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December 31 , 2002
Hello, Everyone:

Well, here we are ... at the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003.

What an interesting year 2002 was.  A few challenges were experienced here and there, but that is OK.  Everything that happens -- helps us to grow into becoming who we need to become.  I always try to remember that the challenges of life are just as important as the good times.  But those good times sure are great when they happen! Right?

Next year is gearing up to be a pretty busy one for me. With my voice steadily coming back, it seems I can't keep up with all I want to do.  There is so much catch up to do, seeing that I basically had to take most of 2001 and 2002 off to rest my voice.

Now, I have two albums to put out, an audio on my NDE and a book.
In the middle of putting all that together, I will be doing several speaking engagements and performances.  My new year's resolution this year was to get EVERYTHING done by the end of summer!  Hope is high!  With me traveling back and forth to my place in Los Angeles and then back to Houston ... I am hoping I am able to get everything lined up and completed.
There are lots of talented people I work with on both sides of the country and fitting all of them in is important to me and to the sound I hear for my recordings.  The good news is all the instrumentals for my NEW MILLENNIAL MAN album are done.  They just need to have vocals put to them and then be mixed.

I want to say a quick thank you and hello to all the those who have written me, who were also in attendance at Betty Eadie's 10 year celebration in Seattle.  That event was indeed very special and I certainly felt a flow of God on everyone in the room!  I am so happy I was there to share it with all of you.  Please, let us keep in our prayers precious Pastor Weston and his present heart condition.  Please keep affirming that he be healed!  BELIEVE!  BELIEVE!! BELIEVE!!! 

Also, a HUGE thank you our beloved Betty for the years and years of encouragement she has put out to countless individuals.  I love you so very much Betty!

Life has taken an interesting turn lately.  For those of you who know I wrote my school song at 9 years old, also know I wrote it with a fellow classmate named, Jeffery Thames.  Well, Jeffery contacted me just this last week!  I am so excited to hear from him. Turns out, he has become a radio DJ for Houston station KPFT, 90.1 and his show is an eclectic rock mix called, SOUND AWAKE.  His website should be up and running after the first of the year.

90.1 is the station that debuted my song, The Storybook around 2 years back.  THANK YOU KPFT and Jimmy!  I will have some radio play again starting in February.  That will be good!  My song ALL THE TIME was played on most major TV stations but never on radio (to my knowledge).  So it will be good to hear that go across the airwaves.  When I know the stations, I will post them to the site.  In fact, one of our goals this new year with the site is to start adding digital MPEG files for everyone to see and hear yours truly.  Perhaps when I do some of these shows and concerts I will be able to put some clips up for you to see!  Those should be up in the press room.

I know that many of you are very concerned about the potential for war right now.  I think your concerns are very valid.  Listen to what the whispers of Spirit are telling you.

I want to remind you all about the great power of prayer.  God hears every single one of us.  Even those of us that make prayers no longer than 2 to 3 words.  Make your wishes known and God, (in His amazing wisdom), He will work the World's destiny accordingly.  God made this world, but it is ours too!  Every single one of us is given the right by God to make that world whatever we want.  Let us not forget that we do indeed have that power.  Combined with Love, that power is limitless.  Also please remember that in asking for peace, we must first make that exist within us.  This is how we bring peace to the rest of the World.

OK ... that is it for now.  I send lots of Love to all of you and I am praying that you and yours have a wonderful new year ahead!  Remember, life is what we make it.  And when it is all said and done, YOU write the story of your life~!  Write something awesome!

Love and Light,


June 2 , 2002
News Flash

My dear friend Kitten K. Sera (formerly known as Pinque) has released her newest CD to, and boy is it a good one! I cannot stop playing it! Now as many of you may already know, Kitten is not some fly by night pop act ... she is on her way to legendary diva status. Having worked with such stars as Johnny Cash to Beyonce and Kelly (Destiny's Child) Ms. Kitten K can certainly stand on her own when it come to the big leagues. All one has to do is sit in a parade and hear the cheers roar as her little pink car goes by! Though the former handle is gone, the color pink certainly hasn't faded any. Kitten is out there everyday, ready to thrill everyone to even new PINK sky scraper fashion heights! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to be a witness ... she is the TRUE QUEEN OF PINK!

With "From Box to Beautiful ... in seconds" (you just have to LOVE that name!!!) you get a fantastic slice of delicious lemon flavored sunshine. Every song on the EP is a radio hit and no CD player by a pool this summer should be without it! I say grab this little bundle of joy, be sure to get your sun block out too ... and get ready for a super fabulous fun time!


You can get the CD at


May 29, 2002
Hello, Everyone:

I want to share with you something that is heavily on my mind. A dear friend just wrote to me about a man in Houston who walks up to cars with women in them and looks like he is asking for directions, but when the women roll their windows down, he punches them in the face several times -- then opens the door and pulls the women out and takes off with their car and purse.

First of all, for every punch this man gave, I assure you, he will get 3 back for every ONE! For every item he stole, there will be an area he will know loss. Somehow, someway, and someday ... all we dish out ... we always get back! Theft is a terrible thing to get into, but violence of any kind is absolutely despicable. The fear violence puts into society keeps us from wanting to be loving to those unknown to us. As I write this, I am saying a prayer for those who have been hurt by this man. I am affirming that they will come into a place of recovery, healing, and peace. I hope you will pray with me too, even if the date of your reading this is long after the fact. No prayer ever goes unheard and all prayers are always directed to the source where they are most needed.

You may be thinking, "Well Christian, why make an issue about violence, it has been around for so long -- and why should we bother praying about it? What good can I do?"

Listen to me -- YOU have the power to change our world! Why would you think that you don't? Have you ever heard, LITTLE DONE OVER TIME, SOON MAKES MUCH? We are becoming too accustomed to violence, and to those things we become accustomed to, we unknowingly or subconsciously allow. Please understand, we are speaking of the freedoms of others being violated as they are pushed into Fear.

In our world today, where we are being tempted to fear, we fear terrorism, murder, rape, and hate crimes on a daily basis. With all the endless warnings we receive, it would seem as if we are powerless. We are not.

II Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of Power ...

We have all been given the power from God Almighty to call into existence the world we want to live in. All we must do is diligently focus our intention and then live lives that would be an example to what we wish for.

In the meantime, let us walk in Love and also walk with discernment.

Discernment is vital in times such as this -- and the only way to have it is to walk with Spirit. The way we walk in the Spirit is to walk in Love. SHOULD WE FALL DOWN FROM LOVE, JUST GET RIGHT BACK UP AND DELIVER CHRIST-LIKE LOVE AGAIN! Do this again and again and you will emerge with a powerful Spirit!

In Spirit, there is never anything for us to fear, because the Spirit will always speak to us whatever we need to know. If we find ourselves caught in situations of violence or discord, let us remember there is always a reason for these things. Let us remember that God is always in control and may be using us in a circumstance. For every challenge we face, we have the opportunity to become bright vessels filled with Light.

Right now --

I am affirming that the sad guy my friend wrote to me about ... is going to be caught and brought into correction and eventual restoration. I pray that he finds LOVE. Please join me in spending a moment focusing your intention and affirming this.

In fact -- Let us ALL get into the habit of affirming LOVE to emerge from any violent act we hear of or witness personally. Let us send those situations thoughts of goodness and Light-filled energy. Let us ask for healing to those who have been hurt. A few moments spent here or there will certainly DO MUCH GOOD! Prayer/Affirmation/Meditation is a wondrous, powerful, and righteous thing. Never think that YOU alone praying, affirming, or meditating is not enough to stop a murder, a rape, or even a war.


II Chronicles 31:27 And the priests and Levites stood to bless the people, and God heard them, for their prayer reached Heaven, his Holy dwelling place.

With people standing in affirmation -- these guys will NEVER KNOW what hit them.


OK -- I see everybody safe and walking in Love!

Love you.

Christian ><>

March 30, 2002

Happy Easter Sunday!

Celebrate your life my fellow brothers and sisters ... Jesus, THE CHRIST has risen -- and in doing so, He has proven that so can we!

I have been sitting here on this sunny Florida day ... thinking about what Easter means to me. I guess it boils down to one line said by Jesus Himself -- "GREAT THINGS I HAVE DONE, GREATER YOU WILL DO." I believe these to be some of the most inspiring words ever spoken by the Lord. These words were intended to awaken the CHRIST in each of us.

Jesus came not to elevate or PROVE himself to be better than anyone. He took on the role of "Jesus THE CHRIST" so that we might see the LIGHT He shined in his life, and by following His perfect example, see this LIGHT shine in ourselves and in one another. LOVE is the energy force that makes this possible.

LOVE is not an easy thing to learn and only through practicing FORGIVENESS can we know what it is. This is why we must face daily challenges with SELF and others. Knowing who Christ is does not save us from our challenges, KNOWING WHAT A CHRIST DOES IN CRISIS helps us to get through them.

Christ NEVER allowed fear to dominate Him.

Fear blocks us from seeing and using the power of LOVE. When we address the fear created by our challenges, we make a way for LOVE to do it's magic! Until we choose to practice facing our fear and forgiving ourselves and one another for having fallen into it, LOVE will seem foreign, even to those of us who think we know what LOVE is.

Through the power of LOVE, all things can be made manifest. When we are low, feeling guilty, jealous, depressed, angry, bitter, feeling judged, lost in despair or are without hope -- by giving ourselves permission to nurture and bathe SELF with LOVE, we bring our Soul closer to a perspective of wholeness.

When we have been disappointed, hurt, abandoned, deceived . . . if we are feeling condemned, misunderstood, abused and are at odds with one another, Christ showed us that when we use the power of LOVE (fortified with forgiveness) all transgressions (and the ill fitting feelings they bring) can be resolved.


There can be no LOVE, without forgiveness. Forgiveness of SELF and others clears the way for LOVE to flow and bring increase and blessing.

Jesus loved us so much that He allowed his life to be taken from him so we would always remember ... discord (inner and outer) brings death. Forgiveness brings resurrection. LOVE is the LIGHT that CHRIST shined when He went to the cross and said, "FORGIVE THEM FATHER, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO." It is because of His great LOVE and ability to bestow FORGIVENESS that I personally follow the life of Jesus. I do this because I have every confidence that one day I will DO GREAT THINGS! When we try, TRY, and try to practice LOVE again ... all of us will!

Love shines the LIGHT that causes our darkness to disperse. Where there is LIGHT, darkness cannot remain. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Happy Easter to you all. I LOVE you so much.

Christian ><>

P.S. On a personal note, Jamie and I are in Florida right now, on vacation with his Mom and Dad. The weather has been so beautiful. We have spent everyday at the beach. (Finally, I am getting some sun!) We will be back in Houston toward the end of next week.

: )

Also -- The website store is being updated ... here is a sample of how it is going. It will be finalized and released to the public this May. Let me know what you think.

March 5, 2002

Hello, Everyone

Hope year 2002 is going well for each of you. I have been taking some time off to get some personal things in order. I had some health issues to deal with, but I am on way back to being better than ever and doing what I love best ...Music, speaking about God and LOVING people.

Despite my absence, I have managed to get quite a bit of writing done for my upcoming book and audio series and I am headed into the studio very soon to record my next single and album.

My site has been under going a major revision over the past few months and you will begin to see some major changes. We are going to start posting these pages very soon.

This summer you can expect some new music from me and even a few appearances here and there. Perhaps, I will even be in your neck of the woods! I look forward to seeing each of you soon!

Love and Light!
Christian Andréason