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With a sound Billboard magazine calls, "Sweeping!" Christian Andréason is a man whose music, lyrics and person go right to the core of a person's soul. 
Nominated in 2006 for an OMA (for Best Inspirational Album and Song of the Year) the critically acclaimed, award-winning recording artist is also a singer, songwriter and producer of adult contemporary, dance, electronica and inspirational music for his independent record label, Wonderboy Records.
Having so-far professionally recorded and produced hundreds of songs; one of Christian's most notable recordings is his GLAMA winning single, "Everybody Else" which became one of the first songs played by Top 40 US radio stations to commemorate World AIDS Day. 
Praised by celebrities, major press and even former United States Presidents, Christian's music and messages have so far reached millions Internationally via Internet, television, stage, print and radio.
Recognized by Billboard magazine as a "Critic's Choice" artist, legendary singer/songwriter, Neil Sedaka calls his artistry, "Wonderful!"  Famed DJ, Casey Kasem says Christian's talent is on par with George Michael or Elton John and the Houston Chronicle calls his music, "Slick blue eyed Soul!"
While music certainly is and always will be a major focus within Christian's life, helping people advance in their personal and spiritual lives has always been a significant and important goal.  Widely known for having had a powerful, well publicized 1995 near-death experience, (translated into over 10 languages, broadcast on the 2005 NBC syndicated segment, "Heaven's Tourist" and printed in # 1 NY Times Best Selling author, Betty J. Eadie's book, "Ripple Effect") Christian often holds speaking events about spiritual topics, where he performs his music ...empowering audiences where ever he goes.

Christian is also involved in Texas real estate and started his own company, "A Home For The Heart" (brokered by Trend Setter Realty) in 2006.   

Christian's album, "The Rhythm of Life" was co-produced by Grammy/Emmy/Dove Award winning music house Hit Play Productions (LeAnne Rhimes, Donna Summer, Michael W. Smith & Ce Ce Winans).  Key tracks include, "Love Who You Love", "Oh, Mary Mary", "The Wedding Song" and the single, "The Rhythm of Life" containing featured vocals from Melinda DooLittle, the beloved singing sensation from the 2007 season of "American Idol."
Also notable is a benefit CD Christian produced entitled, "The Katrina CD" (  Proceeds from the sale of the album go toward his nonprofit organization, "Recording Artists for Hope."  The 18 song album features Christian's powerful recording, "Call My Name" as well as Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in duet with Kitten K. Sera, Broadway star Billy Porter, Billboard Top 10 dance artist Jenna Drey, Jason and deMarco and American Red Cross Theme artist, Steph Carse.
No matter how you tend to profile and categorize him, Christian has many undeniable gifts ... but perhaps his most admirable is in how he uses everything that makes him unique to bring people together!
Christian's main website is:

Christian Andréason's Discography
Everybody Else (cassette/CD single) - 1991
Christian Andreason - "My demo's greatest hits" - 1995
Love Will Keep Us Together (Euro single) - 1996
Freak On In (EP produced for Pinque/Kitten K.Sera) - 1997
Remember Me (CD EP) - 1998
Boy Called Sue - 1999
The Storybook - 2000
Dreams of the Heart - Tupperware Corp. Theme - 2000
All The Time (Theme for TV's "Embraced By the Light" - 2001
New Millennial Man - 2002 (Unfinished)
Ode to The Angel - 2003
Still (CD single in duet with Jason Warner) - 2004
Meditations - 2004 (Unreleased)
The Rhythm of Life (Featuring Melinda DooLittle) - 2005
The Katrina CD - 2005


Many of Christian's musical works are now available through most major Online stores and digital download networks.


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