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October 9, 2001

Dearest Friends . . .

For those of you familiar with my song, Everybody Else -- The woman who does the solo toward the finale, Ms. Erica Lewis Abney, lost her 13 year old son yesterday evening in a tragic at home accident. Waylon was this young man's name and he was my God Son.

Waylon was hanging Halloween decorations in the house and made a hang mans rope for a door way. Apparently, he was going to play a prank on his sister and act like he was hanging himself to scare her and as fate would have it, he slipped and hung himself. His funeral will be held here in Houston next Monday.

Waylon was a wonderful young man and was as kind, sweet and gentle as any boy I have ever known. I just found out about this a few hours ago, so I am at a loss for words right now. I just wanted to pass this information along.

I do ask that you keep Erica and Grady Abney in your prayers. Thank you.

God Bless All of You,

Christian Andreason


September 29, 2001

Hello, Dear Friends:

Well, my sweet kitty, "Barth ala mew" is STILL here, but barely . . . thank you for the e-mails The current status is that she can no longer walk more than a step or two without needing to lie down. The intestinal cancer is finally getting to her and the golf ball sized lump in her tummy is getting bigger by the day. She is just a long real skinny 20 year old cat now. But even so, she is still so beautiful and elegant and I see she has such a strong spirit to live! It is obvious that she is gonna soak up every minute that she gets to stay here. I admire and respect that so much.

I am doing all I can to keep her comfortable. I have a foam mat on the floor (next to her newest "Special Place" by the front door) and now I put a towel down for her on the bed next to me. I have to take her everywhere. She can't do the litter box by her self, so we have trash bags down in case we don't get to her in time and she crawls to the box.

She is such a good cat, so patient and loving. She always has been. God bless her. I am using a dropper to give her water and she eats hardly anything unless I put a little tuna on my finger and even then it isn't much. I did have her drinking whipping cream for a while, but she gets tired of certain foods very quickly as they upset her stomach and she thinks it is the food doing it.

The good news is that every now and then she will still purr and purr when I pet her, but I can start to see she is getting pretty disoriented and confused as to her situation.

16 years I have had this cat, I remember the day I opened the door and she just WALKED into my apartment (like it was yesterday). I remember seeing her come in, sit down, look around, clean herself and decide whether she wanted to live there with me and Snow White. I stood there amazed and so enchanted by her. Who was this long sleek soft gray and white, bold vagabond cat, I wondered? She showed the biggest gumption I had ever seen come from an animal to just "assume" she was gonna come in my apartment stay with me! (Actually, I fell in LOVE!) She reminded me a lot of my more gutsy self and I knew we were a match made in Heaven! Now that I think back, I think she looked in the window and saw how good Snow White had it and decided there was plenty of room for her. I guess in her mind she thought Snow was too fat and could certainly use a "forced diet" by having to share her food! Snow has never forgiven her.

More than anything, I believe Barth was dropped off by an angel. No doubt, she was heaven sent to this guy barely 17, on his own doing the best he knew how. That cat added so much joy to my life!

I have been very lucky to have her. Just wish it could have been for a little longer. When you have an animal for so long (especially having one since making an "independent start" on your own) it is amazing all they represent to you. She has been a fixture in my home (all 5 of them) over the past 16 years and it will be so odd not having her around. Whenever anyone comes into my home it is always -- THE BARTH ALA MEW SHOW!!! YEA!!!! Everyone wants to hug and hold and pet Barth ALA mew! And that is just fine with her! Even the ones who profess to "not liking" cats very much . . . in ten minutes they find them selves petting her for hours while she sleeps in their lap. Oh and if you have a camera, she will pose for you till you put the camera down! That has always been so funny! She LOVES to have her picture taken. David always said she was waiting for the day she could be discovered and become the worlds first "Super Model" cat! In fact, I have a knowing that she really thinks that RuPaul's song, "Supermodel" is about her! She likes to practice her best "cat walk" in the kitchen to the jiggy beats of Ru.

It is easy to kid around about Barth ALA mew cause she is more than just a cat, she is a true personality! For those of you who never met her, I am sorry for you. Thinking of that little light of hers moving on, just gets me in the heart.

This has been hard on Jamie too. He and Ms. Barth ALA mew did get very close in the 5 years we have all been together. The two of them have their little morning "Feeding and Petting" ritual and watching them together just cracks me up! Every morning around 7:30, Barth ALA mew comes punctually prancing into the bathroom announcing that it is time for her to be fed. She will call out about every 2 minutes, until she sufficiently believes she has been properly noticed. She walks in and then out (always acting like she is so fed up, irritated and leaving for good!) But give her about 15/20 seconds and you will see her peeking her head around the corner to see if anyone is REALLY following behind at all! Because Jamie is somewhat of a procrastinator, she gives him hell and cusses at him and we just laugh and laugh! She is so funny and so very cute.

My hope is she will pass in her sleep having a wonderful dream. I am praying for my cat loving aunt Christina to come and get her. I Can't think of anyone more perfect can you? I am praying I do NOT have to take her to the vets office to let her go there. It is too cold and impersonal for her. I want her in her home and as close to what she knows as possible. If it gets too unbearable for her, then I will do what ever I have to. Anyway, please send her a prayer. (And one for us!) I would appreciate that. And again, my sincere thanks to those of you who have been so gracious and kind to me during this trying time, your friendship has been a comfort.

You know, I have to say . . . this has not been one of my best years! I like to stay positive and I know all things happen for a reason, so not to worry . . . my trust in God is no less than it was last year . . . but gosh . . . no wonder I am so emotionally drained! This year has been something else . . . I mean really! First my voice goes out and is GONE for 6 over months, I experience being out of work, experience financial strain from all my money having gone into sustaining me during my recording, failure to be able to tour my single or finish finalizing my "Storybook Collection Album," my precious aunt Christina's demise and death, my hurt left arm (still giving me trouble), so many of my dear friends in such turmoil and difficult transition phases, Sept. 11th (or rather, the infamous 911) -- my cat, and a few other "too personal to mention" (via e-mail) issues.

Hmmm . . . Gee, is it 2002 yet? Come New Year's, I am not only going to celebrate the coming new year, I am going to celebrate that the fact that this one is OVER! (Jeanie, I know you are with me on this one Sis!)

I guess this year is a reminder that it is so important to thank God for what we DO have (and for what we have had) for as long as we were able to have it. Right? RIGHT!

My love to you all,



September 25, 2001

Hello Everyone,

I got this e-mail and I loved it so much I am posting it to my site. I hope it will help you to remember that FEAR is not the answer. So many do not want to fly anymore. And I must admit I have felt the same way. But after reading this article -- I have decided that if I see a highjacker on my flight, he is gonna wish he had messed with someone else!

Here is that email...

Aboard Flight 564 As it was at most U.S. airports, last Saturday was the first near-normal day at Denver International since the terrorist attacks. On United's Flight 564 the door had just been locked and the plane was about to pull out of the gate when the captain came on the public address system. "I want to thank you brave folks for coming out today. We don't have any new instructions from the federal government, so from now on we're on our own."

The passengers listened in total silence. He explained that airport security measures had pretty much solved the problem of firearms being carried aboard, but not weapons of the type the terrorists apparently used, plastic knives or those fashioned from wood or ceramics.

Sometimes a potential hijacker will announce that he has a bomb. There are no bombs on this aircraft and if someone were to get up and make that claim, don't believe him. If someone were to stand up, brandish something such as a plastic Knife and say 'This is a hijacking' or words to that effect here is what you should do:

Every one of you should stand up and immediately throw things at that person -- pillows, books, magazines, eyeglasses, shoes-anything that will throw him off balance and distract his attention. If he has a confederate or two, do the same with them. Most important: get a blanket over him, and then wrestle him to floor and keep him there. We'll land the plane at the nearest airport and the authorities will take it from there. Remember, there will be one of him and maybe a few confederates, but there are 200 of you. You can overwhelm them.

The Declaration of Independence says 'We, the people' and that's just what it is when we're up in the air: we, the people, vs. would-be terrorists. I don't think we are going to have any such problem today or tomorrow or for a while, but some time down the road, it is going to happen again and I want you to know what to do. Now, since we're a family for the new few hours, I'll ask you to turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself, tell them a little about yourself and ask them to do the same. The end of this remarkable speech brought sustained from the passengers. He had put the matter in perspective.

If only the passengers on those ill-fated flights last Tuesday had been given the same talk, I thought, they might be alive today. One group on United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field, apparently rushed the hijackers in an attempt to wrest control from them. While they perished, they succeeded in preventing the terrorist from attacking his intended goal, possibly the White House or the Capitol. Procedures for dealing with hijackers were conceived in a time when the hijackers were usually seeking the release of jailed comrades or a large amount of money. Mass murder was not their goal. That short talk last Saturday by the pilot of Flight 564 should set a new standard of realism.

Every passenger should learn the simple -- but potentially lifesaving -- procedure he outlined. He showed his passengers that a hijacking does not have to result in hopelessness and terror, but victory over the perpetrators.

And I say Amen to that! Do not let anyone stand in the way of your freedom! God Speed to you -- The Mighty Warriors of LIGHT AND LOVE!


September 14, 2001
I woke up early on the morning of September 11th and saw it was a going to be a beautiful day here in Houston. After a long hot summer here, we finally had our first cool morning. I had been up working the night before on a great new song for my New Millennial Man CD project. Happy with my progress, I stayed up to watch the sun rise. I pulled the shades back and watched the sky turn the most lovely color of orange that only comes when fall is near. I sat back, smiled and gave thanks for being alive.

A little after 8 am (central time) I got an Instant Message from my friend and office manager Leigh. She told me today is 911 -- (September 11th) I was thinking, "What?" She then proceeded to tell me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade center and then another after that.

I thought, "Oh my gosh, how terrible!" "Someone must have navigated wrong in air traffic control or something." Then my friend and promotions manager, Chris IM's me and tells me a plane just hit the Pentagon. "No way!" I thought! Currently my cable is out, so I ran to my complex's club house and watched Peter Jennings on ABC. I saw the burning buildings, I saw the smoking Pentagon. I sat on a life cycle in the gym and just shook my head back and forth.

Then to my horror, I watched as the first of the Twin Tower's collapsed. I fell off the cycle and down on my knees in disbelief. Then, later, I heard Peter Jennings fall silent. I looked up and watched as the second Tower fell. Like Peter, I, too, was speechless. I just could not believe what I was seeing! It was like something out of a sci-fi movie, like Independence Day where the aliens explode all the major buildings in the world.

My mouth dropped to a level that I never thought possible. Those HUGE buildings . . . both falling as if they were made of powdered sugar. Our Pentagon -- the most feared and powerful building in the world! -- Now with a major chunk missing. Then I thought, "Oh no!" "All those precious people, all the families that will morn their loved ones!" "And the Twin Towers, an American symbol of our ability to manifest Abundance -- just disappearing from the Manhattan skyline after having been there for some 25 years." All . . . Gone.

Well, it is now 4 days after the attack and I have to say something. I can see we ARE in a war. But not a war one might expect. We are in A LOVE WAR. And I got to tell you . . . I am very proud of my Country right now. I am so proud of how many in our world have chosen to LOVINGLY respond to this tragic event.

Instead of diving into the negative and having screaming matches over who is responsible . . . most people are UNITING! I am seeing people (who don't normally speak) truly TALK for the first time.

I am seeing various religions, races and creeds come together to pray as one group. As brothers and sisters, all equal, all concerned and determined to make our world better. It is a beautiful thing to see and be apart of. I am hearing from friends that are attending vigils in LA, New York and Boston. They say the feeling is so warm, so embracing. I hear a kind of magic coming from their voices afterwards. It fuels me. It makes me want to LIVE BETTER -- BE BETTER.

From something that was so devastating 4 days ago, I am seeing a wonderful miracle occur. People are moving onward and expanding their consciousness -- and refusing to be common! They are merging the power of compassion with the will to think LOVING THOUGHTS and the result is SEEING in a way that is certainly more panoramic than before.

Many of you know me as a "SPIRITUAL" individual and because I have had some success in Inspirational/Christian music, perhaps you may have misunderstood my religious perceptions.

Let me tell you what my "religion" really is . . . it's LOVE and LOVE alone! Morning, Noon and Night . . . LOVE, LOVE AND MORE LOVE!!! Seeking to be Loving to another helps ME to LOVE myself. If I can't LOVE myself, I can truly LOVE no other.

LOVE helps me to HEAL. It helps me reach out and help HEAL others. LOVE is the most powerful tool in the entire universe. When I practice LOVE, I assert myself in my life. I become a more understanding, energetic, joyous and forgiving person. I become a person who gives more and expects or needs less.

I become a person who, "Gives Up!" I GIVE UP petty jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hostility, greed, manipulation and revenge.

LOVE helps me grab hold of this mean Ego of mine and find new ways of being less judgmental or easily offended. Instead, I become more generous and grace oriented. When LOVE is my religion, I work everyday toward a goal of bringing PEACE (not only into my life) but into the lives of others.

I look at Jesus Christ. What a very misunderstood man, especially among Christians! All he was trying to tell us was . . . LOVE IS THE ANSWER! But some don't want to hear that. Reason being, they have forgotten what LOVE is. Well, guess what folks? You can't know a thing, you don't practice!

Please allow me to be perfectly clear:

Until YOU make LOVE your ONLY religion, you will never know what LOVE IS. You will never realize that it is LOVE that helps you to SEE. It shows you the thing you could never see before.


You will see your truth AND someone else's truth. And no matter how different your truth is from theirs, you will begin to understand and see it as a necessary part of everyone's process of "becoming."

Best of all, this view will allow you to possess a kind of peace and tolerance you never knew you had in you! It will help you to accept another's journey unconditionally, and as they move into THEIR OWN personal journey of becoming a wiser and more substantial being than they were the day before, so will you! There is no greater personal power than that.

Our country was attacked by people who felt no LOVE. They clearly had NO LOVE for themselves, no love for others or RESPECT FOR LIFE. These people need prayer! We need to PRAY that they find LOVE. Until they do, these kinds of attacks are going to go on and on.

I have been so inspired to see so many moving into PRAYER. Prayer is truly under rated. It is vastly powerful, because it reminds us who we are and keeps us from becoming who we are not.

Prayer gives us the hope that perhaps, we really are ONE. That each of us are beings that possess INNER LIGHT. Prayer encourages us to share that LIGHT with others. My grandmother always told me, "It's hard to hate a person you pray for" -- and that is so true! All hate does is breed more hate and that is just putting gas on a fire.

Prayer helps us to reach out and make things better and put things right. I believe that if we call a thing into existence, eventually that thing will be. Especially a prayer for LOVE which eventually yields acceptance and forgiveness.

But of course, we are hearing DARKNESS from the usual suspects. I got another email about Jerry Falwell. Poor Jerry. He needs prayer too. Here is a part of a recent quote:

"The ACLU's got to take a lot of blame for this. And, I know that I'll hear from them for this. But, throwing God or successfully with the help of the federal court system, throwing God out of the public square, out of the schools makes God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen'." -- Jerry Falwell, The 700 Club, 9/13/01

OK -- Ahhh -- I may not be a big supporter for abortion ... But this so called "speech" has nothing to do with anything Jerry. This is just Evil giving birth to more Evil. And anything apart from LOVE . . . IS CERTAINLY EVIL.

Jerry, you are showing us -- Hatred is a "lifestyle." Once in, it is hard to get out. And I see you stuck there.

Some people become so used to prejudice and superiority belief systems that they integrate ill perspectives in how they choose to see others and then believe that perception as ultimate truth. These individuals become "stuck" and teach this kind of hate to generation and the generation after that.

I see Jerry (in his current thought system) to be a terrorist running around in a suit. A big bag, filled with warm and poisonous air. Shaking that finger of his and claiming God as his foundation, while most are running away in disgust thinking, "If this is the best GOD can do, I don't want any part of God." No wonder so many are confused.

Jerry -- God is looking at you and saying, "My child, my child." "You have much to learn and you certainly don't know me!"

People like you Mr. Falwel, are tearing us all apart and not even for the purpose of putting us back together again. You do this for no other reason than to play KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. You are pulling out the colorful threads (you don't like or approve of) in God's great tapestry and you are contributing to a tremendous mess already in progress. You are so filled with insecurity, that you have to create HYPE, CHAOS and DRAMA so you can FEEL the life you fail to live. You fail to use LOVE, therefor you fail to unify us together to accomplish something great.

The recent terrorists tried that. They tried to tear us apart, they tried to divide us -- but it isn't working. We are facing their fire. And we are not using FIRE to match it. We are shining an inner LIGHT of LOVE. A light that will help us see how to make our world better. A place where Arabs, Americans, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and those who are sexually diverse can sit at one table and do more that talk, but actually listen and try to understand. But for this to happen -- LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO.




-Christian Andreason


September 1, 2001

Hello, Guys and Gals!

Can you believe the last quarter of the year is here? Only 4 more months and 2001 will be gone and replaced by 2002! Wow! Time is just flying by!

To be honest, this has been a trying year for me personally. First there was my aunt Christina's illness and passing, then I lost my voice (starting in April) and had to cancel all appearances through out the summer -- that was really scary! I was not able to promote my new single and my social life came to a near shut down due to the fact that I was not supposed to be speaking at all! Turns out, I have developed a hereditary trait of TERRIBLE allergies from my Father's side of the family.

One thing I have discovered though is AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS. They are WONDERFUL!!

I cannot recommend them enough! With all the JUNK in the air -- I don't care if you are a singer or not -- go out and get one!! So anyway -- here I am, 10,000 hot cups of tea later . . . LOL!

I want to let everyone know that my single, "All The Time" will be getting more television airplay, along with a short appearance by moi (yours truly) on Betty Eadie's "Embraced" TV show. Check my Calendar for details.

As my voice gradually comes back, I am planning on going into the studio and working more on recording. I am so excited about that! I am never more happy than when I am in the studio! You would never believe how much music I have ready to go -- it truly is unreal! (I have something like 4 albums of great material) -- And I will tell you, I have been in agony trying to decide what song, album or direction I want to go.

Due to my vocal problems -- THE STORYBOOK COLLECTION has not been released yet. The album is still on hold, until I am able to add the NEW songs intended for that album and am vocally strong enough to promote it. I am PRAYING it will be before this Christmas! I want to sincerely send out my thanks (to those of you that have been waiting) for your patience!

OK -- Fall season is near! My favorite and most productive time of the year! I have a few other projects waiting in the wings and I will keep you posted as those materialize.

I hope that all is well with all of you! Please know I am sending you all lots of LOVE and good energy!!!




July 4, 2001

Happy Independence Day, AMERICA!

Well, I am happy to announce that my new single, ALL THE TIME -- the theme song for the TV show "Embraced By The Light" is now available. Embraced features best selling inspirational author Betty J. Eadie and is hosted by Cathy Lee Crosby. The song is exclusively available thru at this time. Follow the link | Betty's Library and you will be able to hear a clip of the song. The cost of the CD is only $4.99 and it features 5 cuts.

  1. All the Time (Radio Mix)
  2. You Will Always Be My Family
  3. I'll Remember You
  4. All the Time (Jeanie's Instrumental Bell Mix)
  5. All the Time (Instrumental mix to sing to)

Check out my calendar for updates at to when you can catch the program in a city where you are.

I appreciate your support of me and my music. Also please remember that I highly recommend Betty's books and audio tapes! They will fill your life with hope and strengthen you in your journey here!


June 25, 2001

Hello Everyone.

I want to thank all of you who sent cards and flowers on behalf of my precious aunt Christina. I can't tell you how much they meant to me and my family. I also thank those of you who extended your thoughtful prayers and support.

Her funeral was canceled due to the terrible flood we had here in Houston, so many were stranded due to the high water all over the city. I personally have never seen such flooding in all my life. However, the service has been rescheduled for July 1st and will include immediate family only.

I miss my aunt very much, she was a great inspiration to me on many issues and her work ethic and talent was truly exceptional. If it was not for my faith that she is in the heavenly realm with Christ, I would be saddened beyond description. But I have done well thus far and have grieved minimally.

However, it is amazing the things you think about when someone you love is no longer here. A few days ago, I was in my kitchen and was thinking about to making a quiche. I forgot how many eggs to add and I reached for the phone to call my aunt and was stunned that I no longer could reach out to her in that way. So now, when I am alone, I say a few words to her and smile cause somehow I know she hears me.

June 4, 2001

Hello, Everyone

As some of you know, since early April, my precious aunt Christina has been battling for her life. She lost that battle Saturday morning, (June 2nd) in Richmond, Texas at Polly Ryan hospital at 5:50 in the morning.

Christina was originally diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1996. The prognosis after the removal of that tumor was that she would only live an average of 1.5 years. By the will of God and the power of her great faith, she lived almost 6. The original tumor had somehow tentacled it's self into her brain stem, making full removal impossible. Because of this, the doctors relied on scientific data that only 99.8% of individuals with this diagnosis did not live beyond two years. Christina was the rare .02%.

I remember when Christina would go into the huge radiation tube for treatment. She went in with a smile, a prayer and from outside the treatment tube, I would hear her singing hymn's of praise to God. It was a time of spiritual learning for me. I saw first hand what the hand of God could do with one who was willing to participate in a system of grace.

This woman who was the valedictorian of her high school class and who held a masters in music, used her ability of focus to make the most out of the rest of her life. After the first surgery, she went on to live a remarkable life. Six months after the surgery, she played on my album and contributed her own arrangement to a song my father wrote called, "Port in the Storm".

She reassumed her Friday and Saturday night playing job at the famous "May Dragon" singing 3 sets of music, each about an hour long, most from memory and with amazing skill. This fine 4 star Chinese restaurant in Dallas became even more of a classy joint due to my aunts GRAND presence.

She reassembled her large music class and taught them during the week at her private home studio and led the education and development of hundreds and hundreds of people. In the field of piano and the vocal arts, she was truly a master teacher. For all her 50 years of life, she cast a lovely light into the lives of others.

Christina was a tremendous force here on Earth. She had an incredible capacity for love, for God, for music and sharing her wonderful spirit with everyone she knew. My aunt "Kiki" always had her own special and magical way of entering a persons life and innocently touching it with class and style. Once graced by her presence, the mark she made was unforgettable.

Because the tumor did re-grow, she had her second surgery to remove it on April the 2nd of this year. A few weeks after the surgery, she somehow developed an air pocket from the surgery and had a massive seizure. This seizure led to her physical demise and eventual passing.

I want to thank each of you that prayed for my aunt. I know that it was of a great help to Christina, myself and the rest of my family. My aunt is beside the Lord now and I feel a little bit safer knowing that someone who loved me so much, is now in a place where I can be better watched over. For surly, without a doubt, I know she is an angel.

With Love and LIGHT, Christian Andreason

April 11th, 2001

Greetings everyone!

I have been traveling singing for various shows and have also been in the process of recording and finishing up my new single, "ALL THE TIME" in Los Angeles. "ALL THE TIME" will be used as the theme song for a TV show airing this summer. The show is Betty Eadie's "Embraced By The Light" infomercial. I will be including the new song on my upcoming (best of) album, "THE STORYBOOK COLLECTION." It is being featured on Be on the look out for the release of the album this summer.

In my last entry, I invited all of you to submit your prayers. Well, I am now asking you for yours. My (50 years young) aunt Christina over 6 years ago, had a huge brain tumor removed that was diagnosed as terminal and her doctor gave her a life expectancy of only a year or two. Because of prayer and the will of God, she lived over six years without any problem. She went on to play and sing at the May Dragon Chinese restaurant on weekends, teach her multi talented pupils voice and piano and was just about ready to enter the studio to record her second album of classic standards. Last week after receiving a MRI scan, the tumor was found to have re-grown to a massive size. Christina underwent emergency surgery Monday and is now in recovery. I ask that you pray for her health and pray for my family's strength during this process.

Also, I am fighting vocal problems right now. I had a severe cold in LA and it caught up with me in the throat! I have had no voice for over 6 days and this is the longest I have ever gone with laryngitis. So I am taking it easy as best I can and staying quiet. Say a prayer for my voice. I would greatly appreciate your remembrance on all these issues.

I plan on staying in Texas this month to look after my aunt and my family and then plan on going back into the studio towards the very end of the month to record another single. I hope to begin work on my "ALL THE TIME" album in July. Be on the look out as my dear friend and peer, Jason Warner (formally known as Rob Nicewarner), revises his new web site design. (Thanks to our dear sweet friend, Julie.) Drop by for a look see and listen to music clips of his phenomenal voice!

OK guys and gals. That is it for now. Keep your heads up and smile big. Recount your blessings and find that they are many. Remember God is good and loving . . . ALL THE TIME!

With Love, Christian

February 19, 2001

Greetings Everyone!

2000 is over and here we are way into 2001! Wow! Time is really flying by!

I have been very busy and have lots of projects upcoming. I will be recording some new songs for new albums I plan of releasing late this year and for next year. These albums are entitled -- "ALL THE TIME" and "NEW MILLENNIAL MAN" -- I believe these projects are divinely inspired and I can't wait till the day I get them in your hands!

This year I will be releasing my first retrospective called, "THE STORYBOOK COLLECTION 1991 - 2001" This album will feature many songs that have been on my previous MP3 albums, New Mixes, Import singles and EP's.

Plus I will include a few additional songs that will appear on the upcoming albums I am working on. These songs will be future singles, so I am confident they will go well with my "MULTIPLE SONG" compilation I am excited about this project and believe you will enjoy it once it is done. I plan on doing a tour to promote the "Storybook Collection" this summer and thru fall.

It is hard for me to believe I have been recording professionally for 10 years now. It has been a long road and I feel I have only just begun. God has blessed me with years of experience and talented people who have helped me sharpen my skills as a producer, writer and singer. I use this gift now to do good. My goal is not to become a star, but to glorify God and to lift up my fellow humankind. To be honest I feel so very loved by all of you, it would be hard to imagine anything more. I get letters and orders from all over the Globe, whether it is from Ohio to Tokyo, the feeling of having others be touched by my gift makes me a very blessed man. I have no room to doubt Gods plan for my life.

Never doubt that God has a plan for YOU in your life. I can't tell you the thousands of disappointing situations that I have experienced, but they are all steps that have assisted me to reach the peak of where I am now. I have learned my lessons and have grown -- truth is I am growing still and will do so forever.

I deeply believe that prayer is one of the things that LIFTS us higher and keeps us connected to God. Whether we are praying for others or ourselves (or) if others are praying for us, prayer certainly does bring results. Often we do not see the effects of prayer immediately, but please know -- not one prayer goes unheard by the divine and steps are being taken to attend to your needs.

I want you to know, I honor your prayers and invite you to email important prayer requests to me. A time has been picked out to handle requests such as these and I (as well as others) will be praying for your needs. You can send your prayers to:

Soon we will be hosting a new site called -- This site will feature uplifting music, an online radio station, an online TV program, enlightening books, and others things that are "Christ Mind" based and spiritual. This site will have a prayer request board and will be open to anyone and everyone who needs prayer. Prayer warriors from all over the world can come to attend to your needs. Keep your eyes open for it late this spring.

Follow God and your heart always.
With Love,