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December 31, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Well, I am in my office and have Whitney Houston's song, "Step by Step" playing in the back ground.  I just dropped a pretty blue champagne glass and broke it.  Oh well..  I take that as a good omen.  Breaking glass can be significant of breaking strongholds and old ways that no longer serve us.

We are 15 minutes away from the New Year...  Jamie, my Mom, my Step Dad, Bill, Leigh Anne and myself are about to eat some home made pizza's Jamie just prepared.  My Mom got us a bread maker for Christmas and Jamie has already made good use of it.  Jamie just came up to tell me everything is ready.  So I will make this fast.

What a year 2005 was!  Whew!  Lots of good stuff... Lots of challenge.  I had more media exposure than I have had in sometime with the "Heaven's Tourist" NBC spot and I finally got to get my dream album, "The Rhythm of Life" out there.  ; )  Also me and a group of awesome artists were able to bring just a little bit of triumph and Light to such tragedy that came about from the terrible hurricane season this year ... by releasing the Katrina CD.  I am very proud of that effort! 

The worst part of this year for me was the physical loss of Jamie's Mom.  We miss her more than words can express, but we know where she is.  I just focus on what an fantastic blessing it was to have had her in our lives!  I am thankful to God for that time we had to spend.  And it has reminded me to make the most of the time I still have with those left behind that I care for.  Thank you to all of you who cared for us during this time.  Jamie is doing really well this holiday season, the first without his Mom.  I cannot tell you how proud of him I am.  He has so much faith.

I guess with all the ups and downs, it comes down to who you are becoming.  After all that is what life is... a series of events that happen that help sculpt our decisions and attitudes.  If we don't let stuff get us down, we rise above.  I think 2006 is going to bring lots of opportunity.  Just like 2005, we will see things that challenge us and things that are exciting.  We just have to remember that God works ALL things for good.   God is blessing us beyond our comprehension.  I claim that with all my Heart. 

Thank you to all of you who are my friends.  Thank you for your Love.  Thank you for being in my life and giving me the honor of being in yours!


No matter what 2006 brings you, may you know many moments of Laughter, Love and Joy!

God Bless You Always!

Your Christian


December 21, 2005

Katrina CD was just featured in the Philadelphia paper, PGN:

Sound of Q
By Robin Renée
PGN Contributing Writer

© 2005 Robin Renée

Artists’ tributes will assist Katrina victims
Sometimes phrases like “compassion fatigue” are strewn around so easily, just about as much as “peace on earth” this time of year.

I’d like to think that it’s not quite so easy to get tired of caring. I know that my own mind wanders between the world’s problems: Here’s a news piece on ever-quickening forward march of global warming. Now it’s time to brace for the avian flu. Now there has been an earthquake that I can’t begin to comprehend. Bombs in Baghdad fall on deaf ears as well as human beings. Lt. Laurel Hester is dying of cancer in Ocean County, N.J., and her life partner is denied the extension of her benefits.

I care. I am also overwhelmed. How can I help when there is so much to do, and me with one little mind and body? Do I suffer from compassion dilution? Compassion confusion?

Whatever it is, I think we all have a degree of it as we go about our work and holiday plans, perhaps as much out of a reasonable dose of emotional self-preservation as anything foreboding.

Still, doing nothing is just not an option.

I was pleased to find “The Katrina CD” by Recording Artists For Hope. In the tradition of the Concert for Bangladesh and Live Aid (and Live 8), singer Christian Andreason has skipped the massive concert but preserved the music for a purpose. On the CD, 18 artists have contributed tracks; would-be profits go to agencies providing relief to hurricane victims of the 2005 storm season.

The songs are an appropriately mixed bag - Andreason’s own “Call My Name,” Cameron Dezen’s “Waiting,” offer triumphant, inspirational pop, as does “Reach Out” — the official song for the American Red Cross — performed by Steph Carse.

Eileen Faxas contributes a Latin beat with “Vivelo” and “All That I’m Looking For” is cute and poppy with a sitar twist from Kitten K. Sera featuring Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

Glenna Bell with John Evans give it a country feel with “Tumbling Down,” Billy Porter’s “Hell or Highwater” kicks original funk and gospel. R&B favorite Ari Gold lends his “Space Under Sun” to the effort.

With such wide-ranging styles, something on the CD is likely to appeal to just about everyone, and supporting the hurricane recovery effort — and those who choose to act on their compassion — is well worth every penny.

For more information, see Web site:

I was speaking the other day with a musician who said emphatically that her show is about having a good time. “Who wants to go to a show to be sad?” she questioned. It is the job of a musician to make you let your hair down and forget all your problems, she argued. I agree — that’s one of the best things that music can do. And there’s that other side of the art-music can make us contemplate. Maybe we can allow the pure joy of singing and dancing to wake something up in us, not help us hide. Maybe music can be a vehicle to help save some lives, or make things a little easier.

Yes, I do believe in the spirit of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Yule: divine guidance, community, miracles, the reemergence of light and all it signifies.

During the holiday season and all year round, most of us really do want peace on Earth. Let music be one point of inspiration. We start where we are.

Robin Renée is a singer/songwriter and writer whose essays have appeared in "That Takes Ovaries! - Bold Females and their Brazen Acts" (Random House) and "Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith" (Continuum Press). Her most recent CD is "All Six Senses." Her Web site is:



December 4, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Our very dear friend and fan of the year (2004) Debbie Waithe experienced the passing of her father this afternoon.  The event was sudden and unexpected.  He had heart valve surgery a few days before and was recovering.  He was in his 70's. 

Please join us in sending lots of prayers and good energy to her and her family during this time of transition.  Thank you...




December 1, 2005

Hello Folks!

Houston Chronicle did a rather big write up on The Katrina CD last week.  We are getting press in many other places as well.

Check it out here:

Or read below:

Nov. 25, 2005, 2:53PM
CD is a welcome relief
Local, national artists offer victims hope through songs

For The Chronicle

The ongoing relief effort after a record-breaking hurricane season inspired local and national artists to contribute songs to The Katrina CD — Vol. 1.

The 18-track disc features original songs by a number of popular Houston acts, including Glenna Bell, John Evans, Cameron Dezen and New Orleans transplant Kim Carson. There are also contributions from nationally recognized names such as Broadway star Billy Porter and sexy soul singer Ari Gold.

Houston-based inspirational singer Christian Andréason served as the project coordinator and executive producer. He started compiling tracks just a few weeks after floods caused by Hurricane Katrina inundated much of New Orleans.

Andréason postponed promotion of his own solo album The Rhythm of Life because he felt compelled to do something more than donate clothes and food to help survivors.

"There are so many calling out for help right now. So many feel forgotten," Andréason says. His rousing album opener, Call My Name, is buoyed by emotive vocal work, a solid backing chorus and a slick pop sheen.

All proceeds raised from CD sales will be distributed among various charities.

The Katrina CD can be purchased online at or at Cactus Music & Video. More outlets will be added in the coming months, and Andréason plans several volumes, "as long as there is a need."

The disc offers a variety of sounds: Country, pop, soul, rock and dance rhythms combine in an effortless sonic blend.

Former KHOU/Channel 11 consumer reporter turned quirky Latin diva Eileen Faxas snaps and crackles on the snappy salsa ditty Vívelo, and San Marcos-based favorite Terri Hendrix's My Own Place is a sassy wish list of good-life necessities.

Singer/songwriter Jez leads youth praise and worship at Lakewood Church and is the music director for Freedom Fellowship in The Woodlands. His track Prodigal is a whirl of jangly guitars and soaring vocals.

Florida-based singer Steph Carse's Reach Out has been used by the Red Cross as a theme for several relief efforts, and the shimmering anthem works well in this context. Elegant ballads from Dezen and Katrina Parker also provide moments of truth and grace.

Even better is the haunting simplicity of Bell's Tumbling Down, a wistful duet with country-rocker Evans. The pair's plaintive vocal performances give the touching lyrics a hefty emotional punch.

"I have always wanted to use my music to help people. This was the perfect opportunity," Bell says. "(Tumbling Down) ... is a song of hope and reassurance that, through interpersonal relationships, the human spirit can and will survive."

Inspirational pop duo Jason & deMarco preview an upcoming album with the sultry dance track Just in Time. The song was written and produced by Houston native Alan Lett, whose From Now On (Second Chance) is featured on The Katrina CD.

The kitschy Kitten K. Sera (formerly Pinque) twinkles and shines on All That I'm Looking For, a campy gem that features backing vocals from Destiny's Child's Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. And budding dance diva Jenna Drey kicks up the energy on the insanely catchy Why Should I Believe You?

New York-based singer Gold sets a simmering mood with Space Under Sun, and the song's evocative mantra — "living in a room for everyone" — is one of the disc's pivotal messages.

"Space Under Sun is a song about the journey we go through to find out how we fit into this world and allowing the universe to guide us," Gold says. "My hope is that the song's message would lift the spirits (of Katrina evacuees) and provide a message of hope and understanding."

The disc's most resonant moment comes from Carson, who lived for 15 years in New Orleans and still had a home there when Katrina hit. She now lives in Houston.

"I'm going back to Louisiana/I gotta get there just as fast as I can," Carson sings on her country romp. And indeed, the charismatic performer has already returned to check on friends and perform for fans.

"I'm feeling so bewildered, overwhelmed, sad and off balance," Carson says. "But it's also a unique time to be in New Orleans — surrounded by so much love for each other with one another helping and sharing what we have. Now we're just family."



November 17, 2005 


By: Andy Harley 


Drawn into tangible darkness,

Rushing high speed through a tunnel.

I’m somewhere between two worlds

Spiraling like water through a funnel.


I see a pinpoint of light in the distance,

Growing larger the closer I get.

But for some strange reason I’m not afraid?

And see it not as being a threat.


Entering into a realm so soothing

Of radiant, golden-white light,

Peace and warmth pours over my spirit,

It’s so beautifully beautifully bright.


Moving with the flow of fine silk,

My translucent body glows;

Like thousands of tiny diamonds

They sparkle and superimpose.


A floodgate of knowledge has been opened,

With infinite waves of love;

There’s a pageantry of dramatic colors here

That just could never be dreamed of?


I see miraculous mountains of deep blue velvet

And spectacular valleys galore;

A waterfall dazzles with clarity and life,

This Elysian area I’d love to explore!


Drifting next into a garden,

With swaying grass so crisp, cool, and green;

The luminescent flowers pulsate,

Their shades so completely serene;


I hear music playing of harmonic beauty

That rolls like a glassy river.

Enchanting, mystical tones,

That would make any man alive shiver.


Then suddenly, I see someone in the distance,

Coming towards me to reunite.

This whistling persons emanating glow,

Is such a comforting and glorious sight?


When I can finally distinguish who it is,

I realize it’s my Grandpa Jack.

He tells me that it’s not yet my time,

And that I must now . . . go back.


I could stay an eternity at this divine place

From just these few things that I’ve been shown;

But I know one great day for sure I’ll be back,

Because I believe this is my true home.


This poem was gifted to me by Andy and is taken from his new book of 62 poems, 'Till The Dreaming is Done: "Poems Crafted For Thinking People" which is now available on (ISBN 1-4137-8232-9)



November 11, 2005 

The Katrina CD is in early!  YEA!!!!

And it looks and sounds fantastic! 

Go to: to get your copy (or copies) now!

To All The Artists with me on Katrina CD:

Kitten, Beyoncé, Kelly, Steph, Eileen, Michael (and the rest of the guys in Rollover Pass), Glenna, Jez, Jenna, Alan, Katrina, Terri, Billy, Jeanie, Jason, deMarco, Cameron, Kim, Ari and Joe

I want you each to know it has been an honor having ALL of you a part of what was (at first) to be my personal CD single this fall. 

Consider me a HUGE fan of yours now!  : )

After doing my latest album in 2004, I guess you could say I  have been a bit on the broke side ever since.  (Note to self:  When you spend tons of money to make an album, be sure to save enough cash to promote it once it is out! - LOL!) 

Anyway, I usually try to record and release SOMETHING musical every year ... so this year I have been saving up (all year long) to put out a dance club EP.  Anyone who knows me, knows ... I ADORE good dance music and I have for sometime believed that dance music is about to make a come back, as recently illustrated by Madonna releasing her first ALL DANCE MUSIC CD, "Confessions on a dance floor."  Well, while I have certainly released a good amount of dance stuff already,  it has always been a dream of mine to actually have a big-time club hit!  So I was gonna make a surefire hit Dance EP this year.   But when Katrina hit, it just did not seem right for me to appease myself right now.  Not when so many are in such need!  So I decided to do a really positive tribute single instead and see if I couldn't make myself feel better by helping out. 

Now, (two and a half months later) ... we ALL have "a record" on a CD that is being marketed as, "18 potential singles!"  I just think that is so cool!  
'Cause deep down I know: SOMEBODY!!! on this album is gonna get played on radio ...
SOMEBODY!!! is gonna get much deserved recognition and get some new fans...
And in the long-run, TOGETHER, we will help raise much needed funds for this really important cause - doing what we all do already!
I don't mind telling you that putting this project together has not exactly been an easy process.  There have been more challenges than I care to recall ...  But I tend to believe that when you work hard for something, the more challenge you face and overcome, the more you learn to value the experience of WHO you are being turned into.  
Since pulling this project all together, I have developed a sense of ONENESS with each of you.  Because of this, I honestly feel that what happens to you (in JOY & hopefully success) also happens to me.  And what a really awesome feeling that is!  Especially in a business where everyone is so darn competitive, ruthlessly ambitious and self-focused these days! 
Life goes by so fast ... and when it is all said and done ... all that really matters is what we gave away.  Funny how so many of us have to live out our whole lives before we actually figure that truth out.  And even for those of us who have "dabbled" with "doing good" our whole lives ... it is not until you see that it is THE WANT TO BE GOOD that actually has you consistently DOING GOOD in life!  As always, what is done ... always comes back around!!  This is the law of cause and effect, or what some call, "Karma." 
What I deeply believe that WE (the Artists) have to remember, is this:
God gave us this gift and caused us to create all this music for a very important reason ... to help bring healing to the people.  Nothing heals people like music can or brings us all together in quite the same way! 
We are all God's Angels. 
The question is ... how often will we choose to actually act like one?
Sometimes this business feeds the need to be LOVED BEST OR MOST and that can bring out the very worst in folks.  
It is my prayer that this CD helps bring out the Angel in everyone involved. 
As you go out to promote The Katrina CD, I encourage you to meditate on the fact that many have died, many are still missing (spouses, children, parents beloved pets still not accounted for) and recall that many are still without a home, which once held so many beloved treasures that took a lifetime to work for. 
Also keep in mind:
Everyone on this CD is a brother and a sister to the other.  We each deserve great respect!  All of us are greatly connected, just as we are very connected with what happened to all those people when they got hit with all those storms.  Whether this CD is a big hit or an inspiration to only a few thousand ... BE PROUD!  Lets represent the project well.  BE A TEAM PLAYER ...and know that no matter the outcome ... we have ALL been a part of something important!
Alright guys and gals,
Let me hear from you...
And don't forget to get me those mailing addresses where you want your promo CDs sent.
Love, Laughter and LIGHT!



November 8, 2005 

Any day now the Katrina CD is gonna be coming in!  We expect it next week sometime.  As soon as it arrives we will be putting the official CD cover art up on the site and take orders from till the online distributors (CD Baby and Orchard) get their shipment ... which should take 4 to 6 weeks.  So that should be right around Christmas time.

As for me, I have been catching up on business at home, doing a few one-on-ones and taking care of career stuff.

Guess what?

We have a Cafe Press merchandise site up now taking orders!   Go check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, I have released an EP of 2 new dance/radio mixes of my song "Running Back to You" (finished this summer) on the site.

Go to: 

And look, when you visit, please understand that we are still very much in the early stages, adding new stuff every week.  So don't be expecting a grand display!  OK?  But it is shocking to see how much stuff is up on the site already (and what is up ... is not even HALF of what I have sitting here in front of me!)

On the eve of me releasing my first retrospective (I Belong to You - 15 Years of Christian Andréason - due out early next year), it is interesting to me looking back at the last 20 years of my life (or I should say my music career) and see how far I have come.  So much has changed in my life, and yet I have still somehow managed to keep the inner (and humor filled) kid in me alive!  What a miracle!  Especially in today's world!  I really feel so blessed for that...  And yes!!  I have actually been singing publicly for almost 21 years!  Can you believe it?  I barely can!  While putting the site together, we found old promotional pics I have not seen in years.  The first one was of me getting ready to sing in Paris at Notre Dam church at 15. 

As all the old career photos have been considered, what is truly amazing is how from year to year I never look the same!  It seems I look like a totally different person in just about every photo.  I don't even look like I could be my own brother in some of the shots!  LOL!   Personally I think that is cool.  Not only am I in a constant state of inner metamorphosis, but outer as well!  : )   

Maybe some of you (who have been following me and my career) will remember a few of these photos.  One or two (from my adventurous club days) are a total hoot!  We even have some as T-Shirts, where I am striking a sexy pose without a shirt ... one shot has me wearing a pink hat and feather boa!  (Of course that is from all those years of hanging out with my dear friend Pinque (Pink) who now goes by the name of Kitten since she sold her name to the now famous Pink.  My Pinque had such a funny flair for drama and it totally rubbed off on me!  The feather boa was hers by the way ... not mine!)  LOL!  Anyway, the shoot was supposed to be for a cover I was doing (for some dance song I was working on) way back when.  

Man, how I miss my 31'' waist!  I actually miss wearing all those awesome clothes I have hanging in the back of my closet ... for a 'maybe' someday.    But to be honest, I cannot stand the thought of another strict diet and I have such a thing for fattening food lately!  Jamie and I have found this local BBQ place with the best baked potato with lots of bacon and sour cream!  Oh my gosh...  I have never enjoyed eating so much in my life!  I keep telling Jamie I am gonna bring my imitation bacon bits and no fat sour cream next time.  LOL!  It is funny really, I have made a kind of peace with food I never thought possible.  If I do diet ... I don't do it to impress anyone any more.  If I do anything ... it is to be healthy and that is a good thing! 

: )

OK ... more later...

Hugs Everyone!



October 17, 2005 

Friday, the 14th we finally put the Katrina CD in the can.  Not the trash can (of course) the duplication can.  We hope to have the CD out and ready for order on  by mid November.  Hurricane Rita slowed us down big time, but not to worry ... we are back on our feet.

You know, as I look around this crazy world ... I wonder how everyone does it?  All the money issues ... mounting more and more every day due to our very unsound government and economy, this war, all the many terrible things happening to people all around the world and the numbness of the people at large (especially in this country) as it happens...  I wonder how all the intuitive and sensitive natured people are doing right now?  Tons of Angels and unseen hands must all be around us for sure.  If not, the buzz would be maddening.  But the pressure is building and I see a much bigger storm on the horizon than I have ever seen before. Sometimes I wonder, am I the only one who sees it?  I know (of course) I am not.  But from my place on this hill, sometimes I feel as if I am.

I wrote a poem today... I normally do not write poems ... I leave those to LAM as she is quite the poet master.  ; )  But today I felt my Soul need to vent as I listened to some pretty fantastic music on the web.  I have recently become aware of a man named Bryan Hughes.  He and another man, Corey M. Caballero have put together the most fantastic site where very healing and meditative music sits for free!  You must go listen!   The music reminds me quite a bit of what I sought to do with my New Millennial Man album, which of course never got released to the public at large.

Anyway, I cannot say enough about what I feel from this man's tremendous Spirit.  As I listened to the music "WATER - DANCE" I felt a great inner stirring and this is what came out:

wasted moments
all torn and tattered
scattered threads 
must be redone
fragile egos
scared and hurting
stuck in time and cannot move
The Universe...
She is coming
can't you hear our Mother's steps?
with lengthened strides
and faster paces
listen hard
and hear her breathing grow
She is running
faster now
just to move us
from this place
it's no use ...don't try to hide
she can see us
our Light's are not as dim as thought
but we cannot stay here
we cannot linger
She is coming ... soon
to move us on.
I hear her calling...
Life is out there
And so is Love
You cannot stay here
You are done
October 17, 2005




September 11, 2005 
Well today marks the anniversary of 911.  Wow.  What a day we will all never forget.  And here we are ... dealing with something else ... KATRINA!

I have been very busy this past week putting together a music project to help raise funds.  Please go to and see what I have been up to.  I have pulled together some of the best artists you either have or never have heard before.  I am very proud of this project and I know it is going to do a whole lot of good for a great number of people!  You can come back and preorder "The Katrina CD Vol. 1" at my listening store once you have listened to all the awesome clips.  I think many of you are gonna LOVE some of these artists, if not all!  Let me know what you think!

I hand picked everyone and every song myself.  I wanted the CD to be very healing.  It is easy to forget that the music we listen to can heal us from trauma.  That is why I did this CD.   

We hope to have it out by the first week of October.

Keep me in your prayers...

Much Love!



September 2, 2005 
Hello America and to my friends from around the World...

I desperately want to do whatever I can to help others who have been overwhelmed by hurricane Katrina, (so until further notice) please be advised that a significant amount of the sales from my new album, "The Rhythm of Life" will be going to the relief effort starting today.  

Also, I am dedicating my song, "Call My Name" to those feeling so lost during this time.  Please know that you are so loved!  God has not forgotten you, nor have we ... your fellow brothers and sisters! 

Please stay strong, keep the FAITH ...

Together we will get through this!

Much Love,




September 1, 2005 
Hello Everyone,

My producer Joe Hogue has just finished remixing my single, "Running Back To You" ... which we are going to start pushing to radio and the dance clubs next year.  Expect an EP to be released very soon of some new mixes of the song.

Been watching CNN and keeping up with the storm.  I am shocked how unorganized this whole mess has been.  This country (or rather our governing officials) better get their act together.  If this is how we respond to an emergency situation, then it appears we have learned nothing since 9/11.




August 29, 2005 

Dear Friends,

My heart truly goes out to all those effected by the hurricane, Katrina.  Please know that all of us here (in my house) are praying and holding a space of good energy for all our friends impacted by the storm.

Much Love,



July 1, 2005 
Hello Everyone,

Jamie and I are back home from Boston trying to regroup from the past 2-weeks of dealing with the sudden passing of Jamie's Mom, Alyce.  It turns out the cause of death was an allergic reaction to a blood thinner called, Heprin.  I want to thank all of you who were so kind as to call, send cards, dedicate prayers and send flowers.  Jamie and I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Well, I barely made it back in time to do my June 25th Pride gig and evening speaking/teaching event at Centerpoint.  What a whirl wind of a day that was!  I am happy to say that all went well.   Thank you to all of you who took my class.  I really enjoyed everyone immensely!  I promise I will do another class real soon!

I am back to doing one-on-ones and trying to catch up on all the cancelled sessions that occurred because I had to leave town.  I plan to continue my sessions into the summer.

This fall, I will be starting a small tour promoting the new album.  If you have not yet heard some of the clips, please stop on by I would love it if you would pick yourself up a copy!

For those of you wanting to buy your copy locally, here in Houston, "The Rhythm of Life" can be found at one of my favorite record stores:

Cactus Records

2930 S. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX  (713) 526-9272

(The store in off the cross street of Alabama - Right next to Bookstop.)

Also, starting July 12, 2005 ... the new album will be available at most major online stores.  While I prefer everyone go to my site to get the album, you are more than welcome to pick up your copy where ever you like.

Here are some stores you can order "The Rhythm of Life" from:

Also, FYI ... for those of you who like to download my music, I have been told it should be available at all the digital stores sometime this August. 

United States

Sony Connect
Wal-Mart (Liquid Audio)

Yahoo Music Unlimited
Virgin Digital

Peer Impact
AT+T Wireless
Audio Lunchbox
Download Punk
Next Radio
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Pure Tracks





United Kingdom

Mean Fiddler
Karma Download
Sony Connect
MSN Music Club
Packard Bell
Ministry of Sound
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MSN Music

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Net Anttila



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Dansk Supermarket
A-Z Musik Download
Den Bla Avis
Sony Vaio

MSN Music
Chello Musiczone
Download: Muziek
Planet MusicStream


New Zealand





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Virgin Mega

Packard Bell
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Packard Bell




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MSN Music Club



Telstra BigPond
Chaos Music

I will let everyone know via this journal and my calendar when the music has landed in the digital stores.

OK ... Talk to you real soon!  Take good care of yourselves!

Much Love,



June 15, 2005 

Dear Friends,

Jamie's Mom, Alyce Carvalho, passed away early this morning at 1:30am.

With all of our Heart, together Jamie and I thank you for your prayers.

While we will desperately miss this fantastic lady, I recall that God's plan is beyond our comprehension; His ways always go toward a greater good that reach beyond our sight.  I trust God ... just as I Love and will miss Alyce. 

God Bless All of You...

PS:  I will be in Boston until further notice.

With Love,



June 14, 2005 

I just got a call from Jamie.  I am flying up to Boston tonight or tomorrow morning.  Alyce is in the process of losing the battle for her life.  Please keep all of us in your prayers.  Thank you and God Bless...



June 14, 2005 

Hello Everyone,

Jamie is still up in Boston helping his Mom fight for her life.  She has had one complication right after another.  Needless to say, after a week it has been a real roller coaster of a ride.  From pneumonia, to low blood pressure, to blood clots, to her heart going into a-fib... Alyce is diabetic so her body is not recovering well after her heart surgery.  She has already had 2 very close calls where she almost left us.  I am asking that you please continue to pray for Alyce and our family at this time.  I ask that you send her Light and wrap her up in Loving thoughts.  May the Love you feel for me, go toward her right now.  She really needs it. 

Who is to say what the outcome will be, God knows better than we do and I pray that His will be done... however, where Hope is ... there is ALWAYS a chance for life to continue.  My hope remains...

Thank you so much everyone!

I Love You,



June 7, 2005 


Alyce (Jamie's Mom) had heart surgery to correct a leaking valve and did OK for the first few hours, but then had a massive stroke.  Now she is paralyzed on her left side.  Days before, we knew something terrible was lurking.  An ominous energy of sorts...  We held several prayer meetings during the weekend and I am sure that these got her through the procedure, however, there is obviously more prayer needed.  Jamie has flown up to Boston to be with his Mother and family.  She is not conscious as of yet. 

I am NOT going to give up hope, nor am I going to affirm anything but complete wellness and recovery.  God has a plan and will for all of our lives, yet I also know that fervent prayer is always considered and certainly helps matters tremendously ... as Angels will always come running and aid human hands willing to heal! 

Please join me in the visualization of seeing Alyce fully recovered and joyous!

Thank you so much!



June 6, 2005

Hello Everyone ...

Please make sure you check my calendar.  I have many events coming up this month in Houston!

Most notably is my NDE event at CenterPoint Houston, where I will share details about my near-death experience at 7pm on June 11th. 

I will be speaking about my life before the experience, how it happened exactly, about many of the things I saw and how the NDE has changed my life and intuitive abilities now ... 10 years later.  There will be a question and answers session toward the end of the event and my new album, "The Rhythm of Life" will be made available for the first time in public.  For directions and other info, please see my website calendar.

Hope to see you there!



May 27, 2005


Hey Everyone!
I wanted to share that I just did a 4 minute segment for NBC (with Houston's KPRC) about my 1995 near-death experience and also to get the news out about my new album "The Rhythm of Life" co-produced by Grammy/Emmy/Dove award winning Joe Hogue. ( 
The segment entitled, "Heaven's Tourist" aired in Houston this past Monday and in other parts of the nation (Miami, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Phili, New York, ect) all week long via NBC/Post-Newsweek affiliates. 
Here is a link of the spot if you care to watch...

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have written to me after having seen the story and given so much kindness and Love.  I appreciate it so much!

Here in Houston (in conjunction with the story) I was featured on the actual news at least 4 separate occasions, my voice was all over radio and NBC/KPRC had my face plastered in commercials going every 15 to 30 minutes (for 5 solid days) due to the fact that the piece was intended to generate interest for sweeps. From "Days of our Lives" to "Saturday Night Live" to "The Contender" the commercials ran and ran.  While I will certainly admit I certainly appreciate any promotion I get, I have to tell you ... it got really weird having the TV on in the background and constantly hearing about "this man" who has been to Heaven and knowing that "the man" was me.  It is one thing to share my NDE with friends and in ministry, but to hear it broadcast over secular TV is a mind trip! 

Then there was this one commercial that was way over the top and totally sensationalistic!  Out of nowhere you would hear this announcer's rather masculine/husky voice declare, "Do you know if you are going to Heaven?  Then you better listen to "this man" Monday at 10!"  I could not help but laugh-out-loud, shake my head and cover my eyes! Yet, I knew all the play was doing its job when I ran into Fiesta supermarket (by my house) for a pack of gum and saw eye brows furrowing, eyes squinting and fingers pointing. Let it be said I have had some really awesome and interesting conversations with strangers since!  : )  

After the airing finally happened in Houston, I was relieved that all those commercials were finally over!  The station was happy, as the spot had managed to raise the market share a few points.  (That means people jumped from other stations to watch their Local NBC news.)  I understood that this is really good for sweeps and a great indication that people are wanting more spirituality in their news.  AND TO ME THAT MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!  In the process, our website got slammed with 30,000 hits in the first 6 hours and now I have more e-mail than I know what to do with.  As far as the actual story, I thought it was (for the most part) not bad.  Every now and then there was some creative license taken that had me holding my breath and closing one eye as I watched with the other, but that is media for you.  And then there was the evil little thought that ran through my head as to why I hadn't started my diet just a little bit sooner!  But oh, well ...  Time to start a 12 step program over Mexican food!  LOL! 
A bit of focus went to the fact that I also do a lot of intuitive/ministry/life-coach work with others.  I am not sure how many of you know about this, cause I choose to not make that big of a deal about it, but I am an intuitive.  This meaning, I often see things clairvoyantly and have understandings that help others figure out the crazy stuff that happens in life.  This is actually how the whole news piece began in the first place, as I have been meeting one-on-one with folks from all over the world for years now -- while also doing my music at the same time.  Since my NDE, God has had a funny way of making my life work.  When people ask me, "Christian, exactly what is it that you do?" I have learned to just simply smile, go with the flow and say ... "help people and sometimes sing to them!"  ; ) 
Anyway, I wanted to share the good news.  It is not often one gets to launch a new independent record campaign with exposure like this!  I feel really blessed right now and definitely watched over!  Please (when you have a moment) go to and listen to some of the clips from the new album and let me know what you think.  As always, your thoughts are valuable to me.  Also if you feel led, your generous support is much appreciated!
May 23, 2005

Hello Everybody!

I had a great time shooting for the NBC feature "Heaven's Tourist" that is airing tonight for the first time (after Medium) on Houston's own KPRC/channel 2/channel 12 on Houston's Warner Cable.  The segment goes to all the affiliates all around the Nation this week.   This is the first time I have ever openly shared my near-death experience using TV ... and what is amazing is I did nothing to make it happen.  It was totally a God thing!  As all things happen in life (arranged by God) all the players just 'showed up' and put the segment together.   What started as a simple news story has now exploded into commercials that run every 30 minutes and a spot that is going to be seen in just about every major market.  Only Heaven could pull something like this off, and well, I guess it is time for me to go ahead and get out there a little more than I have been doing. Please join me in sincere prayer that what is put out on the airwaves lifts others to have a more complete relationship with God's Love and that those who want to experience more Love in their lives ... be blessed!

To see a clip of the segment (on and after May 24th) go to:  or

I want to thank Sarah Greer (the segment producer) for all her hard work.  **The network is fortunate to have you Sarah, as I know you truly tried to tie in everything that makes me "me" and get it in front of the people.  It was a joy to work with you!**  Thank you Meranda for all your great ideas.  Thank you Ty (our camera woman) for being so fun and easy to work with!

Thanks to Brian and Jeff of for supporting me (as you always do)

A very special thanks goes out to Michael Castillo for getting the ball rolling for me!  **Thank you for your kindness and humility Michael.** 

By the way, Michael has a very important petition he is trying to get out there about parent child abduction.  His son "Ian" was taken from him over a year ago (abducted by the child's Mom) and Michael has exhausted his funds and person in a quest to get his son back.  He is trying to get a Texas law signed into effect so other parents will never have to suffer as he has.  If you feel so led, please assist Michael and other parents who have been so unfairly treated by our court system.

Michael's story on Ian appears here:

Other than that ... thanks to my precious home team Jamie and Leigh Anne for working so hard to help me get things together so fast!  I Love You Guys!  ><C>

May 1, 2005

Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the new album.  The online release date (thru my site) has been bumped to June 2, 2005.  As far as Internet wide (, and such) that will happen in August.  Sorry for the delay, but I wanted everything just right!  We decided to go with a different album cover and it has taken some time to get the new art work together.  Plus, Leigh Anne will be contributing some of her own art for the insert!  I am excited about that. 

All of you who have preordered your CD, please know as soon as we get the first box of CD's in ... we are getting your order to you ASAP!

So while getting this CD together, I have been holding one-on-one sessions in person and by phone.  Fortunately, I have had the luxury of being able to be at home in Houston this spring, (that has been nice) so doing phone one-on-ones has been possible for me.  I am going to continue till around June, then I will take a break so I can start touring and promoting the album.  So if you want to get in for some one-on-one time, give us a shout via the contact page.

We have a new member in our family.  Her name is Sierra "Puppy Love"  She came to us this past February as a stray puppy and most likely as a secret undercover Angel.  ; )  I say that because she has been getting me out of the house more (as she needs lots of walks) and God knows I really need the exercise!  Plus she really brightens my day... (Just look at that face!  LOL!)  Jason Warner (while staying with me while working on his and deMarco's new upcoming album) and I were coming back from an anti-war exhibit at a local Quaker church by my house.  As we drove off we saw this little girl running alone beside the car.  She had no owner so we have adopted her.  At 5 months now, she seems to be a mix of SharPei and lab.

Anyway, she is a real sweet heart! 

OK guys!

Much Love!



March 14, 2005

Hello Folks!

We will be announcing the new fan of the year for 2004 soon, so keep your eyes open!  ; )

How is your 2005 year going so far?  I am hearing some good news from lots of people.  My friend Lemya had a little girl (Lauren) last fall.  And!!!  Congrats are in order for my fan of the year 2003, Kristen Foley.  She is with child (it will be her 2nd ... Katie **one of my favorite Angel artists** is her first). I have a sneaky suspicion it is gonna be a boy!  ; )  We will see.  Please keep her and her family (John and Katie) in your prayers. 


I also want to send a shout out to all my wonderful WAVES brothers and sisters!  Thank you guys for all the pre-orders for my upcoming CD!  It has really made all the difference! **By the way, the album is going to come out a month late.  We have moved the date to May.**

I want to invite those of you who frequent my site often to send me a "hello" e-mail to  Please tell me a bit about yourself and what brought me to your attention.  Also, tell me what you like about the site and if there is something more you would like to see, let me know that too!  It is always good to hear from those who support me and/or take interest in the things I seek to enlighten the world with!  Whether you are here for my music or for inspiration ... I just want to thank you for dropping by!  : )

As you might have noticed, it has been over 3 months since my last entry.  I promise to start making up for it!  To be honest folks, I have been other places mentally.  I have been doing one-on-ones and working a bit on my book.  Also, doing my album last year REALLY took it out of me and I am JUST NOW feeling like I am coming back to myself!  Spending almost a hundred grand and living out of a suitcase for a year can really take it out of a guy!  LOL! 

Last night my ministry manager, Leigh Anne Marshall taught her first art class on Spirituality at Centerpoint here in Houston.  It was a fun evening.  Every now and then I got to put my 2 cents in.  (Yes!  I was invited to do so! LOL!)  Thanks to all the folks who came and joined in!

You know, since Leigh Anne asked me to participate in her class I have been thinking a great deal about art and exactly what it means to me.

Being a recording artist for the past ... oh gosh ... 20 years now!  I think I know a little something about being artistic.

But when I was young, I really never got it. I was always the kid in art class that made D+’s at best! When asked to color, I usually refused to stay within the lines. I was so bored with art class, I usually drew my own pictures. Rebel?  Maybe.  Instant art expert, definitely not!

But then I learned that artistic talent could reveal its self in other ways too.  The day I learned that I could carry a tune was a mighty happy day for me! While I was still a freshman in high school, I got to solo for a prestigious Choir and in so doing, I got the chance to tour around Europe and sing. The choir, (mostly comprised of champion high school singers) went all the way to Paris, France and saw the famous museum, "The Louvre"!  I remember everyone running around the museum like it is was some kind of a funhouse maze.  All of us just wanted to see one famous painting.  We finally knew we got to the painting by not actually seeing it immediately but by hearing all the and ooh's and aah's coming from the people around it.  Finally, I could not take it any more … I pushed myself to the front and from behind 6 feet of a box of plexiglass was this REALLY SMALL framed painting called, "The Mona Lisa."  I could not believe how small it was!  For those of you who have seen it in person I know you know what I am talking about.  It is shocking.  It's like meeting Madonna for the first time (who is so awesome and bigger than life in concert and in her videos) and seeing she is MAYBE just a little bigger than 5' tall in person!

With this painting, I thought they should put a sign up that said, "objects behind plexi might appear bigger than they really are!" I was stunned that this little picture was so famous all over the world!  OK...OK... maybe it was a nice picture.  I did think her eyes were very interesting.   But I could not for the life of me understand why everyone was clamoring to see it?  What made The Mona Lisa so fantastic in relation to all the other artistic renderings in this world famous museum?

And what I am now ashamed to admit, I must confess… Because everyone else was doing the ooh and aah thing. I did it too. But deep down (in truth) I thought Ms. Mona was really boring!

“She looks so alive” I heard someone say.  Finally, I had to come clean so ... "She looks pretty plain to me" came flying out of my mouth!  Needless to say, I started getting dirty looks. At 15, that was my first lesson in realizing that when people THINK they love something … they want you to love it just the way they do.  Oh, and I also learned another thing that day: I realized the power art had in gathering people together.  I realized that art did not really have to be spectacular to be famous... it just had to generate the interest of enough people who were made to believe it was fantastic by mass media commentary.  I now wonder just how many times I have been duped into loving something simply because the media kept pointing fingers toward it?  Think "Paris Hilton" and you might get what I am saying here.  What was it that she does, again?  If someone has the number of her press agent, please forward immediately!  LOL!

At the Louvre, to the left of "Mona" was one rather large picture that caught my eye.  It was a huge wall sized painting of a bare breasted woman with big hair who was obviously "with means" ... she had an expressionless face and was pinching the breast of another woman who also had an expressionless face ... and she looked pretty well off too!  Sounds tacky, right?  I was thrilled! I found the art outrageous and interesting!

OK, now enter the really controversial art.  (This was the piece that truly taught me what art was all about.)

Now as most of you know … I have made a life out of Loving and adoring Christ, so if I anger some of you for saying this ... please forgive me ... but the first piece of art I ever GOT was a picture entitled, "Piss Christ" by Andres Serrano.   Some of you may remember it as a hugely controversial piece!  For those of you who do not remember, it is a photo of a crucifix (with Christ on it) in a glass of urine.

At first (like a lot of other Christians) I was out of my head with anger!  And (at first) I sounded like everyone else around me at the art exhibit.

“How could he (the artist) do this.” 

“Oh, he is soooooo going to hell!” 

"Ah!  The very idea!” 

Over and over I kept hearing lots of slams from others, but then I found that while others quickly turned away ... I could not stop looking at it!  Something deep within me found something extraordinary about this photo.  Actually, I found it beautiful.  I realized … "Oh my gosh … how true!"  We as a world really do "TT" on Christ, especially those of us who call ourselves Christian and then proceed to treat people and ourselves so terribly!  Why would we do that when Christ tried so much to teach us how to Love!?  Here Christ had done all this work and even sacrificed his human life by allowing it to be cut short ... and now, just how many of us really take what he did in life seriously ... on a constant basis? 

As I stared (with my head held in a slight tilt) I actually remembered that urine is one of the most pure substances created by the body and I soon found symbolism in that.  There was this study that was published years ago that said if you peed in the shower you would kill athlete's foot!  Isn't that interesting? The longer I stood looking at the art, I kept thinking of things I would have never thought of had I never seen the piece at all.  Then I realized … art should make us think!

In a world that is so homogenized and commercialized, good art (as I see it) which makes you think and question life does not really come along very often.  You know what I am saying?  It is either not creative enough or has little or nothing impactful to say.  This especially goes for the music of today.  Everyone is too busy doing the same thing everyone else is and in my opinion greedy business people are mostly to blame for the state of things. 

Where it comes to music, I have a lot of unresolved frustration for the urban/rap market and what it has done to pop music today.  All those ugly words and the lack of musicality; Pop music used to be so fun!  Now it is (for the most part) so crude and elementary.  Pop music is not music to me anymore.   That is probably why I never give up making it and I typically bend my sound toward that old 80's sound where pop music left us standing in the dust.  To me the 80's was when pop music hit its peak.  Then all this rage and violent speech stuff surfaced in our world and grunge and gangster rap became THE market and flat out took over.  Now, understand ... I am all for freedom expression!  And in truth, I have no problem with rap, but for everyone to be doing the same kind of music over and over and over again!  Ah, enough already! 

Whether I am successful or not at making music, I have always felt I had an obligation to do music that really says something important.  And for those of you who (like me) ARE STARVING for music that moves you and makes you reach in life ... I think you know exactly what I am trying to say here.

 Being a good artist comes in steps

Step 1: Learn to let God move thru you as an individual (in as unique a way as possible) Let the sacred process of creativity happen.  Creativity should always be appreciated, especially when it evokes a beautiful feeling within. 

Step 2: Learn how to Love others enough by giving them what you know they Love about your talent.  So many of us have many different gifts, but there will always be those gifts that others seem to appreciate more than others.  It is good to focus on and develop those talents so that we might contribute something beautiful into the lives of others.

Step 3: Love others enough to push them in their current seat of boundaries (using your talent) in the way they are used to seeing something.  What makes life interesting is that it is always shifting and changing.  Life is about evolution and sometimes we can get stuck in our ways in how we are used to having something appear to us.  Therefore it is good to every now and then do a little something different just for the sake of doing a little something different.  Do NOT be afraid to TRY different things. 

I always say that good art is giving people a little bit of what they think they know and then giving them a little something they don’t (or aren't expecting) and mixing the two perfectly.  To me, a person who can do this is a true artist!

One more thing! 

Support and encourage our children to do art! 

If our children are to grow up balanced, art needs to be made important again.  Art teaches us how to express ourselves.  Art does lots of great stuff for the Soul.  Even us grown ups need to do art every now and then! 

I am really scared folks, too many schools today do not hold art as important, so they are cutting funding to artist programs in public schools.  Folks, there would be no Christian Andreason if it was not for art in school, (in this case the art of music!)  Please fight to make art a priority in our world and do all you can to make sure art is being pushed in your community schools.

Also, when you find an artist you LOVE ... make sure you support them with verbal promotion and money!


BY THE WAY ... did I mention someone is about to release a new album soon?  LOL!  (See next entry below!)

Love you!



January 1, 2005
Happy New Year to all !!!!

Now ready for advance/pre-order by mail:

An autographed and numbered copy of Christian's new album,

"The Rhythm of Life"
Christian Andréason's first full-length studio album in 5 years, co-produced and arranged by multiple Grammy, Emmy and Dove award winning producer, Joe Hogue, will be available for release in the spring of 2005. 
The album pre-order price is: $16.99 (please add an additional $4 for shipping and handling.)
 (If ordering additional CD's please add $1 per CD for shipping.)
*Regular price is marked at $18.99 and pre-sale price will end as soon as the first 1000 CD's are sold* 
Please Note:  The official release date of this album via Christian Andréason's website is not until April 15, 2005.  However, we anticipate that the duplication and manufacturing will be done by late February/early March.  As soon as we get our first copies in, those who pre-order their album will get their signed copy immediately after! 
Please make all checks payable to:
Christian Andréason
Address envelope to:
Wonderboy Records
Rhythm of Life Album
P.O. Box 2387
Bellaire, Texas  77402
 Featuring Over 68 Minutes of Awesome Affirming New Music and Bonus Dance Mixes, the songs on the CD are:
1. Running Back to You
2. Destiny Calling
3. The Rhythm of Life (US Radio Mix)
4. Call My Name
5. The Reason (a.k.a. "Show me the Reason")
6. Oh Mary, Mary
7. The Rhythm of Life (Part 2)
8. Still (Featuring Jason Warner w/ deMarco of "Jason and deMarco")
9. Forever, "The Wedding Song" (Extended Album Version)
10. Show Me in Red
11. Love Who You Love 
12. The Rhythm of Life (Life and Learn Dance Mix) **BONUS MIX
13. Running Back to You (Extended Dance Mix) **BONUS MIX
14. Born to Fly