Christian's Web Journal
September 1,  2004
Hello from L.A. Everyone!
I am happy to report that much progress is being made on the new album and upcoming EP.  Joe and I just wrapped up 5 different mixes for my song, "The Rhythm of Life" and they are just great!  The sound has a bright Pop polish to it ... and it is VERY, VERY 'Dancey' ...and of course ... it has a very powerful message! 
What else would you expect from me, right?
I wrote ROL (Rhythm of Life) over 17 years ago.
And I have been waiting for what has seemed 'forever' to record it.
Well ... THANK HEAVEN ... 'literally'
now is the time ... and it is going so great!
In fact, it is coming out BEYOND my wildest expectations.
Totally "A God Thing" for sure!  : )
I just did an extensive taped interview with Julie Alexander of www.DiscoveringJoy.Org.
In the interview, we talked a great deal about my 1995 NDE and how it relates to my song, "The Rhythm of Life." We talked about my one-on-ones and how I have grown from doing them over these past few years.  We talked about what I believe God has been showing me in my life and how He has been slowly growing me up to be able to reach my potential.  Spirit was very strong during the time we spoke and our moment captured a lot of candid things I have needed to say for some time, but have not yet had the right venue to say.  There will be many things to hear (that I have not yet made public) about my NDE that I saw in my experience.  Everyone who is moved by my NDE/OBE experience (or has had a one-on-one with me ... or wants to have a one-on-one with me) ... will need to get this one.  There is a lot of deep stuff for you to dive into ...and then put your thinking cap to!  You will definitely want to listen to it a few times.  I will say no more...  ; )
As far as a release method and date for the Interview, for now, we are going to make the almost 70 minute interview available, as a 'home duplicated' limited edition CD single ... that will also include the radio mix of the tune, "The Rhythm of Life." 
That should be out (I would think sometime in early November.)  Fingers crossed!
Later it will be out on all the digital download services, like on or 
In fact, by the year's end (or next year's beginning) everything of mine (music and audio) that I have out and available will be offered via digital download.
OK gang, Joe (my producer) and I are working on a new tune called "Destiny Calling."
So far ... it has a very 'Lion King' feel to it.  While we are still in the initial stages of recording (you never know how things can change in that process), I think you guys are really going to be moved by the tune.  Heck!  The whole album is gonna be awesome!  LOL!!!!  Actually, (so far) I have put all the tracks that we have recorded in sequence (I have about 7 right now ... with 4 more to go) and while listening to all the songs back to back, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride.  There are lots of unexpected twists and turns.  I totally Love that!  You know what I mean?  LOL!
OK Kids ... more later....
Thank you for your prayers!
Keep 'em comin'!  K?
They are working!
Love, Laughter and Light!
August 10,  2004

Hello, Everybody!

Well, Jamie and I are back from 9 days in Miami, Florida.  We had a nice time.  Although it did rain a great deal and we found out that if you want to get some good beach time... you have to get up early in the morning in Miami, or you will get hit with afternoon rain storms.  Good news is ... I no longer look like 'Casper The Ghost' thanks to some sun I did manage to get!  Note to self: "Don't ever let yourself get this white again Christian!"  LOL!

We stayed at an old hotel in South Beach (built in the 1940's) called, "The Richmond."  Jamie and I were going to stay at Madonna's hotel Delano, (which was right next door to The Richmond) but it was already sold out because of M's show at America Airlines Arena.  We met with Pat (the owner of The Richmond) and she told us funny stories about RuPaul staying in the hotel and that he had to take off his shoes in order to be able to walk in the 'not so tall' hall ways because of his wig being so tall.  I can just see him now!  LOL!  As far as our stay ...  The hotel was 'ok' ... (we had some minor issues, such as the room we were in was too hot most of the time) ...if the hotel was kept up better it would be really wonderful.  On the weekend(s) we stayed with our dear friend, Lorenzo, who is a marvelous Cuban chef.  He cooked all these wonderful dishes for us.  And now (because of vacation based eating) I have to go back to watching the ole waist line.  I gained at least 7 pounds!  Oh how I dislike that!  When is that ... 'you can eat anything you want' pill gonna come out?  Oh well ... back to the Angel Diet!

The Madonna show (which was one of the principal reasons for us coming to Miami) was really very, very good.  The opening was just awesome.  She had all these prerecorded video images that were just stunning at times.  The show was less 'produced' than the last show she did, and was (in my opinion) better and significantly less dark.  She did an awesome job of combing over the 20+ years of hits she has had, and Jamie and I were only too happy to sing along from our 7th row seats to just about every tune.  Now that I think back, there are so many images that the show evoked to mind; I would not mind at all seeing the show again.  But alas, this show was the last one she would do in America.

This Friday I head to Los Angeles to finish up the new record with Joe.  I will be there till at least October 5th.  I will try to keep everyone up to date with how that is going.  Please keep us in your prayers!  To mind I think we are doing 3 more upbeat tunes and (hopefully) 2 or 3 ballads.  I think there will be a total of 10/11 songs on 'The Rhythm of Life'  ... all in all, I think it is going to be a really great record.

Much Love!


July 29, 2004

Hello, Everybody!

Lots has been going on!

First of all ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very dear friend and former Fan of the Year, Christine Emerson!  And many, many more sweetheart!  Christine has just started a fantastic pet sitting service strictly for those who live in the Houston/River Oaks area in Houston.  You can check out her site by going to:

The #1 site on the Internet about near-death experiences has just done a entire page on me and my NDE.  I am very honored because this site is certainly one of the best and most informative out there today!  To check out the page go to:

I had a great birthday!  It was on the 21st of this month.  Thank you to all of you who sent cards, e-mails and gifts!  Wow!  What a lucky man I am!  My Mom came to the house and stayed with me for 3 days.  We had a wonderful time just laughing and laughing, which is what Mom and I are famous for!  Then Jamie organized a small group of friends to come to dinner, which included people I have not seen in years and years!  I had a wonderful time!  Dear designer friend of mine Gayla "GiGi" Bentley surprised me with her delightful presence!  For those ladies who are blessed with full figures, please visit Gayla's site:  She has remarkable clothes specialized for ladies with curves!  In fact, GiGi is going to be designing my wardrobe for my upcoming album cover and tour.  I cannot wait!

Leigh Anne and I just got back from Chicago a few days ago ... after having been with the W.A.V.E.S organization of my dear friend, Betty J. Eadie.  To those I met in the windy city (who came to Chicago) ... I want to tell you I miss you ALL already and I want to THANK YOU with all of my Heart for making Leigh Anne (LAM) and I feel so welcome and Loved. Your kind gracious words, tender touches and healing hugs gave us great energy.  We felt it from the first moment we arrived in the lobby to the moment we touched back down in Houston.  In fact, we STILL feel each of you!  Thank you to the kind Angels who made sure LAM and I had fresh flowers in our room.  They were so lovely...and ended up creating much blessing for many!  Thank you to all who cheered me on and generously supported me as I sang, prayed and whatever else Spirit called me to do ... and I thank you for supporting Betty's future Encampment with your purchase of my CD, "All The time" Leigh Anne's "Angel Betty Poster" and other products you so generously purchased at the merchandise table and WAVES auction.

In Chicago, I was able to do a preview of my upcoming music from my future album, "The Rhythm of Life."  I want to thank everyone who has been writing with such kindness and support.  I too am excited about this album and I know it is going to be one of my very best yet!  I had been in Nashville just a few days before ... working with the awesome Joe Hogue.  I am very proud of what we have achieved so far.

To find out more about the W.A.V.E.S go to Betty's site: and click on the link that says" WAVES.

To find out more about Joe, go to:

Jamie and I are headed to Miami this coming Saturday to see Madonna in concert.  We obtained great seats and are really looking forward to the show.  It has been 13 years since I have seen the grand dame of pop do her thing in person.  The last time was the BLONDE AMBITION tour.  Boy has a great deal changed in my life since then!  Jamie and I are planning on doing some beach time, as well as play catch up with our very dear friend Lorenzo, who used to live in Houston and now Miami.  I have been tanning a little bit in the tanning bed to get ready for all the sun exposure I am about to get, and I am a bit pink right now.  Seeing that I have had no sun in over a year, I feel like Casper the ghost right now! 

After Jamie and I get back from Florida, I am headed to Los Angeles to finish up recording for my album.  I will be there until October 5th.  We are thinking the album will come out in the beginning of 2005.  I may have some 'sneak peek' copies ready before Christmas, as a club mix of the first single from the album will be released to various clubs around the United States.  We will see what happens, but no promises!  OK?  At least we will have some clips up on the site in October or November.  And one thing is for sure ... as soon as I get copyright clearance for one of the tunes that is going on "The Storybook Collection", I will have that out A.S.A.P. too!  I am sorry that is taking so long folks!  But when it is time for the CD to be out, I promise it will be good!

If you have checked the calendar I am sure you have seen I will not be booking any more one-on-one sessions till October 15th.  For right now, I have to focus on the music, then I will start seeing people for a few weeks.  For those who are currently booked, do not worry ... we will still have our time!  : )

OK!  Please know I appreciate all of your prayers and Loving thoughts!

I will try to write more after Miami and let you all know how the Madonna show was. 

Much Love!



June 2, 2004

Hello, Everybody!

Well, there are two anniversaries I am keeping in mind today.

Today marks 3 years since my aunt Christina (who was like my sister) passed away. And it also marks 9 years of time since I had my near-death experience. 

I always find it interesting that my aunt passed away on the very same day as my experience.  I am sure there is a clue in that for me.

In numerology ... 3 is the number of understandings and creativity and 9 is the number of beginnings and endings ...  Once you hit a 9 ... you back to 1 the following year.  And 1 is the number of opportunities and establishment.  Hmmm ... maybe that is when the book will come out ... (?)  We will see.  Everything in God's perfect timing.  Right?  Right!   

We updated the writing offered about the NDE on my website and I added some additional writing here and there.  So like one goes on an Easter egg hunt, go see if you can find it all!  LOL! : )

It seems as if June 2, 1995 is so far way now ... most likely because of all I have learned and applied since then ... and yet ... I can still remember key events as if they just happened 2 minutes ago.  Leigh Anne and I were up talking early this morning and we laughed about the fact that time really doesn't matter.  In fact, I always try to keep in mind that time (in Heaven's eyes) does not really exist.  So much of my experience is difficult to put into sequential order ... because in all actuality much of what I observed ... in truth happened all at once!  I know that can be difficult to understand, but that is how it was.  It has taken me 9 years to try and put it all together and make sense of it as best I can.  I am sure I will need another 9 years or even more!

Other news:

I will be working with Grammy/Dove/Emmy Award winning Christian and Pop music producer, Joe Hogue.  We will start working on my new album toward the end of this month and during July in Nashville.  Please affirm and hold us in prayer as we work.  I am very excited to see what comes of the project ... as there are a few songs I am about to record that I have waited a very long time to do.  I was just waiting for the right person to do them with.

OK!  Lots of Love to You Guyz!


May 9, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a very important day.  What would this world be without the Mother's of this world?  I shudder to think.  And it is very clear to me that one need not have a child to be a Mother.  While God knows I am so very grateful for my own Mother and her presence in my life, I am also appreciative of those Souls who care for me in ways that only a good Mother can when my own Mother is not available to do it herself.  What a lucky man I am. 

When you think of a Mother ... you tend to imagine a nurturing person.  Right?  I know I do.  This is clearly a testimony to that word and what it means at Heart.  So today, as I celebrate my Mother and other Mother figures in my life, I also celebrate the nurturers of this world.  And I say to each of you THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE!

In honor of Mother's Day ... I would like to now officially announce the "FAN OF THE YEAR" for 2003.  

This lady is a fantastic role model for any Mother. 

This lady is our dear friend and amazing supporter ... Kristen Foley from Massachusetts. 

When Kristen was asked to submit a picture of herself in the likelihood that she "may" be chosen as our SUPPORTER OF THE YEAR, Kristen included a photo of her sitting with her daughter Katie.  The photo touched me because this is a clear indication of exactly what kind of person Kristen Foley is.  If in case she was to get any glory, she wanted to make sure she shared it with another she Loved; in this case it is her daughter, Katie.  The photo we now have posted on the FAN OF THE YEAR page of this site is of Kristen and Katie.  Katie is a young lady who draws me wonderful photos and has made for me my favorite bookmark of all time.  The bookmark says, (and this is written in Katie's hand), "LET ANGELS COME YOUR WAY!"  I Love that! 

Mothers are Angels for us all. 

May this day bring out the Mother and Angel in all of us!

Congratulations Kristen ... looks like we will be flying you down to Houston to do some recording with me in the studio this year!  Thank you for all you have done to support me, my ministry and my career in 2003!  I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

OK Folks ... go HUG the Momma figures in your life!

Love, Light and Laughter to you all!

May 7, 2004

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you guys know, I will be winding down all my one-on-one sessions for the rest of the summer.  Starting July 1, 2004 I will not be taking any more "new session" appointments until early fall.  To those who have seen me in a one-on-one before, you may contact me and if I can find anytime for you, I will.

I hesitate to put a pause on the excellent sessions that have been occurring lately, but I truly need to concentrate on getting my album out, recording new music (for the next album) and tour a bit before everyone forgets I can sing!   Also starting July 31 and through the entire month of August there is a very strong likelihood that I will be in San Francisco being certified in Hypnosis Therapy at one of the finest schools in the world.  Of course this is pending that my music is all situated.  If not, then I will attend the school early next year.

I thank you in advance for your patience with me, especially if you were a person who was planning on coming to see me from out-of-town this summer to do a one-on-one.

As many of you know, sometimes it is difficult for me to juggle being a recording artist, a writer and Spiritual Therapist all at the same time, however I would have it no other way!  I have always been the kind of person who feels the need to fully express my gifts in whatever area God has blessed me and the personal growth that has come from this has been awesome!  Often times me utilizing my abilities means I have to do everything in shifts.  This can make life crazy at times, but always interesting.  The way my schedule works these days (if I am not traveling) is I get up every morning and return e-mails for the first few hours.  I don't have time to return phone calls anymore so everyone knows to e-mail if they want to hear back soon.  I then write on my books or magazine articles Mondays and Fridays and for three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, I do one-on-one sessions ... and in the middle of all that I find the time to do some more writing until I collapse on the bed in my office.  : )  I then work on my music on the piano at night, and then beg myself to go get some exercise if it is not too, too late!  Which will have me either going to Memorial Park or at the 24 hour gym.  (I have lost and kept off 30 lbs **by the way** since Jan 1 ... I still have a way to go!)  Saturdays and Sundays are my days to be with Jamie and just hang out and see family.  But I will admit I often sneak away to the computer to work on something if I can.  Sundays nights have become something of an addiction for me.  I love nothing more than going to the mail box during the week to find a new toy waiting for me.  Or (if I am not E-baying) I will look at houses for sale on  I have a real thing for really great floor plans and awesome house layouts!  I cannot get enough of them!  I have a really great house now, but I am always looking for the next bigger and best thing to come along.  Doing this keeps life exciting for me!  LOL!

News Flash!

If you are needing Reiki treatments, Leigh Anne has just recently become a fully certified Reiki Master.  If you would like to book an appointment on a Love offering basis here in Houston, you can e-mail Leigh Anne at:  Leigh Anne is a very talented woman and God has given her a very fine gift.  I am sure like me, you will find that Spirit moves amazingly though her to do its restorative work.  I cannot say enough about Leigh Anne's Lightworking abilities!

OK ... I will write later about what is going on with the music and everything else.

Love, Light and Laughter to you all as these warm summer months unfold!


April 23, 2004


Today I read an article on the web about a woman who was fired for taking a picture of the American flag draped coffins of Soldiers who have been killed in action.  It got me thinking!  To see what I am speaking of, you can either click on or copy and paste the link below: Sorry this link only works for AOL users :-( adp?id=20040422132909990007

Since the start of the war in March 2003, more than 700 U.S. troops have died in Iraq, with more than 100 killed this month.  That is a lot!  Of course ONE is too many ... but 700? 
OK ... what in the heck is going on Mr. Bush? 

Where is this war going?  I don't get it?  

We got Saddam.  (I believe we could have gotten him WITHOUT a war, but it did not work out that way.  Still scratching my head about that one.) 
Would somebody please explain exactly WHAT is it that we are fighting for again that would still be risking so many lives? 
How is it that our government believes it is going to change or conform a culture that has been existing for many years in anger and aggression BEFORE we decided to occupy? 
We are not going to end terrorism with this war.  It seems to me we are only going to incite it more.  If this is not so, why are we losing more lives at what should be the END of a war than during its beginning? 
And ... I can't help but wonder ... "Where in the heck ARE those weapons of mass destruction?"  Are we asleep at the wheel here? 

I am not a big believer in war.  The only time I believe I should pick up something to fight back is when another has come onto my shore using force and has shown absolute proof that he or she is about to undertake methods to prevent the future freedom and safety of myself and those I Love.  Should this occur, you will never see me become more patriotic!  However, what I see going on over in Iraq seems anything but.  I watch CNN daily looking for any indication that our current Military occupation in the east is doing some good.  Personally I am not seeing what I need and want to see. 

Now, I am praying daily for the soldiers and their families.  Please join me in the hopes that they will be brought safely back home where they belong!  We have already paid too great a price with 700 lives.


April 11, 2004

Hello, Everybody!




Jamie and I are running around getting ready for family coming tomorrow.   Easter Celebrations are underway!  Also there are a few birthdays to celebrate in the mix too.  My Dad's B-day was March 30th, my step-Dad Bill's day is March 14th, My grandmother (Nenaw's day) was March 17th .... AND my Mom is celebrating her 57th year this year.  Her special day falls on the American tax day (April the 15th).  We joke and say life has been very "taxing" for her ever since.  LOL! 

My Mom is such an amazing woman.  She never ceases to make me proud of her.  She has survived Cancer and so many other things that could fill this entire page, yet (with the help of Heaven) she has endured 100% and brought much glory to God and her Loved ones.  She is such a good Mom and a wonderful caring woman of God. I hope you will join me in celebrating her life and presence on Earth.  Please pray for her that she has a wonderful, prosperous and healthy year ahead!  You can e-mail my Mom to wish her a happy year at:

Alright ... I can hear Jamie downstairs banging pans in the kitchen.  I better get down there and give him a hand!  LOL!

Happy Easter my Spiritual family!

And THANK YOU my precious Jesus Christ for your unforgettable sacrifice and tremendous Love of me and the rest of God's children!  Lord, you have shown us the way and continue to do so to this day.  For this I am so grateful.  Thank you for all of your gracious help in assisting us on the path the Father has put us all on.  I Love you Christ with ALL my Heart!

Love your little brother,



March 28, 2004

Hello, All ...

I want to say thank you to all my one-on-ones who have come to see me this spring. The sessions have been awesome!  And for me, I am always amazed at the extraordinary amount of faith and Spiritual aptitude that is out there and growing everyday.  Of course I am never surprised when I am in the presence of what I know to be earth Angels, after all ... I know we are everywhere.  But it is always such a pleasant experience to be witness of one right in front of you!  God has blessed me tremendously to be able to see many earth Angels on a daily basis and do whatever it is that I can to help you in your experience here on this planet of blue and green.  

To expand my one-on-one therapy practice, I am about to undertake hypnotherapy school.  I am greatly interested in doing behavior modification, as well as previous incarnation regression therapy.  I plan to on start training in California soon. 

Musically: I am going into the studio next week to master and put the finishing touches on my long awaited ... STORYBOOK COLLECTION!  It will be SO GOOD to finally get it out and in everyone's hands! 

Alright folks ... but sure to walk and spend some time with God.  Remember that God never needs fancy prayers ... just talk to Him.  The Almighty is always listening!  All The Time!

I Love You!




March 10, 2004

Please contact John Kerry on his current gay marriage stand, his
pointers are:

DC Phone:  202-224-2742; Fax: 202-224-8525
Boston Phone:  617-565-8519; Fax:  617-248-3870

Senator Kerry's e-mail must now go through his website,

If you are going to phone, all you have to do is call and say,

1. your name, 2. where you are from and 3. that you would like to leave a message for Senator Kerry ___________ (fill in the blank.) 

In my case, I begged that he support the equal and legal rights for ALL people in The United States and to support marriage for all!

** Now I realize that his "public stance" about not supporting gay marriage is most likely for political reasons.  He is trying to land middle America.  But I still feel it is vital that we still let him know how we all feel.  This is America folks ... the Nation that is supposed to be FOR ITS PEOPLE!

Let your voice be heard!  Let Freedom Ring!

Thank you for your Courage!


February 14, 2004
Hello Everybody!  .... And Happy Valentines Day!

Please carefully read what is below...                  

Top 10 Reasons for Marriage Equality!

(As listed by The Human Rights Campaign) 

10. Marriage equality would build on America’s tradition of moving civil rights forward and erasing the inequities of the past. More than 10 nations already allow same-sex couples to get married or to enter federally recognized domestic partnerships. What’s more, the fact that excluding same-sex couples from marriage has a long history in this country doesn’t necessarily mean that this policy is in keeping with American values. The real tradition in this country has been to pass laws to safeguard the American people and to expand laws where they leave citizens unprotected, as was done for voting rights and workplace protections. It is also an American tradition to abandon discriminatory laws, even if they are popular – as were bans on interracial marriage and Jim Crow laws segregating the races in everyday life.

9. Marriage protects couples nationwide. Unlike civil unions and domestic partner registries, which aren’t portable, marriages are recognized across state lines, under the Constitution’s full faith and credit clause. If the question of recognition is left to the states, same-sex couples in some states might not achieve equality for decades. After all, it wasn’t until 2000 that Alabama voters removed laws against interracial marriage from the state constitution – and that was with a solid 40 percent voting to keep the law on the books.

Separate is not equal. Although any step toward legal recognition of same-sex couples and their families is a step in the right direction, Sexually diverse families will not be truly equal until they, too, can receive marriage licenses. As American history has proven, a separate but equal system does not ensure real equality. And nothing short of marriage would provide same-sex couples with the more than 1,000 benefits, responsibilities and protections afforded under federal law on the basis of marital status.

7. Public support is growing. The Human Rights Campaign released results in August 2003 from a poll (conducted by the Democratic polling firm of Peter D. Hart Research Associates and the Republican firm American Viewpoint) showing that 50 percent of registered voters DO support or accept granting marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples as long as religious institutions do not have to recognize or perform these marriages. A total of 47 percent were opposed. There is no consensus in this country around denying the legal protections of marriage to same-sex couples. In fact, polls show us that a plurality of voters support or accept granting marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. And, according to a Sept. 22, 2003, ABC News survey, only 20 percent would agree with amending the U.S. Constitution to ban marriage for gays and lesbians.

6. Sexually diverse people deserve equal access to the American dream. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people grow up dreaming of falling in love, getting married and growing old together. Just as much as the next person, same-sex couples should be able to fulfill that dream. We know from anecdotal evidence that after same-sex couples have a commitment ceremony, their friends and family treat them differently – as a married couple. Shouldn’t they, too, have the legal security that goes along with that?

5. Marriage provides families stability and security.
One thing that both sides of the marriage issue can agree upon is that marriage strengthens families. Children are more secure if they are raised in homes with two loving parents who have a legal relationship with them and can share the responsibility of parenthood. According to conservative estimates from the 2000 census, there are more than 1 million children being raised by same-sex couples in the United States. Without the ability to establish a legal relationship to both parents, children of same-sex couples are left without important protections, such as Social Security survivor benefits. These children should not be penalized just because their parents are gay.

4. There are hundreds of ways in which state laws take marital status into account, including some of the most basic of human rights. State laws protect married couples in extremely important ways, such as allowing hospital visitation, the right to inherit without a will and the right to make decisions in a medical emergency. Some of these can be secured through costly legal documents, but not all of them can. Furthermore, same-sex couples – who pay the same taxes and work just as hard as other couples – should not be forced to pay higher taxes and high legal fees just because of whom they love.

3. The Constitution promises liberty and justice to all Americans, not just the majority. Opponents of marriage equality are pushing a divisive measure that would amend the U.S. Constitution to state that marriage “shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman.” The Constitution has been used throughout American history to ensure, protect and expand the individual liberties of Americans.

It has never been amended to single out a class of people for unequal treatment,

but it has been amended to grant freedom of speech, religious liberty and voting rights for women. The Constitution should secure equality, not restrict it.

2. No religious institution would be required to perform a ceremony. Just as no religious institution can be required by the government to marry an interfaith couple, no religious institution could or should be told to marry a same-sex couple. Right now, the government fails to ensure religious freedom when it refuses to honor the unions of same-sex couples performed by one religion the same way it honors those of opposite-sex couples.

1. There are at least 1,049 protections, benefits and responsibilities extended to married couples under federal law, according to a 1997 study by the General Accounting Office. Gay and lesbian couples in lifelong relationships pay higher taxes and are denied basic protections under the law. They receive no Social Security survivor benefits upon the death of a partner, despite paying payroll taxes. They must pay federal income taxes on their employer’s contributions toward their domestic partner’s health insurance, while married employees do not have to pay such taxes for their spouses. They must pay all estate taxes when a partner dies. They often pay significant tax penalties when they inherit a 401(k) from their partner. They are denied family leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. All American families deserve these crucial protections.

OK ...  so now ... this is me, Christian talking ...

I am expecting every sexually diverse person out there who listens to the sound of my voice...  to start standing up and demanding his or her rights!  It is your right to LOVE and MARRY who you choose.  However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY that you represent yourself HONESTLY and with INTEGRITY.  I am also asking those who DO respect sexually diverse people (who are heterosexual) to stand up with us and let the world know that hatred, bias, segregation and separation will no longer do!

You know what?  I used to not believe in gay marriage.  No, really ...  I DID NOT BELIEVE IN GAY MARRIAGE!  I wanted to be respectful of other heterosexuals and their views.  I was willing to take a back seat and allow others to feel more valued than me.  But it took a heterosexual TRUE AMERICAN judge in the State of Massachusetts to wake me up!  This judge told those seeking simple Civil Unions, "You know what?  That is not enough!  That is not fair!  That is not constitutional!  YOU DESERVE MORE!  YOU DESERVE MARRIAGE IF YOU WANT IT!"

Wow!  You know what? ... I think I would now like heterosexuals to RESPECT AND VALUE ME NOW!  My Jamie and I have been together 8 years folks.

That is 8 years of good times and challenging  times.  8 years of Loving and Cherishing God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ together. 8 years of companionship and praying and sitting and eating dinner together.  8 years of waking one another up because of a bad dream and talking it out.  8 years of helping each other clean the house, wash the dishes and shop for the food.  8 years of waking one another up to go to work and 8 years of being there to say good-night.  8 years of experiencing times of sickness and good health.  8 years of seeing dreams that came true and some that did not.  8 years of seeing babies get born and putting Loved ones in the ground.  8 years of reaching out and helping others unable to help themselves.  8 years of dedicated community service, and 8 wonderful years of service to our families, our friends, our neighbors, our city, our Nation, our Churches and our jobs ....  Don't we deserve the same rights as all others?   Can't you see how blessed by God we are?  Don't we deserve credit?


And now that I really think of it, marriage is about the commitment of TWO PEOPLE to stick it out and be there for one another (through thick and thin) ... no matter what!  Who says you HAVE to be only a MAN and a WOMAN to do that?  Hundreds and thousands of sexually diverse people have been sticking it out with the same person for decades!  And yet that is not to be utterly  respected socially?  What I find funny at the same time, is that Jamie and I are usually the "relationship" everyone ends up admiring, whether the person is gay or straight.  You see the commitment, the generosity, the understanding and The Love we have for one another and it is hard NOT to be compelled.  Another thing I find so distasteful is how so many will go on and on and on about the "sanctity" of marriage between a man and a woman, but then over 50% of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce!  And to those who go on and on about the blessed Bible, while you will never find Christ saying even ONE WORD about it being 'wrong" to be gay, you will hear Him over and over again condemning divorce! 

We call this, "AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE."  Ladies and gents, we are far, far from it!  With this great question looming whether or not "gays" are equal in their humanity just like everyone else, it seems our nation has no Soul.  Are sexually diverse people not human?  Are we not allowed to have free choice?  Are we to believe that those who we choose to maintain Loving relationships with, who bring us solace, companionship and comfort are second class?  As I listen to all the different opinions on the news, online and on the street, I am sickened by the blind ignorance and intolerance I am witnessing.

And when I observe this whole mess, I see that Love and companionship between two same gendered couples is rarely (if) ever mentioned.  What everyone is thinking  about truly ... is sex.  We are a sex obsessed culture!  People everyday are destroying their bodies, by yoyo dieting and remaining in depression because they believe "they are not sexy" or good or young enough!  We spend billions and billions of dollars on items and things to help us FEEL more sexy.  Sexuality is a personal and private issue.  It is about what is going on inside, and it is about the individual expression you choose to share with another in the most intimate way.  Sexuality is a gift from God and it can be very beautiful.  Especially when lust is pushed past and feelings of Love are reached for.  But today, we are a lust driven society.  Lust is about never feeling fed or full.  Only Love can do that.  Only Love can make us feel full.  Everyone needs to get their imaginations out of the gutter.  And you need to ask yourself, if your imagination is in the gutter, what or who else is down there with you?

To those of you who hide your hatred and social prejudice behind God, don't for one second tell me you know who God is!  Cause you don't.  God is Love.  And don't tell me about the Bible, cause if you knew anything about the Bible you would know that the word Homosexual was never even written in the original languages.  The word homosexual (or any reference to it) never hit the pages of the good book until the late 1800's.  Some scholar read a word for "temple prostitute" and then transcribed it as "Homosexual" and just ... added it in!  And funny thing about Jesus was ... the first person He appeared in front of after His resurrection ... (to share the good news with) had been a prostitute!  Doesn't that say anything to you?

God allows His children the freedom to live their lives and make successes AND mistakes if need be.  Eventually we all find God for ourselves in time.  But none of us have the right to say who knows or deserves the Creator's Love and who does not!  If you have hate in your Heart, you certainly do not know Christ.  You have NO clue who He is and what He came here to do.  And you are buying into some evil rant that someone else TAUGHT you to believe in!

Today I watched the news and watched dozens of venomous people react to the fact that sexually diverse people are now wanting their rights.  It made my Heart hurt as I watched thoughtless, cruel and arrogant accusations being made one on top of the other.  It reminded me so much of the 1950's when black civil rights marches would evoke bigoted responses from the general public.  This is history repeating. 

But many are stepping up to bat and swinging back hard at the opposition. Mayor Gavin Newsome of San Francisco has so bravely opened up his offices to allow same sex couples a run on marriage licenses.  This is historic and has never happened before.  Mayor Newsome is having his city employees stay late into the night to attend to the hundreds and hundreds now standing in line ...before the State shuts the office down.  This city of San Francisco is breaking the law and showing just how unjust our Country has become by doing so.  Thank you Mayor Newsome for your courage!  MAY GOD BLESS YOU ... AND MAY GOD BLESS GAY AMERICA AND THOSE WHO LOVE AND RESPECT US AND REVERE OUR RIGHT TO BE FREE!

Now on to other news ...

(For those of you who DO still Love me!  LOL!)

Jason Warner and I finished recording our duet of "Still" and it will be out in his greatest hits package soon.  I will also be adding the tune to my 2-CD set "Storybook Collection" as well.  I am due to hit the recording studio very soon and finish up "New Millennial Man."  A company called The Orchard will be doing something called, "On Demand" albums for me soon.  I plan on releasing "New Millennial Man" that way (as soon as that service is ready and going.)  Until then ... you will be able to hear a few selections from that album on "Storybook Collection" which will be available via my onsite Listening Store and major Online retailers everywhere some time in May.


Speaking of recording, I am looking for producers to work with on the project now.  If all goes well, I should have something to play toward the end of the year.  It is hard to guess when "art" will be ready.  It is a long and shifty process.  I guess that is what makes it art in the first place! 

Other than music, I am back to doing one-on-ones and fitting them in whenever I can do them.  If it is taking me awhile for either LAM, Jamie or me to get back, it is only because we are up to our eye brows with all the stuff we have going on!  Another thing I have undertaken is teaching what I call "Lightworker" clinics during the weekends starting this April.  I share much of what I have learned in metaphysical Christianity in these intensive "almost all day" sessions.  Good Stuff!

Hope all of you are happy, well and have something to look forward to!  It is so important in life to have something to look forward to!  I cannot stress that enough!

So what is your dream?

Much Love,