It was wonderful having Jamie, my Mother, Brother, Step Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, their mates and young children ... all together.  There was lots of laughter.  And that is exactly how my grandmother would have wanted it!  

A little over a year ago, my Nenaw gave me a copy of an old photo taken almost 60 years ago, (when my Mother was just a very little girl) of her entire family gathered around an old couch.  As my own family (in present day) assembled together around my couch, before I snapped the picture, I gasped.  Without anyone knowing of this old picture, just about everyone placed themselves in the same format as the old picture.  My grandmother would have LOVED that! 

While I have great faith in the place I know my Nenaw now resides, I will miss her. 

She was and (still in my mind) IS ... an amazing woman.

My Nenaw taught me many things in life:

1) She taught me the importance of laughter.

2) That I should always believe and go for my dreams.  (That was a big one!)

3) And that shopping for bargains and going out to eat with people you Love is a great way to keep everyone close.  My fondest childhood memories are of my family meeting at the mall and shopping together.  Perhaps that is why when I am feeling a little blue, I like to make my way to the Houston Galleria with someone I Love.  : )

Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet my grandmother, usually left her presence with a smile on their face.  Nenaw was the kind of person, that when you encountered her, you could not help but feel lifted up!  She loved to help people see that life could be fun ... and that everyday should be an adventure. While my Nenaw had her so-so days (just like anybody else), when she had a good day ... IT WAS A DIAMOND OF A DAY!   And my oh my how my grandmother ... SHINED ... just as she does now!

I will Love YOU Forever Nenaw! 

Thank you for being my Grandmother...



June 14, 2006

Hey Everybody...

Jamie and I just got back from New York.  It was a great trip.  We have some pictures posted on 


While I did not receive the OMA award this year, I was thrilled for the folks in my category who did.  Jen Foster won for best song, her great tune is called, "The Underdogs."  (Go to for more.  Jenn is touring right now and will be at a club called "Chances" here in Houston July 8th for those of you who want to go see her. 

Marsha Stevens-Pino, a long-time friend of mine won for Inspirational Album for her album, "YOU CALLED US GOOD."  You can find her work on most online stores.

Marsha works tirelessly in ministry (and has for years and years) and if anyone *deserves* the award, she certainly does!! 

I was back stage, (as I had just sung "LOVE WHO YOU LOVE")
when they were announcing the nominees for the category ...
and then they called Marsha's name as the recipient, I just started jumping up and down clapping ... I think folks thought I was on drugs!  LOL!  Anyway, Marsha was unable to attend the ceremony, so I gladly accepted the award for her and told the folks all about my HARD WORKING friend.  It was a really wonderful moment for me.  You see, Marsha had been nominated for the GLAMA back in 2000 and I got it, and she was totally supportive of me when I did.  Now, in 2006, Marsha got the award and I got the chance to be happy for her.  Total providence ... I have no doubt at all.

And I have to tell you guys, when it comes to those of us who do Inspirational music, in truth we are really like a family.  Lord, anyone with the guts to do inspirational music deserves credit for the work they do! 

Look, "Inspirational music" is not exactly a popular form of "art" to the public right now, as it seems a great deal of folks are brainwashed into thinking that Inspirational music is for the purpose of "religious conversion."  I don't think that at all!  For me, when it comes to Inspirational music, I just want to lift people up from the everyday junk they have to encounter.  I believe music is medicine for the Soul, and I know that there needs to be more effective music and messages put out there to really FEED folks today. 

That is why I never stop making this kind of music. 

And again, my advice for anyone going thru a hard time is: go find some good music (preferably that fits that situation lyrically)... that lifts you up, and play it till you find yourself emotionally feeling better. 

Music is God's gift to us.  Use it!

OK ... on a more somber note, my grandmother, Edith, is in the hospital with stomach cancer that has spread thru her entire body.  The doctors are claiming transition time could be at any minute.  I feel that is true.  She is suffering terribly.  Would you please take some time to send some SOLID prayers of LOVE AND LIGHT her way?  Also please send Light to my family, especially my Mother, as she bravely deals with the passing of her own Mother. That would mean a lot to me.  Thank you.

OK guys, I Love You All!

And Thank you for your continuous Love and Support of me.






May 9, 2006

Hey Folks...

* Just got back from the Stay Awake Conference in Phoenix.  What an awesome time I had!  My teaching event seemed to do some good and my concert went great!! The audience was one of the best I have had in front of me in a long, long time ... so there was lots of good energy bouncing everywhere!  I mean it!  Everyone got up and danced and had fun ... and that did my Soul good!  So to all you guys from the conference ... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU GAVE ME!  I can't wait till next year!

* Well, I have some good news...  Jamie and I are headed to New York on June 11th for the Outmusic Awards.  I got nominated for Best Inspirational Album and Outsong of the year.  This is the first nomination for my new album, "The Rhythm of Life" so I couldn't be more thrilled!  And whether I take home an award or not ... I feel like a winner already!  So thank you to everyone who nominated me.  : )

* OK ...

Guess what folks???  I did a hip hop radio show over the weekend!  Yes!!! That's right!!  Christian Andréason was on a real to life 'OUT' HIP HOP radio show!!!  And this show is getting so big that Snoop Dogg's Mom was just on not too long ago!  How is that for progress?  LOL! 
Anyway, my interview (which ended up being pretty extensive) starts at about 38 minutes into the show ... and when I roll you will hear Miss Money and I start talking (and doing a whole lot of laughing) about my odd ball ministry, Loving God & being openly gay, going to clubs for the first time, coming out, stupid mean people, hurting people, doing the music I do, my recent Out Music Award nominations, recording the Rhythm of Life with Grammy winning JHP productions, my NDE ... and so on. 
Long story short ... the show was A WHOLE LOT OF FUN and we had a total blast!!  
"Radio 713" plays a few songs during my part of the program, (so stay tuned) cause after the music we come back in at around 57 minutes ... talk some more, and then close the show with my song, "The Rhythm of Life Pt. 2." 
Just so you know ... Miss Money, (who is a fantastic DJ, Producer & Inspirational Recording Artist) just got an OMA nod herself!  And if you have never heard of her or her innovative show ... I know you are gonna end up becoming a big FAN, and LOVING her as much as I now do!  I am serious!!!  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!  She is a wonderful Spirit!
So, just hit this link Radio 713  (which will only be live for under 2 weeks) 
and get ready... This girl and I had church in a big way!  LOL!
Alright everyone...

Big, Big Love and Super Sonic Hugs to ALL!




April 1, 2006

Hello Everyone...

Hope everyone is doing great and getting ready to turn those clocks "forward" for spring tomorrow!  Boy, if time isn't just flying by right now!  Right?

OK, here are a few updates:

I now have ringtones available at: 

Yet, from what I understand, the service does not extend to Sprint and Verizon Wireless users.   Sorry about that folks.  We will look into additional options and keep you informed as to what we find.


For those who are fans ... I finally have a page up: 

But I want to issue a warning to those of you who have never been to MySpace and are a little bit more on the "purist" side.  As you know with the Internet, you are liable to run into just about anything these days.  While I have come to understand that is one of the best networking tools out there right now for independent music, the site is also used a dating and general friends network as well ... and some folks will go to some pretty extreme measures to try to get and maintain attention.  The site can be lots of fun and it would be great to have some of you make your own page! I would love to 'add' you as one of my friends... But be warned; there are some rather 'colorful' characters out there and sometimes the energy coming from them is a bit on the YUCK side...


For those of you around or interested in flying into the Phoenix, Arizona area...

I want to encourage you to attend a conference I will be teaching and singing at toward the end of this month.  Please see my calendar for more details.

Talk to you later!



February 21, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to say that we are in the process of developing a new look for the front of my site.  We hope to have it up soon stay tuned.

I finished my classes on "The Wheel of Destiny" this month ... "Whew!" ... and I am thrilled with the way they went!  And the response we received was great!  For those of you who have been hearing about the classes and writing me about them... please be assured, I will be most definitely repeating this course again ... very soon!  Just shoot me an e-mail at and let me know that you want to be contacted when the next one occurs in Houston.  Also, those of you who are around the country and the world ... let me know about you too.  I will be doing a teaching/singing tour not too long from now.

Blessings Abound!



January 28, 2006

Hey Everyone,

Hope your New Year is going well!  I am teaching classes all next month centered around, "The Wheel of Destiny."  This will be a 3-day flagship course that I will be teaching on and off for the rest of this year and next year as well.  The class is certainly a life changing adventure... and for those of you who are familiar with my teaching work, you will not want to miss this one, as it stacks a great deal of what I teach about life clues, personalities and the Heavenly Realms ... all in one teaching.  I also plan on going to a few major cities around the nation and Internationally teaching, as interested persons make themselves known to me.  I will be teaching and singing in Arizona at the end of April at a rather extensive conference.  Please see my calendar for details. 

Other than that... I am doing lots of phone one-on-ones these days, (working with some truly awesome folks from all around.  And at the same time I have been working on my books ... (so YES!!! Kristen ... you can rest easy...  I am still working on my book(s)!  ; )

Much Love!