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December 31, 2003 (New Years Eve!)
Happy New Year Everybody!

So here we are at the end of another year.  Wow!  2003 was one of those years that felt like a whole lifetime bottled in 365 days.  Lots of stuff happened ... I moved from my apt in LA, ministered, traveled quite a bit, recorded, left my beloved apt. in River Oaks behind, moved into a new house in the Heights ... met hundreds of new friends!  Whew!  Good year!  : )

I guess I could say that 2003 was a kind of coming out for me.            

Yes, another one!  ; )

This was the first year I officially started my spoken word ministry by doing public speaking, ministering at churches, writing for Spiritual magazines and seeing hundreds and hundreds of people in my home on a one-on-one basis.  And the funny thing was ... rarely did any of that involve singing!  (Which is very weird for this "award winning" recording artist!)  ; )

Of course I have been doing ministry work for years, but this was actually the first time I stepped out with everyone knowing my intentions way ahead of time.  I have been in Love with God my whole life and somehow or someway ... I have always found a way to share this Love.  After my NDE ... it got worse X's a million!  I was totally unstoppable!  I had to tell everybody about God, whether they wanted to hear about God or not!  In the grocery store, in the bank, at the gym, in the recording studio, on the plane, at dance clubs at night ...  Luckily, I was usually appreciated for my efforts, even though at times it might have seemed I could have used medication! 
That was me ... just an everyday guy who loved God.  I talked so much about God all the time ... a little girl of a woman I know called me, "The God Guy" in front of her Mother when she could not think of my name.  Girl: "Hey Mom, can I listen to your CD?"  Mom:  "What CD?"  Girl: "Oh, you know, that ... that ... GOD GUY's CD!"
(By the way ... I am using that as the working title of my TV show!  "THE GOD GUY"  I think it is great!  I owe that little girl for the title!)   

So now it is me ... Christian Andréason the minister.  (Oh, I am to be officially ordained in early 2004 by Pastor Yusif Weston in Ohio.  I will let everyone know when that happens!)

2003 was a very good year for me and I can honestly say that I am pleased with the outcome.  For those who know me ... you know this is not always an easy thing for me to say.  I am known for being quite a perfectionist and my expectations always tend to run very high!  This can sometimes spoil mine (and everyone else's) fun!  But I am growing.  I have learned that the peace (I am really looking for) is always where the will of God seems to be.  The hardest thing at first (and this was a while ago) was actually being able to hear God.  OK, I can do that now.  Now, the new goal is ... actually obeying Him! 

Because I am "steadily" becoming more faithful in listening to what my Spirit tells me, I have better days than I could ever imagine.  And when I forget to listen ... well ... those are the not so good days!  Know what I mean??  Anyway, I plan on doing a whole lot of listening AND obeying this year!  Pray for me, will ya?  LOL~!!

On a personal happiness note:

* We did buy a pretty nice 2-story house in the Houston Heights area!  No more paying rent.  Even though I really miss my River Oaks apartment ... and that WONDERFUL pool! Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVED my Park at River Oaks and that pool.  It was the reason I moved there!  So with the new house I at least know I am building equity and that is a good thing, especially in this economy!  But I hear you ask, "Hey Christian, what is the trade off?"  My HUGE bathroom ... fully loaded!  Sounds like I am talking about a car, right?  Well let me tell you ... it is almost the size of my last bedroom!  And if you include the attached maxed out closet (that I also use as a home office) it is almost the size of my first apartment.  Once I get a little fridge in here ... there will be no leaving!

* My one-on-one practice was amazing!  No ... mind blowing!  I have been seeing people and talking to them for years.  Leigh Anne had the idea that I actually schedule people one-on-one after my speaking events, so I would not have to stay and talk with everyone till 3am.  We put out an ad (with the info that I would be scheduling one-on-ones after the event) and the phone never stopped ringing after the add came out.  What an experience!  Thank you to all of you who came to see me and allowed me to use my gifts with you.  Truly it was an honor!

* Jamie and I got two new cute cats last February at the S.P.C.A.  Their names are ... Storm and Jean Grey.  We named them for the characters we love in X-men.  Jamie loved X-men as a boy.  He has an amazing comic book collection of the series.  So it is only fitting that we named the kitties after his past passion.  Anyway the cats are still at that stage where they are a hoot!  They run everywhere and are a laugh a minute.  Since having my Bartha lé Mew and Snow White pass (after having them for 17 years), I think the year wait was almost long enough.  I still miss them very much though. 

* I got to record and release an EP this year!  Yea!  THANK YOU GOD!  "Ode to the Angel" was my HERE I AM anthem to let everyone know I am coming back from having lost my voice.  I am proud of what the song and music on the EP represents. I cannot think of a better way to get back in the saddle again.  I am glad I was made to wait on releasing my "Storybook Collection" album.  Much of what was on the EP will be on the upcoming album.  Also, the new duet I am recording with Jason Warner may go on there too.  If I can find room!  And yes ... the CD really is coming out next year!  Check my site calendar for details in about a month!

* My Mom recorded with me on "They're Dancing in Heaven!"  That was a dream come true.  I think we laughed more in the studio than did our monolog's!  If you have not heard the song yet and are a lover of my music ... this one is a must listen!

* I got to take Mom and Jamie on a cruise to Cancun!  That was another dream come true!  THANK YOU GOD!  My Mom had cancer years ago and had blood clot emergency issue (only a year ago) so we have had some pretty close calls!  So, I am extra grateful to God for allowing me to have some GOOD life moments with my Mom, as I Love and adore her so much!  Jamie's Mom was supposed to go with us and couldn't make it because she had a close call herself!  My new hope is to take her on a trip (as planned before) with the rest of us very soon!  That can be one of my resolutions for next year!  : )

As far as my other "resolutions" ...
They are ...

1. I AM going to go back to exercising and lose a good amount of fat weight by doing my 21 day Angel Diet a few times.  ** I took just about the whole year off from going to the gym and gained so much weight that I am laughing at myself when I try to bend over and tie my shoes!  That will not do!  Not unless I want to take a really funny CD cover shots!  -- Anyway ... pray for me!!!

2.  I AM going to FINISH my book!  ** Having the NDE over 8 years ago was an amazing experience ... but what has been even more amazing is the information that has come back to me since the NDE.  Jamie and Leigh Anne are my biggest supporters and fans when it comes to my book, and they will witness that I have a stack 3 feet high of manuscript to edit and go through.  That is what I will be doing a good part of this year!  (Editing what I have been writing for the past 5 years and then trying to figure out what to do with it!)

3. I AM going to manufacture and release "Storybook Collection"  ** It's time!  That is all I have to say about that!  I might as well throw "New Millennial Man" out there too!

4. I AM going to see my grandmother "Nanoo" a whole lot more this year!  ** I have neglected her from the "busy-ness" of 2003 and as she is going to have her 82nd birthday on Jan 5th ... I want to spend as much time with this wise wonder of the world as I can! 

5. I AM going to record NEW music this year!  There is a song I wrote over 17 years ago called, "The Rhythm of Life."  Some of you have heard it or heard about it.  (It was the song I sang at A.A.S.A.C in Ohio when the mike power went off.  See my Feb 17th web journal entry for details.)  Anyway ... as soon as God gives the word ... I am soooo there!  "Calling awesome producers ... calling awesome producers!"

6.  I AM going to try and keep my web journal more up to date.  ** Sorry folks, sometimes I have been too busy or tired to write!  I will do better letting you know what I am up to.

7.  I AM going to practice CHRIST BASED LOVE more in my life, raise my inner vibration and spread the Light I create around as much as God will allow.  I encourage everyone to do the same! 

Let's do something about this planet of ours folks!  A life walk using Christlike Love is the only thing that is gonna save us now.  I won't lie to you.  Spirit has let me know that we have some tough times ahead of us.  2004, 2005 and 2006 are going to have some pretty major hand to forehead moments.  This is why we need to take Christ's message as serious as possible.  If you are one who gets caught in the storm, remember to praise God, live life positively and Love with all your Heart as it passes.  YOU WILL BLESS US ALL FOR HAVING DONE SO ... AND PASSED A GREAT TEST! 

Never forget!
GOD IS ALWAYS IN THE STORM ... no matter how dark the clouds appear! 

Anyway ... best of luck to all of you in 2004~!

Let's go for it and give it all we got!

I will being doing one-on-ones again ... starting January 4th, 2004.
(I took 2 months off to take a much needed break.)
Write to to arrange your appointment with Leigh Anne, Jamie or myself should you feel led.

Happy New Year!
Much Love to YOU ALL and




December 9, 2003

Hello Everyone and Season's Greetings!

Well, it is official.  Jamie, Leigh Anne and myself are all moved in to the new house.  

There are still quite a few boxes to unpack, but all in all, the house is starting to look like a home.  Our first official dinner in the house was KFC.  It was oh so delicious!  (What is it about Kentucky fried chicken that makes moving fun?  That has been a tradition in my family for years.  After the movers leave ... someone goes to get a bucket of KFC!)  And forget about dieting!  Well, that is a word that has not been followed by me for well over a year.  Next year ... that will change! (More on that below!)  

My Mom popped by the other night to take a look and monitor our progress in the new house and she said that everything is looking really good!  In fact, she seemed really pleased!  So with that, I guess it really is official then!  : ) 

We have our Christmas tree up and it is a really pretty Douglas Fir 7 footer.  It is not decorated yet.  We do that tonight (I suspect.)  But first we have to rummage through all the decorations scattered in boxes through-out our carless garage. We got this really nice G.E. Profile "$$$" fridge for the kitchen, but wouldn't you know (for all the bells and whistles that thing has ... it chills wine in 15min) it is not big enough to hold all the food we need to buy!  So, to remedy that ... we went out to Best Buy and purchased a Whirlpool knock-off floor model fridge for about $330.  We are going to keep that one in the garage, along with a ice chest type deep freeze we also got.  (We like to get everything in the eco size around here!)  So while we are looking for decorations, I am sure we will also do some straightening up as we need to make room for all that!  I think it will go right next to the treadmill I have recently retrieved out of storage.  My New Years resolution is to drop 60 (*fat) pounds by summer and try out a diet, exercise and lifestyle regime I developed 2 years ago called, "The Angel Diet."  I have done it in part before and it did wonders for me.  A few others have done the diet themselves and they said they had similar results.  Now I am going to use the plan to tackle the big pounds I have put on and see what happens.  I will let everyone know the results this coming summer!  And yes!  We will have before and after pictures!  If anyone wants to join me, (starting New Years 2004), let me know and if I feel you are a good candidate, I will forward you the all the details you need to know.  And if you would like, I will then post your before and after pictures, along with mine on the site. (I love that kind of stuff, don't you?)

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys what was going on and to let you know that I will be back to doing my recording and one-on-ones after the first of the year.  

In fact, for those of you who are fans of the inspirational/Spirit Pop singing sensation, Jason Warner ... you will be pleased to know that my friend and I will be in L.A. recording a duet for his greatest hits album on January 12th.  The song we are doing is entitled, "Still" (written by Jason) and will be used as the title track.  I have seen my dear friend rise to meet and then conquer many challenges in his life.   I am very proud of him and pleased to be apart of this recording.  Together we will celebrate what is STILL the beginning a truly exceptional independent recording career.  If you have not yet heard Jason's music, please visit, and check out an artist I consider to be one of the greatest male vocalists of all time.  If you like Celine Dion ... I believe you will soon think as I do, that Jason is definitely her male counter part.  Also, check out Jason's calendar.  He and his mega-talented singing partner demarco are currently teamed as a rather dynamic duo.  Both are on tour right now and could very well be in a town near you!

Alright now gang ... Merry Christ-awareness!

Till New Years,

Oh, and by the way ... Ms. Peggy Morris sent me this wonderful Christmas story.  It really spells out what this Season is all about!  Please go read it when you get a chance.  It is so good! (Thanks Peggy!)


October 21 , 2003

Hello, Everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling quite blessed as we enter the Holiday Season!

Many changes are occurring in my life these days, one of them being that
I have a NEW, new home I am moving to which will be on the outskirts of the Heights area here in Houston.  It will be very easy to access (from the Galleria as you come up 610 loop (going toward Bush airport) and exit Ella.  We will start the move on or around November 15th.

As some of you may know, I have been building a 3-story townhouse over off Wirt Road.  Over the past seven months, dealing with the builders became comparable to the painful ordeal of pulling teeth!  It seemed we were facing one issue after another and not getting the service or support from the builder we needed.  After much stress, which soon led to much prayer, we finally decided to pull out and find a new home.  We found one. 

It is a cute newly constructed 2200 sq. ft/2-story home off 26th Street that will do nicely.

Leigh Anne will also be moving to the house with Jamie and myself.  Each of us have felt Spirit led to start providing Reiki/Lightbody type sessions and services soon.  The world is shifting in major ways right now and sometimes our Soulish energy has a difficult time adjusting.  As many of you who are walking on a dedicated Spiritual path know, this can cause tremendous unrest in our Being.  I cannot stress how vital it is to receive the Light of God in this way.  The benefits are truly miraculous.  It is important that as you incorporate Spiritual growth into your life, that you find a Lightbody practitioner who can yield this service to you.  Leigh Anne is a Lightbody master tour de force and when I am unavailable, I will be sending everyone to her on a Love donation basis.  She too will be accepting appointments after the first of the year.

I will be holding one-on-one sessions from the new house starting after the first of the year as well.  In the mean time, I will be settling into the house and finishing up various music projects I now have going.  As far as booking sessions right now, send a e-mail to and an auto-response will be sent back to you giving you all the information you need as far as what occurs in a session with me.  Then, once you have read the information please feel free to contact me at and we will put you on the waiting list. 

I worked with literally hundreds of people one-on-one this past year, and I am honored to have been blessed by God in doing so.  I look forward to assisting many more, or as many as God permits me to meet with.  These things are always up to God anyway.  ; )   As soon as availability opens up, we will contact you via e-mail at least a week in advance.

Looks like 2004 is going to be a very busy year for me.  2003 certainly was, and I did not even come close to getting everything I needed done ... done!  Next year, I am planning on finally releasing many of the CD's you have been hearing so much about and then recording new music!  In fact, I am in the process of looking for a good producer to work with.  If I am not working in ministry and helping individuals on a Spiritual level, you can bet I will most likely be recording or traveling doing performances or speaking events.  In any case, I hope to at least shake hands with the many of you who so lovingly contact me. 

I want to THANK each of you for all your Loving prayers.
The prayers and affirmations you make for me, Jamie, Leigh Anne, our respective families and friends, God By Storm Ministries and Wonderboy Records ... they mean so much to us and bring much Light into our lives.  Thank you for your grace.

I Love you,



July 27 , 2003

Hello Everybody!

Well, my birthday (7/21) came and went ... thank you to all of you who sent greetings and well wishes!  I so appreciated every single one of them!
    Boy, time is just flying by!

For those wanting to know what is up with my new EP:

My EP "Ode to the Angel" was held up due to a glitch in the mastering process, but for all who e-mailed  ... we will get back with you as soon as the EP is available and in my
Listening Store
We are hoping to have an MP3 disc ready the beginning of next month.

I will be going back in the studio this August to work on more music ... so stay tuned.  (And yes, "Storybook Collection" is still on its way out!)

Other than that ... I am back in Houston and am currently booking one-on-ones.  Besides a few gigs here and there (out of state) I will be right here in good ole Texas!  I believe I will also have a speaking engagement at Centerpoint Houston this September ... once I get back from my Boston, Massachusetts gig ... so watch the calendar for details.

Got some news:

Jamie and I are in the process of building a townhouse, so to those who come see me in River Oaks for one-on-ones ... get ready to come to a new meeting place this November.  The new location will be off 1-10 and Wirt Road.  Not too far away from where I am now.

OK, that is it for now.
Much Love to all of you!



June 6 , 2003

Link to hear Christian's  new single debut on WISDOM RADIO

Wisdom Radio  (This link provides the entire show)

Hi Everybody!

Above is a link to the appearance I made on the Nationwide satellite syndicated "Wisdom Radio," where my new single, "Ode to the Angel" had its debut yesterday. The show is exactly 60 minutes in length. My portion is at the halfway point. After you click the link, to get to my segment ... click the "middle" or (small 5th line - dead center) of the real-player marker.  Or ... just listen to the whole show!  These are great people ... I am sure you will get a lot out of it!

P.S. Right before I entered the sound booth, a nutrition specialist (Marian Bell) was speaking live on air about her favorite walnut pate recipe. To this Scott Cluthe (one of the hosts) was talking about how he loved "black walnuts" ... even calling them "Sexy." As I sat in the lobby, waiting for my part of the show, I became increasingly hungry as I was listening. Not only that ... I was laughing at the thought of someone calling walnuts ... sexy. 

When my segment started ... my crazy sense of humor would NOT let it die. I had to talk about the walnuts! So in case you do not listen to the first part of the segment, this is what I am talking about as I KEEP speaking about WALNUTS! 
Enjoy! It was a fun show. 

The network asked me back for Thursday, June 19th @ 4:30p.m. to 5:00p.m. central.  We will be talking about an article I recently penned called, "Coming out of the Spiritual Closet!"  The article just came out in the Texas based New Thought magazine The Indigo Sun  this June.  Visit the site and go read what I wrote! (Vol. 11 Issue 3) 

Oh, and when the song comes on the Wisdom radio show ... TURN IT UP! 

; )

Love and Light!
Christian Andréason
Love is the answer ... same for the next question!

June 5 , 2003
Hello Friends!

Whew!  Last month was a busy month!  I had several public and private speaking engagements and my daily one-on-one sessions went great!  Thank you to each and every one of you who came to see me, especially those of you who traveled so far by car, bus or plane.   Because there seems to be a larger than normal demand for my time, I am going to go ahead and extend my stay in Houston (adding about a week to my one-on-one schedule) while I also do a bit of recording here in town. (Which means I will remain in Houston till the end of June.)  To inquire about a one-on-one session, (what goes on and how to obtain an appointment) E-mail and a auto response letter will be sent out to tell you all you need to know.

I went into Sound Arts recording studio this weekend to record for my limited edition EP "Ode to the Angel."  On the program will be the title track, plus a decent sampling of material taken from my upcoming, "New Millennial Man" album.  Be on the look out for the EP to hit my site's Listening Store sometime this month.

Other than that ... I have a 2300 word article that has been printed in the Texas-based New Thought magazine, "Indigo Sun."  The title of the article?  "Coming out of the Spiritual Closet!"  You can visit the magazine's web site and E-mail them directly for more information.  The site is IndigoSun

Also, tune in on June 5th at 5:30 central standard time to WISDOM
Radio.  I will be interviewed LIVE by Scott Cluthe and the show will be replayed again at 11pm and again the following day (June 6th) at 5am.  

Oh!  And one more thing ... A GREAT BIG CONGRATS GOES OUT TO MY FRIEND, KELLY KIDD AND HIS BAND, "THE MESSIES" FOR GETTING THEIR FIRST BIG RADIO AIRPLAY ON THE RICK DEES SHOW ON KIIS LOS ANGELES!  Rick Dees is having a contest to promote pop recording artists in the LA area till Friday.  The Messies are in the running.  Why not go to ... check it out and vote?
Vote at Rick Dees Online

Updated Note: Kelly's band, "The Messies" came in 3rd.

Love and Light,


April 29 , 2003
Hello Friends!
Sorry it has taken so long for me to get to my site and do updates. 
I am back from Los Angeles and I'm in Houston for a bit. I have been busy doing individual one-on-one sessions with Spiritually inclined people and I am pleased at how well the sessions have been going. Because I have no current recording schedule, I am able to do these sessions 'til around mid June here in Houston. 
You can e-mail: to find out more details on how to obtain a booking. An auto-response message will be sent to you, telling you all you might want or need to know. If you want to get a booking before I return to Los Angeles in mid June, I would advise seeking one now as my calendar is getting very full. 

For those of you who are reading this who have already come to me for a Spiritual one-on-one ... I just want to say THANK YOU for your Warmth, Love, Light and Generosity. An extra special thanks goes out to Leigh Anne and my new friend Joy! Thank you (you sweet gals!!) for your Loving support of me and understanding of my ministry goals.


As some of you know (those who get CenterPoint magazine subscribed to you), I am on the cover this month. I have been preparing for a few speaking engagements that are upcoming in Houston at the CenterPoint meeting center on May 3rd and 7th. 
You can go to and look at the "special events" page for more information. 

On May 3rd, I will be talking openly about my near-death experience and discussing how to get through what I call, "The Storms of Life." You know what those are ... all those "little things" in life that challenge us and show us how willing we are to utilize Love and Light in our Life!!! Well, I will share some of my understandings about this and even reveal a few "tricks" I use in order to get me through! This is a free event ... and Love gifts are always accepted. Oh .... and dress up ... cause I will be taping for my TV show during this event.

On May 7th, I will be doing an extensive teaching about the Chakra. This has been intended to be a benefit lecture for CenterPoint's new building fund. CenterPoint has asked for a $25 donation beforehand and a $30 donation at the door. I tell you ... whatever you feel Spirit asking you to give ... that is more than enough and I thank you for it. Again, we will be taping for the TV show. 

OK ... Lots of Love to all of you!



February 17 , 2003
Hello, Everybody!
Wouldn't you know it would take me to the middle of February to post my
first journal entry for 2003! LOL!

Is it just me ... or does this year seem to be flying by like crazy? Wow!

Well, I have been doing some traveling "just doing my thing" ... and I just
got back from a whirlwind tour in Columbus, Ohio. I want to send a shout of
LOVE out to all my fellow black brothers and sisters in Columbus that made
me feel so very welcome! Not only did you received me with open arms, you made me feel like I was part of your family and truly home! When I got back to Houston, I really missed you tremendously! For those reading that have NO CLUE what I am talking about ... I did a 4/5 day preaching/singing gig that was centered around a Church named AASAC -- it is headed by a great man of God, Pastor Yusif Weston. I met him while singing for Betty J. Eadie's 10 year celebration for her famous book, "Embraced By The Light" in Seattlelast November.

Being a part of an all-black/African American church was a wonderful
experience and being permitted to speak on behalf of God to them was such an honor -- and a first for me! While I may have been the only white brother inthe Lord's house, everyone's Spirits were truly color blind and there weremoments I felt as if I was back home in Heaven. One thing that I really Love about my fellow black brothers and sisters is that when they are in the Spirit ... they really know how to just LET GO and LET GOD! When they pray... THEY SHAKE THE HOUSE! When they sing ... THEY SHAKE THE HOUSE SOME MORE!When they fallout in the Spirit ... THEY JUST LET GO AND LET GOD GO IN FOR REPAIRS! I am in awe of all my darker skinned brothers and sisters and their phenomenal humility to just LET GO AND LET GOD LOVE THEM! It is so awesome. I think for those of us who are white (or whatever) ... could really learn alot from these people's faith and example!

There were many incredible moments ... but there is one in particular I want to share:One of the many reasons I went up to Columbus was to be a part of an evening of celebration and praise for AASAC church. This seems to be something I am doing a lot of these days! "Celebrating with others over their victories with God!" As for AASAC, they now hold the deed to the land their church sits on. I was asked to come sing and help them praise God for all the wonderful things our Creator is doing for this inner city church!

Now, I want you to get this: We are talking about a building that sits in
the middle of gang territory. There are actual bullet holes in the walls --
from drive by shootings and gang fights! Yet, right in the middle of this
war zone ... is this sacred place of Jesus Christ ... where Souls are
brought to God and helped to repair their lives. Well, that night ... as you
can imagine ... the house was packed! An amazing 21 piece all-black gospel
group named, "New Hope Mass Community Choir" had just finished giving a
fantastic performance. I was to go on next. Well, something happened with
the sound system, so the CD I was planning to sing to would not work. Then something happened to the mike system, so no one could hear me.

So do you know what I did? I stood there and just laughed my butt off.
'Cause it was clear as day that some demon was trying to keep me from doing my "God Thing." Trying to keep me from spreading Love and Light to AASAC Church and the rest of Columbus, Ohio. Now, keep in mind ... I was the only white face in the building and many had no clue who I was or what I was doing there.

Yes, there were tons of posters all around the city with my picture on it
... and I had even been featured in the morning Columbus paper that day, but what people wanted to know was ... why is this white boy ... here ... at an inner city all-black church?

I felt the Spirit of God well up in me and I started to speak to the crowd
loud enough for them to hear me without a mike. I shared with them what I
thought was going on and that I was not about to let some challenging devil get in the way of our time together. We all laughed and came together immediately. I asked the congregation if they wouldn't mind if I sung something to them ... using no CD ... just me ... all by myself? A roaring "YES!" came thundering back to me. A beautiful woman named Robin was sitting near the front row. I could hear her call out to me ... "Sing to us brother... sing to us a glorious a song of God !" I smiled and nodded to her and then prayed asking God what that song might be? Immediately I heard in my mind a song I had written when I was 17 years old called, "The Rhythm of Life." It is a very uplifting song about doing more in life than just
struggle ... it is about claiming your life as God gave it to you and making
it powerful! I raised up my hands and started singing the chorus of the song over and over again to the congregation. The choir (who had just finished singing and was now sitting in the audience), picked up the words and the tune immediately and they stood up and started to sing with me.

"Everyone has a purpose in life, to believe in something and to prove it
right ... so hold on believer ... hold on tight ... to the Rhythm ... to the
Rhythm of Life!"

There was also a small praise band that had been jamming between
performances. They too went back to their instruments joined in using ...
piano ... bass ... drum ... and guitar. They picked up the song in no time
and before you knew it ... the whole church was standing up, clapping and
singing the song! I walked around and put my hands on the children in the
room and sang directly to them. I sang directly to people who looked like
they were living on their last dollar and to those who looked to be without
hope. Everyone responded back with great enthusiasm and gusto! I have to
say, for the 20 something years I have been singing publicly ... it was one
of the most amazing moments of my entire performance life. 'Cause here I am with no mike, singing with a full gospel choir and a band (I have never
rehearsed with) and still you could have heard me for 6 blocks!

A very dear friend of mine, named Retina told me years ago about a vision
she had of me doing this very thing (singing the Rhythm of Life) for a
congregation and laying my hands on people. I told her, "But Retina, Rhythm of Life is just a pop song!" And Retina laughed and said, "Well Christian, God is showing me that it is something more! It is a HEALING song that is going to be used to bring people(s) far and wide together." And sure enough... Retina's vision came true! Now I am thinking ... "Hmmm ... I better get that song recorded pretty soon!" : )

For those of you who really love me and my music ... I wish you could have
been there. The Love in the room and the connection was truly unbelievable! We all turned a moment that might have looked like a disaster ... into a moment where Heaven and Earth became ONE! Man! I am still spinning over this one! THANK YOU GOD! TO YOU GOES THE GLORY!


OK -- so now I am headed to LA and Sacramento for 2 about weeks then I am off to Florida. I am doing some of speaking and singing ... and also
recording for various projects I am attached to -- one being Jason Warner's
upcoming album. This is the first time my Soul brother and I have recorded
anything together, so I am excited about that. Have you heard his music yet? He is a fantastic Christian singer! Go to and check him out. Jason is also doing a duet with me for my upcoming album, on a song I wrote called, "FLY!" I can promise you it is gonna be power packed!

Now ... about my audio book ... I have been getting some e-mail as to when is it coming out? I am hoping this summer. Thank you to all of you who are keeping up with me about it! Especially you Kristen!! : )

Much Love to all of you!